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The Dark Side's Pet (Kylo Ren x Cat!Reader)
 More fluff for Kylo will be on its way soon!

 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 Toran Pakas/Okelotties (c) me
 You (c) Kylo Ren
 (F/c)-fur color
 (E/c)-eye color
 (Y/n)-your name

 A little cat meowed as she wandered into her owners home. She cried out another one, signaling her late afternoon meal, searching around for her owner. He was fixing up a blaster his buddy gave him before he would go off to find the secret Resistance base to report in his findings about a First Order spy. He wasn't a Resistance member but he still cared about his buddy and hated the Stormtroopers marching in and killing everyone. His head titled up when he heard the faint meow.
 "Oh, (y/n)! I'm sorry. I forgot it was your feeding time," he said. He got up and took out a little fish he bought the other day.
 "Here you go!" he said, sliding over to her.
 The cat meowed happily and pounced
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[Kylo Ren X Reader] Monster

Just a quick A/N and a warning... 
    I'm baaaacccckkkkkk and my writer's block is officially gone!! I've started writing stories again :) So I hope you enjoy this one. And I also know that the whole Ben Solo to Kylo Ren thing didn't happen like that, however my story, my rules. And the italics, unless its a flashback, it's you talking to Kylo Ren through your thoughts.... like the old Jedi used to do 
“Come on BB-8!”
You ran, grabbing Rey’s hand while dragging her further into the forest.
He’s here, I have to hid
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The Droid That Saved You (BB-8 x Reader)
 Hey, if Poe and Kylo can get a lot of reader inserts, how come this little droid can't?
 Just some warning there's a little bit of Poe x Reader as well but not much...
"Can't we keep him?" you called out to your big sister, Rey, who was already marching ahead back to your home.
 "(Y/n), we can't keep him. He probably belongs to someone," Rey said, turning around.
 You had your arms wrapped around the little BB-unit droid, awing over its cuteness and adorableness. You came across it when both you and your sister were laying against your home, discussing over the harshness of Jakku and possibly finding a job somewhere (much to your sister's dismay as she believed your family would come back soon for both of you).
 A sound rippled through the air of a high pitched machine cry. You both got up to see where it was coming from. You saw before you a ball-like droid zooming away in a net, trapped by the scavenger riding a beast. You and Rey came over
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Love Your Plushies (Kylo Ren)
After locking the front door you made your way to the middle of the living room to set down your bounty of goods and relieve your aching muscles. Although only one item was exclusively for you amongst the bags of merchandise. You had been doing a bit of late Christmas shopping and just happened to come across another Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster with a new dark-masked and red lightsaber bearing character while at the store. You simply couldn’t resist the opportunity.
“Alrighty,” you pulled the wrapped poster out of a bag with care and held it against your light (F/C) shirt.
You took a step backward and a frown found its way onto your face when you felt something against your heel. Thinking nothing of it, you looked down to see the remains of what use to be plastic packaging for an action figure. Yet it was empty.
Your features skewed together with jumbled thoughts because not only was it lacking a figurine, but it was ripped open with its plastic warped
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Kylo ren x reader. -Kylo without helmet.
It was a dark day, your family was all dead, there were stormtroopers everywhere and you were alone. Looking through a crack in your hiding place you saw a black suit. It wasn't a stormtrooper. You were questing your sanity. Crawling slowly from your hiding place you looked to see if this was real. Than you were lifted off the ground.
"No no please don't hurt me!" Your voice rang out. The black suited person cocked their head with a deep chuckle.
"Hurt you? Why would I do that no dear a slave, and information giver you will be." The voice said, it was a deep scary sound. It was male.
Slave? Did he say slave? No no that can't be! "No please!" You began to beg. Another laugh, he easily threw you over his shoulder.
"Calm down." He ordered. You did the opposite crying and screaming suddenly everything went black.
(Two hours later because BB-8
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