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Lewis Carroll: Alice In Wonderland

Lewis Carroll: Through A Glass, Darkly
By DeevElliott
Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat by feliciacano
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The more one is denied something, the more one desires it.
The more oppressive the strictures circumscribing one’s life, the more delirious become that person’s dreams. The more prohibitions and sacrifices one accepts as a life’s duty, the more ingenious must become the approved “escapes.
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Cosplay Friday: Alice In Wonderland

COSPLAY FRIDAY: Down The Rabbit Hole
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Alice in Wonderland
Published in 1865, Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year.
Alice has been quite busy during that time. She’s had her story adapted into several movies, TV shows, ballets, plays, operas, and theme park attractions. Her trip to Wonderland is quite well known around the world. What is less well known is Lewis Carroll’s (whose real name was Charles
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The Mad Hatter's Serenade
and then the hatter said, to the tree
'life is the colour you want to see.
black or white or blue or red.'
and then he stood upon his head.
'The world makes more sense upside down,
so now, when I'm happy, I usually frown.'
'I wear many hats, none of them are mine.
I keep them to sell, so please get in line.
Buy them for cheap, and take this mask for free!
Use it to hide the faces you don't want anyone to see.
'tis a neverending tea party, this life, my friend!
time is frozen still, and this will not end.
not joy, nor sorrow, nor love, nor hate
the most you can hope for, is to get a clean plate.'
I watch the hatter (mad), and then I smile
not so much in years, yet quite clearly senile
I shed a tear for his sake, and then I look away
I do not need to hear what he has to say.
and the hatter said to the tree,
'they never really listen to me.
but if they stopped to look they'd find
i'm not completely out of my mind.'
the hatter (mad), he says to me
'we are both the same.'
tiny little pawns,
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