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Jagdpanther-chan, WW2 SS panzer division style :iconsai3108:sai3108 109 15 Girls und Panther :icontealguardian:TealGuardian 90 22 Maho Nishizumi's Tiger I :icontealguardian:TealGuardian 19 10 Demotivational Poster - Misc. Randomness 123 :iconkenisi:Kenisi 24 25 Kuromorimine in force 1/3 :icontealguardian:TealGuardian 16 8 Girls und Panzer Omake 7: Girls und Paintball Pt.6 :iconkilroylw:KilroyLW 29 9 David vs Goliath :iconkenisi:Kenisi 25 12 Kuromorihime Girls High School Maus Tank :iconrlkitterman:rlkitterman 12 2 When an Elephant goes after a Mouse :iconkenisi:Kenisi 16 19 Kuromorimine Jagdpanther papercraft :iconsai3108:sai3108 11 12 The Commanders :icon2ble-zz:2ble-ZZ 24 4 Maho :icon2ble-zz:2ble-ZZ 24 11 Girls und Panzer - Kuromorimine Girls High School :icontheflagandanthemguy:TheFlagandAnthemGuy 8 5 Girls und Panzer: Armored Warfare 2 :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 30 8 Erika Itsumi Angel Kuromorimine 2 :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 10 0 Girls und Panzer Omake 4: Girls und Paintball Pt.3 :iconkilroylw:KilroyLW 19 7 GUP - Kuromorimine Stamp :iconazulnieve-pro:Azulnieve-pro 15 0 Kuromorimine HG wallpaper :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 9 4 Girls und Panzer - Kuromorimine High School :icontheflagandanthemguy:TheFlagandAnthemGuy 7 0 Erika Itsumi Angel of Kuromorimine I :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 9 0 Kuromorimine-iron-cross :iconnezumiyuki:NezumiYuki 11 3 Erika Itsumi Angel of Kuromorimine 3 :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 8 2 Swimsuit Maho :iconaxterix173:axterix173 9 0 Lego Miho Nishizumi :iconamtrakman:amtrakman 7 6 Chihaya Tank Commander :iconesdi2991:esdi2991 8 0 Fuhrer of Kuromorimine and Duce of Anzio :iconafd42:AFD42 7 0 I'm one with the Force... :iconkilroylw:KilroyLW 8 2 Tribute Erika Itsumi Angel of Kuromorimine :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 6 2 Tiger Rain... :iconkilroylw:KilroyLW 17 4 Erika Itsumy, angel of kuromorimire :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 6 3 Erika Itsumi angel of Kuromorimine (2) :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 5 2 Nishizumi Maho and Itsumi Erika :iconantivirusdes:AntivirusDes 5 5 Kuromorimine School Emblem :icongrim-s-morrison:Grim-S-Morrison 3 0 Sharing the frontline :iconkhoi-ryu:Khoi-Ryu 4 5 Pony vor views :iconnezumiyuki:NezumiYuki 3 4 Donna Und Panzer :icondarthkaiser:DarthKaiser 2 0 Ferdinand - Heavy Tank Destroyer :iconluciferidgs:luciferidgs 1 0 wha!? :iconamtrakman:amtrakman 1 0 Kuromorimine_HG stay calm choose target destroy :iconmirage2000:mirage2000 2 0 So Long My Friends... :iconweldit:Weldit 1 5 One down! :icon5aq:5aq 1 1 Maus - Superheavy Tank :iconluciferidgs:luciferidgs 1 0
Battle 8.3: Melting Kursk
The day after,
Today, Naha Port welcomes a big guest. It's the Graf Zeppelin - the only carrier of the Nazi during World War II. Looking to the symbol of Wehrmacht painted at the side of the hull with the Kanji: "Kuromorimine Academy". Standing down at the pier, Kurogane spots that cross, he quickly realizes the day when he was taking the job with Satsuma Academy. "Sodane!" He smirks, the school of the ones who favor respect beyond the sake of their teammates. Swiftly, he feels a little to hate to this ship. As Kitagawa's standing next to him, Kurogane asks:
-We don't have a ship for ourselves?
The Vice President frowns to Ryukou with a question he thinks "silly". But, his responsibility is to answer it:
-You think can we afford for it?
Enough for the true meaning, Kurogane stops his questions which nearly to be asked next. Above the deck, two girls going down, maybe the representatives. A silver-haired girl, and the next girl...That's right! Kurogane remembers her, his brain flashes b
:iconkhoi-ryu:Khoi-Ryu 2 0
Lover Girls und Panzer Chapter 1: The letter
"I was always on my own. I never had a friend or a lover. On the first day of school, I saw you, and you stole my heart, and you didn't give back to me. I'm so stupid, when you're close to me, but I can't do anything. Because of love, I always do dumb things. One time, I followed you, until you got home. Then I got lost, and I called you crying in the middle of the night. And you were nice to me, and you didn't ask, why I was there. That was the first time when I slept with you. You hugged me, and I didn't sleep on that night, because I was so happy.
On the first Sensha-Do training I was a fool, but you didn't laughed at me when I lost against you. You taught me a lot about tanks, maths, and history. These things are important, to understand the Sensha-Do. You are not just smart, you are very beautiful. If I could be such a beauty, like you, I have more self-confidence. And you always told me, that I'm pretty, but I couldn't believe that. I'm a loser, and you know it, too. After THAT m
:iconszeresspls:szeresspls 0 0
Kuromorimine comic :iconamtrakman:amtrakman 1 0 Kuro Yuki... wait whut?... Black Snow? Nan da!? :iconnezumiyuki:NezumiYuki 11 24
Battle 9.1: Darkened Heart
After a long trip by an old driving friend - Kuromorimine Academy, the boys from Naha Academy were returned with the people graciously welcoming them home. The tank crews had brought honor and glory, they're now being known for the victory against a famous academy like Kubinka Academy, especially on their home. Standing on the deck, recently Kurogane sees some of his men standing down at the piers. The blood vendetta finished, the fishes were on the frying pan without a single scratch. Let the presses yelling and some small conferences by the cops, everything was set and successful. Kurogane did his revenge for his boss, also playing with Soujirou that he didn't involve inside such matters. Looking to the students of Kuromorimine, they look so sad. The Okinawan commander soon realizes the thing he predicted for long: their defeat against Oarai. With all of his men talking about the defeat of that girl academy, Kurogane chooses silence, instead. Simp
:iconkhoi-ryu:Khoi-Ryu 0 0