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At Lamberts Bay by MaresaSinclair At Lamberts Bay :iconmaresasinclair:MaresaSinclair 48 10 Chibi Sauli with Moomin by KarolaKH Chibi Sauli with Moomin :iconkarolakh:KarolaKH 31 61 Tommy Obsession Anyone? by HannaOlsen Tommy Obsession Anyone? :iconhannaolsen:HannaOlsen 23 84 Why Are You Filming Me? by khristmas Why Are You Filming Me? :iconkhristmas:khristmas 4 12 Lambert's Point Golf Course by UED77 Lambert's Point Golf Course :iconued77:UED77 4 2 08182012 - Lambert's Cafe by kanarichan 08182012 - Lambert's Cafe :iconkanarichan:kanarichan 2 0 The Amazing Lamberts by McGillustrator The Amazing Lamberts :iconmcgillustrator:McGillustrator 1 4 Custom Simpsons Logo by Pudgemountain Custom Simpsons Logo :iconpudgemountain:Pudgemountain 1 0 Lamberts Lookout Sunset by weathermon Lamberts Lookout Sunset :iconweathermon:weathermon 1 0 Adam Lamberts New CD by GoldyLocksRocks Adam Lamberts New CD :icongoldylocksrocks:GoldyLocksRocks 1 77 That would be the only thing I ever need by RaveMunch That would be the only thing I ever need :iconravemunch:RaveMunch 16 349 In Line at Lamberts by Feoral In Line at Lamberts :iconfeoral:Feoral 1 5 Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls by CarlyBaBarly Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls :iconcarlybabarly:CarlyBaBarly 1 0 Lost Your Way by PigeonMaestro Lost Your Way :iconpigeonmaestro:PigeonMaestro 5 2 Isaac Adam Lambert New Drumer by digimonlover06 Isaac Adam Lambert New Drumer :icondigimonlover06:digimonlover06 1 11 St Lambert's by Wuhu7 St Lambert's :iconwuhu7:Wuhu7 0 0 pray! by Wuhu7 pray! :iconwuhu7:Wuhu7 1 1 Better Than i Know Myself by JustExpressYourself Better Than i Know Myself :iconjustexpressyourself:JustExpressYourself 1 0 Lambert's Cafe by AdamCreationist Lambert's Cafe :iconadamcreationist:AdamCreationist 0 2 Lamberts Beach by sungod44 Lamberts Beach :iconsungod44:sungod44 0 0 Me, My sis and her friend by daywalker926 Me, My sis and her friend :icondaywalker926:daywalker926 0 0 Lambert's Castle by jswis Lambert's Castle :iconjswis:jswis 5 0 Tessa's Legs by ChalkyHonkie Tessa's Legs :iconchalkyhonkie:ChalkyHonkie 0 0 Tommy Ratliff by Rockerchick102 Tommy Ratliff :iconrockerchick102:Rockerchick102 0 0 wave breaking by donrac wave breaking :icondonrac:donrac 2 0 Signs. by AdamCreationist Signs. :iconadamcreationist:AdamCreationist 0 3 Celebration by mcfeagle Celebration :iconmcfeagle:mcfeagle 3 1 Atlantic II by Peetie Atlantic II :iconpeetie:Peetie 3 0 Cloudy day. by FredFanatic Cloudy day. :iconfredfanatic:FredFanatic 0 0 Lamberts Cafe  Sign by NewJerseyGirl Lamberts Cafe Sign :iconnewjerseygirl:NewJerseyGirl 0 5 Lambertikirche by RowanLewgalon Lambertikirche :iconrowanlewgalon:RowanLewgalon 7 3 Lamberts Bay by AngelusPanther Lamberts Bay :iconangeluspanther:AngelusPanther 0 0 Lamberts bay by ZappaZam Lamberts bay :iconzappazam:ZappaZam 0 0 Brick's family by Tigerluv23 Brick's family :icontigerluv23:Tigerluv23 3 6 Geek' Button by abharrison Geek' Button :iconabharrison:abharrison 0 4 Conductor by inkedgiff Conductor :iconinkedgiff:inkedgiff 0 0 oy..lambert by risarawr oy..lambert :iconrisarawr:risarawr 0 0 Atlantic I by Peetie Atlantic I :iconpeetie:Peetie 2 3 Once . . . by primocet Once . . . :iconprimocet:primocet 4 2 Lambert's by tennis-aficionado Lambert's :icontennis-aficionado:tennis-aficionado 1 0 Lambski- Desired by KarolaKH Lambski- Desired :iconkarolakh:KarolaKH 31 50
adam's thirst pt 2
Adam's thirst part 2:
the next day after Adam was bitten by the vampire he, Allison, and Kris were starting their first day of their new high school.
in front of the school
adam: it's so big here
allison: yeah so cool
kris: ok guys i got our schedules and we have different classes first.
adam: i have science
allison: math 4 me
kris: and i have history class
adam: meet here at lunch 5th period ok
allison and kris: ok adam
7:43 at adam's science class he's running late. as he's running he bumps into a girl.
adam: oh im sorry im new here.
girl: oh well im demi evergreen and welcome to spoon's high school.
adam: thank you demi im adam lambert me and two of my friends are new here so im kinda late.
demi: yeah like 4 minutes late mr. tate is gonna kill me and you......wait if i say i was just showing u around he won't kill me after all... come on adam.
adam: o....k
adam and demi enter the class room as mr. tate looks on
:iconjonas-spy-89:jonas-spy-89 1 5
You Don't Know Jack by jackroberts You Don't Know Jack :iconjackroberts:jackroberts 0 28 Adam Lambert's potrait by SajithAL Adam Lambert's potrait :iconsajithal:SajithAL 2 0 Zero by Fuu-kun Zero :iconfuu-kun:Fuu-kun 31 9 L and B by hardworx L and B :iconhardworx:hardworx 1 0 6 Second Gunner Girl by carnivalcat 6 Second Gunner Girl :iconcarnivalcat:carnivalcat 3 0