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Warriors from around the Mediterranean sea :iconphoenix8341:PHOENIX8341 182 9 We Are Legion :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,229 582 Legionary Armor :iconcasus-solari:casus-solari 643 39 Teutoburg Forest :iconu-joe:U-Joe 155 28 Gellius :iconhecm:HecM 92 10 Modius :iconhecm:HecM 44 0 Tiberius :iconhecm:HecM 41 5 Legionaries Unit :iconhecm:HecM 86 10 HA Roman Soldiers :iconhistoriaantiqua:HistoriaAntiqua 45 2 Into the Eagle Nest :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 27 2 Legionaries in the Market :icongoeliath:goeliath 31 51 Late Roman Army :iconblackbombs:Blackbombs 28 1 Novia de la Muerte :iconjuanchaves:JuanChaves 46 13 a centurion :iconvictter-le-fou:victter-le-fou 24 4 Spectral Romans :iconspielorjh:Spielorjh 15 13 Severa :iconhecm:HecM 42 4 Livia :iconhecm:HecM 47 2 Kinetix Commission :icondkuang:DKuang 23 5 Roman Legionaries :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 21 5 Maximus Decimus Meridius :iconsaint-jan:Saint-Jan 21 9 Justice League Poster (Fan-Made) :iconmrvideo-vidman:MrVideo-VidMan 24 9 March of the Legion :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 13 4 In Defense of Gaul :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 13 5 Legionarii :iconmercvtio:Mercvtio 13 1 Justice League Epic Poster (FanMade) :iconmrvideo-vidman:MrVideo-VidMan 13 6 Phalanx III :iconthe-black-cat:the-black-cat 22 11 Winter in Germania :iconunderclassartist:UnderclassArtist 11 0 Scipio Africanus, The Great. :iconunderclassartist:UnderclassArtist 10 2 HA Persian Magus :iconhistoriaantiqua:HistoriaAntiqua 10 1 Czcehoslovak Legion standard :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 9 0 Castrum :iconmercvtio:Mercvtio 8 7 Tennesia Legio V :iconbrandonangle:Brandonangle 10 6 Principate + Middle Imperial Roman Heavy Infantry :iconfoojer:foojer 8 1 Petronus :iconhistoriaantiqua:HistoriaAntiqua 9 1 HA Roman Soldiers 2 :iconhistoriaantiqua:HistoriaAntiqua 16 0 Mithras Roman Bas-Relief :iconpresterjohnstock:presterjohnstock 7 2 Dominate + Romano-Byzantine Heavy Infantry :iconfoojer:foojer 7 6 The Ranks :iconimperator-zor:Imperator-Zor 7 5 Phalanx II :iconthe-black-cat:the-black-cat 7 6
Roman Stock Feature
Some of you may not know that my day job is as an archaeologist, so I have a very large soft spot for the Romans. This summer I took some pictures of re-enactors from who kindly gave me permission to present them as stock. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to gather together some Roman Military stock from across dA and hope it inspires someone! (Please remember to respect the individual stockist's terms of use).
Roman Soldiers 46 by Axy-stockRoman Soliders 31 by Axy-stock
Looks to me like there is a gap in the stock-scene for some legionaries in fighting poses!
Roman Cavalry 11 by fuguestockRoman Cavalry 10 by fuguestockRoman Cavalry 9 by fuguestockRoman Cavalry 6 by fuguestockRoman Cavalry 5 by fuguestock
:iconfuguestock:fuguestock 6 18
pre-Imperial Roman Heavy Infantry :iconfoojer:foojer 6 2
Remember The Fallen
Miki-Ce stood in front of the Memorial Wall, her eyes focused on the gold etched name carved in front of her: PROCYON. She had grown close to him during their time in the 14th Assault Platoon, but they both knew the risks, that one day, one, or both of them would not return from battle. Despite her professionalism, Procyon's death had hit her hard.
"It hurts doesn't it."
Miki-Ce jumped at the sound of the voice. She turned around and saw the Captain, Kiara-Ne, standing just behind her.
"Excuse me Ma'am?" she asked.
"I said it hurts," Kiara-Ne replied. "To lose a friend and comrade. To lose someone you would trust with your life. I feel the loss of every soldier who has served under me. I may not say it, but I'm proud of all my troops."
Miki-Ce stared shocked. She had never seen the Captain be so open before.
"Thank you for saying so, Ma'am," Miki-Ce replied.
Kiara-Ne glanced briefly at her.
"I know what is said about me," she said. "That I'm cold and heartless. Procyon was a good soldi
:iconlizardman22:lizardman22 5 2
Up In The Stars sketch dump :iconashbound:Ashbound 5 11 C-4 FTW :iconacethehunter:AceTheHunter 5 9 A Legion tactic :iconsavagebeatings:SavageBeatings 5 4 The Roman Legion: The Manipular Polybian Legion :iconjefffletcher:jefffletcher 4 0 Kollosseans - Legionaries :iconthe-second-brother:The-Second-Brother 4 2 Epic battle sketch :iconvandict:vandict 3 0 French Foreign Legion :iconpsstoff995:psstoff995 2 0