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Hair [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader]
Author's Note:
The first time you touched Kuroo Tetsurou’s hair was during a rainy day.
It poured like tomorrow wouldn't come, blustering. In fact, you could barely make out the school gate from the entranceway.
Fortunately, you didn't seem to be the only one who forgot their umbrella. A guy you recognized as someone from the class next to yours was standing under the last bit of shelter the school provided, just staring blankly at the rain. You made your way next to him, doing the exact same thing. It wasn't like you could do anything else, really.
He greeted you with a nod, and you answered with a curt smile.
Warning: Awkward silence coming to pass.
But, strangely enough, that didn't happen. The absence of sound stretched between the two of you but for some reason, it didn’t feel empty. You weren't sure if it was because of the rain, or if it was because silence was just naturally comforta
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[Kuroo] [Soulmate!AU] Treasure
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader  [ Soulmate!AU ]
A/N: Reader is part of karasuno girls’ volleyball team
Soulmate!AU where an arrow on your wrist acts like a compass pointing towards your soulmate 
Spring Tournament was fast approaching, the number of days slowly decreasing whilst practices persisted on. If anything, everyone in Karasuno’s Volleyball Club was working harder than ever, striving to improve – aiming to be the team that emerges victorious. The pressure of the competition was not only weighing down on the students, but also on Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei.
Thus, with a week left till the competition, another practice session with Nekoma was to be held.
The other team was due to arrive soon, and the preparations for a whole day of training was finally complete, giving you a moment to sit down to catch your breath. The day had barely begun, the sun only just making its appearance in the sky.
As you watched the boys
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Bookworm | Kuroo x Shy!Reader
Kuroo yawned as he walked down the halls of Nekoma. His days were ways the same, boring classes and volleyball practice after school. Although practice wasn't bad since he loved volleyball and he was the captain after all.
But on this particular day he had seen someone that unexpectedly intrigued him.
It was a girl. She had beautiful, bright (e/c) surrounded by thick rimmed (f/c) glasses and her attention was completely on the book in her grasp. As she walked passed him she didn't even glance at the ebony haired male.
But her expressions changed from one emotion to the next as he watched her as she passed. He couldn't help but smirk as her form became smaller and smaller as she continued down the mostly empty hall.
How interesting...
The next day Kuroo had once again seen the book obsessed girl walking down the halls during break, a different book from yesterday. this time he decided he would talk to the shorter girl, and hopefully charm her with his words. Kuroo decided to wa
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say hey if you're gay. | kuroo tetsurou
say hey if you're gay. | kuroo tetsurou x male!reader
☆ college!au
☆ crack?
Saturday nights are your favourite time of the week. Your school assignments are always done on Friday evenings, leaving you with plenty time to laze around, watching movies and TV shows up until the wee hours of the mornings. Yep, that’s your idea of fun.
But you know what’s not fun?
Sunday mornings.
(Or technically afternoon, but who needs to be technical?)
Your alarm clock displays 1:00 PM in bright angry red when you finally awaken from slumber, having gone to be at 4 o’clock last night. You are definitely not a morning person, you decide as you sit up slowly, groaning. All you want to do is stay in bed all day, but your empty, grumbling stomach force your sluggish body off the bed.
As  you leave your room and trudge to the kitchen half-asleep, your ears perk up at the sound of distant chatters and laughter from the living room. You wonder if your ro
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Likewise [Kuroo Tetsurou]
This is a sequel to
Due to the popular demand, I decided to wrap things up!
Thank you everyone for the support! <3
'You called me the sadness and hatred inside of you.'
'I don't blame you, not anymore.'
'I know, it was me, who got ahead.'
'I know, it was me, who let go of everything we worked for.'
'Am I selfish?'
'Do you hate me more now?'
'I don't blame you, not anymore.'
But that excruciating pain that inflicted on you everyday when you entered in that small boxed-up room and saw him laughing along with his own group of mates, you would asked, is this a type of revenge that God have descended onto you?
Can you and will you accept it?
Daily basis, shoulders closed to touching as you walked past him, smelling that scent which was supposed to be surrounding you. That agonizing needle that stabbed you when he glanced over for lesser than a second,
eyes filled with n
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Scared [Kuroo Tetsurou]
You were small and timid, well. Maybe not your physical appearance.
But inside, you were small. So small, smaller than a mouse.
You never dared to speak to anyone else unless they do it first, you would keep pesky comments to yourself about others. Going to a new environment is basically nightmare for you, the fear of being hated, the fear of being too annoying, the fear of being left out. You couldn't never explain how relieve you would be when someone else strikes up a conversation with you, it's not like you don't want to talk, it's just that you are too scared too.
Appearance and the way people talked is the first thing you would see and listen in order to judge. Which explained why you would always fear going near the Volleyball captain in Nekoma, considering the fact that he was in your class didn't make you feel any better. Maybe it's because of his big build? Or maybe his intimidating eyes?? Or even the way he would throw smart comebacks at people?
Well by now you should have p
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so please say yes. | kuroo tetsurou [college!au]
i'm asking so desperatedly so please say yes. | kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader [college!au]
five times he asks you out on a date, one time he succeeds
The first time Tetsurou asks you out, he does so with tickets to a movie premiere. He walks up to you in the library, sliding in one of the seats across you with a sheepish smile.
"It's Mockingjay," he explains nervously, palming the back of his neck as you stare at him curiously, "uh, part two. They're showing it this Saturday, and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me."
There's a slight quirk of your lips, a small smile that makes his heart flutter without his permission. "It's nice of you to ask me," you say, but soon your expression falters. And as your smile drops so did his heart. "But I'm out of town on the weekend so I'm afraid I must decline your offer for now."
Kuroo tries to mask his disappointment. "Oh, no worries. We can go another time then to watch the movie." He smiles at your visible reli
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written on my heart. | kuroo tetsurou
i have you written on my heart. | kuroo tetsurou х gn!reader
☆ soulmate au in which you and your soulmate have matching tattoos.
☆ i rewrote majority of the story
Lately, your eyes would always follow the Kuroo Tetsurou around.
Lingering gazes and unintentional staring, most of the time. You tell yourself that it’s because of his playing style — his actions are so fluid and agile, it’s hard not to stare at him. Besides, you would also observe the rest of the team; after all, you were the team’s manager. You need to make sure the rest of the team was always in top form in order to win upcoming matches, so it’s natural for you to stare at the players.
But in the end, your attention would always, always fall back to the Scheming Captain.
You don’t really know why yourself, but you find him charming.
He is incredibly handsome, undeniably so. Kuroo is the kind of guy who doesn’t put much effort into styling hi
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receipt please. | kuroo tetsurou
receipt please. | kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
24 December. 11:56 PM.
Late at night when every light's switched off and darkness takes hold of the empty space, I lie awake on my bed. I can't sleep. It's funny how some nights I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow, but other nights I just can't catch any Zs. Maybe it's because Christmas is in a few minutes. Maybe I'm excited for Christmas because, hey, who's not excited for a day where you get presents and good food?
But right now, I should just focus on sleep. Yes. Sleep sounds good.
Maybe I should just count sheep. Yes, I'm a genius. That would work, it seems to work in TV. Okay. Here goes.
Four- oh fuck it, it won't work.

I groan. It's a genius idea, but I do not have the patience to count. I contemplate knocking myself out but I don't want to wake up with a bruise on my cheek and explain to the folks that I inflicted self-harm in order to cure my inability to fall asleep.
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Just My Type: Kozume Kenma x Reader
Nee~ ____-san. Are you dead?”
You slowly opened your eyes, at the sound of Kuroo’s voice yelling from the other side of your bedroom door. You blinked a bit before moving your tired body slowly off the floor and making your way towards the door.
As you opened it, Kuroo’s usual smirk disappeared for a moment and became replaced with a very shocked expression.
"What happened to you? You look awful!" He exclaimed after looking at your miserable state.
"Gee thanks." you mumbled as you looked behind him noticing the very familiar blonde hair boy standing there quietly.
"Hey Kenma. Your here too?"
The boy in question looked around nervously avoiding any kind of eye contact with you. ” Uh yeah. Kuroo dragged me along to check up on you.”
Kuroo quickly chimed in. “Everyone’s worried about you. We thought you were sick or something.”
"Ah sorry for not contacting you guys sooner! I was just busy."
"Doing what?" Kuroo asked.
Your eyes beamed up at h
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lucipurr. | kuroo tetsurou
lucipurr. | kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader [drabble]

The name that usually made Kuroo smirk and drawl out a playful 'yes?' had left him terribly irked as he heard you calling out the nickname. He lifts his gaze from his phone when he hears you talking again.
"…Aww, aren't you just the cutest? Yes, you are! You're the most precious cinnamon roll ever, yes you are!"
That made Kuroo narrows his eyes at the tomcat sitting on your stomach.
Earlier in the week, Kuroo's over-relaxed approach to pretty much anything in life had gotten him in trouble with his live-in lover; one thing led to another, and three hours after the initial argument and storming out of the apartment, you came back with a black kitten you picked up from god-knows-where. Kuroo is fine and all with cats (considering how much alike he is to one), but you had named this cat 'Tetsu' (very likely out of spite).
The argument has since been water under the bridge, but no matter how many times the raven urges
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[Kuroo] Second Button
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Graduation is always a bittersweet event.
After spending years together, the prospect of leaving a school to begin a new adventure in life was exciting yet daunting. Leaving behind friends and teammates will always be the most difficult part of graduation, and there is always the possibility of drifting apart from someone dear to you. But nothing can ever take away the memories forged together.
Cheers resounded through the school halls as the principal finished a final speech for the graduating students. People started filling out of the hall into the courtyard, where graduating students said their goodbyes to their friends and juniors. All around her, she could see people hugging and giving away gifts.
The third years were graduating, and this was the last time they’d be around in school.
[Name] squeezed through the crowd of people, determined to find him.
Her legs were sore from running by the time she did, and he gave her an amused look when she
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Smacking Rears [Kuroo x Oikawa!Reader]
“Why are you wearing those?”
The irked voice of your older brother greeted you as you stepped out of the car and bounced towards him.
“I’m going to play.”
“And who told you that you’re allowed to play?”
You shifted your chocolate orbs to meet his frustrated ones, smiling playfully at him as you stuck out your tongue.
“You brought me here anyways-“
“No, I did not – you shoved your way into the bus the last minute-“
“And so since I have nothing better to do,” Placing a hand on your hip, you shifted all your weight to one foot. “I’m going to play.”
Iwaizumi watched the banter with one eyebrow raised – you sure knew how to rile Oikawa up. Deciding that the two of you wouldn’t stop any time sooner and the so-called ‘training camp’ was about to start, he intruded,
“Here, use that to cover your legs when you won’t play.” You ca
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fake a date. | kuroo tetsurou
fake a date. | kuroo tetsurou
The restaurant was crowded with people, filled with chatters and laughter that buzzed over the beats of jazz music in the background. The place was welcoming and quaint; the air and the food reminded you of the Christmas dinners your mother made whenever the whole family came home. It was obvious from looking at the jubilant faces of the patrons that everyone was enjoying themselves.
Well, everyone, that is, except you.
Contrary to the jovial vibe that surrounded you, you were feeling like utter crap as you sat alone in a table for two. 
"Oh god, I'm so stupid," you muttered to yourself, banging your head against the clothed surface of the table, "Stupid, stupid, stupid."
When you realized what you were doing, you stopped immediately, scanning your surrounds if anyone noticed your actions. No one seemed to mind, which was a good thing you supposed.
Your forehead throbbed dully as your eyes fell on the empty sea
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Little But Not Fragile-Kuroo Tetsurou x Fem!Reader
If there's one thing Kuroo didn't expect from the transfer student who sat at his table in Biology, it would be that she was actually tough.
(l/n)(f/n) was born in Japan, moved to America, then came back to Japan in the span of two years. She was a quiet girl who took notes, payed attention and got good grades. She was always working hard, being kind, and never spoke unless spoken to. She was always polite, (e/c) eyes always watching whoever spoke to her. Her appearance was always professional, (h/l)(h/c) always brushed, or in an up-do and on rare occasions, a braid. Her skirt was always smoothed out, her red tie tied ever-so carefully. Her shoes were always laced, her locker was organized, and everyone liked her. She was always so bubbly if you could get her comfortable with you. She was a ball of sass if she was extremely comfortable with you. Just looking at her made you think, "she's a harmless angel."
But nobody seems to listen to others when told to expect the unexpected.
The mal
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Morning - Kuroo x Reader {Drabble}
You snuggled into his neck and took in a deep breath, admiring the faint aroma of soap radiating off Kuroo’s warmth. His arms tightened around you only slightly, nose burying itself in the crown of your head. 
It was only early in the morning, and you were grateful to be able to spend them so peacefully.
Tired sunlight washed over the room in a pale golden current, revealing the slow moving specks of dust and dander lolling in the air. It crawled over your skin, tickling you into a warm lull. The room was bathed in a tranquil, quiet atmosphere.
Your legs and Kuroo’s were tangled languidly, your form tucked snuggly against his. You squeezed him slightly and smiled broadly through your sleep-induced stupor, planting a chaste kiss on his bared chest. He rumbled deeply in response, rubbing soothing circles into the small of your back.
“I guess it’s my turn to make breakfast today?”
“Mhm,” you hummed in response, peppering loving kisses on the
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Cuddle buddy || Kuroo Tetsurou x Male!Reader
It was official; Kuroo Tetsurou was the best cuddle buddy ever.
It wasn't simply cuddling that we are talking about, no, he made it simply majestic.
His arms and legs were long and slender, easily to wrap them around your body, to tangle his longer limbs with yours, the large feet, which may or may not were covered in socks, brushing over your with your school pants covered legs, one arms securely wrapped around your waist whilst the other was used as a pillow as you slept.
Kuroo watched his slight softened eyes how you rested peacefully in his arms.
He had heard from other that you haven't felt good lately and that your sleep wasn't doing so good as well.
The black haired male knew that his hugs could fulfill magic, that was no secret, and he also was aware of that you would do anything for a good hug or cuddling.
That was the reason why he was your cuddle buddy.
Kuroo would always tell you 'no homo' – of course – before pulling you down with him as he would
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Birthdays |Daddy! Kuroo x Mommy!Reader|
        Tobio had never had a proper birthday.
      He barely remembered his birth mother, a woman who was little more than a faceless shape and a kind voice. If there had ever been a party in his honor while he still had birth parents, he had no memory of them. His foster mother – if she could even be called that — had barely remembered he had a birthday at all.
      When she’d finally remembered, she had gone out to buy a day old cupcake, shoved a used candle on it and that was it. No presents, no party, nothing. It was nothing like the parties the other kids or their parents talked about at his previous daycare, nor what he saw on TV. Just a sad, stale cupcake and a slowly melting candle to celebrate his birthday.
      Now here he sat at the table, a large, decorated cake with his name in loopy, blue icing on it, five candles artfully arranged on top, a stupid hat that proclaimed him a birthday boy
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Sudden Confession: Kuroo x Reader
Curiosity over Nekoma's volleyball captain was what brought you to the gym today.
Kuroo Tetsurou, you didn't know much about him. Other than the fact that he was an upperclassman and that you had a huge urge to touch that bed hair of his. Maybe try to comb it? Was that even possible?
Looking around the court, you couldn't help but notice the excitement and dedication all the players had. You found yourself getting absorbed by it all.
"WHOA~! A really pretty girl is here!" a strange boy with brown spiky hair exclaimed as he stood next you. Slightly taken back by his sudden appearance, you wondered when he got so close to you? The rest of the team stopped what they were doing and looked over at you.
Feeling your face immediately flare up, you managed a quiet greeting, "A-ah hello."  Hoping they would just go back to what they were doing but unfortunately it didn't look like that was going to happen anytime soon.
"Oh what are you doing here?" Your eyes widened as Kuroo spoke t
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never leave a cat bored. | kuroo tetsurou
You were playing with your phone with your head leaning on Kuroo's shoulder. Kuroo had his head rested on your head too as he was watching the television, flipping to every channel but none of them catch his interest.
Kuroo glanced at you when you giggled lightly. You were chatting with your female friend and seemed to be enjoying it. He didn't want to bother you though but he's bored as hell it could kill him any moment or his mind could go insane.
    "(y/n)-san." He mumbled.
    "Yes?" You replied without looking at him, eyes still occupied on the phone.
Suddenly, you felt a hand move up to your thigh. It sent a jolt to your body and you instantly move away from Kuroo.
    "AAH! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" You shrieked.
    "I'm bored--"
    "PERVERT!" You cut and threw a pillow at him.
    "WHAT THE--" He spiked the pillow before it could land on his face. "I'M YOUR HUSBAND GOD DAMN IT
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Cat Thigh Highs (Kuroo x Male!Reader)
    It was in the middle of winter on a Friday night, snow was falling gently onto the blanket of white outside, and you were currently huddled into a ball on your couch shaking tremendously. You pulled the blanket around yourself tighter, trying to trap any warmth into your little hut. You decided that even if you did love winter, you could certainly do without the freezing temperatures that came with it. The weather man on the tv was going on about how the snow was going to be here for a while and to always keep warm, but it was just some background noise to you as your thoughts drifted to a certain raven haired male. Kuroo had texted you an hour earlier saying that he was coming over to "keep you warm".
    Shaking your head at the perverted words from your boyfriend of 6 months, you checked your phone once more and frowned seeing no new messages. "What could he be doing that's taking him so long?", you grumbled. With that, a loud knock echoed in the ho
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red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou [soulmate!au]
red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
☆ soulmate!au where a red string connects two people together. only soulmates can see the other's red string.
☆ please keep in mind that this is a yandere fic. there will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. you have been warned.
There is a red string around Kuroo’s neck; it’s been there since his twelfth birthday. The thread fits around his neck perfectly — neither loose nor is chokingly tight. The peculiar thread that appeared spontaneously one day made him curious. Kuroo had pulled and tugged, and even brought a pair of scissors to his neck once, but no matter what he did, this single string remained ever present against his skin.
At first, he worried that it would hinder it his everyday life, but the red thread is thin and barely there. No one else could see it — only him and his future soulmate would — and it never bothered him during matches or practices or any other
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Photo [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] Soulmate!AU {1/25}
Day 1 of the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge
Prompt: Snow

Soulmate!AU where the first words that your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your right wrist. When near your soulmate, the skin on the inside of your wrist feels tingly and sometimes hot.
“He might have thought that he had a stalker now. Seriously, why did you even take a picture of him in the first place? Wait, scratch that question. Who wouldn’t take a picture of a hot guy?” [Friend’s name] laughed, shaking her head. “Why would you leave the photo on his table, though?”
You sighed, knowing that she’d never let this go.
"Why did you even have your instant camera with you?"
You gestured meekly at the scene outside the window, which didn't do much in aiding your explanation. Your sleeve slipped up, revealing the words Yeah, I definitely know that it was you tattooed in cursive on the inside of your wrist. ”I've been carrying around my camera so that I
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short. // kuroo tetsuroo.
"Hey, shortie~" 
"Oh my god, what do you want now?" 
"Ouch. You hurt me, dwarf."

There was never a day where (Name) wasn't called out for their height by Nekoma's volleyball captain. Kuroo would never allow a chance to slip by.
And (Name) was getting sick of the fact that they couldn't say anything back.
"I'm going to slap you."
"If only you could reach me."
"Shut up."

Because whatever they would say, 
"Aw, is the lil' baby getting mad?"
"Why don't you slip into something more comfortable, like a coma for example." 
"Because I have the duty to remind you how vertically challenged you are, kitten~"
Kuroo would always have something to say back.
and they were getting sick. of. it.
"What? Cat got your tongue, shortcake—" 
He was interrupted by (Name) standing up rather abruptly. 
They merely glared at the captain while they grabbed their chair and placed it in front of him.
"You kn
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After Sex Talks - Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
After Sex Talks (N1)
It’s over, yet the bitter ache hasn’t died down in your lower part. Your eyes are squinted, afraid to open up to his smug face. You know that on top of you is still hovering triumphantly Kuroo, the sneaky weirdo that took your virginity.
You feel the weight of his torso pull off yours, and you hear him panting softly as he dumps his body beside you.
You release the air you’ve been holding and uncover your (eye/c) orbs, blankly staring into the dark ceiling above. Your fingers travel across the sheets to reach for your underwear, but he seizes your wrists, transferring your hands over to his side of bed.
You roll over to face the raven-haired boy, who’s now holding your hands against his chin. He gives your backhand a soft kiss and gazes at you through his lashes, curiosity swims across his hazel eyes.
“Was I too rough?” He asks in a husky, guilty voice.
Blush crawls onto your cheeks and you hesitantly shake your hea
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Cherry Kiss (Kuroo Tetsurou x Fem!Tsundere!Reader)
“Kuroo, can you stop staring at my sister like she’s a piece of meat?”
“Sorry, Kenma, but when I see a fine piece of beauty like that, I just have to.” With a volleyball pressed between his forearm and hip, Nekoma’s raven haired captain glared with eagle eyes at an unsuspecting young girl hurling volleyballs across the gym. That girl was you, Nekoma’s newest manager, who just happened to be Kenma’s twin sister younger by 4 minutes. You stood in your sweats, (h/l) (h/c) hair framing your face perfectly with vivid (e/c) eyes that could pierce through anything.
The amber eyed setter scowled at his friend. “Well I’m not going to let you make her one of your stupid conquests like those other girls.”
“Aw, don’t worry, Kenma! She’d different! I’d never do that to (first)~”
“You’d never do what to me?” The sudden interruption caught the boys’ attention
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Kuroo Tetsurou X Male!Reader- can we fall.
Kuroo Tetsurou X Male!Reader
warnings: language??? idk really
he/him pronouns used for reader
i don't put [male name], just [name] because my name is gender neutral so, fyi
older! au [kuroo is like 26 and reader 22]
"What do you meant I have to come?" 
"Because I said so."
Here's the thing, you were in quite the predicament. You were currently being pressured by your older sister to attend the Christmas party she was hosting for the family and a few of her friends. She was married to a doctor with two kids already, there was also a nine year age difference between the two of you, so she was ahead of the game. But that wasn't the problem. 
She invited you and your parents and other extended family members, not including her husband's side either, and some of her work friends. You told her you and your staff were busy with your flower shop with Christmas orders for parties and what not already, but she wasn't having it. She wanted you to come with a date. 
"But why do
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I came to watch.... Kuroo

Kuroo Tetsuroo, the captain of Nekoma with an awesome bedhead.
The six year old boy walked inside of the gym and looked lazily at the team practising. He yawned softly before walking over to the benches. The coach noticed him first. “Well nice to meet you again (m/n)-kun” the coach greeted the sleepy boy. The boy acknowledged the coach by nodding at him before walking over to his brother’s training bag, which was placed near the bench. The coach chuckled when he saw the boy taking his brother’s jacket and pants out of the bag and placing them on the floor. He also took a shirt and rolled it up. He lied down on the pants and placed his head on the shirt. The boy then threw the jacket over himself, covering his full body. It ended up looking like there was a pile of clothes lying on the floor. After a couple of seconds, soft snores where heard from beneath the jacket.
Kuroo walked over to his bag, training had jus
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Love Knot [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Soulmate!AU where soulmates have matching tattoos
As she lay on the chair, it adjusted to her weight. Trying to relax, she stared up at the guy who took the seat next to her. Her gaze wandered from his glove-clad hand against the chair up his toned forearm; tracing the dark swirls of ink on his skin to the casually rolled up sleeve and fixed on the beautiful angles of his face crowned by unruly raven locks.
He brought his rolling chair closer and looked right into her eyes. A mischievous half-smile crossed his lips and a playful light sparked in feline eyes half-hidden behind a majestic fringe. She gaped at him, her heart missing a beat.
“So, how can I serve you today?” he smirked.
“I… My tattoo… remove…” she stuttered dazed by his charm.
“Oh, regretting past choices?” he
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Kuroo x Pregnant! Reader |Soon|
It wasn’t hard to tell when Tetsurou came home. The door shutting loudly, Kenma telling him he should be quieter, followed by your boyfriend scoffing and making his way upstairs to see you.
He offered a large grin to counter your tired smile, setting his bags aside to scoop you up in his arms and plant a kiss atop your head. He asks you, “How are you feeling today?” And you shrug, looking up at him sweetly.
“Well enough. Tiny Tetsurou keeps kicking, though. Can’t really get bed rest if he keeps me up.” You reply with a small sigh, making him nod and press a hand to your very big baby bump.
“Figures he would be a kicker,” He muses, crouching down to look at the spot by his hand, “I was a pretty restless baby, too. At least, according to my mom.” He breaks into a proud smile when the baby’s foot tapped his palm.
“If you told me that before, I wouldn’t have done anything with you in the first place.” You g
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Haikyuu!! doodle 2 by PenguinFrontier Haikyuu!! doodle 2 :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 1,362 39
Hey|Soulmate!AU [Kuroo x Reader]
Someone said ‘Hey’ to you. Again. For the nth time.
And your response, did not match what was written on his wrist. Again. For the nth time.
You were positive about the world loathing you magnanimously as to give you such a simple and vague word. How in heaven’s name were you supposed to find your soulmate?
Cursing every single thing that crossed your mind as a scowl carved itself on your dainty lips, you trudged with a heavy heart towards the doors of the city’s gymnasium – you still had games to play.
“What’s up with that face of yours, (F/N)?” (best friend’s name) purposely bumped your shoulder as she walked alongside with you, a grin attached to her face.
“Wait, wait don’t answer that – let me guess; someone said ‘Hey’ to you, am I right?”
You sulked further when you heard that vexatious word, earning you a hearty laugh from (best friend’s name).
“Stop laughing at me! It’s no
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stultus. | kuroo
only fools fall for you.
two years since he’s last seen you.
college has been a blur; things move by too quickly and assignments constantly pile on. the stress builds and bottles up to the point where there’s no room to breathe-- no room to even think properly.
but when he sees you again, it’s a breath of fresh air.
summer is welcomed without reluctance; it’s a well earned break from school and the worries about the future can temporarily be pushed aside for the present-- for now, for the moments that you can finally feel okay without having this lingering pressure in the back of your mind. there is nothing due-- there is nothing that you can start early on for the future and knowing that makes you feel better than ever.
and seeing him again--
you smile when footsteps enter the cafe and the first thing your eyes catch is that familiar mess of hair.
“two years.”
it’s all you can say when he rises from his seat and approaches you with open arms.
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the neighbors. [kuroo tetsurou]
You set the box down carefully before wiping away the beads of sweat on your forehead. “(first name), could you come help me?” your mother shouted from outside the house. You sauntered over to her and picked up the package she was struggling with. She followed you into the house and thanked you after you put the box down. “This is pretty different from Miyagi, but I know you’ll grow to love Tokyo, (first name).” You nodded. “My bedroom’s bigger than my old one and the internet here is faster. This place is growing on me already.”
You pushed your window open, breathing in the subtle fragrance of the cherry blossom trees in your neighborhood. You closed your eyes and inhaled deeply. You felt a pair of eyes on you, so you broke away from your trance. You looked at the window across yours warily and your gaze was met with glistening yellowish-brown eyes. The boy who owned said eyes quickly looked away and drew his curtains closed.
Before you
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Younger Steamy Days - Kuroo Tetsuro x Reader
Younger Steamy Days (One-shot!)
Kuroo Tetsurō x Reader
Kuroo held the paper of her resume between his fingers as if it might rip in two with the slightest of movements. Y/N watched him nervously as he covered his mouth with his hand, studying her job application. She can still remember the heat of the blush that adorned her face when he had quickly flickered his eyes up to meet her stare before setting the paper down, leaning back in his chair.
"Well... you'll need to get a new headshot. This one simply doesn't capture just how perfectly stunning you are."
Y/N smiled fondly at the memory, slowly opening her eyes and awaking herself from her slumber. E/c hues met sly hazel orbs as her husband smiled softly down at her, lifting a hand to brush a strand of hair from her mouth.
"What are you smiling about?" Kuroo asked gently, readjusting his hold on Y/N.  
Her husband's morning voice got her every time. The small rasp, the deep huskiness, and some raw gentleness, even thinking a
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Promise. || Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader
       You were always, always sick. Ever since you were little you always seemed to be in the hospital. You were in this white room for so long you couldn’t even remember the outside world. You couldn’t remember a time when needles and cords weren’t hanging from your arms, or when the sound of your heart monitor was the most beautiful thing you could ever ask for. You couldn’t remember the sound of birds singing or other children laughing; it was only the sound of crying and the heart monitor by your bedside… That’s all you ever heard.
       “Miss (L/n), you have a visitor.” The nurse said in a soft, soothing voice. As she moved aside your dear friend walked in for the first time in over two months, still looking like he always had. Hair a mess and a stupid smirk on his face; Kuroo Tetsurou.
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lucid | kuroo tetsurou
//kuroo tetsurou x reader
On a nice starry Spring evening, after having gone out on a much-needed break with just your boyfriend and you, you entered the small comforting confinement of his room. Kuroo's hand reluctantly slipped away from your waist as you set down your bag next to his bed and while he sat down on it, you hurried over to his closet instead, a small hop in your steps and the happy grin on your face failing to disappear. 
''I'm gonna steal one of your shirts, okay?'' You asked excitedly, already carefully rummaging through his neatly piled clothing.
Kuroo let out a small laugh, for he knew even if he objected you'd get yourself into one of his shirts anyway.
''Sure, grab me one too while you're at it,'' he said with a small smirk, leaning back on his palms as he sat on the edge of his bed, looking at your happy face when you found a shirt you liked.
With a grin, you looked over your shoulder back at
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color (soulmate au) - kuroo tetsurou x reader
`soulmate au where you live in black and white until you meet your soulmate`
listen while reading

    "It's so beautiful."
  "Describe it to me."
    "Colors. What exactly are they? What do they look like?"
    She stayed silent for a minute and then let out an excited sigh.
    "It's indescribable, really. It's as if I was living in a shell for my whole life and one day, out of no where, the blinding white light in the sky is no longer white, but an incredible yellow-"
    "Yellow..." I sighed, staring up at the grey sky above me. I had heard of the color yellow and how it was a 'happy' color, whatever that means.
    "And the sky, god, it's so blue and beautiful! Blue is such a cold color. If I had to describe blue to you, it would be the feeling yo
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. here comes the bride | Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader {drabble}
//Here comes the bride//
[Name] was wondering how she ever got herself into this situation. She was getting married. Oh, but it wasn’t the actual wedding [Name] was appalled about. It was the groom; Kuroo Tetsurou.
How did she ever manage to be getting married to Kuroo of all people?
Sure he was muscular and had a pretty face, but his twisted personality gave her a hard time, not only when she’s have to suffer his constant teasing, but no, this young man was the impeccable impersonation of chicanery. Whether it’d be taunting mockery, or just shamelessness disdain, he always seemed to be able to get on her nerves.
He had been throwing pick-up lines at her ever since he had laid his eyes on her, his persistent mocking aggravating her tremendously. She was pretty sure he had anyway.
An exasperated sigh left her lips. She’d always thought that she was immune to the scheming Volleyball captain, that’d she’d
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New Additions 2 |Dad!Kuroo Tetsurou x Mom!Reader|
        After the pizza had been eaten, the boys had rushed into their bedroom to set up their room. It had been decided that they’d all sleep on the floor — which was entirely Kuroo’s fault for giving them ideas — and their sleeping spot was decided on beforehand. Pajamas were removed from their bags and drawers, the bath filled with warm water and the boys herded out again.
    Baths were given in pairs, Kenma with Tobio so they could actually relax in the tub and Lev with Shouyou so they could flood the bathroom, and soon they were back in the boys’ bedroom.
    It was only then that the sudden realization that Tobio and Shouyou weren’t home seemed to hit them all at once. Without the distraction of Lev and Kenma, the myriad of video games they played and the winding down to bedtime, everything seemed so clear that this wasn’t home. It wasn’t their foster mother helping Shouyou into his pajamas a
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Grandma's No Matchmaker (Kuroo x Reader)
“I hear that he’s a very nice boy, dear. I’m sure you’ll just love him!”
“Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…” you pulled on your skirt nervously as your grandma fluttered about your room, grabbing this and that. You hadn’t seen her this happy since before your grandfather passed away, and you didn’t have the heart to crush her spirit. She and her good friend made a scheme to set up their grandchildren, and unfortunately, it involved you. Your two sisters were both in relationships, and you were happy for them, really. What you weren’t happy for was having to go on a date with some mystery guy just because your grandmothers thought that it was a good idea.
“You look beautiful, (f/n),” she cooed into your mirrored reflection, “I’m sure that my friend’s grandson will just adore you.”
“Yes, grandmother…”
You arr
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. dangerous games | Kuroo Tetsurou
The manager of Aoba Johsai, [Name] [Last/Name] was rather bored. Generally, that was a rare occurrence during one of the training camps held for the powerhouses around the Miyagi Prefecture; she and the other managers always had something to do. But, with considering the teams, except for the captains of 3 infamous known high schools, had decided to take a break, she was left all by herself accompanied by the 3 captains, while the coach had retreated to his office to think about their next move of how to educate Kyotani-kun.
Which left [Name] and the highly qualified captains extremely bored.
Tapping her fingers against the table in front of her, she resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance. The rest of her companions had long since made complaints about their own boredom; someone had to be professional here. Besides, she disliked letting others know what she was thinking. Though, it probably made them feel special.
Heaving an exasperated sigh, she begrudgingly started filling up the wat
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[Kuroo] Summer Rain
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
You were more than
just a fleeting summer rain.
You gave me the entire horizon,

and painted a beautiful rainbow
after the turbulent storm
You never wanted to question the relationship you had with Kuroo. It was the kind of relationship that just happens; when all of a sudden everything is dark, and you can only hope that he will catch you when you fall.
It was raining heavily the first time you met him.
Grey clouds gathered in the sky, raindrops fell onto the pavement, creating the perfect atmosphere for a nice nap; which was precisely why you were late on your first day of college. Even when you held an umbrella, the wind made sure to blow your way, effectively drenching your side as you ran to class. A quick glance to your watch showed that you were already fifteen minutes late, and from the rumors you heard during orientation, the professor conducting
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Interrupted |Daddy!Kuroo Tetsurou x Mommy!Reader|
To: NekoMama
From: SexGod

Apparently you’re cheating on me?
Wtf is this, (Name)?
To: SexGod
From: NekoMama

What the hell are you talking about?
To: NekoMama
From: SexGod

You. And some dude.
Some DUDE!!
Who is he, (Name)?
Who managed to beat me in looks and intelligence? :cries:
To: SexGod
From: NekoMama

OMG, are you serious right now?
I’m not cheating on you.
That dude is your friend, idiot.
To: NekoMama
From: SexGod

So it’s one of my friends huh?
Which one? Iwaizumi?
It’s always that beautiful bastard щ(ಥДಥщ)
To: SexGod
From: NekoMama

:D :D :D
Okay, yes it’s Hajime, but not like that.
I married YOU, dumbass
To: NekoMama
From: SexGod

Yeah, but….
Half of all marriages end in divorce
And do you know one of the main reasons? Problems in the bedroom
Do I not satisfy you, (Name) Do I??
I always knew you'd rather be with Hajime 😭
To: SexGod
From: NekoM
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New Additions 1 |Dad!Kuroo Tetsurou x Mom!Reader|
      (Name) was going to kill him.
    Lev and Kenma were going to kill him.
    He’d spent so long practicing for their next game that he lost track of time and forgotten to pick up the boys. Tired as he was, Kuroo had run across campus to the daycare in ten minutes flat. A new record, he noted. It definitely deserved a mental high five. Now, sucking in a deep breath and pushing himself upright, he pulled open to the daycare and walked in.
    He’d expected the boys to be angry at how late he was. He’d expected to be scolded by the daycare staff. But instead he found both boys entertained at the table, scribbling away at the coloring sheets.
    All that panic for nothing.
    Kuroo let out a sigh as he leaned against the counter. Greeting the daycare owner, he waited as she went to fetch Lev and Kenma from their table. Two boys sat with them, one orange haired and overexcited and the other a scowling,
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[Kuroo] Wild
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
The sun was almost setting outside, and most of the students of Nekoma High had already gone home. As the manager of the volleyball team, [Name] took up the responsibility of picking up the balls that were strewn all over the court and putting them back into the cart for the next practice session.
Picking up the last ball at the far end of the sports hall, she twirled it between her fingers until she reached the white markings indicating the court’s boundaries. Throwing the ball up into the air, she raised her palm and hit it, trying to imitate the way her players would serve.
Miraculously, the ball did make over the net, but it flew up high and was about to land out the court when-
[Name] watched as the ball flew directly back at her. On instinct, she sidestepped, letting it fall to the ground, bouncing a couple of times before coming to a standstill where she previously stood.
“You were supposed to receive the ball, not dodge it.
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I'll Make You a Deal (Kuroo x Reader)
“By the time I count to three, you’re going to hand over your bag.”
You were terrified by the man standing before you. As you walked out of school for the day he grabbed you and slammed your body into the wall, demanding your money.
You had just moved to Tokyo with your mother for her new job, and it definitely didn’t feel as welcoming as the small village you had grown up in. In your old town you never had to worry about getting robbed, and everybody knew everybody. It was a rather tight-knit community. Tokyo was totally the opposite. It was loud, busy, and (as you were currently discovering) quite dangerous at night.
You whimpered as he held you against the wall.
It was over. You could practically kiss your wallet and schoolbooks goodbye.
You and the robber turned your heads to look in the direction the voice was coming from. A tall student was bounding down th
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Part-time Job // Kuroo Tetsurou
“Okay… So how did you get hit by a car again?”
When Kuroo heard that you were in an accident and had to be admitted to the hospital, he feared the worst. Though he was assured time and again that you weren’t in any life threatening situation, he still couldn’t steady his heart.
He never considered himself much of a worrier, but when he learned that you’d been hit by a damn car he thought you’d never walk again. He was petrified when he got the phone call from Kenma, couldn’t even bring himself to move for a good ten minutes. There were so many thoughts to sift through, so many possible outcomes… And what would he have done if that day ever came? He’d probably have to haul you around everywhere, which would suck because you’d always belch in his ear.
As soon as he was able to, Kuroo spent hours in the city trying to find appropriate things to get you. He ended up practically bombarding the hospital room with gifts and get
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