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Adommy Moment
Ah shit yeah! Tommy thought anxiously, his fingers plucking the strings on his favourite electric blue bass, Adam's voice raising high above the cheering crowd. Playing actual concerts was Tommy's favourite thing about being in the band, he enjoyed the sheer energy and the loud music and above all else the chemistry Adam seemed to have with the crowd, and of course himself.
He strummed almost madly, bobbing his head and bouncing on spot as Adam sang a particularly high note, the drums cutting in and taking over second later. It was moments like these when Adam freely roamed the stage, pausing to rock out with Monte and nod at Longineu before coming over to Tommy.
Tommy grinned, turning slightly on his heel and leaning backward, trusting Adam to support him as he let himself go. He felt Adam free hand slid around his waist, keeping him steady as he continued to pluck the strings of his bass, arching and throwing his head back into Adam's chest, feeling Adam's lips brush against h
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Adommy pt 1
It took me by surprise, but I wasn't surprised Adam did it. One moment I had been playing the keyboard singing in tune with the lyrics to "For Your Entertainment" and the next Adam had appeared beside my instrument. His hand was warm against the back of my neck for a moment before he pulled and I willing - but unknowingly - walked right into his awaiting lips.
I couldn't tell if the crowd liked it, hell, I could barely tell myself what had happened. But as soon as Adam had started it, it had ended and I was left standing there shocked with the lingering feel of Adam's lips pressing hard against mine. And then a second later I was back at the keyboard, resuming where I had left off, pretending it never happened for the rest of the performance.
Eventually as the song wound to an end I decided that I hadn't minded the kiss too much despite the fact that Adam had been rather ruthless with it and far too dominant for my own personal liking. As the lights dimmed and the host of the American
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Glam Shock- Tik Tok parody
"Glam Shock"
Melody: "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
Lyrics: Karoline Hikaru (~KarolaKH)
1. Wake up in the morning
Where is my eyeliner?
I work out new glam make up,
To make my eyes look finer
Before I leave,
Check reflection
Blow a kiss to my Bill.
And when I'm having concert
You won't be standing still.
So call me master of pleasure and pain (pain)
My job is to entertain (tain)
You're gonna get soaked wet in glitter rain (rain)
Oh, baby, I'm causing sexy fever
Luckily, Em, I've forgiven
That you have called me faggoooooot
CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Dance with me right to chart's top
Don't care that I'm gay
Same-sex kiss on AMA?
Glam shock, it's time to rock
It's impossible to stop (me)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa
Glam shock, time to rock
Queen, Slash, Kiss, they're my gods
Goldfrapp, GaGa too
"Fever" is the biggest proof
Glam shock, time to rock
Drag queens, musicals, no flops
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa
2. Oh, TommyJoe, if I had him…
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Beach Day Adommy
Adam blinked as he entered the official 'Adam Lambert Concert Tour Bus', the air conditioned inside made him sigh out in relief. It was hot outside, too hot apparently for Tommy who had left the beach after forty-five minutes of swimming and lounging in the sand with a beer and a bottle of sunscreen. He had told the band that he was going to the bus to cool down and might be out later on, Adam had waited around another hour for Tommy to emerge from the bus, he had wasted away the minutes of waiting by talking with Lisa who was tanning on her stomach or engaging Longineu and Monte in a race to swim to the dock and back the fastest and at one point of time after that had a water fight between all four of them. Now while everyone was just enjoying the heat and sun he had decided to go find Tommy and invite him outside again.
Shutting the tour bus door behind him he padded up the steps, sand falling off his legs and feet as he did so. Peering down the length of the bus he saw what looked l
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Adam Lambert Eyes :iconcattttmd:CattttMD 391 54 adam lambert puts on eyeliner :iconjonas-spy-89:jonas-spy-89 694 97
Tommy's Closet
Adam's P.O.V.
"Tommy! Where the hell are you hiding? Come out already, geez!"
I was starting to get really annoyed with that blonde bassist of mine.
"NO! I don't want to come out. It's much safer for me in here."
I heard a muffled voice coming out of the bedroom.
Hm, I bet he's hiding in the closet. I mean, where else could he be hiding in that room? Under the bed? Yeah, right. As if Tommy would ever let his favourite striped sweater touch the floor.
I entered the room as quietly as possible and started sneaking towards the big wardrobe.
Then I quickly flung the doors open, causing the petite blonde to yelp in surprise.
I smirked as I dug through the contents of the closet.
Right when I was about to give up, I caught a glimpse of blonde hair.
Grinning victoriously I reached out and tried to grab Tommy. Which wasn't so easy, because he was covered in a large amount of clothes.
After a few failed attempts I finally I got a hold
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Maybe it's a voice.... :iconharnois75:Harnois75 179 24
Adam Lambert Obsession List
You know you're obsessed with Adam Lambert when.....
1. You have pictures of him all over your walls
2. You calendar is full of dates when Adam will be on TV
3. You try to do your makeup like his
4. Your heart jumps whenever you hear his name
5. You power-vote to get his videos to #1 on VH1 and MTV
6. You re-watched his American Idol performances everyday during the season (and  still do)
7. You remember what the judges said for each of his American Idol performances
8. You don't care that he's gay
9. You fantasize about being with him
10. You cried when he lost American Idol
11. You cried during Mad World
12. You cried when you found out your DVR didn't record Mad World
13. You cried during Tracks of My Tears
14. You have every magazine he's been in
15. You have the DVD of Wicked
16. You think he wears makeup better than most girls
17. You like him better with his hair down
18. Your heart stops when you see his smile
19. You have all of his American Idol performances on you
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Love Story
Adam sighed, twirling the red rose in his fingers. Through his locked door, he could barely hear the angered shouts of his parents. They were probably wondering what the hell they were going to there gay son. He had half a mind to just run away, but that would mean he'd never see Tommy again. He smiled at the thought of the teenager, and snuggled up against his pillow. "Babyboy," he softly mumbled, "I miss you so much…" A lone tear fell on the window sill, and he curled up into a ball. Adam whimpered softly and closed his eyes…
We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I'm standing there
On a balcony in summer air

After what seemed like an eternity, light blue eyes opened, and Adam winced as the sunlight hit the stained glass windows. Wait…. Stained glass windows?! "Where the hell am I?" he muttered, looking around. He seemed to be at some dance hall, with people in ball gowns and suits surrounding him, slow dancing to some s
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