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Let us live, my Lesbia,.....
Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love,
Let us judge all the forbidding words,
Of age old fools as but a penny's worth.
The sun falls in turn and can repent,
But when the light of ours is spent
The night we must sleep is unending.
Give me a thousand kisses and then a hundred.
Give me a thousand more and then a hundred.
And yet a thousand more and still a hundred.
Then when we have made so many thousands
And mixed them up and lost those counted,
No malicious soul can look upon us,
Nor any count our many kisses.
:iconjohnafricanus:JohnAfricanus 8 3
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Pi Cologne and Kisses
Catullus needs one million kisses to love,
But I need only one small touch of your lips
A peck to make me drunk on sandalwood scent
And in that scent I'm whisked to scenes of fancy:
Intimate, soft light off a small piano
Playing something seductive, and glasses chimes
Against glasses, the rose-filled flutes in hands
Of the young and jaded, the rich and miserable.
Women in black velvet, their diamonds like eyes,
Cigarette holders in their little gloved hands
Their bare backs winking at men with every shrug.
Men, portraits of success, ignoring good girls
For women who will ruin their trusted names.
A cuff-link glitters with the flick of a wrist
And he willingly follows her to his doom.
A whiff of your stale breath, and I return to you,
Face too rosy like I drank too much whiskey.
I would have lost myself in Hyperion
All because of that ephemeral kiss.
Ne da mi, Charinus, mille basia.
Duo milia basia tibi dem.
:iconblackdove42:BlackDove42 3 4
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I feel like Catullus's Lesbia, married to one man,
but desiring another. These feelings leap up
inside unwillingly as I try to violently
beat them down, but they keep returning to me.
This is wrong, I think.
My lips mouth different words, more attractive words,
full of misplaced love. Oh! My poor lover!
How he tries to steal me away to a better life.
I may not be truely happy with my false love
but I am content.
The road to him is paved with jagged rocks.
My feet would run red at the first step,
So instead I call out to him, like a siren,
and entice him to take those painful steps
to spare myself.
:iconartiegg:Artiegg 1 1
Vivamus Mea Lesbia :iconbarkydog2000:barkydog2000 0 0
Catullus VIII free translation
Catullus Poem VIII
Wretch! Wretched Catullus stop! stop it
give it up and get your mind off that girl.
She is lost.
You have lost her.
The sun in his radiance shone upon you
when she led and you followed
(followed, always, you always followed)
and that girl! That girl I loved so much
that I can love no other.
When life was full of happiness and happenings
when that girl wanted what you wanted, too
(when you wanted her and she wanted you)
the sun in his radiance
shone upon you truly.
But now, already, now she defies you, denies you.
And you, too, must deny her must
defy her must not follow (always following) must not
be this wretch that you are so weak
You must set your mind away
get your mind away
you must hold out and say
Goodbye, Girl.
Now Catullus hardens himself, now
he will not follow you, girl
he will not speak one word to you
and you will feel the pain he feels now, girl
when he speaks not one word to you.
What will you do then, wretched girl?
Where will you
:iconamyfae:amyfae 0 3
Never be... Ch.4
After Sana left the house of her family she and her friend Sahra did go to school the next day. Then they did wait some minutes for Chii and Sakura to go to school.
Chii: sana looks really down, or? *looks at sakura*
Sakura N: you're right. *looks shortly to sana*
Chii: but what can we do? *is really worried*
Sahra: *followed sana and could hear what chii and sakura were talking and sighed then*
:In the Nikolais house:
Iris: *takes her school bag and walks to school* *already knows how to cheer sana up* *sees sasuke from far away*
Sasuke: *wonders still why iris was at hinata's house and also felt kind mad* *doesn't understand it somuch* *then he remembered his first kiss*
:Flash back 10 years ago:
Sasuke: *is a 7 years old boy, which likes/loves boys and also knows that he is gay* *then a strange boy did jump out from the bushes and looks around* +who is that?+
Boy: *looks at him* *takes his hand and pulls him down to the bushes* pssssssst...or they will find me.. *whispers*
Sasuke: *
:iconpandakyoki:PandaKyoki 1 0
Bavarian Catull :iconthilil:Thilil 0 0 My dolls...Lesbians? :iconr00t-bx:r00t-BX 0 0 Little Deer :iconred-liight:red-liight 6 1 Lesbia :iconpsychodagger:PsychoDagger 0 4
Catullus 2
Sparrow, the delight of my girl,
you are the one with whom she plays,
the one she holds delicately in her lap,
and, the one to whom she willingly gives
her soft fingertips in a bid for acrid touch.
With my struggling desire,
I haven't a clue what dear jest
would please and offer a bit of comfort to her grief.
I imagine, likewise that her profound passions are pacified,
to play with you as she herself
and attend to alleviate selfsame cheerless cares!
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 1 0
Clodia and the sparrow :iconphaedra-in-love:Phaedra-in-love 0 0
Catullus LI - translation
Ille mi par esse deo videtur,
ille, si fas est, superare divos,
qui sedens adversus identidem te
pectat et audit
dulce ridentem, misero quod omnis
eripit sensus mihi; nam simul te,
Lesbia, aspexi, nihil est super mi

lingua sed torpet, tenuis sub artus
flamma demanat, sonitu suopte
tintinant aures, gemina teguntur
lumina nocte.
[Otium, Catulle, tibi molestum est;
otio exsultas nimiumque gestis;
otium et reges prius et beatas
perdidit urbes.]
Modern Translation:
He, that dream-shadow of me
sits across from you again and
like a god he sees and hears all
that you are
Sweet laughter, you destroy me
minute by minute and until
I see you, my Lesbia, there will be
nothing before or after me.
And though I lie silent, within me
flames and furies deafen my thoughts
darken my days and so my eyes
see like night.
So I wander and wonder this
in all my free hours and here
I fall like the great kings of old,
I fall like Troy, like Greece, like Rome.
:iconamyfae:amyfae 0 0
Miser Catulle :iconlurbeflummel:LurbeFlummel 0 7
AAM 6 - Catullus 2
Little bird, you’re a god to my girl.
She’s all lap and fingertips to you,
a veritable human playground;
she incites you and excites you,
and you, full of nips and quips,
comfort her dark heavy days.
Comfort me, little bird,
like her, if it’s so easy…
It’s as good as golden apples
slipping from a belt
to fast-running girls.
:iconamyfae:amyfae 0 7
'Viuamus mea Lesbia' Traduccion
Vivamos, Lesbía mía, y amémonos;
no demos ni un as por ésos rumores
de aquellos hastiados y serios viejos.
Podrá ponerse el sol y volver el alba:
cuando nos apaguemos cual breve luz,
nos tocará dormir una noche perpetua.
Miles de besos dame, después ciento,
luego otros mil y más tarde unos cientos,
después, seguidos, otros mil, después ciento.
Luego de tantos que nos habremos dado
los esconderemos para no contarlos,
no sea que un malvado pueda envidiarnos
al saber que han habido tantos besos.
:iconcirhian:Cirhian 3 0