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Pretending, Acting, and Lying
Hey there. I'm James. I'm 21 at the time of writing this essay, and I was 20 at the time of realizing essays aren't just written for school.
Pretending is something we learn to do at whatever age you find out that not everyone in the world wants to be your friend. Which is usually a very young age, considering the word "pretend" is usually associated with puerile behavior. Like how, as a kid, I used to pretend to be an astronaut, or how a little girl pretends to be a princess, or how I pretend to know what "puerile" means.
Pretending can be fun. Sometimes, people love pretending so much they take on a profession where they pretend for a living, like acting, or advertising. If "acting" is the most professional term for "lying", "pretending" is the most gentle term for "lying". It makes one feel a tad less guilty, and even adds a bit of whimsey to whatever lawsuit you're trying to get out of. At some point, you reach an age where pretending becomes either lying or acting. It's the first
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compulsive liar.
once i asked you your favourite
colour, and you said, "the brown
of your eyes," so i put in one green
contact and told everyone that i
came out of the womb as a factory
defect, half-priced, damaged goods.
sometimes i am from canada and
sometimes i am from england and
sometimes i am from spain.
i've carefully tempered my accents
and plotted out my stories with
yellow and purple coloured pencils
on index cards. my origin changes
like the seasons.
"why do you lie to everyone?" you
"why not?" i reply.
i wear nametags that read "alicia"
and "liana" and "samantha," because
i want to know how it feels to be
someone else for a day.
you make me a nametag with my
real name on it, and i just laugh.
(later i slip it beneath my mattress
and spend the night staring at the ceiling.
see, i've tried myself on one too many
times, and the fit is never right.)
you call me your little compulsive
liar, and i guess that is supposed
to be somewhat affectionate.
or something.
i spin before the mir
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Ink Shadow
Drowning down with the shallow ones,
They have this... darkness... surrounding them;
It gnaws away at their own mind.
No, it drowns their psyche,
Pulling it beneath the silver lined waves;
Coating it in inken armor...
In a vain effort to protect themselves.
These creatures have no reflection;
Resemblant of demons and their ilk,
Unable to look within and battle their own demons,
Lurking inside...
The dark ink pools to form a mirror...
The demonic creature can never look into it,
They're too afraid of their own shadow;
And that is what they've become...
A shade; A simple hue...
A shadow that follows others around, seeking the light that is within them...
Because they look at them, and just think,
'Anything is better than the darkness... The cold, cruel eternal night...'
Their jealousy is eating them alive.
It plagues their souls, shadowing, as shadows do,
Always following those they crave...
As an ink shadow, like a leech;
A vampire draining the life out of them,
Drawing ou
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Tears streaming,
Head screaming.
Nothing seems to make sense.
Why you,
why me,
you lied to me,
and i loved you.
Forget the hugs
and o's that i sent you.
Forget the way I talked
to you and made you feel.
You're a fake, a fraud, a
Nothing you can do can save
you from being dismissed from
my memory.
I gave you a second chance.
Im stupid.
S   T  U   P  I  D
I hate liars.
At least you can leave
with the satisfaction to
know that i loved you
with my whole being.
Three Days Gace.
I hate every thing about you.
Songs calm me,
but you never will.
I'm ending my life for you.
You pushed me over the edge.
Nothing makes sence,
except the end.
No stopping me now.
Liar will be my last words
off my lips
you shallow,
self centerd
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The Pinocchio Bra
Steven woke up one morning next to his girlfriend Fiona, on their first anniversary since they started dating. He quietly got out of the bed to keep Fiona asleep as long as possible in order to give him enough time to find a present, as he had forgotten to buy something in the days leading to their anniversary. As he drove away from their house he thought of the potential gifts he could give her, and had an idea. Instead of buying something boring and traditional, he would instead give her a prank gift for the day. He had heard of a shop supposedly selling magical trinkets. Steven wasn't entirely sure what how exactly he wanted to poke fun at Fiona for the day, but if there was anything that would make for a good prank, he would find it there.
He found the magic shop with little difficulty. Going inside he was quickly distracted by all the items lining the shelves and hanging from the walls. They were of all different types, some small trinkets, clothing, and old artifacts filled the s
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The Pinocchio Bra 2: Magic Mishap
Steven awoke on a sunny morning after being rustled by his girlfriend Fiona who was walking around their room.
"What are you up to?"
"Oh, just taking a shower before we had out today. Try not to get bored, alright?" she said as she locked herself in the bathroom.
Steven laid down for a moment before glancing over at the bra that was hanging on the edge of their closet door. He frowned in disappointment at seeing the magical bra that he'd occasionally persuade his girlfriend into wearing, causing her chest to gradually become larger. Over time the magic properties of the bra had weakened, to the point where it barely affected Fiona at all. He sat up and stared at the bathroom door, thinking about how Fiona normally takes abnormally long showers. With how the two of them would be driving around town for the day, he got an idea. Steven quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed the bra, and drove down to the magic shop where he originally got it.
Arriving only a few minutes later, he was plea
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but your tears don't shiver
so she died. and there were flowers on the grave but he couldn't see
anything through the fog, and there were people standing and crying
and shuffling their feet to get out of the rain,
but he couldn't see
so she died.
in the end it wasn't worth it at all, shivering on her own bed
haunted by the breath of her nightmares.
in the end it wasn't worth it because nothing changed
and there was no realisation, and there was no white light,
and there was no heaven, and life just went on and on and on
without her.
and in her dreams he cried, he came back,
and he was kneeling by her bedside,
wearing her favourite shirt with the blue and red stripes
and pleading, pleading, tears shivering
down his cheeks like beads of sweat.
but she woke up and he wasn't there.
so she died.
[he wasn't there.
he didn't come until it was too late
and she was already six feet in the ground,
underneath thick soil but still palpable,
still unbearably powerfully there.
he only came back during the funeral
because he on
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A is for Anorexia
The love of my life
B is for Bulimia
Hurts more than a knife
C is for Cutting
To punish my soul
D is for Depression
Who is digging my hole
E if for ED-NOS
Diseased and Alone
F is for Friends
Understanding your groan
G is for Ghosts
Haunting you always
H is for Happiness
Haven’t experience for days
I is for Isolated
No matter who’s there
J is for Jelly
Under skin, they stare
K is for Killing
Yourself don’t you see
L is for Liar
You didn’t mean to be
M is for Monsters
Hiding under your bed
N is for Neurotic
The thoughts in your head
O is for Over
You feel you are through
P is for Protection
From the things that you do
Q is for Questions
Answers don’t know
R is for Rape
The world you don’t show
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I Am...
I am an observer,
I watch as you fall
and I won't make a move
to answer your call.
I am dishonest,
it has been since my smallest years
that I let my truth into others ears.
I am a composer,
of a great many lies
yet carry luck like a clover
I never break my disguise.
Through those heat filled faces surrounding me
I can just barely see
and sometimes I find nowhere to run
they take over me.
I am rarely awake with sun,
so that when everything slips undone,
I will not be exposed
I will always stay composed.
I keep my secrets like stars keep distance
burning bright beneath my skin
defining my existence
out of reach and filled with sin.
Never trust a word I say,
I lie to everyone every day
and this is the only time
I will admit
that I am unlike you in many ways.
Who I am is just this: a secret to hold
and I will show no one
no matter how bold.
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"Mummy, I want to be a dreamer when I grow up."
The little child sat propped in her bathtub, foam covering everything except her head, which burst with wet golden curls. Her hands scooped at the foam before her, covering her skin in bubbly snow. She threw her hands upwards, letting the bubbles fly, watching them take flight and descend on her mother's hair. They popped, one by one, and she giggled.
"You can't be a dreamer when you grow up," said her mother, sitting on a pink stool next to the bathtub. Her sad tawny eyes surveyed her only child, her mistake. Bitterness tore at her features, turning them haggard and twisted, but the child saw nothing but the hazelnut face of her mother.
"Why not, Mummy?"
"It's not a job. You can't earn money from it." Despite her bitterness, the mother allowed a small smile. Innocence was such a smile-inducing phenomenon.
"Well, I don't care," the child scooped another handful of foam, letting it sag in her petite hands, "I want to be a dreamer wh
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Honesty is a Crime
Honesty is a crime.
Tell people you're sad,
You're crying out for attention.
Tell people you're angry,
You're a threat to others.
You say you're not afraid of death,
You think you're the shit.
Honesty is a crime.
If you have beliefs,
You're out of your mind.
If you love gore,
You're a sociopath.
If you have a disorder,
Everyone should pity you.
Honesty is a crime.
It's not okay to be sad.
It's unacceptable to be angry.
It's impossible to not fear death.
You can't show emotion
Because you're craving sympathy.
Give me attention,
For I am human,
And I am so very special.
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Liar, Liar
Liar, liar, heart on fire
Hanging by the steeple spire
You told a lie, we called your bluff
Do you think you've had enough?
Liar, liar, flesh on fire
Crushed beneath a semi tire
You told a lie, we called your bluff
Tell us when you've had enough
Liar, liar, skull on fire
Killed with a piano wire
You told a lie, we called your bluff
We'll decide when you have had enough
Liar, liar, corpse on fire
Murdered by our vengeful ire
You lived a lie, we called your bluff
You're dead; I'd say you've had enough
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