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Galaxy Saga (applibot) The lance hunter advanced by djahal Galaxy Saga (applibot) The lance hunter advanced :icondjahal:djahal 3,895 74
Mission success- Levi x Reader
The winter chill had slivered into your dorm; lacing its icy tendrils throughout the air, skulking under the thin blanket you shivered under. Wrapping yourself into a tighter ball, you desperately tried to muster some heat- rubbing your feet, which felt positively glacial, with the doomed intent of warming them with the friction. It didn’t work. Shoving your hands under your armpits, you scowled, regretting your earlier act of kindness.
Christa had been freezing, even with all her blankets earlier in the night. You’d listened to her teeth chatter for hours, till you could bear it no longer. You slipped out of bed, grabbed one of your two blankets, and slid it on top of her. Her shivering had stopped soon after.
Only now, you were freezing. You watched your breath curl slowly upward above you, mildly amusing yourself, trying to find shapes in the ghostly swirls. Small flecks of white fell passed the window, growing in intensity but falling gently, with no wind to drive them.
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-Shingeki no Kyojin SIM DATE- Levi version by Amena-chaan -Shingeki no Kyojin SIM DATE- Levi version :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 1,556 926 Pokemon Morphology - Dragonite by catandcrown Pokemon Morphology - Dragonite :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 2,247 168 Galaxy Saga (applibot) The lance hunter by djahal Galaxy Saga (applibot) The lance hunter :icondjahal:djahal 3,275 61 Wonderland Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Wonderland Days Sim Date :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 4,547 2,006 Sky Hook by PeteMohrbacher Sky Hook :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 4,543 123
Only Human - Levi x Titan!Reader
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes, the English is bad at the beginning. This was intentional. Now that this has been said, I hope that you enjoy the story!
Also, you read the title correctly. You are a Titan. Not a Titan Shifter. A Titan.
Now, enjoy.
Big trees. Many beast. Want little one eat. Running. I running too. No eat. Want running.
Little one fly. Face change. Beast not. Use hand. Take little one. Eat.
See other little one. Different. I call Little One. Little One has scare point. Little One fly to beast. Beast fall. Little One make I scare. I run. No fall. Hide.
Little One make many beast fall. Little One no fly. No running. Little One face change. No make I scare. Make feel. Bad feel. I no understand.
See other little one fly. Make noise. Other little one make noise. Bad feel. I want running.
❦ ❦ ❦
See Little One again. Make more beast fall. Little one no want beast. Little One make I scare.
I beast. But beast want eat little one. I no want. Beast just runnin
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klaaaance part 2 :) by Kanda3egle klaaaance part 2 :) :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 505 21 SnK: Chain of Command by Fiveonthe SnK: Chain of Command :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 2,415 262 MATV Bright Lance by Ergrassa MATV Bright Lance :iconergrassa:Ergrassa 537 16
I cared. You didn't. - Rivaille/Levi x Reader
A/N: This FF is a sequel to my other FF which is "C-Corporal?!" but it may also work as a standalone. If you are interested, the link to the 1st part is in the description. Enjoy!
It has been 5 days. No explanation. No conversations. No interactions.
Levi has been ignoring you and you feel irritated about it.
He kissed and punished me and now he's ignoring me? What is his problem?
Your mind couldn't focus on anything you did. Everything seemed pointless. The only thing you thought about is Levi. Levi Levi Levi Levi. You've been running into people, breaking plates and glasses, tripping on the floor, and crying in your sleep.
I feel like a baby. Shut it, baby tantrums.
But you didn't want it to end that way. You wanted to confront him. You wanted to tell him how you feel. The feeling of simply being a toy, thrown away once useless, crossed your mind. However, you believed in him. You trusted him.
Is he even a ma
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Levi x Reader- Trapped
LEVI X READER (read it and weep)
A huge hunk of rock thumped into the ground, metres from where you stood, sending up an eruption of dirt and dust in all directions. The building to your right suddenly exploded- you only just managed to zip out the way with your 3DMG, and landed on a nearby roof. A huge titan, almost a 15-metre class, had stumbled into it- the nape of its neck slashed into oblivion. A flash of green and black darted past, fast as lightening, swords whirring.
Your heart skipped to your throat. Only one person in the Recon Corps moved that fast. Lance Corporal Levi. Your face grew hot and your pulse beat erratically; even in the midst of one of the greatest fights of your life, he affected you. Frozen in awe, you watched as Levi arced round in a tight somersault, to land on the roof, feet away from your immobile form. You unfroze, as chilling sight caught your eye. Titans- six- rampaged down the street toward you, faces stretched into macabre grins.
“Hey brat,
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Voltron: Lion's Den by Lanaluu Voltron: Lion's Den :iconlanaluu:Lanaluu 716 53 voltron by Kanda3egle voltron :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 1,396 27 Doctor Who Item Collection by WillZMarler Doctor Who Item Collection :iconwillzmarler:WillZMarler 2,220 459 Sylenth1 - LT Skin [UPDATED] by PureAV Sylenth1 - LT Skin [UPDATED] :iconpureav:PureAV 329 286
Treats- Levi x Reader
Sasha was squealing loudly, brandishing the bar like it was of solid gold. Jean wisely snatched it out of her greedy mitts, and Eren swiped it from his. Jean yelled, so before he could fly at Jaeger, you grabbed it off him. And you all just stood there, taking in the magnitude of the situation.
“Is it real?” Armin asked slack jawed.
“Course it’s real, look, smell it!” Eren replied, eyes wide. You took a deep breath in with all the rest of the cadets, inhaling the tantalising scent that defied belief.
“Chocolate...” You whispered quietly. Sweet, sugary, rich- just the aroma was like a big warm hug. You, Armin, Eren, Jean and Sasha had been cleaning one of the many rooms in the HQ, when by chance Armin had stepped on a loose floorboard, to reveal the brightly wrapped, albeit dusty bar.
You hadn’t seen chocolate in years, let alone tasted it, however from what you could remember, it was one of the finest foods you’d ever had. Food wort
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My King - [AU] King!Levi x Elf!Reader
Damn this place, and damn the humans who lived here.
Being an elf in this society was hard enough as it is. Living in the slums of the city only to be abused by your human overlords really weighed down on your species. It was unfair. You hated it.
Everyone seemed to think it was perfectly reasonable to treat you worse than they treat their own pets simply because your ears were pointed. It was such a ridiculous notion you could barely wrap your head around it. But it didn’t matter what you thought, no one would listen to you.
Elves weren’t allowed to claim a title, or lands, or riches. You were probably at the top of the food chain right now just doing what you were doing – which was working as a servant in the royal castle.
You’d think that here, among the servants that you’d be treated equally – oh how wrong you were. There were barely any elven servants besides yourself, and it confused you to no end.
Despite being treated as second-class citizens
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Galaxy Saga: Lance Wielder Regular by ukitakumuki Galaxy Saga: Lance Wielder Regular :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 4,099 96
Love Letters - Levi x Reader
Levi stared down vacantly at the blank journal page sitting on the desk in front of him. It had been routine by this point that the Corporal would write down his feelings for you in poorly constructed love letters he’d hide away in his drawer.
God, it was difficult to put into words just how strongly he felt for you. You were like some kind of demon who managed to snake your fingers into his mind and corrupt his thoughts.
Not that he’d ever say that, he got the feeling you wouldn’t take being compared to a demon too kindly.
It was so uncharacteristic of him to be fawning so much over someone – anyone – and of all things, it was a cadet.
The words he’d express on paper were far too embarrassing for him to ever want to read aloud, and he swore if anyone read what he had to say he’d probably just die. His crush on you was getting out of hand, he figured it was out of hand by the time it even started, and he had no damn idea on how to react to it.
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 537 141
Knight STOCK II by PhelanDavion Knight STOCK II :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 305 24 XDJ II - Updated by PureAV XDJ II - Updated :iconpureav:PureAV 553 150 Home by Elentori Home :iconelentori:Elentori 1,524 27 The Dragonslayer by Dawnweaver13 The Dragonslayer :icondawnweaver13:Dawnweaver13 1,539 61 before the storm by len-yan before the storm :iconlen-yan:len-yan 2,094 106 Borderlands by eddie-mendoza Borderlands :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 1,455 36 Build a Garden in your Heart by Keyade Build a Garden in your Heart :iconkeyade:Keyade 67 2 DC - Black Canary by MilliganVick DC - Black Canary :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 351 4 BJBB: Aster [Trump] by hen-tie BJBB: Aster [Trump] :iconhen-tie:hen-tie 1,804 620 Inner Space by Elentori Inner Space :iconelentori:Elentori 1,968 47 PKMN HGSS x Durarara ED by LuluSeason PKMN HGSS x Durarara ED :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 5,000 397 Dragonite concept by catandcrown Dragonite concept :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 1,379 118 Angels Vindicant-Vanguard Veteran by DiegoGisbertLlorens Angels Vindicant-Vanguard Veteran :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 910 105 Galaxy Saga: Lance Wielder Advanced by ukitakumuki Galaxy Saga: Lance Wielder Advanced :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,913 42 Rainbow Girl: All Boys Edition by Pacthesis Rainbow Girl: All Boys Edition :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 2,354 1,213 Aeshma. by TamonteN Aeshma. :icontamonten:TamonteN 620 109 KOTONE and...... by ichigo-tan KOTONE and...... :iconichigo-tan:ichigo-tan 1,517 163 Levi by omurizer Levi :iconomurizer:omurizer 1,693 26 Gold by Elentori Gold :iconelentori:Elentori 1,449 20
Streaking- Levi x Reader
It had started with a nightmare. One with dark creatures lurking in shadows, blood, and you screaming. It was ominous, and the first inkling this would not be a good day.
You’d awoken that morning to find the floor around your bed covered in puddles, and your clothes and covers drenched in water. You slept next to the window, which Ymir had opened in the middle of the hot humid summer night, only for the rain to belt in later.
The other girls in your dorm were unsympathetic, unable to understand why you had not woken when the rain started. Truthfully it was because you were knackered- sleep just hadn’t been coming easily to you recently.
Hence you spent the rest of the day shivering with a cold, making it difficult to manoeuvre well in training. Your constant sneezing made you twitch, the movement enough to trigger the wires in your 3DMG, sending you wildly and ungracefully off course, in one case taking out three other cadets. Being a laughingstock was never enjoyable, eve
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To ride a horse- Levi x Reader
*quick note- this is set chronologically after my last story, referenced in the story a bit. There's a link in the description but you dont't have to have read it for this to make sense- just thought I'd say ;D*
You took a deep breath in.
“Okay, listen up, here’s how this is going to work. I don’t like you and you don’t like me. That much we have in common.” You spoke gruffly, trying to sound determined, and offered your clichéd ultimatum. “Now we can do this the easy way. Or the hard way.”
The horse whickered back and shoved its head into a pile of hay, where it began to chew noisily. Clasping the leather bridle hard, you narrowed your eyes.
“Hard way it is then, you odd toed ungulate,” you growled, and stepped forward. The task should have been simple. Ready the horse to ride; that meant sticking a bridle and saddle on it. Easy. Sadly this was
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Nanami by katiedesousa Nanami :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 1,846 265 I'm a two-dimensional guy by Pacthesis I'm a two-dimensional guy :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,784 429 Kiss Kiss Drown at Sea by Elentori Kiss Kiss Drown at Sea :iconelentori:Elentori 2,004 36 Contact - Omega Fighter by Shimmering-Sword Contact - Omega Fighter :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 634 94 Sim Date Charms set 1 by Pacthesis Sim Date Charms set 1 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 612 313 SimCharacterMap UPDATED again... by Pacthesis SimCharacterMap UPDATED again... :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,539 775 Tweet by Its-Raining-Neon Tweet :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 1,030 32 centaur lancer by len-yan centaur lancer :iconlen-yan:len-yan 6,030 123