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pay attention [aomine daiki x reader]
You didn't know why, but you enjoyed visiting your boyfriend, Aomine, everyday even though he was asleep half the time. Sometimes, he'd be awake—just barely—and you'd talk nonsense all night when his parents weren't home. And, yes, they almost never were.
Sometimes, he'd even give you his clothes to wear. It was usually a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt. You didn't mind though. His clothes were comfortable. They'd always linger with the scent of him or his laundry detergent. Surprisingly, he never failed to smell really good even with how lazy he was on a daily basis. You'd wonder, once in awhile, if he ever took showers. Good thing he did.
But, that's not really the point.
Tonight, you weren't even talking to him or nagging at him to stay awake with you until you fell asleep. You were minding your own business and it kinda bothered Aomine. No, it actually really ticked him off. He was just lying on his bed with his arms tucked under his head as a pillow, waiting for you t
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Short~ Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
"Aomine-kun! Give it back!"
{Name} jumped and jumped but nothing seem to work. Aomine still stood there with a smirk on his stupid face, holding her phone all the way past his head. {Name}'s face turned red with anger, stomping her foot like a child.
"Come on!" She yelled, crossing her arms. "Aominecchi, be nice to {Name}!" Kise cried, getting a knock in the back of the head from Modorima. "Stop being so loud, baka!"
Akashi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Idiots.." He mumbled under his breath, before grabbing a basketball and getting back to practice. Kuroko stood next to Midorima, watching. "C-Come on Aomine! Give it b-back!" {Name} cried again.
She clenched his fists tight, feeling frustrated tears work there ways to her eyes. Why did Aomine like teasing her so much?! "Tch, not my problem your short {Name}~" Just as she was about to yell at him again, a large hand place itself over her {HairColor} hair.
She turned around and was met with a chest. she looked up to see Murasa
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Akashi x Reader Temptation
Akashi x Reader
Theme: Innocence
Warning: Some swearing

Today was [Name]’s birthday, and her boyfriend, Akashi Seijurou, had decided to host a birthday party in his huge mansion. At her request, however, only the other Generation of Miracles members were invited, but Momoi couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, [Name] loved it.
[Name] had been a student at Teiko as well, being a year younger the rest of the crew.
When she had first entered the middle school as a first year, she was immediately scouted as a vice-manager after Akashi had taken some interest in her. Akashi’s team members absolutely adored her, because she had been the one to lessen the harsh punishments he often gave.
Kuroko was slightly more talkative in her pre
sence. She always noticed him, and wasn’t at all surprised at his random appearances.
Kise was enthusiastic around her, hugging her whenever he had a chance, often risking Akashi’s wrath. [Name] didn’t mind. She hugged him back
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Comfort~ Kuroko No Basket Murasakibara x Reader
The apartment was quiet. It had been for a while now. Usually Murasakibara and {Name} would be sitting in the front room, munching on candy and watching crappy T.V. But not today.
Earlier in the day, the couple had come home from the match that Yosen had with Seirin. The one they lost. Murasakibara was quiet the walk home, not speaking once to his girlfriend. Only grunting or nodding in response. And once they arrived, he took off his shoes and walked to there room slamming the door behind him.
{Name} let out a shaky breathe. Her hands clenching one of Murasakibara's old shirts she had thrown on once that got home. It was large on her, like a dress. Even covering the shorts she had.  
She stood in front of there bedroom door. She knocked at first, not receiving a response. she sighed, opening the door and peaking in. There layed the giant. Blankets wound around him, Face first into the pillows.
She tip-toed in and crawled into the bed with him. She knew he was awake. He always whi
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Annoyed - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
Jealous!Kuroko x Reader
You knocked on the door of the gym. You were trying your best to warm yourself after being drenched out in the unexpected rain that fell.
You wanted to go to the gym for shelter and also wait for your boyfriend while you were at it.
The door opened to reveal a red haired guy you had come to know as Kagami. "Um Kagami-kun, have you seen Tetsuya-kun?" You asked as you peered into the gym, it looked like the players weren't in sight.
"Oh, he's in the changing room, but more importantly, why are you all wet?" Kagami quickly took out a fresh towel and dried your (h/c) hair.
"The rain happened and I wasn't able to find shelter in time" you explained, sneezing in the process, at least the gym was a lot more warmer than outside.
"We have to dry you up before you get a cold" the tall male said as he wiped your hair more. "Why do I somehow feel like a dog…" you muttered.
Kagami chuckled by the thought of you being a dog. But his hands came to a
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Cuddle~ Aomine Daiki x Reader
A loud sneeze echoed through a small apartment, inside one of the bedrooms sat a {HairColor} headed girl. Blankets were wrapped in a bundle around her with tissues surrounding her. Her face was red,  her nose the stuffed up, Her throat was as sore as can be and her body was freezing. She hated being sick.
She huffed and threw the old tissues in the waste basket and flopped back down on the fluffy bed. She looked over at the clock near her bed, '3:45 a.m'  She sighed, rolling over, and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. she scrolled through her contacts till one name popped up, 'Daiki Aomine'
She pressed 'call' and placed the device to her ear. It rang for sometime till a groan echoed through the speaker of the phone, "{Name}? What is it, its 3:56 in the morning what could it possibly be this time?" It was true his {HairColor} head girlfriend  had called him at late times from dumb things but this time it was important.
"Aomineee... I don't feel good. And I can't sleep
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Keep Me Warm~ Akashi x Reader - Kuroko No Basket
The rain outside poured. {Name} stood in front of the school gym, waiting for her boyfriend Akashi. He was finished with practice but was taking long than usual. She sighed, clutching her umbrella closer to her body.
'Akashi-kun.. Hurry please..' She thinks, fidgeting in place as she tried to distract herself from the cold surrounding her. She had complained about the freezing temperatures earlier in the day, to which Akashi simply gave her his sweater from his uniform, leaving him in nothing but a tee-shirt and his pants.
She smiled, remembering the sweet gesture. Bringing the sweater around her up to her face, she inhaled the sent of the red headed man. She hummed in content. "{Name}~" She jumped, looking behind.
There stood said man. She felt her face heat up. 'I hope he didn't see me...' she thought in embarrassment. "A-Akashi-kun." He smirked in response before walking up the her. His body pressed against her's as he wrapped his bare arms around her.
"Miss me?" Her face headed up
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Kagami Taiga x Left-handed Reader (Tutoring)
Lifting a piece of fruit to your lips with your chopsticks, you sweep your eyes across the book in your right hand. Listening idly as your friend Riko chats about the Seirin basketball team. Going on and on she catches your attention when she mentions your crushes name, Kagami Taiga.  Eyes widening, you briefly life your gaze tuning into the conversation, flushing bright red when you feel Riko’s knowing gaze on your face.  
“Ahh [Name]-chan now you listen.” She comments wearing a smirk. Face bright you mumble out an apology, “Gomenasai Riko-chan.”  Giggling she flaps her hand at you, “It’s okay,” Riko grins. Marking your place in your book, you close it tucking it away. Exchanging idle conversation, you zone out staring at a spot behind Riko’s head. Hearing grunting from across the cafeteria you list your gaze trying to find that irritating noise.
“Dammit!” A familiar flustered voice y
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flustered [akashi seijuurou x reader]
"My dear [Name]."
You looked up from your laptop screen, slightly tilting your head to the side. Akashi truly believed that this level of cute behavior should be illegal. Everything about you seemed to scream 'moe' and he really had to fight the urges of wanting to pin you down and bruise your slightly parted lips with a rough kiss.
"Are you finished typing your essay?" he asked.
You sighed loudly and rubbed your temples. "Eh, no. I still have five hundred words to go."
"Maybe you should take a short break." Akashi leaned back against your headrest with his arms crossed over his chest, and a historical novel in his lap as he stared you down—in a loving way—making you blush to the tip of your ears. He found your reaction to his teasing too damn amusing.
"With you around? Haha, no. I probably won't be able to focus again."
"Well, it was worth a try." He smiled softly.
His bright smile made your flushed cheeks deepened a darker hue of pink. It was unsurprising ho
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Languages {Kise / Reader}
"(L/N)cchi~ Please talk to me!~" 
Geez, this was the 67th time today. He just wouldn't stop, would he?
You are (L/N) (F/N) and you are a 1st year at Kaijou High.
You were also almost always seen with another 1st year trying to get your attention.
Kise Ryouta. That was his name. He's been doing this ever since you 'saved him' from his fangirls. AKA You were bothered by the noise they were making and 'politely' told them to shut up and leave. Which includes forcefully shoving a pack of girls out of the classroom and a deadly aura surrounding you. Apparently, this was enough to make the blonde haired boy obsessed with you and follow you around the campus like a small puppy following its owner.
You were the smartest student in your class, probably even smarter than the 3rd years. You wouldn't boast of it, as you were a quiet person. And like any 1st honor student, you were always bombarded with questions from other students asking if their answers were correct and asking if you could
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Sleeping - Kise Ryouta x READER
You were on your way home from work when you spotted your boyfriend up on the big screen of a building,
“New men’s perfume by Kise Ryouta,” you slightly smiled.
Even though it was the same commercial over and over again that you see on your way home, you couldn’t help but feel proud. That was your boyfriend up on the screen. How many people can say that your boyfriend is a well-known model internationally? Not a lot.
You arrived at the apartment with all of the lights off. Checking the clock, you saw that it was 2 am already.
“Ah. He’s already asleep,” you whispered to yourself.
You always worked late, but this was the first that you passed 12 am. You put your bag on the couch and went straight to the room. There, lay Kise Ryouta sleeping soundly. As usual, he was taking up your half of the bed.
You undressed yourself and put your pajamas on. Before getting on the bed, you crouched down in front of him and smiled. You tapped his nose lig
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Jealous of Levi- AkashixReader drabbles

"The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that.
Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me.
I don't know...
I never have, I can believe in my own abilities  or the choices of the companions I trust.
But no one ever knows how it will turn out.
So, choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least."
You were currently fangirling (and drooling) as you watch with great admiration the anime Shingeki no Kyojin. It was one of the best scenes that left you weak in the knees especially when Lance Corporal Levi did that spinning thingy to save Eren. And while you weren't finish ogling the sexy midget, your other sexy midget is getting irritated with the random screams and squeals coming from you (especially when you were going on and on about how cool and sexy this L
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Akashi Seijuro x Reader (Stubborn)
Fuming you strode down the hall your anger rolling off of you in waves as you made your way to the library. “Step down" my ass. Oh, I’ll step down all right. Right on your fucking toes you arrogant freak,” you grumbled angrily. Pushing through the Library doors you stride back to your corner of the library slamming your books down onto the table right by your best friend, Fujita Saika.
“God I want to slap that superior look right off his face,” you huff out. Dropping your book bag onto the floor you continue to pace back and forth wearing a hole in the carpet.

“Oh hello Saika-chan, how are you today?”
Saika turns left pretending to be you, “Oh I’m great [Name]-chan, arigatō for asking,” she replies to her own question sarcastically.
Wincing you sheepishly smile at her taking a seat across from her, “Gomenasai Saika-chan, how are you today?” You earnestly question, “I’m
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[ KnB ] Midorima Shintarou x Reader: Panties
Takao and Midorima were in Midorima's room. Takao sprawled on the floor beside Midorima's bed, and Midorima were currently drying out his hair staring into his bathroom mirror.
" Take a shower now, Takao." Midorima called.
" Alright." He sighed." Let me borrow a pair of your pants."
Midorima sighed, squinting over to his friend, due to his lack of glasses." Didn't you bring your own pair...?"
" Nope. Didn't know I was going to need to shower..."
Midorima's right eyebrow twitched." You're sleeping over, what makes you think you don't need to shower?!"
Takao just shrugged." Just lend me a pair."
Midorima sighed again." Fine. Get yourself some."
Takao grunted as he raised from his spot on the floor, stretching out as he made his way over to Midorima's dresser. Opening it, he dug around through the piles of neatly folded bottoms, until he froze in place a look of awe on his face. He snickered, snatching up what he found.
" Hey Mido...!~" Takao sung playfully, skipping to his friend.
" What
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(Kuroko X Reader) Only You

A/N: Satsuki is just a bit(hint sarcasm) OC
SPOILERS: Set in Season 1 if you haven't watched and I DON'T OWN KUROKO NO BASUKE OR THE PICTURE

The sound of splashing water filled your ears as you watched the boys do their squats.
“One! Two! Three! Four!” Riko yelled at them.
You stared at the bobbing heads, watching as they submerged and resurfaced. As you were staring, your eyes wandered back to Kuroko. His blue hair sticking to his forehead, and floating in the water as he did his squats. Smiling to yourself, you looked away and started to play with Nii-gou. His blue eyes stared into yours as you told him to sit.
“Arf!” he barked.
Giggling, you twirled your finger in the air around his head and watched him follow it. Eventually, he got tired and jumped onto you. Causing you to fall backwards and fully sit on the floor. In shock, you tried to processed what happened, until Nii-gou’s tongue broke your t
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50 ways to annoy: Aomine [crackfic]
50 Ways to annoy: Daiki Aomine.
1. Tell him Taiga is better than him.
2. Tell him that basketball is not a ‘real’ sport.
3. Tell him you prefer football.
4. Steal his bentos while he’s not looking.
5. Invite a bunch of people to the rooftop while he is there.
6. Steal his Horikita Mai-chan’s magazines.
7. Hide them in Momoi’s locker.
8. Video-tape reactions and upload the video on Youtube.
9. Tell him that pink is prettier than blue.
10. Put hot chili peppers in his Teriyaki burger.
11. Get a gigantic bee plushie and give him that as his birthday present.
12. Put a dead frog in Momoi’s desk and blame it on him.
13. Proceed to follow point number eight again.
14. Make him play chess with you, once he is about to win, rage-quit and scream; “THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BEAT ME IS ME!”
15. Dress up as Kuroko for Halloween and scare him at every given chance. Additional points if you steal his candy.
16. Give him Goya chocolates in Valentine
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I want a baby brother ( Akashi x Reader )
I want a baby brother (Akashi x Reader)
"Mommy, wake up " You heard a small voice calling you but seeing it's only seven o'clock in the morning, you decided to ignore the voice.
"Mommy, mommy, wake up" Now the voice started to jump on the bed making you fully wake up.
Opening your left eye, you saw Seichi. Your 4 year old son. Now opening both of your eyes, you saw Seichi pouting.
" What's wrong." You asked before ruffling his red hair.
"Mommy..." He said then hugging you.
Carrying Seichi downstairs. You carefully and quietly open the door to your room not to waje up Seijuro.
Setting him down and kneeling down to his level you asked him
"Okay,tell me what's wrong?"
"Mommy, I want a baby brother" He commanded. Yep, a real Akashi here.
"Now, Seichi, is that the proper way to ask for a baby brother."
" No, but that is how Daddy asks you to do something for him."
Before you can explain to him that it is wrong to order people around, you felt someone hugging you waist.
"Seichi, can you wait
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-Aomine x Reader- {Before He Cheats}
    The tanned male sighed, running a hand through his dark blue hair. He agreed to go out to the amusement park with Momoi and you, (Name). His girlfriend of two years. He stared at himself in the mirror and pushed his toothbrush and the toothpaste off to the side before he walked to the bedroom that the two of you share.
    A light smirk found its way onto his face and as he stared at you as he you changed. Sure your cup size wasn't as big as he would like it to be, but the rest of your body looked fine in his eyes. Aomine then averted his gaze as he saw you look at him.
    "How much longer are you going to be? Satsuki could be here any minute you know..." Aomine sighed and sat down on the bed.
    "This is coming from the one who hasn't even changed out of his pajamas yet." You giggled as you threw your shirt on.
    The blue haired male rolled his eyes as he laid back down. Truth be told, he would rather j
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Himuro Tatsuya x Reader (Persistent)

Busy. Hectic. Buried. Occupied. Swamped. Overload.

A couple synonyms that have been used to describe your current second year of high school schedule courtesy of your family and friends, it didn’t help that you were on the Honor Roll either, that just added to the pile of things you needed to accomplish. Adjusting one of the three medium sized canvas in your arms you dodge some students standing in the middle of the hallway.
God can’t they at least get some common courtesy and move to the side? Stupid first years.
Huffing you blow a loose strand of your hair out of your face. Feeling one of your canvases slip from your arms you grunt pulling off to the side into a classroom to get a better grip.  hair falling into your face you sigh, “Might as well fix my hair while I’m at it.”
Gently setting your painting down against the wall you dig through your satchel looking for a hair tie.
Really? Of all the times to forget a hair tie…<
:iconsweetjeans:sweetjeans 268 46
Seijuro Akashi x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Seijuro Akashi~
the basketball of team of …
Rakuzan High
Your P.O.V
' I can't wait too see Sei-kun...hehe. He is going to be so surprised!' you thought to yourself, prepared to proceed with, what you called, a great plan. Everyone including yourself knew about Seijuro's ability to see the future but you weren't completely convinced. So today you had decided test if this was really true by doing a surprise tackle-hug, to hopefully catch him off guard. You had been waiting for this moment all week. As soon as the door opened and you noticed your cousin's infamous hair, you leaped into the air.
In the beginning it looked liked it was really work because Akashi's multicoloured eye widen in surprise. But in the last moment your older cousin used his emperor eye, catching you in mid-air like a bad ass.  Well, it seemed like half of your plan worked at least.  But you still hadn't got that hug yet you yearned for and you pouted. The teen held you from an arm-l
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secret stalker | himuro
            He wanted to know more about you… and Himuro always got what he wanted.
            Be it through manipulative tricks or by sappy honey-soaked words, that much was inevitable.
            And as for you…
            “(Name)” was synonymous with “loner” in your school. You were always watching from the sidelines as other exciting things happened, never really being able to or really wanting to participate in them.
            On Valentine’s Day, when boys and girls alike were flushing pink and brimming with excitement, their arms overflowing with chocolates, you sat there in a bored stupor.
            During school danc
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Makoto Hanamiya x reader [i love you]
Makoto Hanamiya x reader
Language warning
"What're you doing Makoto?", you whisper dumbfounded.
You stare intently at the bizarre scene of your boyfriend of a year being affectionate. Crouch down he was, petting a small dog without a care in the world. His eyes seemed locked onto the dog, and he didn't notice your approach or voice. So sneakily you creep up behind him. Before you could utter a word he spoke.
"Don't try it, (f/n)."
Pouting you stare down at him. He called you here the minute you closed the door when you got home. You trudged back 5 minutes here to the park to see him.
Of course, you being a young, emotional teenager you thought of the worst and hurried right on over. Such as breaking up, taking a break, or the worst, to show of a sexier girl that he had been cheating on you with. Luckily upon getting here, you saw him with a dog rather than a girl.
"So what's up?"
"Nothing" he says pulling the puppy into his chest.
'Nothing?!' You thought angrily. "Oh... Ok-"
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 159 4
Don't let go (Kise x Reader)
Don't let go (Kise x Reader)
A/N: So... this is pure fluff that hopefully you'll enjoy :3!
The day was sunny and warm and the summer breeze blew lightly as you walked towards the meeting place.
If you were honest with yourself, you didn’t know why you had accepted the invitation in the first place, but you were pretty sure it had to do with the puppy eyes and the hopeful look certain blond had threw your way when you were about to refuse. You ended up muttering an “Okay, fine, I’ll see you there,” prompting the copycat of the Generations Of Miracles to hug the life out of you.
So, you may wonder… what is wrong with going out with Kise Ryōta? Nothing. However, and turning back to your predicament, the meeting place was Kaijō’s High School pool. Okay, that itself was not a problem, the real problem was that you completely hated water; you didn’t have any idea of how to swim and a near drowning experience had left its toll on
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 164 32
Of pregnancy and cravings (Kise x Reader)
Of pregnancy and cravings
A/N: Hiya guys! Again me with the second story of these series! Again, fluff, obviously because I'm not capable of writing anything else, but this time our victim is Ryōta, just because I am a tiny bit extremely obsessed with him.
I hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think ^-^!
You strolled down the path of the crowded park, your right hand safely held by a warm, big and comforting hand.
All you wanted to do was take a walk and breath some fresh air, maybe eat an ice-cream (or two), and enjoy a good time outside. The day was sunny and lively, and so you had asked your husband to take you to the park. He had been against the idea at first, but after some convincing he had reluctantly agreed.
“Ryō?” You asked, slowing down and eventually stopping walking.
He hummed in response, turning his head in your direction. “Yeah? Is something wrong?”
Amusedly watchi
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 276 35
Care is Essential {Akashi / Pregnant! Reader}[REQ]
requested by Sakuxra (on Wattpad)
I hope you enjoy this story! ^^
"Mm..." You fluttered your eyes open as you awoke to a palatable aroma of bacon and eggs being cooked. You slowly sat up, trying not to disturb the life growing inside of you. The door creaked open and your red-haired husband came into view, holding a tray with water and a plate with bacon and eggs (With utensils, of course!). "Good morning." He smiled at you and sat on a chair beside your bed, placing the tray on his lap.
"Seijurō, you didn't have to do this.. Y'know I can still walk by myself, right?" You said, rubbing your belly. 
"I can't have you exerting too much energy. It would be a strain on you and the baby." He replied, cutting the bacon and eggs into pieces.
"Ah, I can do that myself-"
"No. I'll feed you." Seijurō calmly said as he pierced the ends of the fork into a piece of the egg and brought it near your mouth.
You blinked at it. "Is it really necessary for you to feed me even if I can mo
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 346 29
[KnB] Kise Ryouta x Reader: Panties
" Y/N-cchi!" You turned around, to see the blonde model, Kise Ryota running after you, panting hard.
" Ah, Kise." You smiled at him, as he attempted to catch his breath." It looks like you just ran a marathon." You chuckled softly.
" I'll run... any... distance if it... means seeing... you..." He took a deep breath, panting between words.
" Aw, Kise..." You blushed." What do you need?"
He sucked in air through his nose, as he straightened himself, beaming down at you." I'm here to walk with you to school!"
You grinned, walking forward, him following in suit." Alright, then. Thank you!"
" Mhm!" He hummed, squinting his eyes." It's windy today, isn't it?"
" It is." You nodded your head in agreement.
Your conversations died down, as the two of you walked in a blissful silence. You would peak up at the model here and there, wondering how you got so lucky to have him. His golden hair dancing beautifully in the wind, his shiny bronze eyes full of mirth and life, and his boastful personality,
:icondeja-sama:Deja-Sama 349 86
longingly stare Base by Penguin-Drumz longingly stare Base :iconpenguin-drumz:Penguin-Drumz 2,018 137
Intruding Players Ch. 1 (KNB Various x Reader)
As an only child from a wealthy family, you usually got what you wanted but you were not spoiled. No... Nothing like that. It was the complete opposite. You were happy alongside both your parents who only wanted the best for you like any other parents would. Your father was a well known doctor and surgeon while your mother was an expert chef, the best the world could have possibly known. They were both young when they had you but still managed to live their professions, which left you alone most of the time, but happy with all those tutors, mentors, and teachers you had to entertain you. To keep yourself busy, those professionals taught you all that you were interested in since you rarely left home. You learned all subjects taught in school and even did several sports since you were so athletic. School seemed pointless since you already knew everything you had been taught before, but needless to say you wanted to be normal, away from a wealthy girl's easy way of life.
Years of your you
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 167 15
Of pregnancy and cravings (Kasamatsu x Reader)
Of pregnancy and cravings
A/N: Hello everybody! Here's yet another story for my series :D!
This is actually a late b-day gift for my waifu; :iconOw-My-Arrow:, I hope you like it baby!
I'm sorry I suck at endings T_T
Also, this is the first time I write for Kasamatsu, so if senpai-san is a bit ooc, please, forgive me!
An impatient sigh escaped Yukio Kasamatsu’s lips as he looked out the window of his office. It was not that he didn’t like his job or anything of the sort, but he did want to return home as soon as possible.
A blush colored his cheeks when he thought about it; home.
Even if he denied to death that he wanted to return because then he would get to see that beautiful smile of yours, or would get to hug you to him and feel your form perfectly molded against his, even with your chubby pregnant stomach. Or because when he was with you he could totally forget about the world and he could just be happy…
A frown adorned his face,
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 109 18
Of pregnancy and husbands (Kise x Reader)
Of pregnancy and husbands
Warning: Kise might be a bit OOC depending on how you look at it, however this takes place when he is sexier older and more mature.
Kind of a part of the 'Pregnancy and cravings' series, but can be read as an alone fic. Fluff, because why not, and Kise because I'm really obsessed with him.
It really, really, really took a lot for Kise Ryōta to be angry; a lot.
In fact, if you were asked, you were sure you could count with the fingers of your right hand the times you had seen him really angry during the last years.
Okay, yeah – you had to admit that he was pretty easy to infuriate, and that often ended up with him being childishly pouty, crying crocodile tears and mumbling something about the lines of ‘so mean!’ and ‘so cruel!’ and sentences of the sort, but you had only seen him angry a couple times.
But when he was angry… dear God, you didn’t
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Late~ Kagami Taiga x Reader - Kuroko No Basket
"Taiga!" Red eyes snapped open as he felt a heavy pressure on his chest. He let out a huff, looking down in annoyance.
There {Name} sat, arms crossed and straddling his clothed waist. He felt his face heat up and he groaned in irritation and fatigue. He shoved her off and snuggled back under the covers, attempting to get the rest of his eight hours.
As {Name} fell back she let out a (cute) squeak. She sighed and got back up. "Taiga! Lets go! You can't be late on the first day back!" As she walked around she notice he was already back asleep. She let out a cry, getting frustrated with his stubbornness. She then grabbed his arm and get a harsh tug only to get.... No where.
She gave another couple tugs but once again was ignored. She then moved to his feet, grabbing and giving a (what she thought was) strong tug. But alas, it did nothing.
"Damn it, Bakagami.. What the hell have you been eating!"
"Yakitori... Gyoza.. Sukiyaki.[1]" He mumbled different dished under his breath before turning
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Aomine Daiki X Male!Reader- it's you.
Alpha!Aomine Daiki X Male!Omega!Reader
warnings: language, sexual themes, mentions of male pregnancy
he/him pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means some time has passed
*omegaverse au
and this is a breakdown of my omegaverse au
"You'd think he'd be a girl with those hips, huh?" 
"You'd think-" 
"He's gotta be an omega when he presents, I would bet my life on it." 
"He'll probably turn some guys if he is." 
"He's probably gay too, what girl would want a guy who has more ass and hips than her?" 
Those were the comments you heard all the time growing up. It was really bad in high school when third-years started presenting when they turned 18. How long it takes you to present after you turn 18 varies from person to person though. So you were fortunate to not have the entire third year student body like this towards you.
You've heard it all; the sexual innuendos, horrid jokes about sex and rape and so on, the rape
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Kuroko No Basuke Posuta! by mazjojo Kuroko No Basuke Posuta! :iconmazjojo:mazjojo 3,603 184
The first time - Aomine Daiki x Reader
The first time you noticed him was the day before school started. You had just transferred from [Country] and you were new to Tokyo. You happened to enroll in Tōō Academy as you heard they were famous for being one of the best high schools in the city. As you familiarized yourself with the area, you happened to walk by to see what appeared to be the basketball team practicing. Seeing you were familiar with the sport, you decided to check it out. When you reached the courts, you heard the squeals of girls as they watched with lovesick eyes. Frowning, you weren't sure what the fuss was about and turned your attention to the game. One male stood out from the group of boys and you felt your [eye colour] eyes widen, practically soaking the image of the boy into your brain. He was tall, about a whole foot more than yourself, with a dark shade of blue hair. You assumed his eyes were the same shade, though you couldn't tell from this angle and you hoped he wouldn't direct his attenti
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No Filter | Aomine x Reader
You really thought you could handle this ‘obsession’ of your boyfriend. It wasn’t like a big secret or something thrown at your face halfway when you were dating. It was public knowledge Aomine Daiki is a pervert for curvy girls. You knew exactly what you sign up for… at least, you thought you knew.
His idol magazine collection, you can tolerate. His fixation on that gravure idol show, you can swallow. Heck, that date you two had where he dragged you to a convenience store to buy the Mai-chan’s latest photobook, you didn’t even bat an eyelash.
It was the constant comparison that grate on your nerves.
You’re never insecure about your breast size before. You simply thought they were just lumps of fat on your chest area. But ever since you dated him, his comebacks of subtly comparing your lack of size to various girls that you two pass by… well, let’s just say..
“Dai-kun, are you even listening to what I’m saying?
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Kagami Taiga Fanart2 by christianamiel21 Kagami Taiga Fanart2 :iconchristianamiel21:christianamiel21 196 20
A Piece of Your Heart (Akashi x Reader x Kuroko)
Akashi x Reader x Kuroko
Final: Kuroko x Reader

There was that annoying feeling again. The feeling that he got only when he was around you and Kuroko. His heart beats heavily and painfully against his ribcage, now understanding that you were becoming even more unreachable. He watches the boys congratulate the blue phantom and the girls admiring the symbol of Kuroko's commitment and love on your finger.
You and Kuroko invited your friends to your apartment for a party, deciding to surprise the gang of your engagement. You figured it would be easier to gather everyone in one place and announce it there. Akashi knew that you would be difficult to obtain, but now that Kuroko has officially claimed you as his lifelong partner, he truly felt defeated.
And even heart broken.
He had thought that yours and Kuroko's relationship wouldn't sustain and was waiting for that chance to make you his. The red head didn't think that Kuroko would have enough courage to
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apologies [akashi seijuurou x reader]
      Yes, it was your usual task to apologize to every single person your boyfriend had decided to threaten, or make fun of. There was a long list, even going as far back to his middle school days at Teiko. At the moment, you had to ask for forgiveness from the group of senpai from Seirin. His exact words to them were: 'Your head is too high for someone who is not on the same level as me.' And, oh dear Jesus, you were suffering from second-hand embarrassment.
      "I'm sorry for Sei-kun's behavior."
      "A-Ah, he didn't mean to cut your face!"
      "He's sorry for making you fall."
      "Sei-kun, please stop threatening people!"

      Akashi had tried to convince you earlier in the day that there was no use in traveling all the way to Tokyo from Kyoto just to apologize to 'mere upperclassmen'. But, no, you decided that it was wrong to leave so suddenly with a b
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Kuroko no Basket- Generation of Miracle by meru-chan Kuroko no Basket- Generation of Miracle :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,893 119
HyugaxReader- Kiss Kiss
"Junpei," _____ yawned, trying to hold her mouth close. "I'm sleepy."
_____ tipped over dramatically, her hand landing in her boyfriend's lap. She and Hyuga were currently watching some subbed American show. She has lost track of the storyline about 10 minutes ago. All she knew was that there was a bunch of nobles in old clothes trying to kill each other for a throne, or something along that lines of that.
"I'm going to take a nap, night-night." _____ yawned again before Hyuga could protest.
She curled up next to him and closed her eyes, holding one of his hands by her face.
Hyuga looked down at her with the tiniest hint of annoyance, then smiled.
Yes, _____ was childish, almost as much as Koga, but he couldn't deny that she never failed to make him laugh. She had no filter, whatever thought came to her was immediately said aloud. She was certainly a handful, but, damn, was she smart. An air-head hiding a mind that rivaled a super computer, who would of thought?
They first met when Rik
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KagaKuro - Skirt by Amanduur KagaKuro - Skirt :iconamanduur:Amanduur 737 154 .:Dou:. KnB - Color Theory by HA2693 .:Dou:. KnB - Color Theory :iconha2693:HA2693 922 69
Daddy!Atsushi xChild!Reader (Protect)
Atsushi leaned against the large brick wall that bordered the primary school his young daughter (Name) attended. Since his wife was on a business trip for the week, the titan-like father was pushed to close down the pastry shop early and come get his child. Atsushi was happy to see you finally exit the front doors of the school, having quickly grown bored of waiting. However, he was instantly concerned when you did not hasten your pace when you saw him.
Atsushi frowned, now fully directing all his undivided attention on you as you wiped away trails of soggy tears and sniffed pitifully.
With long strides Atsushi quickly met you halfway and stooped down to meet you halfway, gingerly picking you up and putting you in the crook of his arms.
"Why are you crying, (N/N)-chin?" He asked with a flat tone of curiosity.
You buried your face in your father's neck and whimpered, tightly clutching his shirt in your tiny fist.
"Bullies...big kid bullies stole my candy." You hiccuped pitifully and loo
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Daddy Seijuro Akashi x Mummy Reader
A loving father~
Seiichi's P.O.V
This morning was just as beautiful as any other summer-day. The trees was gently swaying along to the rhythm of  the wind. The sun had already risen and shone brightly while the birds were chirping their different melodies.  However, that didn't matter for Seiichi at all.
The young infant had just woken up from a pleasant sleep. The boy blinked a couple of times, a pair of big, innocent (e/c) eyes curiously looking around in the white nursery. Seiichi was hoping that someone, preferably his lovely mother would come to his crib. The six months old baby yearned for attention but more importantly he wanted kisses and cuddles from mummy. And now!
Seiichi quickly grew tired of waiting and ended up feeling really lonely. So he did what every baby would do when he was unhappy. Seiichi started to cry, at  first it was only sobs but they soon turned into loud, heartbreaking wails.
It didn't take long before the door was opened and an other person,
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My Place? [Akashi Seijuurou X Reader]
You didn't mean to back talk Akashi. It was in your nature to do so. You had a really sharp tongue, so talking back is just a normal thing for you to do. Being sassy was just your territory.
"Do not sass me and know your place." Akashi hissed this at you, his heterchromatic eyes narrowing to slits.
"I know my place. It's where I'm standing right now."
Akashi's eyes turned dark with anger and you backed away slowly. "I'm....sorry?"
"Get ready to be punished for disobeying." Akashi took out a pair of scissors.
Needless to say, you almost got stabbed with scissors that day.
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Kagami Taiga x Reader (Cooking)
“Wakatta, you got the eggs right?” You turned spying them with the carton, “Good now crack seven whole eggs and stick it then. Then for the second half just get the egg white out of the egg, throw out the yolk.”
Grabbing ¼ cup you quickly turn back around, “Without the shell of course,” your head tilted towards them knowingly receiving an irritated look. “And in a separate bowl, we need to work on your egg cracking skills a bit,” you mumble the last part wearing a cheeky grin.
Hey! I know that, I’m not a baka just-” she trails off digging a piece of the shell out of the bowl.
“Really bad at cooking?” You throw out, giggling as Riko puffs her cheeks out irritated and embarrassed. Huffing she bows her head, sighing you step closer to Riko glancing down at the task at hand, “If you use a spoon you can isolate the shell to dig it out,” you wiggle a spoon in front of her. Gru
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Pick Me Up (Kagami x Male!Reader)
It was a ritual that whenever (Male!Name) finished with his club activities and Kagami finished with basketball practice, the two would meet up at the school gates and walk home together. But today as (Male!Name) headed towards the school gates, he was surprised to not see the other there, as he had already passed the empty gym he knew that basketball practice had already finished. So where could the other have gone?
The idea of finding Kagami seemed impossible as (Male!Name) continued to pass empty classroom after empty classroom. He had been just about to give up but as he was heading past another set of classroom’s he heard voices, as he moved closer he was able to discern the voices were those of Kagami and Aomine.
Heart beating wildly in his ears, the (h/c) haired male peeked through the door’s small window and watched Kagami whose face was flushed as red as his hair, as Aomine- who had the most vexed expression on his face- held up a piece of paper with small writing
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The first time (Kise x Reader)
The first time...
The first time you saw him was in your first day of school at Kaijō High. It had been a boring and uneventful day – well, at least until lunch. You had practically run out of your chemistry classroom and towards the cafeteria, eager to get some food in your system after such an incredibly awful day. Once your humming-self entered said building, you couldn’t help but notice the female population crowding the place. Your eye twitched a little when you noticed the women huddled against certain table. You caught a flash of vibrant, hazel-golden eyes as you passed by the table in a rush. Thankfully those girls weren’t in the lunch line.
The first time he noticed you was in his geometry class. Contrary to common believe, he did enjoy numbers and shapes every once in a while. The day had been peaceful and slow (if you ignore the stalkers that the oh-so-angelic-teacher had scolded earlier that day). Kise Ryōta never imagined he’d be grate
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