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Ai-Bee's 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge by Beedalee-Art Ai-Bee's 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge :iconbeedalee-art:Beedalee-Art 1,762 333 Medusa by GENZOMAN Medusa :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 8,446 467 Lamia by Megan-Arts Lamia :iconmegan-arts:Megan-Arts 570 485 Medusa by GENZOMAN Medusa :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 9,432 342 Pokemon Fusion 9 SERDEVOIRE (Gardevoire+Serperior) by BonnyJohn Pokemon Fusion 9 SERDEVOIRE (Gardevoire+Serperior) :iconbonnyjohn:BonnyJohn 1,278 106 Many Colors by BJPentecost Many Colors :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 1,128 118 Raven Lamia by Marikobard Raven Lamia :iconmarikobard:Marikobard 691 93 Lamia by naturaljuice Lamia :iconnaturaljuice:naturaljuice 7,391 157 Medusa by cast01 Medusa :iconcast01:cast01 177 4 SkyrimDump6 by the-Orator SkyrimDump6 :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 836 61 Lamia Matriarch by KateMaxpaint Lamia Matriarch :iconkatemaxpaint:KateMaxpaint 670 29 Time to rest by jaserzhang Time to rest :iconjaserzhang:jaserzhang 204 8 Suddenly Snake by LukkiStarr Suddenly Snake :iconlukkistarr:LukkiStarr 260 21 The Poor Little Snake Charmer (+ Story!) by White-Mantis The Poor Little Snake Charmer (+ Story!) :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 1,281 77 Without Reflections by HarrietMilaus Without Reflections :iconharrietmilaus:HarrietMilaus 585 109 Lamia Sheet by FablePaint Lamia Sheet :iconfablepaint:FablePaint 367 43 Lamia Uguu... by CrimsonKanji Lamia Uguu... :iconcrimsonkanji:CrimsonKanji 614 27 By The Swimming Pool by jaserzhang By The Swimming Pool :iconjaserzhang:jaserzhang 338 23 LaMiia by GigaMessy LaMiia :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 833 67 Snake lady Liu by jaserzhang Snake lady Liu :iconjaserzhang:jaserzhang 198 8 TESDump2 by the-Orator TESDump2 :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 687 23 Endless Realms bestiary - Lamia by jocarra Endless Realms bestiary - Lamia :iconjocarra:jocarra 311 41 Lamia by ArtGutierrez Lamia :iconartgutierrez:ArtGutierrez 1,006 50 Naga - Female by Carolina-Eade Naga - Female :iconcarolina-eade:Carolina-Eade 1,788 62 Lamia Water Maiden by shadeykris Lamia Water Maiden :iconshadeykris:shadeykris 367 10 Lamia by ravenscar45 Lamia :iconravenscar45:ravenscar45 262 34 ZombieAUDump by the-Orator ZombieAUDump :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 427 31 Lamia by AbigailLarson Lamia :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 2,140 128 The Lamia by Ice-brand The Lamia :iconice-brand:Ice-brand 429 49 Queen Rhealle by The-Snake-Whisperer Queen Rhealle :iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 273 21
Jasmine's new Life
Deep in the Jungle laying down on a tree a yawn was heard.
"How dull…" A female voice said as she looked around the Jungle as it had been a boring day. "Anything would be a nice change of pace, even a fire." She lamented as it had been the same day after day. She sat up and stretched revealing her scaly snake like lower half which was purple, she currently had it wrapped around the tree to make sure she didn't fall off, the upper half of her looked like a female of twenty years while the lower body was that of a Snake. She had long brown hair that reached to her back and tanned skin due to living in such a warm climate.
She was a Lamia, a race of half woman half snake like creatures. Lamias where rarely seen by normal humans as often they would be accused of being monsters. She was young for her kind as she had left her colony to see the outside world, thus far a part of her was regretting it as nothing ever happened here, maybe she should head back home. She was lonely and rarely
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The sky god slayer Shelia Blendy by Takyya The sky god slayer Shelia Blendy :icontakyya:Takyya 661 86 Lamia by control5 Lamia :iconcontrol5:control5 731 37
Keeping your Catch
Princess Jasmine let out a sigh of bliss as she rested peacefully, she felt as if she was engulfed and laying on the softest silk sheets that which covered her and kept her warm, it was something she never wanted to leave.
Unaware to her, it wasn’t exactly Silk she was covered in, something a bit more scaly actually.
“Such a pretty Princess,” A voice said and a hand stroked her face and it revealed to belong to the brown haired purple scaled Lamia who hours ago had hypnotized her and was now wrapped up in her coils. “And you’re all mine.” She said with a smile as she leaned back on the branch, she wore on her head the blue jeweled Tiara that Jasmine had always worn and she had decided to wear it on her own head.
What a stroke of luck it had been to have spotted her wondering through the Jungle all by herself, she had gotten a hold of her taking her up into the trees and appearing friendly got her to drop her guard and when she least expected it had hypnoti
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Monster Girl Challenge: Naga by TravJames Monster Girl Challenge: Naga :icontravjames:TravJames 681 24 Naga by 0-Duredhel-0 Naga :icon0-duredhel-0:0-Duredhel-0 478 11 Sleeping naga by jaserzhang Sleeping naga :iconjaserzhang:jaserzhang 346 16 Coral's Snake Oil Lotion 5/5 [Commission] by FicusArt Coral's Snake Oil Lotion 5/5 [Commission] :iconficusart:FicusArt 497 20 A slightly forceful mom by RounderSofter A slightly forceful mom :iconroundersofter:RounderSofter 952 54 Monster Musume Vore: 2 by Jessica-Rae-3 Monster Musume Vore: 2 :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 667 0 Have a sister who can use magic isn't fun at all by tsilver Have a sister who can use magic isn't fun at all :icontsilver:tsilver 386 38
From Princess to Lamia
“Here we are,” A voice said inside the cave as it went through the cavern. “Now then, it’s time for you to be apart of me forever.” The female voice said as it continued going through.
The voice belonged to none other than The Lamia who made her way through the cave. Behind her being carried in her coils was Jasmine, the Princess of Agrabah. The Brown haired Lamia who had the upper body of a human and the lower scaly body of a purple snake looked back at the blue wearing girl who was silent with a smile on her face.
She took the Princess she had kidnapped when she found her walking through the Jungle, after preventing that bearded creep and his yapping parrot from finding her, she had decided it was time for a change of scenery and decided to take her back to her village she came from.
Many of her kin were excited to see The Princess who blissfully was unaware of what was going on. Although she did wake up one time and try to escape…
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Shantae: The snake dancer
What kind of sword was this?
Looking through her inventory, Shantae dearly hoped that she had something that could help her in this tenuous situation. Having gone through a long ordeal, vanquished multiple enemies and being a little exhausted from such a long trip, the last thing she expected to see get in her way was a gigantic wall, one that she had no way around or below. Normally, such a challenge would be easily overcome by using her talent of transformation, dancing into her monkey form to overcome this, yet the multiple spikes and vicious enemies clinging on the surface seemed to imply that this solution was unfortunately unavailable for her at this moment. Her equipment, as small as it was, didn't include any rope, or any items that could allow her to jump higher, or to protect herself against such elements, what she did find, however, was a completely useless sword that, last she recall, Bolo had crafted for her.
''This is the last time I let Bolo near a forge. I can't even at
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Monster Musume Expansion Special
Miia was the first one to enter the kitchen at that particular moment. Upon doing so, she was surprised to discover that a plate of confectioneries had been left sitting on the counter. Those hadn't been there when she first left the house earlier the same day.
As the Lamia slithered in closer to inspect it, she saw that each plate not only had a specific dessert on it, but they also had a specific name attached to the plate as well. Each slip depicted a different name of the person intended to eat each sweet. For Miia, her plate had on it a plump-looking éclair bulging with cream and topped in chocolate icing. She wasted no time in getting around to eating it. Though her sense of taste might not have been comparable to a human's, she could certainly enjoy the pastry for what it was. Her long tongue happily licked away the cream that had managed to latch itself onto the corners of her lips and on her cheeks. After all of her moving about today and everything else she had to put up
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