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G1Flake Redux by ChimeraDragonfang G1Flake Redux :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 191 119 TMNT NEXT GEN: Leadership by Suzukiwee1357 TMNT NEXT GEN: Leadership :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 467 71 Cubee - Prime 'Gen 1' by CyberDrone Cubee - Prime 'Gen 1' :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 148 19 Egregor by KKL Egregor :iconkkl:KKL 710 135 optimus prime commission by strongstuff optimus prime commission :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 923 54 Transformers: Autocracy 10 cover by LivioRamondelli Transformers: Autocracy 10 cover :iconlivioramondelli:LivioRamondelli 342 53 Responsibilities by CuteFemdom Responsibilities :iconcutefemdom:CuteFemdom 35 2 Gorilla by deskridge Gorilla :icondeskridge:deskridge 199 27 Welcome to the Jungle by deskridge Welcome to the Jungle :icondeskridge:deskridge 232 62 Optimus Prime Core Corruption by mohzart Optimus Prime Core Corruption :iconmohzart:mohzart 221 15 Commission - White_Aster - Art noveau Optimus by shibara-draws-mecha Commission - White_Aster - Art noveau Optimus :iconshibara-draws-mecha:shibara-draws-mecha 439 56 . Ivan . by KalmaKamala . Ivan . :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 443 112 The Matrix of Leadership by Spirit-of-Laharah The Matrix of Leadership :iconspirit-of-laharah:Spirit-of-Laharah 235 52 DVD Autobot Matrix by glovestudios DVD Autobot Matrix :iconglovestudios:glovestudios 178 25 The Triumph by J-Rayner The Triumph :iconj-rayner:J-Rayner 142 29 She Lives in You by RebeccaHudgens She Lives in You :iconrebeccahudgens:RebeccaHudgens 51 20
There are those who might suggest that leadership is a burden.
Carrying it as if it were some great task placed upon their shoulders.
But in truth, I view such individuals as the weakest of men.
A leader is not one marked out by an honourary title,
Nor are they the cowards crowned by a right of birth.
A leader is not made by the wealth of their coffers
and they are certainly not forged amidst oratory diatribe.
To me, a leader will always be the one who stands on the front-line.
They are the heroes that show; despite our mortal frailty
that we can overcome the odds.
And it is not by a quirk of fate or by some gross dint of luck,
but by the sheer grit and determination
that we often show in the face of life's adversities.
That will forever be what a leader is to me,
And the only question now is if I will ever be worthy...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 15 10
Starscream's Lament, Part 2
Slag you, Megatron!
Curse you to the bottom of The Pit!
I have been under your illusion for too long
But I am blind no more
I see your faults as clear as day
There is no turning back
From you I get no respect
No appreciation
And you would gladly throw my life away if it meant satisfying your greed
If following you is the school of hard knox
I am the valedictorian
But not without a few scars
What truly haunts me
To the core of my very Spark
Is that…
I may have once been able to feel compassion
I may have known what friendship was
But no more
It has been replaced
Scab by scab, you have taken that away from me
A treasure I may never have again
By the lessons of your abuse
Unwittingly, you have created a monster that in the end,
You will never be able to control
I will destroy you and claim leadership of the Decepticons for myself
And if you retort with a petty threat, I will reply with these two words:
Wanna bet?
:iconekmke:EKMKE 18 3
AP Optimus Prime by KrisSmithDW AP Optimus Prime :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 542 233
TFAV Timeline Ancient Era
Transformers AlterVerse Timeline
Important Note: Measured in Earth Years, this is a rough guide to many crucial events involving the Cybertronians, the Nebulans, the Seraphims and the Quintessons, that happened before and during the Great War, eventually leading to the events on Earth which involved humanity. These events stretch over a vast amount of time. Please do take notice that most of the events mentioned here occurred at the same time as the Great War of Cybertron and beyond.
As information about the ancient times has been scattered and inconclusive, most details in this Timeline have been gathered from the Covenant of Primus (in the possession of Alpha Trion) and the history records of Vector Sigma. Additional details will be added soon to explain the events between the time gaps between the major events.
Ancient Era:
[Approx. 15 Billion Years BCE (Before Common Era)] – The Universe was created. The Forces of Darkness and Light exist in perfect equilibrium. Until
:iconvictortky:victortky 57 46
Leadership by varshapeterpanda Leadership :iconvarshapeterpanda:varshapeterpanda 56 17 Gorilla Sunset by deskridge Gorilla Sunset :icondeskridge:deskridge 157 52 Caution: Obama Diplomacy by Conservatoons Caution: Obama Diplomacy :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 146 165 leadership by dypsomaniart leadership :icondypsomaniart:dypsomaniart 150 9 Grimlock's find by J-Rayner Grimlock's find :iconj-rayner:J-Rayner 130 47 Cubee - Nemesis Prime 'Gen 1' by CyberDrone Cubee - Nemesis Prime 'Gen 1' :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 54 3 Sam Sparkling by waterbender010 Sam Sparkling :iconwaterbender010:waterbender010 64 32 TF RID - Optimus Prime The Matrix is calling. by Championx91 TF RID - Optimus Prime The Matrix is calling. :iconchampionx91:Championx91 470 102 Raw Walkthrough by khaamar Raw Walkthrough :iconkhaamar:khaamar 202 51 The Last Prime by processormalfunction The Last Prime :iconprocessormalfunction:processormalfunction 433 47 meenkat by Flarefyre meenkat :iconflarefyre:Flarefyre 280 34 Aslan by mhackett Aslan :iconmhackett:mhackett 140 17 Matrix Of Leadership by waterbender010 Matrix Of Leadership :iconwaterbender010:waterbender010 41 6 Cubee - Prime 'Gen 1' Xtras by CyberDrone Cubee - Prime 'Gen 1' Xtras :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 48 2 optimus prime - convoy v1.0 by johngiang optimus prime - convoy v1.0 :iconjohngiang:johngiang 647 130 The Star Scream by ninjaink The Star Scream :iconninjaink:ninjaink 426 50 Tough to Balance by DGruwier Tough to Balance :icondgruwier:DGruwier 17 13 Tarot- The Emperor by wintersmagic Tarot- The Emperor :iconwintersmagic:wintersmagic 53 18 The golden armor will light our darkest hour! by ToaBastignika7 The golden armor will light our darkest hour! :icontoabastignika7:ToaBastignika7 76 52 She has the touch by retal4 She has the touch :iconretal4:retal4 42 20 Request - Knowing the Future by MNS-Prime-21 Request - Knowing the Future :iconmns-prime-21:MNS-Prime-21 39 20 -+-Their last crusade-+- by TalviEnkeli -+-Their last crusade-+- :icontalvienkeli:TalviEnkeli 63 64 Leadership by RDbrony16 Leadership :iconrdbrony16:RDbrony16 107 6 Iron bot by Ociacia Iron bot :iconociacia:Ociacia 38 4 Suppressing Fire by Sp1ash Suppressing Fire :iconsp1ash:Sp1ash 89 14 Keep calm 3 by TheLastCybertronian Keep calm 3 :iconthelastcybertronian:TheLastCybertronian 31 11 The Decepticon Matrix by BrentJago The Decepticon Matrix :iconbrentjago:BrentJago 137 37
Starscream's Lament, Part 1
Megatron is a fool!
I and I alone can lead the Decepticons to victory
My ambition soars higher than the skies of Cybertron
What you call "failure" I call a mere temporary setback
It is only a matter of time before I prevail
My destiny is inevitable
I am a master of deception, the essence of the existence of the Decepticons
I may slow my advance but I shall never surrender
The path I have chosen is a length I do not know
But I do know when the path is brought to an end, I shall arrive at my dream
I will never stray from my path
You say I don't know when to quit
But tenacity, to me, is more than a word
It is a way of life
Fittingly, my spark has likened itself after my personality
You may call it mutant,
But it is indestructible
It needs no body to survive
I can never be destroyed
I am Indestructible
You ask me to surrender?
Never! Now I, Starscream, lead. And I say attack!
My time will come, Megatron
Say "I'll kill you"
And I'll just reply with these two words:
Wanna bet?
:iconekmke:EKMKE 9 4