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Slave Labor by ANG-Phoenix
A Beautiful Birth
Another powerful contraction took hold of her – the strongest one yet.  She gasped at the intensity of it and breathed deeply into it, letting out a low moan as she relaxed her chin against her chest.  She was leaning back against her husband in an inflatable kiddie pool of body temperature-warm water which came up to just under her naked breasts.
"That's great honey, keep it nice and low." The midwife encouraged quietly.  She was kneeling just outside the pool – wrapped in a sarong and ready to get into the water if she were needed.  The midwife had told her she could make all the noise she wanted – so long as the sounds were deep and low.
"You're doing wonderfully!" her husband whispered in her ear from behind.  She was so happy to have him close to her in the warm, buoyant water.  His calm strength helping her to be strong as the power of the contractions swelled.
A small picnic canopy had shaded the little p
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Nine Months and Three Weeks
Nine Months and Three Weeks
WARNING:This short story contains some sensitive subjects. If you don't prefer Yaoi, Descriptive Sex Scenes, or Mpreg, this is not the story for you, and you have been warned. Also, if you do not like this sort of thing, I would ask you not to comment just to state this fact. Keep it to yourself, because you chose to read it, even after reading the warning.
Some Information About Short Story:This story takes place on a college campus. The two main characters are my own OCs, Jarris Williams and Nathaniel Jacobs. We come into the story with Jarris, three weeks past his expected due date.
*Note: When I say Jarris, I do not mean Harris, and I understand why some might think that seeing as the "h" and "j" keys are so close together on a keyboard.
I Hope You Enjoy And Thanks So Much For Reading!
The sun crept in through the open curtains, causing shadows to stretch across the white walls of t
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Teachers baby
She looked out the window as the storm grew. She worried about her students well-being since the principle was very stern about them not being able to go home until the weather cleared. She watched as some of her students, the pups mostly, hid in a corner from the thunder. A small vampire girl was in her lap clinging to her hugely pregnant belly and the others were restless and near panic as the thunder clapped loudly sending the power out and several loud screams. "Everyone please come over here." She said moving over to the story time mat. Her students quickly huddled to her clinging to her tightly. The snow queen huddled her students around protectively. "It's all going to be fine." She said stroking some of the tiny hands clinging to her. "Shhh shh... Don't cry. Your all going to be fine." She tried to calm the small children as they whimpered. She winced some stroking her contracting stomach. 'Just wait... please...' She thought to her unborn child. "Teachew..." A small witchling
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In the Delivery Room by kilalaaa In the Delivery Room :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 2,034 282 Sachiko's newborn babies: Shoji and Sayuri by Nsio Sachiko's newborn babies: Shoji and Sayuri :iconnsio:Nsio 906 73 Gods Make up kit by gilad Gods Make up kit :icongilad:gilad 1,230 89 TotH Issue 1: pg 018 by Wild-Hearts TotH Issue 1: pg 018 :iconwild-hearts:Wild-Hearts 717 104
AmericaxPregnant!Reader: Liberty
“Don’t worry, sweetheart!  I’ve got you!”
America held his wife’s hand tightly in his as she was heaving and pushing.  He had never seen _________ in so much pain, and he wasn’t letting her go through this alone.
After what felt like hours, the sound of a baby’s cries could be heard in the room.  America turned around to get a look at the newborn baby.
“Congratulations!!” the doctor exclaimed… in a disturbingly familiar Russia accent.  America felt his heart sank as he saw the baby in the tall doctor’s arms.  It had _________’s beautiful (color) eyes… and a small patch of platinum blonde hair that matched Doctor Russia’s.
America found himself suddenly collapsed on the floor in front of a waiting room couch.  England was collapsed on top of him.
“About time you two woke up,” Canada commented,
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Emerging Secret (Mpreg) Ch. 1 Alternate Ending 1
                      Jim placed his hand on his belly and his back against the shower wall. He balled his one hand into a fist as he pushed himself up from the ground, his knees buckling a bit as he wobbly stood up. With another swift waft of pain overcoming him he hunched forward, facing the floor. Jim bit his lower lip and as he waddled over to a cabinet, and grabbed a few towels.
             Jim attempted to get down on his hands and knees and mop up the mucus and blood mixture now staining the shower tiles; until he felt the little secret loosely move in him, down lower, like water from flood gates. He jolted against the wall in a sitting position knees bent. Jim knew he couldn’t stay here, his gym class would soon be over and the other boys would soon be coming back in. When the contraction passed, Jim dragged the now saturated towel and placed it in the garbage can under some paper t
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Emerging Secret (Mpreg) Chapter 1 Part 1
               Jim sat at his desk quietly. He felt the baby move down under the edge of the desk; she was getting so big. He was getting so big. He was 8 and a half months along, but she had dropped a few weeks prior. It had been hard hiding such a noticeable secret, especially a secret that gets bigger as time goes by. Jim wriggled around at his desk subtly, trying to maneuver himself at the desk so his bulge wouldn’t be pressing against the edge of the wood. It didn’t help.
               He dazed off through the window as his history teacher droned on about the political views of Hawaii in the early 1900’s. Jim couldn’t keep focus on such nonsense; he didn’t care what the political views of Hawaii once were.  He was only a few weeks delivering a secret he had been hiding so well, his mind could only ever drift off to the thought of what was yet to come. Jim’s daze was broken was he was welcomed back to reality when he felt her shift a bit.      
:iconthe-notebooks-voice:the-notebooks-voice 196 20
Eren x Pregnant!Reader: Babies
You yawn as you lay back in bed. You feel a kick, smile, and rub your 9 month swollen abdomen. Yes, you’re carrying your husband, Eren’s, baby. You’d decided to leave the gender to be a surprise, but if it’s a girl you get to name her and if it’s a boy Eren will name him. The name you’ve picked in case it’s a girl is (first name) (middle name). Eren walks in with a plate/bowl of (food), the number 1 thing you’ve been craving this month! “Hi, Mommy! How are you holding up?” he says. You giggle. Ever since you told him you were pregnant he’s taken to calling you “mommy”. Not that you mind; it’s adorable! You just found it weird at first, is all.
“Just really, really tired.” You answer. The 9th month has been especially hard on you. It’s really hard for you to fall asleep at night since your baby’s gotten heavier and even when you do get to sleep you wake right back up again only a
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If Your Boss Pretends to Pay You by poasterchild If Your Boss Pretends to Pay You :iconpoasterchild:poasterchild 1,206 119
Very Pregnant Christmas
One day Sandra had to go to the store for a few things. After walking around in the store for a while she spotted a free cookie stand outside one of the aisles. "Well I am kind of hungry." thought Sandra as she went over to the cookie stand. "Hi Sandra." said Helen. "Are you eating a cookie?" asked Helen. "Hi Helen. Yep I was just about to eat a cookie." said Sandra. "Do you want one?" asked Sandra.
"Sure." Helen took a cookie and started to eat it. "The cookie tastes pretty good." said Sandra as she ate her cookie. "It was mmmmmmm," Helen felt a rumble in her tummy "I don't it's sitting well though." said Helen while rubbing her stomach. "What did they put in these cookies?" asked Sandra as her belly started to rumble too. "Man I.. need t.... groans sit down." Helen was in pain she tried to move but the pain in her stomach was overwhelming. "There... there are some chairs over in the next aisle." groaned Sandra as she rubbed her aching belly. Helen saw two weird short figures appear i
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Queens of eggs
It was a cold rainy night in Tokyo, Japan. An alien space ship had just crashed fifteen miles from Mt. Fuji. The pilot didn't survive expect for a weird octopus like creature. It slithered out of the ship and it went to the sewer. It came out of it in the streets, it was searching and found a nearby apartment. It went through the bedroom window.
Ayumi was sleeping off the worst hangover in years, Bottles and cans of plum wine and red bull riddled her bedroom, her alarm clock went off, she woke up, noticing something behind her door, she opened it, the alien wasn't too far behind her. Ayumi went to the bathroom and came out to have breakfast. She her turned her head. The alien jumped and grabbed Ayumi with its large tentacles. It was shooting a tube into Ayumi's navel. A woman heard the commotion and run to the door. She sees the alien impregnating Ayumi. "Ayumi!" shouted the woman as she tries to take off the creature off her stomach. It got off it slithered away, the woman comes to Ay
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Light. In. LABAH. by torachibichan Light. In. LABAH. :icontorachibichan:torachibichan 247 29
Birthing Chambers Ep. 3
It had now been almost three weeks since I had been captured. About two and a half weeks since I found the Birthing Chamber. I was now about halfway through the gestation period of the Queen S'Tencha growing inside my womb. And, though inhuman, I was becoming very attached to the creature. Because I was giving it my life, I felt it was almost a part of me... something that depended on me.
In the two and a half weeks since discovering the Drone Birthing Chamber, I had rescued a total of about fifty host mothers, and we had pretty much formed a working society in my underground home. About ten of them had given birth, all of which I had been with when they did. This was my job down here. The caretaker and the doctor.
Thus I wasn't surprised much when Kelly, the first woman I saved from the Birthing Chamber, came into my quarters.
"Trish, you've gotta come. Sophie's going into labor!"
I was immediately up and out the door, Kelly close on my heels.
"When did it start?" I asked, running.
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Nemyon by Darksilvania Nemyon :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 818 46
My World (Clint X Pregnant Reader) (Oneshot)
My World (Clint X Pregnant Reader) (One-Shot)
"Hey, I made you my screensaver." you said as Clint walked towards you to say good morning.
"Oh, wow. I had no idea. You are so into me!" he laughed before kissing you on your forehead.
"I am very into you." you smiled pointing down to your barely noticeable four month pregnant baby bump.
"I know." he smiled, leaning back down to give you a kiss on the lips. "I love you."
"I love you too." you smiled.
*Two Months Later*
"Clint, something doesn't feel right." you said trying to wake him up. You woke up an hour ago feeling a sharp pain in your abdomen. You thought it would go away but it wasn't.
"What is it?" he asked, half-asleep.
"Oh no." you said as you looked down at the puddle of water between your legs. "Clint, the baby is coming."
"What?!" he shot out of bed, saw the puddle and saw your worried face. "Everything’s okay. Just hold on I'll get me keys and we'll go to the hospital."
"Okay." you smiled weakly.
*At The Hospital*
You w
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Mpreg Meme by XxChiChixX Mpreg Meme :iconxxchichixx:XxChiChixX 837 167 Angels of The Dump 2 by henster311 Angels of The Dump 2 :iconhenster311:henster311 417 55
Birth of a flame
Haku layed in her bed uneasly squirming some as she looked out the window. She put her hands over her warm belly feeling her unborn move. She had only been pregnant for nine days and was about to give birth to a fire demon. "What a week..." She sighed rubbing her unborn child gently as she felt hard kicks coming from it. "I just hope you dont kill mommy when your born... that wouldn't be nice..." She said as she felt a sharp pain of her contraction. She took a deep breath and sighed as the pain faded. Her doctor came in and checked her with a light smile. "Your almost ready arnt you" he said and pat her large stomach. She nodded tiredly. "Yeah... Do you know how hard it is to get any rest with this going on doc?" She said in an upset tone rubbing her belly. He laughed some. "I see. Well you seem to be doing ok. I think your water will break here within the hour and we can get started getting that little one out so you can both sleep." She nodded and watched him leave with a sigh. She c
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Maiden Voyage
The drop ship landed on an unknown planet and Space Marine Kate left the ship after it had landed. She looked the forest in front of her and waited for her partner to leave the ship. Space Marine Mary came out of ship, as she followed Kate to the forest and is scanning for any possible life forms. "Wow this place creepy, Kate what do you think of it?" asked Mary. "It's very creepy, Mary. I hope there aren't any aliens on this planet." said Kate as she and Mary continued walking through the forest while looking for life forms. "Hmmm I don't see anything but my scanner says there's some kind of life forms in this area." said Mary. "My scanner says that the life forms are in a cave somewhere around here. Do you think we should go and check it out?" asked Kate. "Might as well who knows what lives there."
Mary and Kate walked to cave. It was dark, Kate and Mary both turned on their flash lights, they went inside the cave looking into the unknown. Mary and Kate walked through the cave for a
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Lizardman Laboratory by Jugg4 Lizardman Laboratory :iconjugg4:Jugg4 156 52 Ladon by Darksilvania Ladon :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 652 53
Embryo Chapter 1
Rose woke in the morning to the sound of her alarm clock going off. She roll over in her bed, shutting it off, and grumbling under her breath. She slowly got up from her bed, and getting ready for the day. She got dress, head outside to do her chores, and then having breakfast later. "Easy girl," she says to her horse, petting her head, and feeding her some hay and oats. She stood there by her pen, watching her eating, and thinking how her ex-boyfriend use to abuse her and cheated on her. "I will never love again," she whispered to herself, lending on the pen door, and sighing.
A woman in a red leotard has come to see Rose riding her as she was fixing her hair. She kept looking at Rose but she knows Rose is not a lesbian. She walked to see her and waved to get her attention. "Rose it's Sofia!" shouted Sofia she didn't walk to far knowing it would mess up her shoes. Luckily she only tripped and fall on the dirt. "Son of bitch, every freaking time, I always fall, damn it." Rose walks up
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Buns In Her Oven
The sunlight shone into a deep green bedroom, from the floor to the bedspread and the walls around them.  Amidst them rose a high hill, shifting around slightly. But the sheets slid down, revealing the hill to be a very pregnant womb, stretched to the limits by four babies, healthy and ready to be born any day now according to the last appointment. In fact, the doctor was impressed Clare had been able to carry them so long, considering she was at the equivalent of a little over 9 months for quadruplets and she was warned to take it easy, and not do anything especially strenuous, which she reluctantly agreed to, usually a very active person. But this morning, she was filled with more energy than usual, hefting herself out of bed with a grunt and waddling as quickly as she could to pee, the babies pressing hard on her bladder as expected, taking up so much space in her as they did. Afterwards, she checked the clock, seeing that she still had a few hours before dinner and decide
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The star fell from the heavens, and as it did so it burned.
The heat and intensity that enveloped it as it burned its way through the atmosphere were indescribable, the fabric of it twisting and writhing as if alive under the strain of it, but still it came, ever onward.
It fell like a bomb, like a missile, like some terrible thing, for in truth, and no one could have known at the time, that was exactly what it was.
A woman Sat alone in a room full of monitors in a building far out in the heart of a desert. She watched it fall.
A woman watched inside a giant telescope atop a mountain, and she watched as it broke apart and released its contents.
Both of them felt The Pulse, though in the desert it was much more pronounced. They watched as screens burst into static, cabling sparked and melted, computers went haywire.
But the woman in the desert... It made her different.
Ichat burbled to itself as it connected. She'd had to grab an old iMac out of a storage cupboard as her main work
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Mother For A Week
The Switch
I sighed to myself, a hand running over my relatively flat stomach. The last surrogacy I’d had was triplets and the doctor said I should probably take a sabbatical, since I’d done about 10 at that point, but the desire still remained to carry life in me, even if it was temporary.
And as fate would have it, Mallory, a friend I’d carried for years ago, was actually a surrogate herself and in a magical manner. She called me and asked if I could do a favor for her, particularly one related to being a surrogate, since she was aware of my involvement with it. I agreed, wondering if it really was magic.
It was hard to be skeptical when she was there a few days later in the flesh, very pregnant with three babies, stretched beyond imagination because of the magic.  Her belly was easily 2 feet out from her waist, a nearly perfect round orb.
“Don’t worry Jared, I won’t pop like a balloon. The magic actually allows you to carry multiples p
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Chained Girls Censored version by JustineCoyne Chained Girls Censored version :iconjustinecoyne:JustineCoyne 452 23
Double Twin Birthday
It was a special day on two counts for Carlotta and Rene. They were turning 16, on the same day, since they were identical twins. But even more obvious to them was that their two sets of twins were due on the very day their mothers had been born.
And they definitely looked it. The odds of this were amazing enough, but moreso that they hadn't given birth early, considering how big they carried them on their normally petite forms. Carlotta had decided to wear a white tank top, baring her belly for all to see, with matching white slacks, while Rene chose a black tank top, her bump equally out in the open, with a skirt pulled up over black slacks. The two faced each other with a smile as they heard people driving up to their house.
"Ready to knock em' dead, Car?" Rene inquired as she shifted herself to face the door
"As ready as I am to have these two soccer players, I guess, which is touch and go, last I remember, Ren," Carlotta replied, turning to waddle to the kitchen, rubbing her back
:iconsuigetsu67:suigetsu67 94 3
Stepping Into Surrogacy
“Why did I agree to do this?” I exclaimed, turning to the side and looking at my heavy and gravid body, filled to near bursting with three babies. Being a surrogate seemed like a compelling side job, working from home as I was. But I didn’t think I’d get a triple dose of babies. One would’ve been enough for my first trek into carrying little ones for people who couldn’t conceive, but the doctor was impressed at me having triplets as a first timer, thinking multiples might be my expertise in the future.
“Seemed like a great idea at first, but I’m almost regretting it: my back is killing me, I have to pee constantly and doctor thinks you guys might go overdue, scary as that sounds. I’ve already gained 60 pounds, you guys can’t grow much more,”  My exclamation was just met with more kicking and punching from within, the babies not listening to my complaints
I felt so heavy, even with looking like a fertility goddess ou
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New Year's Baby Time
Carmen waved to a group of investors as she waddled with some difficulty to make small talk. Even being only a few days near her due date, she insisted that since her husband was out of town on important negotiations, that she'd host the end of year party for his partners. The night had been relatively uneventful, only a few Braxton Hicks and mild cramps interrupting conversations occasionally. The baby was unusually calm, though it would chime in on jokes with kicking and squirming that forced Carmen to rush to relieve herself.
She had prettied herself up, mostly just to feel sexier than she actually felt, with her ankles swelling in even her flats and getting hiccups along with the baby occasionally from eating too fast. Her hair had been done up relatively elaborate for the single evening she'd be out in public when it was the last place she'd want to be, sympathizing with beached whales now.
After finishing yet another round of banter with people she hardly knew, but nonetheless wa
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Laura's Quick Birth
Laura breathed heavily through her contractions as she waddled back and forth across the living room. She was about six centimeters dilated and couldn’t wait much longer.
“I get to meet you soon, baby,” she panted through her breath, trying to rub her belly as she clutched it with both arms. She shut her eyes and just tried to focus on the sound of the large pool filling up with water from the dozens of taps that surrounded it. She was at least happy to be giving birth in such a nice environment.
When the pool was finally filled, the taps shut off automatically, and Laura began undressing herself. She dropped her sweatpants and wet panties to the ground and pulled her white shirt off. She left her bra on to keep her swollen breasts from sagging onto her belly. She slowly went down the steps into the water, clutching her belly. She wasn’t nervous about giving birth alone, since she found herself immune to pain her whole life, though, she had to admit, these contr
:iconhipjasey:hipjasey 98 3
Fantastic Food Fight
"welcome to another addition of The Fantastic Food Fight with me, the host who can eat the most roast, Amanda Thorpe"
Amanda smoothed down her tucked in loose fitting billowy white shirt and smiled for the camera. Her brown eyes sparkled as she brushed an errant strand of long, straight brown hair out of her eyes, lighting up the camera and the television screens of her adoring public with her infectious grin.
"I'm here in Armahearn, Arizona, to meet one very special lady, Kelly Rivers, who invited me to come visit her restaurant with a challenge. Let's meet Kelly."
The image whips through a quick montage of shots of Amanda posing with ridiculous foodstuffs; here she is with a burger the diameter of a dinner plate, there a pizza that looks like a wagon wheel with pepperoni on it. The images end, and we see her stood next to another woman. This new arrival is a fair few inches shorter than Amanda's impressive five foot seven frame, but she sports a very impressive looking belly. Wearing
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Which Generation is Which by HidonRedux Which Generation is Which :iconhidonredux:HidonRedux 723 15
Pregnant Misty Beach One Shot
The sun was shining and the breeze was light at the beach almost empty of humans. A single couple was at the top of the hill leading down and one of them was having some doubts about whether they could get down. But with encouragement from her partner, she managed to descend with minor difficulty.
She wore a deep blue sundress, but it was having some problems covering her prodigiously pregnant belly that had impeded her progress to the white sands before. She was due any day with quadruplets, but thanks to a new drug that stabilized the womb to stretch further and not induce labor automatically, she had carried them to full term for a single baby. Luckily, she was quite athletic, so she wasn't slowed down very much and was in fact very proud of her size.
"Alright Misty," the youthful male spoke as he got a camera out from his backpack, "take off the dress, you said you'd pose for some shots in the swimsuit. Plus you wanted to have a final splash around before the quads are born, right?
:iconsuigetsu67:suigetsu67 163 12
Lady Imura
"Men... Tell me, am I not the most wondrous thing you've ever seen?"
There was a loud cheer of approval. She was.
"Am I not perfection made flesh?"
Again they agreed.
"Am I not the heavenly vessel of divine providence? The embodiment of heavenly will?"
She was, at least to them
"Am I not the biggest thing you've ever seen?"
Lady Imura, Shogun of the Daigo prefecture, was truly vast. She half lay propped in the rear of her heavily customized war wagon, parading in front of her troops. She wore thick, heavy armour with it’s overlapping plates covering her body like some great blood-red leviathan. A single plate covered her most valuable asset, more ornate and more reinforced than the helmet that encased her beautiful features, the mask separate so that she might address them. A huge curved bowl was strapped to the front of her, carved from ancient hardened camphor wood and coated in hammered bronze affixed over steel plates, protecting both her proudest, most valued and most vulner
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The Good, The Bad and The Buffet
The sun is high overhead in the town of Dirt Creek.  The summer air is dry and arid. The tiny town is not much too look at but the people there call it home.  Earlier that morning a stranger had come into town.  Her long, blonde hair flowed behind her as she slowly walked.  Her wide brimmed hat hid her eyes from view.  Her ample rear was crammed into her leather chaps and her boots were scuffed and worn.  She wore a long jacket that surrounded her like a shadow, but the front was opening leaving all to see her more than ample breasts and flat waistline.  At least, her waistline was flat. She had spent the past ten minutes guzzling water down in thirsty gulps from the town pump.  Her belly had grown into a prominent bulge; her navel was now a smudge against the taunt surface of her tummy.  Her navel ring bounced against the skin as her tummy swelled with every gulp of water.  
Walking through the desert can make one somewhat thirsty.
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!Contest Entry! Queen Mother
Warnings: Xenomorphs/Aliens, egg pregnancy, mild stuffing/WG.
Summary: Mamadam is living it up as a Queen Mother for the xenomorphs on their new Hiveworld, what with her Alien babies waiting on her hand and foot while she's so heavily pregnant with more eggs.
The xenomorphs, while bloodthirsty monsters, are quite doting on their queen -their mother. They give their lives to protect her and her eggs, and bring her whatever she asks for and does as she commands them without hesitation. So despite the fact that Mamadam was stranded on an alien world, she was living it up as a queen.
Quite literally, as a Queen Mother of the new Hiveworld.
Being practically immobile with her huge abdomen that was filled to the brim with new eggs, Madam was laid up on a makeshift throne the xenomorphs had created for her. It was gooey but incredibly soft, and she never had to move because it conformed to her body and how she needed to be positioned for just about anything; most specifically, the ability t
:iconfrivolous-magpie:frivolous-magpie 83 5
Surprise birthdays?! by geckoguy123456789 Surprise birthdays?! :icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 393 16 Lina's Baby-Having Adventures by HidonRedux Lina's Baby-Having Adventures :iconhidonredux:HidonRedux 595 11
The Future of the Z Fighters
It was a balmy summer day and nothing could ruin it. No aliens, no evil monsters. And Bulma and Eighteen liked it just that way, evidently. The peaceful times had motivated them to contemplate having more children and they were well on their way to giving birth. Their conceptions had been on the same night, so they were right on schedule with each other.
Eighteen was ecstatic and seemed to want to show off much more than Bulma, even in her regular outfits. She went out with Krillin and bared her belly for all to see, which flustered her husband all the more in showing the world that he had married such a knockout, who was an exhibitionist when pregnant.
Bulma was happy to find out she was having a girl and was as conservative as she had been before in dressing up, though she definitely wasn't shy about letting the world know she was pregnant. Vegeta was more involved, especially considering his next child would be able to carry on the Saiyan line for future generations to spread his se
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"Running faster than my legs can take me
Shouting louder than my lungs allow me.
Why has the river flood
Still gotta die for someone
Be my embrace now
Be my embrace now."
"Come with me, my dear, I have something to show you..."
His words still dripped in her ear like honey as she staggered through the doors to the chill of the street outside. She had left her coat inside, but was somewhat beyond caring now. She clutched at herself and fought back the feeling she would retch.
"I have so very much to teach you..."
She had spotted him from clear across the other side of the warehouse, despite the crush of people that throbbed rhythmically betwixt them. Bass rattled and burst between the flailing mass of limbs and euphoric faces, the twist and rub of heavily sweating flesh in the industrial ruin.
He seemed like her. He wasn't there to drink or to dance or to socialize. He was just there to be seen.
She'd dressed accordingly, aiming to be seen, but Rave Culture dictated certain
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The fruits of her labor
Special thanks to my helper, critique guy, formatter, proofer, etc: KanohaNinja
Amongst the roots of a great tree a lone grey wolf lay with her back to the trunk. Here it comes, the she wolf told herself, she felt her swollen abdomen begin to contract beneath her paw. Breathe… he he he he he…… just breathe through it………. ho ho ho ho ho ho……. as the contraction subsided she let out what little breath she still had in her, hooooooooo. She cleared her head with a few breaths through her nose. Although the summer had been surprisingly mild, her fur on her face was already beginning to mat from the sweat, her light grey fur was speckled with darkened strands of wet hair.
Her name was Calleis, being a single cub; her parents had thought she was the most beautiful creature in the world so naming her after the Greek god of beauty had seemed fitting. Her second litter now moved within her, their size having greatly altered her figure. Her previous
:icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 176 57
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Virtual Labor:Ally 1
Ally gazed out of the window of the car, watching the trees zoom by and feeling the slight bumpyness of the old road. The worn leather seatbelt fit tightly around her bottom section and she needed to use the bathroom. A strand of black hair fell down in her face and she blew it away. She had left work feeling moody and uncomfortable, mostly because of a lasting backache that had plagued her throughout the day. The old car didn't do much to make her feel any better, but her husband Wesley was in the seat beside her, and that made her feel safe. His amber hand moved to switch on the radio; the Rawhide theme-song soon filled the car. She rolled her creamy yellow eyes and gently slapped him. He knew she hated any and all blue grass/country music, which is what made this all the more better. She playfully pouted all the rest of the way home.
When they got home, her ache was still there and had moved down her spine. She waddled over to a loveseat and sat down, propping her bottom with pillow
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