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Captain Twilight Sparkle and the Ponyteers lyrics
With your Elements combined I am Twilight Sparkle!
Twilight Sparkle, she's our hero,
Gonna take bullying down to zero,
She's our magics magnified,
And she's fighting on the friendly side
Twilight Sparkle, she's our hero,
Gonna take bullying down to zero,
Gonna help her put us under,
Bad guys who like to bulling and harassing
"You'll pay for this Twilight Sparkle!"
We're the Ponyteers,
You can be one too!
'Cause saving our friendship is the thing to do,
Looting and harassing is not the way,
hear what Twilight Sparkle has to say:
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Rapunzel Tickled By Evil Amy Gif :iconamyroseater:amyroseater 292 20 Emo Angel :Base: :iconvenulsaa:Venulsaa 1,073 91 Supernatural Funny Moments 15 :iconfallenindarkness:FallenInDarkness 388 35
For the Writers
Sad Truth
Remember that world you read in your books
The memories formed from their pages
They took you to a place so far away
Got you away from your hesitations
You would live and breathe
Cry and grieve
For those characters you loved with your heart
Remember when you read that line
You thought about for a week longs time
It made you think about where you are
Why you're here
And why you're who you are
Remember when you struggled with just that
You were young and lost in the depths
It just took one thing to make you feel
'I like you' means its okay to be real
Remember when you picked up that pen
And created those worlds you felt good within
Gave them stories to take you away
And showed them to others,
At your dismay
Not everyone see's like you
It's a sad,
Sad truth
With words you can write what you feel,
Let it all out,
Hold you still
But that's not what they seen in you
Your work must not be good enough to express
Everything you could say at your best
Remember that world you read in yo
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