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Wilbur Robinson X Reader A Futuristic Love Story
A/N: This takes place after the movie, you will have to have watched the movie to understand this.
~Your POV~
       Your day started as it usually did, you did your morning routines, which included on most days not eating with your parents, bidding your parents goodbye and then going over to Wilbur's house to walk to school with him. Numerous occasions he was still in bed and you decided to have breakfast with the rest of his family either that or you had to wake him up. His mom, Franny, was always kind, energetic, and on some occasions a little crazy but you enjoyed talking to her on days you had to wait for Wilbur. Breakfast was always eventful, with some sort of food fight and then sometimes half way through breakfast Wilbur would grab your hand and yell good bye to his family then run out the door with you in tow. This morning you walked up the steps of the Robinson house and bid good morning to Wilbur's uncles, Spike an
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Romano X Reader Lets Cuddle
Romano X Reader Lets Cuddle
“Let go”
“I said let go ragazza”
“Hmm, don’t wanna”
“Why not”
“Your warm and I like cuddling with you”
Your boyfriend Lovinos face turns tomato red when you say that. He tries once more to push you away but your arms stay around his torso.
‘How the fuck is she so strong?’
Every time he tries to push you away your arms tighten to the point where he could barely breathe.
“Ragazza, I can’t breathe”
Your arms tighten again. He begans squirming in your grasps. He takes small breaths as he tries to pry you off him but to no avail. He could feel himself getting lightheaded. Then he got an idea. He bent down and blew gently in your ear imitating Antonio’s fusososo sound. You squeak, your eyes shoot open ad you put your hand to you ear. Lovino takes a deep breath and starts laughing.
“What the hell was that?” you shout
“You were hu
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End The Hate (Gay Rights Poem)
I was walking with my husband,
During the month of May.
His name is Bobby,
And I'm Adam Galloway.
We were holding hands,
We were happy as can be;
And then we met a stranger,
And he said to me:
"Look here at the faggots!
You're ruining my path!
I hate you gay ass fuckers,
Now you'll feel my wrath!"
The man pulled out a gun,
He aimed it at my head;
Bobby jumped in front of me -
Poor Bobby is now dead.
I caught his falling body,
As the stranger ran away.
I lost the love of my life,
All because we're gay.
He risked his life for me,
For Adam Galloway.
His name is Bobby G.
He died for being gay...
I was eating with my wife,
We were on a date.
Her name is Sarah,
My name is Deven Kate.
We got kicked out for kissing,
So we approached our car;
And what we both had seen,
Was pretty bizzare.
Our tires had been popped,
Our windows had been smashed,
The back seat was on fire;
So we both had dashed.
We didn't get that far,
When a girl got in our way;
She said to us, "Now burn!
"We don'
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