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Jinx x Katarina :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 5,063 329 Hipster Batman :iconthecreatorhd:thecreatorhd 10,333 579 Love Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 13,716 1,847 Dragon Age 2: LESBIANS :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 1,409 204
God loved the two girls at the end of my street.
Everywhere they went, they went together,
hand-in-hand so they didn't get lost,
laughing at everything and nothing
all at once.
He was so proud of them.
They never stole, they never swore,
they brushed their teeth twice a day
and always said their prayers.
It was a gift, said the townspeople,
that two girls as perfect as they were
were born in the same place.
an even greater gift, said they,
that those two were the best of friends.

Long nights spent giggling in rooms with closed doors
was a good thing, back then.
One day,
halfway between their houses
and in the middle of the street,
they realized that they loved each other.
A gaze lingered a moment too long,
a heart beat a little too fast...
They kissed for the first time on a park bench,
hidden from the rest of the world.
God doesn't love them anymore.
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My Little Pony Base #13 [Cute Couple] :icondrugzrbad:DrugzRbad 1,218 218 Just Another 'Cute' Idea :iconmomoko-kawase:Momoko-Kawase 1,639 254 Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon equestria girls :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 387 153 Korrasami :iconjadenwithwings:jadenwithwings 2,117 90 Adventure Time: Sugarless Gum :iconatomic-clover:Atomic-Clover 5,163 192 Grimm Fairy Tales Cover 01 :iconparticle9:particle9 1,382 73 Feeling Lovely Songs :iconcoo1cat:Coo1Cat 1,034 42 Ga Ga - Born This Way. :iconperfectly--imperfect:Perfectly--Imperfect 1,088 339 MLPFiM - I DON'T DANCE :iconddhew:DDhew 1,084 103
Resist Her Ch.1
A warm late spring breeze blew, the sound echoing through the city buildings. Rosuto folded her arms as she walked, her white, short-sleeved uniform shirt swaying around her, the button slightly chilled against her skin. Her little red tie flapped back and tried to hit her in the face every time the wind blew hard enough.
She scowled as it succeeded, slapping her right in the nose. She pushed it down, then reached down the fight with her mini red pleated skirt.
“Damn wind,” she muttered as she continued walking. Her white and red bobby socks did little to keep her long legs warm. In fact, the only good thing about her outfit was the fact that her sneakers were comfortable. But that was it.
She took a deep breath and tried to keep her mind off the fact that if a big enough gust came the world would see her panties. She kept walking, noticing a few glances coming her way. Typical. She was used to getting stared at in her uniform. She was 5’8” after all, and looked lik
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Hi, I'm a lesbian. :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 8,976 899 My Favorite Part :iconginnabean:Ginnabean 2,166 160 Kiss :iconnotoca:notoca 1,239 232 Bubbline :iconyumiipanconqueso:YumiiPanconQueso 866 25 Wii Fit Trainer Facesitting :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 264 52 Lesbian Lovers :iconcooterx3:Cooterx3 305 67 They pull us down. :iconsiljavich:SiljaVich 1,612 187 Ahri and Leona :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 1,355 61 The Lost Encounter :iconehryel:Ehryel 2,602 141 Mine [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 755 42 Pairs Perspective Pack - Free Preview! :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 497 33 We Aren't Cousins - Pose Reference for Drawing :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,301 133 With You, Always [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,127 98 Sailor Eskimo Kisses :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 408 56 Collab Stock: Girlfriends 2 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 450 36 Collab Stock: Secret Lovers :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 426 27 Sailor Team Love 6 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 607 92 Female+Female Couple - PACK 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 384 16 Solution to Everything :iconehryel:Ehryel 8,776 612 A Gypsy in Agrabah :iconehryel:Ehryel 5,142 292 Lovely Lesbians :iconprojectecho:ProjectEcho 2,430 248 Love is Still Magic :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 2,812 45 Mum's Friends :iconehryel:Ehryel 4,950 360 T'Inquiete Pas Mademoiselle :iconehryel:Ehryel 5,791 452 Breakfast Time :iconehryel:Ehryel 3,960 365
Prego Pills
Martha was invited to Heidi's house to try out some pills, Martha didn't know how they will work and where they came from.  "Ummmm are you sure it's safe? What if something bad happens." Martha was twisting her hair nervously. "Don't worry, the pills are already tested." Heidi  pulls out a box filled with three panels one has an egg symbol on it, the second has a cow bell symbol on it and the third has a question mark on it. "Pick ya poison!!" Heidi shows Martha the box.
"I was thinking on taking the one with an egg symbol but I'll go with the one with question mark and see what happens."  after Martha swallows it she's got pain in her stomach but turns into pleasure. Martha is impregnated with a pleasure demon, she writhes in orgasm after orgasm as her belly swells and feel invisible tentacles caress and grope her body and breasts. " Ooooohhhhh god that feels good, my pussy is getting all wet oh yes make my belly bigger demon." The demon doesn't need asking and soon her
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Bite Me :iconehryel:Ehryel 4,140 213 Superhero Peril eXperiment (Dangerous Liaisons) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 1,177 12 Russian Slaves :iconlxxt:LXXT 733 27
Meredith walked out of the bar disappointed that she hadn't found anyone good to go home with. She sighed and walked toward the bus stop. Tucking a strand of her long strawberry blonde hair behind her ear as her bright gray eyes scanned the bus schedule.
A woman named Heather looks at Meredith in an attractive kind of way. Heather has very attractive brown eyes and short black hair. "You seem disappointed is anything alright?" asked Heather. Meredith chuckled, "Well I was hoping to pick someone up in there." she said motioning to the club behind them. She looked up at her and sighed, "but it's okay. I'll live. I'm Meredith." "Oh I see I'm Heather nice to meet you" Heather smiled, "Pick someone up there it's looks like no one's coming for you." she said. "I should have not asked her that's stupid what the hell are you thinking Heather?" Heather thought to herself. Meredith blushed and shrugged, "It's not a big deal." she said and smiled. "Want to go get a drink or something?" she asked
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Say Ah Wallpaper :iconyeaka:yeaka 1,589 74
Sasha 11: More Than Friends
The desk chair creaked as Sasha leaned her generous chubby frame into it. She was trying to patiently wait until a worthwhile and exciting stuffing appeared. Meanwhile Alex was still browsing the belly site trying to find an interesting way to have “fun”. She was trying to sort though the plain suggestions people had that just involved eating the traditional things that Sasha had already eaten before. She was looking for something really unique.
“Lets see this one has pizza...”, she mumbled.
“Well I've kinda done that, not that I wouldn't mind haha.”, Sasha giggled spinning around in her desk chair.
“Yeah I know...hmmm there's gotta be something worthwhile...OH!”, Alex suddenly yelped as she started to read a certain post.
“Huh? What is it?”, Sasha inquired, hovering above Alex's shoulder. Her heavy frame slowly swaying from the dizziness inflicted by her chair spinning.
Alex continued to skim with her eyes rather quickly befo
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Commission Sequence Prt. 2 of 5 :iconlordaltros:LordAltros 1,354 15 Silent Desire :iconehryel:Ehryel 6,712 313
rachel's ticklish tummy
"I'm so hungry," I whined, pouting at my girlfriend Lisa. We were lying together on my bed, her head pillowed on my stomach while she was writing notes for one of her classes.
With her ear pressed up against my belly she giggled and said, "I know," just as another loud growl rumbled through my aching stomach. "You should get some food."
I rolled my eyes at her. "I will if you let me up."
Instead of moving, Lisa threw one of her legs over mine and flipped over, nuzzling her face into my belly. "I'm not the one with a grumbly tummy," she answered, speaking into my stomach. Even through my t-shirt it tickled, and I couldn't help but grin.
Lisa smirked at me. "Why are you smiling? You know I'm not gonna let you go now, don't you?" My stomach gurgled hungrily, and Lisa gave it a pat. "Poor belly. Rachel doesn't pay enough attention to you, does she? Well don't worry, I'll give you loads of attention. In fact, you can be my new art canvas!"
"Hey!" I exclaimed as Lisa sat up and stra
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