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Poolside Bleuberry - 6 Poses, 40 Renders by Auctus177 Poolside Bleuberry - 6 Poses, 40 Renders :iconauctus177:Auctus177 872 38 COMM: Contained Excitement! by Auctus177 COMM: Contained Excitement! :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,094 48 Cheerleader Susan: Animated by Auctus177 Cheerleader Susan: Animated :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,486 110 Cheerleader Susan: Dream Edition by Auctus177 Cheerleader Susan: Dream Edition :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,156 87 Ripe Bleuberry by Auctus177 Ripe Bleuberry :iconauctus177:Auctus177 493 21 Turnaround - Bleuberry by Auctus177 Turnaround - Bleuberry :iconauctus177:Auctus177 758 38 Growing fame by miramiraclerun Growing fame :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 2,318 131 Impending Disaster 2: The Crushing by Better-with-Salt Impending Disaster 2: The Crushing :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 1,025 116 Denial can Weigh on You by Better-with-Salt Denial can Weigh on You :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 3,803 245 Beached Whale by Better-with-Salt Beached Whale :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 3,253 178 Impending Disaster by Better-with-Salt Impending Disaster :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 1,101 75 Weigh out by miramiraclerun Weigh out :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 2,130 156 Love excess by miramiraclerun Love excess :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 2,515 142 Stretch by Better-with-Salt Stretch :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 1,382 39 Halloween Binge by Better-with-Salt Halloween Binge :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 1,540 27 Mei overwatch by miramiraclerun Mei overwatch :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,965 110 Belly Test by Better-with-Salt Belly Test :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 1,262 50 Taste testing (Serena, Pokemon) by miramiraclerun Taste testing (Serena, Pokemon) :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,478 157 Wider by miramiraclerun Wider :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,106 44 Zipper Issues By Ein457 by Pharaoh-Sauron Zipper Issues By Ein457 :iconpharaoh-sauron:Pharaoh-Sauron 1,491 9 Tawawas by miramiraclerun Tawawas :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,447 72
Alchemy True Love TG (Trade)
There was once a boy named Peter. He was your average looking 16-year-old teenager. He had blonde hair that was probably about a centimeter shy of reaching his ears. He had green eyes filled with life. He was of average height of around 5’10” and had around an average weight of 150 pounds with an average amount of muscle in that weight. For the summertime, he would wear average looking clothing, but in the wintertime, he wore clothes that were nothing close to average. It doesn’t matter whether it was summer or winter; he loved to wear white t-shirts and black shorts all the time. If you were to walk by this kid, your mind would just say, ‘What a stereotypical teenager’.
His personality was however that of not your average everyday teenager. He was an intelligent idiot. You maybe are wondering how can someone be smart, but also stupid at the same time. He had fantastic marks in all grades. He is on the honor role and has the top marks in all the subjects h
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 235 53
Fatella by miramiraclerun Fatella :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,329 76 Fatania by miramiraclerun Fatania :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 907 63 Emiko and her heavily pregnant partner Erin by nickonthedraw Emiko and her heavily pregnant partner Erin :iconnickonthedraw:nickonthedraw 898 55 Tiny Top by Wumblow Tiny Top :iconwumblow:Wumblow 596 19 Quickie - Getting Ready: Pear Edition by Auctus177 Quickie - Getting Ready: Pear Edition :iconauctus177:Auctus177 610 41 Mother and Daughter II by SlootySlots Mother and Daughter II :iconslootyslots:SlootySlots 561 49 Super Booty 9 by bootycheekpete Super Booty 9 :iconbootycheekpete:bootycheekpete 1,648 39 Foxy Butt by pixiveo Foxy Butt :iconpixiveo:pixiveo 1,701 154 Draw Mina like one of... by pixiveo Draw Mina like one of... :iconpixiveo:pixiveo 1,450 137 Peach by tesomu Peach :icontesomu:tesomu 890 20 Early Chubby Years by pixiveo Early Chubby Years :iconpixiveo:pixiveo 1,373 81 Samus Zero Suit by dreamwatcher7 Samus Zero Suit :icondreamwatcher7:dreamwatcher7 1,796 78 Bathroom by Wumblow Bathroom :iconwumblow:Wumblow 564 18 Samantha Van Hof Character Sheet 2016! by High-On-Fairydust Samantha Van Hof Character Sheet 2016! :iconhigh-on-fairydust:High-On-Fairydust 1,180 100 Elf Dancer Laraliel by LiveForTheFunk Elf Dancer Laraliel :iconliveforthefunk:LiveForTheFunk 1,449 30 TG Caption - The perfectionizer by TGcompilation TG Caption - The perfectionizer :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 573 50 CM: BioShock's Elizabeth by Bokcutter CM: BioShock's Elizabeth :iconbokcutter:Bokcutter 980 30 Hamz 2 by bootycheekpete Hamz 2 :iconbootycheekpete:bootycheekpete 636 7 Heels by underbust Heels :iconunderbust:underbust 1,713 666 Soft foxy bedding by miramiraclerun Soft foxy bedding :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 1,120 48 Angelina Jolie by mpcato234 Angelina Jolie :iconmpcato234:mpcato234 534 16
Monster Musume Expansion Special
Miia was the first one to enter the kitchen at that particular moment. Upon doing so, she was surprised to discover that a plate of confectioneries had been left sitting on the counter. Those hadn't been there when she first left the house earlier the same day.
As the Lamia slithered in closer to inspect it, she saw that each plate not only had a specific dessert on it, but they also had a specific name attached to the plate as well. Each slip depicted a different name of the person intended to eat each sweet. For Miia, her plate had on it a plump-looking éclair bulging with cream and topped in chocolate icing. She wasted no time in getting around to eating it. Though her sense of taste might not have been comparable to a human's, she could certainly enjoy the pastry for what it was. Her long tongue happily licked away the cream that had managed to latch itself onto the corners of her lips and on her cheeks. After all of her moving about today and everything else she had to put up
:iconborin23:Borin23 210 29
COMM: A Swell Time by Auctus177 COMM: A Swell Time :iconauctus177:Auctus177 529 23 TG Caption - Choosing priorities by TGcompilation TG Caption - Choosing priorities :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 571 45 Big ol' Pumpkin by Better-with-Salt Big ol' Pumpkin :iconbetter-with-salt:Better-with-Salt 999 28 TG Caption - The self massager by TGcompilation TG Caption - The self massager :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 514 35 TG Caption - Preferences by TGcompilation TG Caption - Preferences :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 484 48