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God Loves LGBT People, And So Do Christians

God loves you. And so do Christians.
It's remarkable that this would even need to be said, but a quick internet search will reveal that most people who identify as LGBT don't feel loved, especially not by Christians.
A whole swath of books have been published in the last ten years to explain why people under the age of 30 have increasingly negative views toward Christians. Along with being "hypocrites", "judgemental", and "too political", the primary way Christians are increasingly perceived is "anti-homosexual". Even among young Christians, that final label was the first criticism that came to their mind about their own faith. The simple fact is that even non-LGBT people don't think Christians love LGBT people.
While it is true that some people who identify as Christian do hate LGBT people, most Christians do not.
To understand this, first you must realize that Christians are people too, just like gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.
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With love from Canada.
   For many people, the unthinkable has become real. All the waiting, praying, and jokes to offset anxiety has been boiled down to the winner of this year's election: Trump. I cannot begin to fathom the feelings some of you must have right now, my heart and mind are full of sadness and disbelief. I know many of you have echoed this sentiment in the last day or so.
   But listen to this.    
   The country may be divided. You may be terrified, anxious, worried out of your goddamn mind, but listen to this.
   From 1973 to 1978, Harvey Milk trailblazed his way through the politics of San Francisco as an openly gay man, leaving an amazing legacy behind when he was assassinated. He empowered the LGBTQ+ community, and was a champion of human rights. He proved that there was hope, even in the darkest of days.
   Martin Luther King Jr. spent the majority of his far too short life going against the radical Jim Crow laws and the countle
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Celebrate Pride: Your Art, Our Pride Flag
Your art can help inspire change! Choose a color from the Pride flag and use it to create a work of art that will be united into one extraordinary creation.
Celebrate Pride: Share Your Art and Be Part of Our Community’s Pride Flag!
Celebrate Pride: Share Your Art and Be Part of Our Community’s Pride Flag!
June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and DeviantArt is celebrating as a community.  Create art in a rainbow of colors and we'll combine the pieces into one extraordinary Pride flag! 
DEADLINE EXTENDED: We’ve heard that some artists could use a bit more time, so we’ve extended the deadline by 24 hours. Please submit your Pride art by June 11th at 11:59 PM PDT.
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Add The Fla
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Transgender Day of Remembrance Wallpaper by LeiAndLove Transgender Day of Remembrance Wallpaper :iconleiandlove:LeiAndLove 162 28 Gender is, Gender is not by snoogan2dope Gender is, Gender is not :iconsnoogan2dope:snoogan2dope 970 616 GAY by Fabulolz GAY :iconfabulolz:Fabulolz 1,642 1,064 On Church vs Gay Rights.. by rationalhub On Church vs Gay Rights.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 177 251 Gay Muslim by Keepbreathing25 Gay Muslim :iconkeepbreathing25:Keepbreathing25 205 511
Gender Dysphoria
"Could you be pregnant?"
"When was your last period?"
"Time to schedule your annual pap smear."
"In a few years you will need to start having mammograms"
"Your body is still female, you need to treat it that way"
"You will regret making it so you can't have babies"
"All women want to have babies eventually"
"That's just part of being a woman"
"Of course you have a uterus"
"Of course you are a woman"
"Cramps are normal"
"You are female"
"Sex: F"
words withheld
self doubt
self blame
men don't get pregnant
I shouldn't have a damn period!
close my eyes and wince
make it stop
this is wrong
Why do you treat me differently?
I'm just like the other guys!
"that will never happen!"
"I could never see you as male"
I am a man
this man has a vagina
this man has breasts
this man did not choose to be this way
he just is who he is
he is me
I am him
I try to make the best of this
it may be female shaped,
but this is the b
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The Crossing by Kybral The Crossing :iconkybral:Kybral 2,632 311 A Comic About Gender by RainbowBruises A Comic About Gender :iconrainbowbruises:RainbowBruises 1,838 317 Life by MaromiSagi Life :iconmaromisagi:MaromiSagi 364 32 PT - 2013Anni by Dyemelikeasunset PT - 2013Anni :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,130 124
Dirty Looks
Don't cellophane the roses
they can't breathe under your denial of their needs.
They can't be watered down to nothingness
by the will of your want for them not to be -
don't wrap them up, packaged neatly
the way that would would like them;
that's not how things grow or bloom.
They can't flourish without their roots, let them feel them!
Let them have them! Let them remain grounded
and unafraid of your storm or governance.
Don't cellophane the roses
with tidy little labels to explain their 'mutations'.
Don't tell children not to touch them if they have
more thorns than usual, brighter petals, less fragrance -
don't corner them and cube them into segregation
so they remain separate from the wildflowers
that you happily let trail all over - no!
Don't cellophane the roses
just because you've never seen them before.
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start a r e v o l u t i o n by gutterface start a r e v o l u t i o n :icongutterface:gutterface 6,844 1,431 Marriage Equality - 02 by davidkawena Marriage Equality - 02 :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 1,645 89
Born this Gay
It doesn't matter if you're gay or believe in H-I-M (to the M, to the M, to the M)
Just express yourself, 'cause God still loves you, baby.
Some Christians told me when I was young, that gays are not meant to be
In Sunday school in the Bible they said first came Adam a-and Eve
But there's nothing wrong with being gay because I know He loves me anyways
Christians argue that it's still a sin, but loving equals auto win...
We are proud to be gay and no we're not a mistake
He doesn't care and loves us a-anyways
What's with this long path of hate, just for not being straight?
He doesn't care and loves us a-anyways!
Seal your ignorance away. Is that all you've got to say?
Is that all you've got to say?
Seal your ignorance away. Is that all you've got to say?
He doesn't care, 'cause He loves us a-anyways.
We are queer and we are here.
We are queer and we are here.
We are queer and we are here.
We are.
Give yourself credit for being out,
Just be proud of who you are.
Listen to your thoughts an
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Understanding AUTISM
Click on Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders to get more information about some of the Autism Spectrum Disorders.
The following is a simplified explanation of autism, followed by more detail.  Near the end, I talk about HOW TO OVERCOME AUTISM. I will also talk about my own personal story of growing up Gay and overcoming much of my Autism.  Just know that I finally got there— I learned how to connect with people and make many friends, to find real love, not just people using me, and to find a measure of joy and happiness in life.
It used to be that people were diagnosed with a specific Syndrome, like:□ Asperger Syndrome
□ High-Functioning Autism
□ Sensory Processing Disorder (Sensory Integration Dysfunction)
□ Developmental Coordination Disor
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PRIDE by YOYOLOVER5656 PRIDE :iconyoyolover5656:YOYOLOVER5656 580 257 We Can Buy Love, Happiness... by Dr-Tam We Can Buy Love, Happiness... :icondr-tam:Dr-Tam 725 182 The Right To Exist. by vexnir The Right To Exist. :iconvexnir:vexnir 384 76
So what, I'm human
So what if I'm a dyke?
So what if I'm gay?
So what if I'm bi?
So what if I'm pans?
So what if I'm trans?
So what if I'm a tomboy?
So what if I'm flamboyant?
So what if I'm different?
People aren't all alike,
Not everyone is born straight
We don't all get to choose what things we are
It's not the same as being scene,
or gothic
Gender and orientation aren't choices
It's just a way of life,
who we are
Ridiculed for things we didn't choose
In the end we are people
Not just animals, we are not creatures
I wouldn't call us monsters
Sinners isn't even accurate
Just call us
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You're Beautiful
“You look beautiful!” She told me, holding her hands to her face in surprise. “I mean I know I expected you to look good, sure, but you are damned beautiful.”
I could feel my face heating up in embarrassment. I turned my teary eyes to my lady and gave a small whimper. There was a mirror just to the side, but I couldn’t look at myself. I wasn’t supposed to look like this. I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this. It was wrong, it was wrong how this felt, how right it all was.
“Don’t cry, my love.” She said softly, holding her hand beneath my chin as I tried to lower my gaze. “You look wonderful. The pink suits you amazingly you know.”
I whimpered again and more tears fell. I couldn’t stop them. “I-I don’t like this.” I lied softly, raising my hands to wipe at my painted eyes. She stopped me and pushed them back down. She took a small tissue and strategically wiped the tears as they fell without
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Straight As A Circle by ChibiWolfos Straight As A Circle :iconchibiwolfos:ChibiWolfos 48 18 Cosmic Eye by Lilyas Cosmic Eye :iconlilyas:Lilyas 542 36 Envious by Ryandrogyny Envious :iconryandrogyny:Ryandrogyny 593 136 What cis people can do... by rationalhub What cis people can do... :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 54 37 Demisexual Panromantic Combo Flag by Pride-Flags Demisexual Panromantic Combo Flag :iconpride-flags:Pride-Flags 25 1 Korrasami - In the Moonlight by Set-Byul Korrasami - In the Moonlight :iconset-byul:Set-Byul 262 18 Stamp: LGBT+ safe space by boblitt Stamp: LGBT+ safe space :iconboblitt:boblitt 881 120
i was stitched lips and a flightless raven heart-
all sex and a contorting spine;
his own lips engraving 'kiss me's' on empty stars.
& between you and me: i feared his teeth,
& tongue, & honest organs-
with skin that begged, 'please, don't touch me.'
don't touch me.
don't fucking touch me.
i am not soft.
there is a war raging in my lungs,
screaming through the uncharted galaxies
of my wanderlust heartstrings.
i am not soft.
i am lust, & war, & envy—
i am sin,
         crooked, misshapen,
& the kind of prosetry yet to be proofread.
—but he wanted to claim my guarded ghost eyes
and crossed legs.
'just—let me hold you.'
his callused hands were cancer,
my still body, a clock.
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OC: The Kiss by Heimotoza OC: The Kiss :iconheimotoza:Heimotoza 428 6 Coming Out Gay Age 13, 1968 by inspiredcreativity Coming Out Gay Age 13, 1968 :iconinspiredcreativity:inspiredcreativity 442 885
+Seven Minutes - BL+
Trigger warning for multiple uses of a homophobic/derogatory slur.
“Come on,” Aubrey's breathy voice whispered in the dark, “it’s no big deal.” What little space between them was then taken away when Aubrey closed the distance between the two of them; body against body, the only physical barrier between them the flimsy material of their clothes.
"Of course it's no big deal," Gabriel muttered back, echoing the other boy's sentiments, although his pounding heart said otherwise. He felt silly being the only one freaking out about the little game, while Aubrey, "as cool as a cucumber," didn't seem to care at all.
Nothing ever seemed like a big deal to Aubrey. His cool, calculating sky blue eyes always caught everything that went on around him without any sort of reaction. In a crowd, his gaze might pass over you, maybe even look at you if you were lucky, but he never really looked directly into your eyes. And when he wasn’t looking at anything in partic
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A Gift For You by colorfulkitten A Gift For You :iconcolorfulkitten:colorfulkitten 413 47 Coming Out As Gay by danlev Coming Out As Gay :icondanlev:danlev 1,182 521 Love Wins by Sunomii Love Wins :iconsunomii:Sunomii 329 75 Fight by BullMoose1912 Fight :iconbullmoose1912:BullMoose1912 184 229
+Made For You 16 - BL+
Warning: Contains Boys Love and vulgar language.
Chapter 16: Certainly Uncertain
Elliot knew that things were beginning to look up when he awoke Monday morning, and for the first time in over a week, he didn’t feel sick with dread.
There was still a side of him—a cautious, expectant side—that expected the absolute worst. After a week of dealing with something he’d caused, it was hard to believe and expect otherwise. He got dressed in his uniform, with the addition of a black vest suited for the late autumn weather, and got prepared for the rest of the day in a tense state, his mind conjuring up every possibility of his day going to shit.
When he stepped outside into a warm, but muted, sunny world, his shoulders began to lose a little of their slump. The sky was still a crisp, clear blue, and the sun was still warm by the time he’d arrived. Maybe the world had decided to give him a break…?
Deciding to test fate, Elliot opt
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THE TORTURE OF HOMOSEXUALS by inspiredcreativity THE TORTURE OF HOMOSEXUALS :iconinspiredcreativity:inspiredcreativity 46 182