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Pastel Goth / Soft Grunge Terezi and Vriska by nekozneko Pastel Goth / Soft Grunge Terezi and Vriska :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,786 90 Porrim Maryam Cosplay: PORRIMSTAR by Khainsaw Porrim Maryam Cosplay: PORRIMSTAR :iconkhainsaw:Khainsaw 315 24 Pre-Scratch_Babies by Panikari Pre-Scratch_Babies :iconpanikari:Panikari 1,654 201 Some Classy Lady by Lirlys Some Classy Lady :iconlirlys:Lirlys 654 26 Homestuck Trolls Icon Set 2 by warriorgriffin Homestuck Trolls Icon Set 2 :iconwarriorgriffin:warriorgriffin 565 111 Latula Pyrope and Roxy Lalonde by nekozneko Latula Pyrope and Roxy Lalonde :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 1,583 50 LATUA! by Lapirin LATUA! :iconlapirin:Lapirin 1,672 118 Latula Pyrope by nekozneko Latula Pyrope :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 1,544 59 Miss Maryam by Lirlys Miss Maryam :iconlirlys:Lirlys 1,254 93 Born to be wild - Militarystuck cosplay by Voldiesama Born to be wild - Militarystuck cosplay :iconvoldiesama:Voldiesama 284 57 Pyropes by PlaidCushion Pyropes :iconplaidcushion:PlaidCushion 710 15 Military Dress Porrim - Homestuck by Mostflogged Military Dress Porrim - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 707 91 Latula Pyrope Cosplay Youmacon 2012 by Swoz Latula Pyrope Cosplay Youmacon 2012 :iconswoz:Swoz 215 13 Alpha Trolls - Homestuck by Mostflogged Alpha Trolls - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 791 107 Mituna Captor x Latula Pyrope - HOMESTUCK (II) by ExionYukoCosplay Mituna Captor x Latula Pyrope - HOMESTUCK (II) :iconexionyukocosplay:ExionYukoCosplay 574 32 a babe by chienoir a babe :iconchienoir:chienoir 1,631 23 Mituna Captor x Latula Pyrope - HOMESTUCK by ExionYukoCosplay Mituna Captor x Latula Pyrope - HOMESTUCK :iconexionyukocosplay:ExionYukoCosplay 317 18
Humanstuck!Mituna x reader
"Honey! Look!"
You glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend Mituna holding up a sloppy drawing of a bumblebee. Had you not known about his condition you would have thought that his art was incredibly mediocre and messy, like a drawing from a toddler. However, you knew better than that and could see a true masterpiece when it was practically shoved in your face. He must have spent at least a good hour on it, trying his best to hold his hand steady.
You smiled widely, "That's really good, Tuna! You have gotten really good at drawing! Pretty soon you'll pass me up and I'll go out of business."
Tuna frowned, "Then I'll th-thtop."
You rolled your eyes, "I was exaggerating, Tuna. Your drawings are wonderful, so don't stop."
Tuna smiled again, "Oh, okay!"
"Mituna!" your little toddler niece ran up to Mituna and grabbed his hand. "Come back and draw, please!"
Mituna nodded and was quickly dragged out of the kitchen. You giggled with a smile and returned to stirring the dough you were m
:iconinu-neesan:Inu-Neesan 383 257
Mituna x Reader: D34R 8UM8L3833
You were his best friend, at first. You had always had a small crush on him, but never acted upon it in fear of rejection. He was just so distant and hard to understand, and he had only broken up with his previous matesprit half a sweep before you showed up. He and Latula had drifted apart, but remained friends from what you could tell. Latula had told you once that she still loved him, but more in a platonic sense than flushed. In other words, he was up for grabs.
You didn't think Mituna saw you that way.
The two of you spent a lot of time together. When you had showed up he was one of the first trolls to greet himself, while you remained quiet and shy. It didn't seem to phase him, and he almost never left your side since.
At first, you had a hard time keeping up with him, what with his sporadic behavior and heavy lisp. For a long time you couldn't even understand what he was saying, and it took you even longer to read anything he wrote. However, with Kurloz and Latula's assistance, y
:iconinu-neesan:Inu-Neesan 369 167
Homestuck: Beforus Trolls by PunPuniChu Homestuck: Beforus Trolls :iconpunpunichu:PunPuniChu 1,083 77 Hey you by Lirlys Hey you :iconlirlys:Lirlys 1,214 61 Porrim Maryam - Homestuck by Mostflogged Porrim Maryam - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 884 115 Kankri and Latula by Erinya-chan Kankri and Latula :iconerinya-chan:Erinya-chan 218 14 +SK8R GRL+ by KitsuneDolly +SK8R GRL+ :iconkitsunedolly:KitsuneDolly 379 65
Helmet (Mituna X Reader) with bonus ending
Mituna X Reader
So your name is ____ and yours visiting one of your closest friends, Mituna Captor. You like looking after him and being able to spend time with him despite his random angry out bursts. He was just too sweet for you to stay mad at him. At the moment you are sitting in his kitchen while he looks for his safety helmet.
“____ C4N Y0U H3PL M3 F1ND MY H3LM3T?” He asked as he looked under a near by chair.
You sighed and helped him search for his helmet. You kept glancing at him though. You liked it better when he didn’t have his helmet on. It let you see his hair, it was fluffy and messy, but it fit him. His hair was more flat where his helmet would normally be and his hair fell in front of his eyes. You remember he once let you see his eyes but it was so long ago you barely remember. But it didn’t matter to you, he could have no eyes and still be adorable. You kept searching for the helmet to keep from getting too lost in Mituna’s hair.
:iconcrazylight36:Crazylight36 355 107
6lah6lah6lah6lah6lah6lah by BLooDy-TeaRs-PanThEr 6lah6lah6lah6lah6lah6lah :iconbloody-tears-panther:BLooDy-TeaRs-PanThEr 3,024 385 The Twelve of Us by Mitsuki-Aizawa The Twelve of Us :iconmitsuki-aizawa:Mitsuki-Aizawa 3,349 445 Knight of mind by Kamik91 Knight of mind :iconkamik91:Kamik91 1,188 85 UPDATE: The Great Wall of Homestuck by LingeringSentiments UPDATE: The Great Wall of Homestuck :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 334 126 Just A Girl - Homestuck by Mostflogged Just A Girl - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 351 49 There ain't no heaven by Lapirin There ain't no heaven :iconlapirin:Lapirin 437 20 Rad Kids by Lapirin Rad Kids :iconlapirin:Lapirin 635 44 Dancestors by R-Dr4gon Dancestors :iconr-dr4gon:R-Dr4gon 784 98 Fashion Forward - Homestuck by Mostflogged Fashion Forward - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 369 18 F0UND MY M4T3 by xHaku-chanx F0UND MY M4T3 :iconxhaku-chanx:xHaku-chanx 477 31 Aw yeah by Kitkaloid Aw yeah :iconkitkaloid:Kitkaloid 978 50 Valentine by pupukachoo Valentine :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 1,582 69
Valentines Day Treats-- YouXSollux
--a box of Brown Sugar Honey Cinnamon Rolls. 
You looked up from the yellow and black stripped box to see the 3D-shades wearing face of you matesprit. 
"Sollux!" you cheered, using your tip toes to hug the yellow-blooded troll.
"Hey [Name], happy Valentiine2 day." Sollux whispered into your ear while wrapping an arm around your waist, making you shiver a bit. Honestly, the Captor boy knew how to push your buttons just like he know how to push the buttons on a game controller. 
"Sollux...!" you whined a bit, earning a small chuckle from the troll.
"Heh, 2omethiing wrong..?" 
"You know what happens when you do that..!" 
"Oh..? II do..?" 
"Yes and you are teasing me about it..!"
"*ga2p* II am...?" 
You couldn't help but laugh at all of this, the crazy antics that Sollux often put you through with his teasing.
Perhaps it was the way he held you while doing it, or maybe the way he made sure that his li
:iconmayhemb:mayhemb 174 60
63!STUCK by Izzydactyl 63!STUCK :iconizzydactyl:Izzydactyl 924 395
Painting the House ReaderXKankri *Extended Ending
It had been awhile since the incident with the paint and you had been with Kankri for over two weeks now. This was the first time in a long time that you actually been in a relationship with anyone so you were a nervous reck. But that wasn't what was bothering you. It was the whispers and glances you got when Kankri wasn't around. The mix up with the red paint made people think you both pailed together. And yes, the fact that others thought that made you feel uncomfortable. You might be over thinking about it but you couldn't help it! You didn't want people to think of you as the girl who slain celibacy! You sighed as you started to walk by Porrim's hive when she stopped you.
"Hey [Name]!"she waved as she ran over to you.
"Hi Porrim."you smiled as you turned to face her fully.
"I'm sorry if this sounds strange but how is Kankri?"she asked.
"Huh? Kankri's fine. Why?"you asked tilting you head to the side.
"No, I don't think you understand. How WAS he?"she repeate
:iconcheezit1x1:Cheezit1x1 291 74
Maid of Space by Lirlys Maid of Space :iconlirlys:Lirlys 1,024 48 Elegance - Homestuck by Mostflogged Elegance - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 1,021 84 th3r3s w4y mor3 to h1m by sirenite th3r3s w4y mor3 to h1m :iconsirenite:sirenite 191 33 FUCK THIS SHIT @HOMESTUCK by CarcinoVantasKisu FUCK THIS SHIT @HOMESTUCK :iconcarcinovantaskisu:CarcinoVantasKisu 382 34 Pretty rad, huh? by 77Firecat77 Pretty rad, huh? :icon77firecat77:77Firecat77 226 37 well by SXAE well :iconsxae:SXAE 776 33 Walk walk fashion baby - Homestuck by Mostflogged Walk walk fashion baby - Homestuck :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 289 19 Sexy Mituna by NamiOki Sexy Mituna :iconnamioki:NamiOki 867 292