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Star Crossed Lovers - Sailor Moon :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 768 48 Korrasami Don't Give A Shit :iconyukihyo:YukiHyo 2,610 197 Wonder Woman and Cheetah - Valentine's Day :iconehillustrations:eHillustrations 1,297 121 Don't you dare touch her :iconpearlpencil:Pearlpencil 2,965 102 Down,down,down... SasuNaru :iconvanyakun:vanyAkun 305 84
Even the soft carpet couldn't do much to dampen the sound of the heaving weight pushing against it with every laboured, heavy step. Wobbling and panting from such exertion, the thick, tree trunk sized legs quivered as the pudgy, sausage toed feet impacted with the plush flooring. The view of the entirety of the wobbling lower limbs, the upper half at least, was obscured by the swaying pendulum of a hanging apron of pure, jiggling fat. It swung side to side with every heaving waddle, brushing the gargantuan thighs beneath it, caressing them like adipose covered finger tips. Sat atop that bulging, swaying mass of blubber were a pair of breasts that would put the torsos of thinner folk to shame. Gigantic protuberant globes that swayed atop her gut, bulging over on either side, too huge to merely perch upon the swollen belly. Either side of the gigantic breasts, arms carrying a tray piled with assorted snacks, the upper arms as thick as a slim persons waist, fat spilli
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Titans Starry Night :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 539 32 StarWars Rogue One - Fan Art :iconkoralovelace:KoraLovelace 172 10 We shall embrace :iconjaz-is-rad:Jaz-is-rad 290 89 Diversity :iconalephunky:Alephunky 1,687 98 Harmonize :iconyutaan:Yutaan 254 33
You are the Sunlight
For Her
It started off like this
When I gave you that first kiss
It took you by surprise
And made me close my eyes
I won’t lie, I was scared
As you stopped and stared
I couldn’t even breathe
But then you kissed me
It shattered all our fear
And made our love clear
My feelings only grew
But inside I always knew
The time you fell from the swing
From the first time I heard you sing
The first time you held my hand
I was so nervous I couldn’t stand
Even though I can’t cook
You still give me that look
My hearts melts every time
Reminding me how you’re mine
You’re the ending to my story
And the happiness that I keep
My life is never boring
And why I’m peaceful as I sleep
I love you with all my might
I love you with my entire soul
You’re the love that’s always right
And the love I can’t control
You’re the reason why I fight
You’re the reason for my laughter
You’re the everlasting light
You’re my happily
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Becoming Fit TG
Today’s the day, the day in which I change my life for the better. I enthusiastically get out of bed and open the blinds. It’s beautiful outside. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. I open the window and take a moment to breathe in the fresh air. It sure feels like I’m to have a great day ahead of me.
I get in the bathroom and do all the human essentials to start off the day. I brushed my teeth vigorously to avoid any plaque since I don’t want a repeat of last year. I shivered from the thought. I’m not scared of the dentist, but let’s just say that you should always brush your teeth kids. If only I started to listen to that sooner…
I got in the shower and allowed my body to soak under the hot water that continuously rained down. Making sure to rinse every nook and cranny of my body. I applied the same soap I used for my body and squirted some in my hair. Good thing for those two in one soaps that were for bo
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Good morning kiss - Mio Akiyama x Rias Gremory :iconkyoflameashhylden:KyoFlameAshHylden 73 17 kigo strip 8D :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 818 148 Best Present for Christmas :iconpearlpencil:Pearlpencil 1,545 212 Adventure time. Marceline and Bonnie fanart :iconalbabg:AlbaBG 374 34 bonjour ma cherie :iconyllande:Yllande 340 24 All Work And No Play :iconkaceym:KaceyM 443 15 So close,so far. SasuNaru :iconmssmikan:MssMikan 155 47 Hold my Hand :iconshanen888:Shanen888 423 115 Dance With Me - commission :iconpearlpencil:Pearlpencil 698 51 Daily routine :iconpurrchinyan:Purrchinyan 138 12 [RWBY]WhiteRose kiss in the forest -Ruby and Weiss :icontifa-lock:Tifa-Lock 123 25 A kiss for you, my super princess~ [ N. Manglica ] :iconhiyoko-little-chick:Hiyoko-little-chick 143 103
Prego Pills
Martha was invited to Heidi's house to try out some pills, Martha didn't know how they will work and where they came from.  "Ummmm are you sure it's safe? What if something bad happens." Martha was twisting her hair nervously. "Don't worry, the pills are already tested." Heidi  pulls out a box filled with three panels one has an egg symbol on it, the second has a cow bell symbol on it and the third has a question mark on it. "Pick ya poison!!" Heidi shows Martha the box.
"I was thinking on taking the one with an egg symbol but I'll go with the one with question mark and see what happens."  after Martha swallows it she's got pain in her stomach but turns into pleasure. Martha is impregnated with a pleasure demon, she writhes in orgasm after orgasm as her belly swells and feel invisible tentacles caress and grope her body and breasts. " Ooooohhhhh god that feels good, my pussy is getting all wet oh yes make my belly bigger demon." The demon doesn't need asking and soon her
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Meredith walked out of the bar disappointed that she hadn't found anyone good to go home with. She sighed and walked toward the bus stop. Tucking a strand of her long strawberry blonde hair behind her ear as her bright gray eyes scanned the bus schedule.
A woman named Heather looks at Meredith in an attractive kind of way. Heather has very attractive brown eyes and short black hair. "You seem disappointed is anything alright?" asked Heather. Meredith chuckled, "Well I was hoping to pick someone up in there." she said motioning to the club behind them. She looked up at her and sighed, "but it's okay. I'll live. I'm Meredith." "Oh I see I'm Heather nice to meet you" Heather smiled, "Pick someone up there it's looks like no one's coming for you." she said. "I should have not asked her that's stupid what the hell are you thinking Heather?" Heather thought to herself. Meredith blushed and shrugged, "It's not a big deal." she said and smiled. "Want to go get a drink or something?" she asked
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Tummy lovin' :iconhammyhika:HammyHika 455 9 Superhero Peril eXperiment (Dangerous Liaisons) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 1,225 12 Emiko and her heavily pregnant partner Erin :iconnickonthedraw:nickonthedraw 840 53
rachel's ticklish tummy
"I'm so hungry," I whined, pouting at my girlfriend Lisa. We were lying together on my bed, her head pillowed on my stomach while she was writing notes for one of her classes.
With her ear pressed up against my belly she giggled and said, "I know," just as another loud growl rumbled through my aching stomach. "You should get some food."
I rolled my eyes at her. "I will if you let me up."
Instead of moving, Lisa threw one of her legs over mine and flipped over, nuzzling her face into my belly. "I'm not the one with a grumbly tummy," she answered, speaking into my stomach. Even through my t-shirt it tickled, and I couldn't help but grin.
Lisa smirked at me. "Why are you smiling? You know I'm not gonna let you go now, don't you?" My stomach gurgled hungrily, and Lisa gave it a pat. "Poor belly. Rachel doesn't pay enough attention to you, does she? Well don't worry, I'll give you loads of attention. In fact, you can be my new art canvas!"
"Hey!" I exclaimed as Lisa sat up and stra
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Insta-Preg 2
A young woman named Amber was shopping at a local mall, she went to a maternity store ,looking browsing the store, seeing shirts for pregnant women.
A other young woman named Avaline saw Amber, she was curious in that the girl didn't seem pregnant at all. So out of curiosity she left the blouses and approached "Hey, how are you?" she said with a smile. "Oh doing good how about you?" Amber smiled but a little a nervous while holding her arm. "Just fine, thank you very much." Avaline saw how Amber looked insecure, so she smiled as warm as she can "So is this your first?" she felt one of the maternity blouses to see its softness. "Oh yes" Amber blushes "I was looking to .... see if ... which ones... look good on me." she was embarrassed and fixing her long brown hair. "Well don't worry, when you start feeling them out you will know" Avaline gave a sigh brushing her bangs "You are so lucky though." "Oh I'm not really pregnant but I would be after I take the pill."
Amber was watching Avalin
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Lightning x Fang -Full work in a link- Commission :iconpearlpencil:Pearlpencil 1,446 119 Bound inside her Dream Body :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 362 9 Its Always Shark Week~ :iconalicede:ALicede 415 72 Arizona :iconnonoririn:Nonoririn 417 9 Tina and Amy - Bullet Babe Blues :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 299 4 C: Elveren and Lynthia :iconthe-moonbound:The-Moonbound 418 45 Gotham Sirens Bomb [with video - link below] :iconohmyvee:ohmyvee 187 17 The Genie of Gags - Wishing for Bondage :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 268 11 Nova x Samus + NSFW :iconadrianwolve:AdrianWolve 378 35 Chained Tomboys (The Princess (and the) Bride) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 690 16 Bedtime Stories :iconaleksandracupcake:aleksandracupcake 579 9 Red Crayon pt. 1 :iconehryel:Ehryel 1,000 52 Commander Shepard and Sha'ira :iconeromaxi:Eromaxi 269 20 Yulia and Lena :iconshugarsketch:ShugarSketch 615 145 Elsanna Frozen :iconhentaichimp:HentaiChimp 192 5 [Commission] Taking a Break :iconlindaroze:LindaRoze 235 16