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Aomine Daiki (Jealousy) x Reader
Biting the tip of your pen, you tuck your hair behind your ear trying to solve the “Daily Sudoku” in the Tokyo newspaper. A grunt is heard from your kitchen followed by the sounds of various boxes dropping to the ground. Eye twitching a bit you choose to ignore it, adjusting your legs, you pull them back from resting on the coffee table to tuck them underneath your body. Nibbling on your bottom lip, you press your pen forward to fill in an empty slot.

Rip. Crunch. Grunt. Thud. Rip. Crunch. Grunt. Thud.
Are heard coming from your kitchen.
A tick appears on your eyebrow as you try to concentrate on the Sudoku in front of you, only a couple more left then I will go in and check on… Hearing a crash, you huff out frustrated. Dropping the newspaper on the couch you stomp your way to the kitchen to see your best friend slash crush, Aomine, squatting down trying to hide the broken glass, a protein bar shoved in his mouth.
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.:Dou:. KnB - GoM x chibi Kuroko by HA2693 .:Dou:. KnB - GoM x chibi Kuroko :iconha2693:HA2693 1,304 147
Comfort~ Kuroko No Basket Murasakibara x Reader
The apartment was quiet. It had been for a while now. Usually Murasakibara and {Name} would be sitting in the front room, munching on candy and watching crappy T.V. But not today.
Earlier in the day, the couple had come home from the match that Yosen had with Seirin. The one they lost. Murasakibara was quiet the walk home, not speaking once to his girlfriend. Only grunting or nodding in response. And once they arrived, he took off his shoes and walked to there room slamming the door behind him.
{Name} let out a shaky breathe. Her hands clenching one of Murasakibara's old shirts she had thrown on once that got home. It was large on her, like a dress. Even covering the shorts she had.  
She stood in front of there bedroom door. She knocked at first, not receiving a response. she sighed, opening the door and peaking in. There layed the giant. Blankets wound around him, Face first into the pillows.
She tip-toed in and crawled into the bed with him. She knew he was awake. He always whi
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Akashi x Reader : Protect You
You’re the manager of Rakuzan’s Basketball Team. You’re close with Akashi but not to the point of dating~
“Good job, guys! Now change your clothes, ‘kay?” you shouted to all the members. Akashi looked at you deeply from afar and decided to approach you.
“Those should be my words, ___.” Akashi said while patting your head softly.
“I doubt you would even say that, Sei-kun!” you answered while softly punching his shoulder.
“Ah, you must change your clothes too, Sei-kun” you added.
“Okay. Wait for me in front of the school. We should walk home together since its getting dark. You got that?” Akashi reminded and soon left to change his clothes.
You walked out of the gymnasium until you’ve reached the school gate and waited for Akashi. For about fifteen minutes you’ve waited, finally you saw the signature red hair getting into the view.
“Hey, Sei-kun! What took you so long? I
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Keep Me Warm~ Akashi x Reader - Kuroko No Basket
The rain outside poured. {Name} stood in front of the school gym, waiting for her boyfriend Akashi. He was finished with practice but was taking long than usual. She sighed, clutching her umbrella closer to her body.
'Akashi-kun.. Hurry please..' She thinks, fidgeting in place as she tried to distract herself from the cold surrounding her. She had complained about the freezing temperatures earlier in the day, to which Akashi simply gave her his sweater from his uniform, leaving him in nothing but a tee-shirt and his pants.
She smiled, remembering the sweet gesture. Bringing the sweater around her up to her face, she inhaled the sent of the red headed man. She hummed in content. "{Name}~" She jumped, looking behind.
There stood said man. She felt her face heat up. 'I hope he didn't see me...' she thought in embarrassment. "A-Akashi-kun." He smirked in response before walking up the her. His body pressed against her's as he wrapped his bare arms around her.
"Miss me?" Her face headed up
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Akashi Seijuro x Reader (Accept it)
Opening your locker your face flushes as you see yet another gift sitting on top of your books.
This has GOT to stop…You mentally sigh.
Pushing the gift towards the back of your locker, you grab your AP Chemistry, Calculus, and History books off the shelf shoving them into your bag.
Closing your locker, you scream lifting a hand to your heart, “Have you come to a decision about my request?” A masculine voice questions, staring back at you with his heterochromia eyes he wears a slight smirk at having scared you.
Chewing the inside of your cheeks with irritation you tuck a loose strand of your hair behind your ear to prevent your hands from lashing out and choking Akashi for frightening you, “No,” you lift your hand up to cut him off.
God still as persistent as ever…if that’s what harassing is called now a days.
“I can’t, I’m already President of Student government, enrolled in AP classes, and on the honor roll. I
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Short~ Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
"Aomine-kun! Give it back!"
{Name} jumped and jumped but nothing seem to work. Aomine still stood there with a smirk on his stupid face, holding her phone all the way past his head. {Name}'s face turned red with anger, stomping her foot like a child.
"Come on!" She yelled, crossing her arms. "Aominecchi, be nice to {Name}!" Kise cried, getting a knock in the back of the head from Modorima. "Stop being so loud, baka!"
Akashi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Idiots.." He mumbled under his breath, before grabbing a basketball and getting back to practice. Kuroko stood next to Midorima, watching. "C-Come on Aomine! Give it b-back!" {Name} cried again.
She clenched his fists tight, feeling frustrated tears work there ways to her eyes. Why did Aomine like teasing her so much?! "Tch, not my problem your short {Name}~" Just as she was about to yell at him again, a large hand place itself over her {HairColor} hair.
She turned around and was met with a chest. she looked up to see Murasa
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Cuddle~ Aomine Daiki x Reader
A loud sneeze echoed through a small apartment, inside one of the bedrooms sat a {HairColor} headed girl. Blankets were wrapped in a bundle around her with tissues surrounding her. Her face was red,  her nose the stuffed up, Her throat was as sore as can be and her body was freezing. She hated being sick.
She huffed and threw the old tissues in the waste basket and flopped back down on the fluffy bed. She looked over at the clock near her bed, '3:45 a.m'  She sighed, rolling over, and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. she scrolled through her contacts till one name popped up, 'Daiki Aomine'
She pressed 'call' and placed the device to her ear. It rang for sometime till a groan echoed through the speaker of the phone, "{Name}? What is it, its 3:56 in the morning what could it possibly be this time?" It was true his {HairColor} head girlfriend  had called him at late times from dumb things but this time it was important.
"Aomineee... I don't feel good. And I can't sleep
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Midorima Shintaro x Reader (Sick)
Coughing is heard followed shortly by a groan as you roll over grabbing another tissue.
“God dammit, when are those pills going to kick in?” You grumble waiting for the medicine that you took forty minutes ago to start opening up your sinuses. Blowing your nose, you wince when the tissue rubs against your already sore nostrils.
“This sucks…” dropping the tissue into the over flowing wastebasket it misses falling to the floor. Arching your eyebrow you contemplate picking it up for a brief second before rolling over trying to get some sleep.
“Is it so much to ask to be able to breathe?” You whine testing out breathing through your nose, you grimace when you feel blockage.

That’s what I get for working with kids, a shitty immune system, and constant colds.

Fed up with sleeping, you angrily kick the blankets off your legs glancing at the time. “Three in the morning? Awesome…” Swinging your legs over the side of the b
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Childishly Cute [Murasakibara x Fem!Reader]
(A/N): You’re going out with Murasakibara in this story.
(F/N) (L/N) glared at the purple haired giant who was sleeping on his desk, snacks crowding it as well.
She sighed and pulled on Murasakibara’s long purple hair. “Atsushi-kun, would you please wake up?”
Murasakibara lifted his head up and looked up blearily at the (H/C) female who was glaring angrily at him.  “Eh? What’s wrong with (F/N)-chin? Why are you looking at me like that?”
She sighed. What an oblivious child he is…. “Why are you sleeping? You were supposed to be paying attention in class. Instead, here you are sleeping.”
Murasakibara yawned and reached to get his bag of chips that were on the floor next to him. “Paying attention is too much effort~ I can just go to sleep or eat.”
She sighed once more. “Atsushi-kun, how are you get through life if you don’t at least make some form of effort?”
Murasakibara took a chip out of his
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Midorima Shintaro (Tsundere) x Reader
Flipping through the pages of your chemistry book, you bite the pencil in between your teeth as you work out another problem. Quickly scribbling out the answer, you flip to the next page hashing out one more problem. Tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, you tap your pencil against the book to the beat of the music softly playing from your stereo. Crossing your legs, you pinch the bridge of your nose as you feel a migraine come on from staring at the book for hours.
Not now, I’m almost done with homework.
Closing your eyes, you take in a deep breath jumping when you feel your phone vibrate. Reaching out blindly you grab the phone spying a text message that reads: Come over now. Making a face at the demand, you glance at the sender rolling your eyes.
[Name]: Why? And a please would be nice. You punch back setting down the phone you return to your homework. Hearing another vibrate you lean over picking up the phone.
Midorima Shintarō: It’
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Kuroko no Basuke - TEIKOU MIRAGEN by lavena-lav Kuroko no Basuke - TEIKOU MIRAGEN :iconlavena-lav:lavena-lav 1,253 105 .:Dou:. KnB - Twin Ice-cream 1 by HA2693 .:Dou:. KnB - Twin Ice-cream 1 :iconha2693:HA2693 781 52
Prettier [Himuro X Fem!Reader]
(F/N) never understood what Himuro saw in her. He was handsome, and if not an exaggeration to say, was pretty as well. She stared at Himuro's face, memorizing every feature of his face. From his mesmerizing eyes to his nice lips to even the beauty mark.
Every time they walked around anywhere, girls walking by gave her looks filled with envy and jealousy. She felt as if she wasn't good enough for him. As if she was pathetic and ugly.
One day she decided to tell him what she felt. How she felt about him and how she felt ugly compared to him.
As they were walking to a nearby cafe, she suddenly stopped. Himuro stopped as well and looked back at the (H/C) female. "(F/N)-chan, what's wrong?"
She sighed heavily, her bangs covering her eyes. "Tatsuya-kun, what do you see in me?"
He looked at her, confused but also concerned as well. "What do you mean (F/N)?"
"What do you see in me?" she repeated. "I'm not pretty. I'm not like any of the other girls. There are more girls to choose from. And out
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longingly stare Base by Penguin-Drumz longingly stare Base :iconpenguin-drumz:Penguin-Drumz 2,001 135
Kuroko no Basketball x Male!Reader-Prt 1(?)
Old Friend
“Everyone, we have a new member today!” Riko shouts gaining the attentions of everyone on the court as the team jogged towards their coach, “Why are we getting a member today?” Kagami asks earning him a punch from his short teammate. “Don't question me! Dear cousin you can come out!” Everyone looked behind the girl to see a tall (taller then Kagami) hooded figure step out from the shadows, “Now everyone this is (m/name), my cousin.” the room was soon filled with shouts of questions irritating the female. “Riko you never told me you had a cousin!?” Hyuga exclaims before getting whack inside the head,“Stop yelling I will answer all of your questions!” the team watch as Riko basically scold them not noticing Kuroko walking towards (m/name). “It's nice to see you again (m/name)-kun.” The group stops as they watch the blue headed teen greets the tall male “Good to see you as well Kuro.
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Burden [Kuroko X Reader] [PC]
A/N: M first Kuroko No Basket fanfiction! Enjoy~
“Kuroko-kun!” You yelled, waving and running towards your boyfriend. Kuroko, who was with Kagami, looked at you and waved back. Usually he smiled a little whenever he saw you, but lately he kept his straight emotionless face. You were already asking yourself if something was wrong, and when you were asking him once he answered that everything was alright. Of course you believed him, he was not the type who would lie to someone he loves.
“Hello _____-san.” He said after you gathered with him and Kagami. “See ya.” Kagami said before he left you and Kuroko alone. “Kuroko-san, do you want to eat somewhere after school?”
“Oh, I am sorry I can’t. I have practice.” Kuroko said in his monotone voice
“Come on, there is a new place I want to try out! It will be fun!” You said, smiling as bright as the sun.  Kuroko just looked at you with his pokerface, which made yo
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Intruding Players Ch. 1 (KNB Various x Reader)
As an only child from a wealthy family, you usually got what you wanted but you were not spoiled. No... Nothing like that. It was the complete opposite. You were happy alongside both your parents who only wanted the best for you like any other parents would. Your father was a well known doctor and surgeon while your mother was an expert chef, the best the world could have possibly known. They were both young when they had you but still managed to live their professions, which left you alone most of the time, but happy with all those tutors, mentors, and teachers you had to entertain you. To keep yourself busy, those professionals taught you all that you were interested in since you rarely left home. You learned all subjects taught in school and even did several sports since you were so athletic. School seemed pointless since you already knew everything you had been taught before, but needless to say you wanted to be normal, away from a wealthy girl's easy way of life.
Years of your you
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Care is Essential {Akashi / Pregnant! Reader}[REQ]
requested by Sakuxra (on Wattpad)
I hope you enjoy this story! ^^
"Mm..." You fluttered your eyes open as you awoke to a palatable aroma of bacon and eggs being cooked. You slowly sat up, trying not to disturb the life growing inside of you. The door creaked open and your red-haired husband came into view, holding a tray with water and a plate with bacon and eggs (With utensils, of course!). "Good morning." He smiled at you and sat on a chair beside your bed, placing the tray on his lap.
"Seijurō, you didn't have to do this.. Y'know I can still walk by myself, right?" You said, rubbing your belly. 
"I can't have you exerting too much energy. It would be a strain on you and the baby." He replied, cutting the bacon and eggs into pieces.
"Ah, I can do that myself-"
"No. I'll feed you." Seijurō calmly said as he pierced the ends of the fork into a piece of the egg and brought it near your mouth.
You blinked at it. "Is it really necessary for you to feed me even if I can mo
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.:Dou:. KnB - Color Theory by HA2693 .:Dou:. KnB - Color Theory :iconha2693:HA2693 922 69
Puppies~ Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
A squeal echoed through a small apartment. Inside sat a girl, her {HairColor} hair hung freely on her shoulder. Only a tank top and pajama shorts covering her.
She sat with her legs crossed and her head sitting in her hands. She had a cute grin on her face, her eyes sparkling with happiness. In front of her sat the most adorable puppy you'd ever seen.
It was a little Rottweiler puppy. He sat right in front of her, his ears laying flat on it head with its paws crossed over each other. The sudden squeal made the pup jolt. She smiled, and rubbed the puppy's head.
It stood up and tumbled its way to the girl before laying down in her lap. Just then, her boyfriend Murasakibara walked into the front room. He had on a pair of shorts and tee. He walked into the kitchen before coming back with a candy bar in his hand, a chunk of it hanging from his mouth.
"Murasaki-kun! Looks he's so cute!" The girl said, trying to contain the feeling of just squeezing the puppy all she could. The male stopped a
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HyugaxReader- Kiss Kiss
"Junpei," _____ yawned, trying to hold her mouth close. "I'm sleepy."
_____ tipped over dramatically, her hand landing in her boyfriend's lap. She and Hyuga were currently watching some subbed American show. She has lost track of the storyline about 10 minutes ago. All she knew was that there was a bunch of nobles in old clothes trying to kill each other for a throne, or something along that lines of that.
"I'm going to take a nap, night-night." _____ yawned again before Hyuga could protest.
She curled up next to him and closed her eyes, holding one of his hands by her face.
Hyuga looked down at her with the tiniest hint of annoyance, then smiled.
Yes, _____ was childish, almost as much as Koga, but he couldn't deny that she never failed to make him laugh. She had no filter, whatever thought came to her was immediately said aloud. She was certainly a handful, but, damn, was she smart. An air-head hiding a mind that rivaled a super computer, who would of thought?
They first met when Rik
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KnBxMale!Reader-Make it! (2)
KnBxMale!Reader-Make it! (2)
Your POV
As you were exiting the dango (you love DANGOS XD) shop, you checked the time to see you were almost late with meeting the others at Kaijou. “Riko is going to kill me!” Jumping onto your bike you rode down the street heading for the school dodging people and such along the way “(M/name)-kun! Over here!” facing towards the voice, you waved to the group seeing how they arrived themselves. “Good I got here just in time. Did everyone get some rest last night?” you ask earning nods from everyone but Kagami as his eyes were bloodshot red, “Geez man..” you muttered whacking the red head. “O-oi! What was that fo-Hey!” You watch and waited for the blond to catch his breath “I thought I come and get you since this place is big. Kurokocchi ever since you turned my invitation down, I’ve been crying into my pillow since then!” Kise whined, as Kagami kept yelling at him to show the way
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Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader (Sweet-tooth)
The sickly sweet smell of pastries hit your nose as you open the oven. “[Name]-chan, do you have those Cinnamon-buns ready?” An old voice calls from up front.
“Hai Nanami-san, working on it!” You yell back tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. Carefully removing them from the oven you set the four-dozen buns onto the counter. Shutting the oven with your foot you proceed to remove them from the baking sheet onto a tray with your hands. Accidentally burning your finger you hiss in pain pulling your finger back to suck on it. You switch hands successfully removing the rest.
Quickly icing them to prevent the icing from clumping you subconsciously lick your lips watching as it slides down the warm pastry.
“God I’m going to get fat from working here. I should stop eating pastries.” You grunt out quickly glancing down at your semi flat stomach.
“[Name]-Wait!” An impatient voice calls once again.
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Years Later {Murasakibara / Reader} [3]
Murasakibara X Reader || Years Later
A/N: Sorry it's been so long! @_@ I was busy because of school.
P.S. Reader-chan is short in this story.
Bold text indicates speaking in English, regular text indicates speaking in Japanese
"Uwaaaah~ It feels good to be back here~" A (h/l) (h/c) haired girl with (e/c) eyes stared at her familiar surroundings and stretched her arms outward, letting the soft breeze go through her. "It's as warm as I remember!" She grinned, running around the town and pointing out the new shops and buildings that were built while she was gone. "The warm, humid summers in Akita.. So much better that those summers in America.." She sighed, "I wonder if he's still here.."
(L/N) (F/N) just came back from her 10 years in America to Japan and will be attending a new school.
A Christian one, with Western influence in architecture and lessons: Yosen High.
"I can't believe mom and dad couldn't come back with me, though.." She fr
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Languages {Kise / Reader}
"(L/N)cchi~ Please talk to me!~" 
Geez, this was the 67th time today. He just wouldn't stop, would he?
You are (L/N) (F/N) and you are a 1st year at Kaijou High.
You were also almost always seen with another 1st year trying to get your attention.
Kise Ryouta. That was his name. He's been doing this ever since you 'saved him' from his fangirls. AKA You were bothered by the noise they were making and 'politely' told them to shut up and leave. Which includes forcefully shoving a pack of girls out of the classroom and a deadly aura surrounding you. Apparently, this was enough to make the blonde haired boy obsessed with you and follow you around the campus like a small puppy following its owner.
You were the smartest student in your class, probably even smarter than the 3rd years. You wouldn't boast of it, as you were a quiet person. And like any 1st honor student, you were always bombarded with questions from other students asking if their answers were correct and asking if you could
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Cool Guy. (BadBoy!Kise Ryouta x Reader)
You felt like your raised eyebrow would up and lift right off your face at that point. Sighing, you face-palmed and looked up at your blonde boyfriend, glaring slightly.
He knew the implications of the tone you'd used and behind his dark expensive sunglasses, his eyes widened a bit.

After you had all graduated from Teiko Middle School and gone your separate ways, it was rare for you to see the other members of the Generation of Miracles. Since you were in a high school near Kaijou High, Kise and you got to see each other a lot and eventually feelings developed between the two of you. This caused you to be 'Mrs.Kise'. A position that made you very unpopular among the girls in your school...and his school...and all the schools around.
Luckily you were a pretty tough cookie, so the glares sent your way were nothing, especially compared to the ones Akashi sent you when you used to distract his team. Shivers.
So on that particular day, you were finally going to hang
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Sick days || Sick!Kuroko x Reader
Everyone knows Kuroko as a rather emotionless looking guy.
He has average looks, average height – when even not smaller –, average grades and well, average everything. He even barely moved in his sleep! But there was this one exception situation that you had just learned to love today:
Kuroko acted silly when he was sick, it was like he was drunk. He was even more blunt than he usually was and demanded things out of sudden that he actually wouldn't ask for so easily.
And you were right now in this situation.
Tetsuya got himself in the middle of winter sick after a huge snowball fight with you and his teammates. Since his parents had no time to look after him, you were there to take care of him in their place.
“[Name]-chan, kiss me”, he said in a slight whiny tone as you changed the wet towel on his forehead. He looked at you with his deep blue, tired seeming orbs and had a feverish blush covering his pale cheeks, his hair looked as horrible as his morning hair c
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Wish {Child! Murasakibara / Child! Reader} [1]
Child! Murasakibara X Child! Reader || Wish
A/N: The idea of the story was inspired (more like copied) from Voltage Inc.: Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Ichigo's Main Story. The scene was so cute I just had to write this.
"Atsushi-kun! Stop making (F/N)-chan cry!"
"All I did was get some candy.."
"You took the whole bag of candy, Atsushi-kun! Give some back to (F/N)-chan." Tanaka-sensei scolded and reached out for the small plastic bag filled with strawberry flavored chewy candy wrapped in pink candy wrappers.
"No." Atsushi moved 3 steps backward and took one candy, unwrapped it, and popped it into his mouth
"H-HEY!" (F/N) sniffled, "S-STOP EATING M-MY C-CANDY!" The small (h/c) haired girl pointed at the boy from behind the kindergarten teacher, "G-GIVE IT BACK!" She ran up to him and tried to grab the bag of candy, but the boy was taller than her, holding the bag of candy up.
(F/N)'s eyes started getting watery again, "THAT'S IT!" She snapped at him, "WE AREN'T FRIENDS ANYMO
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Title: CAGED Pairing: Yandere!Kuroko x Reader

(Y/N)---> your name
It's been weeks since 'strange' things started to happen to you. You were just a new transfer student in Seirin about three months ago. At first you were afraid because of the new environment but that didn't let you down. You gained new friends especially from the basketball club. Riko and Hyuuga were your closest friends and you started helping them from time to time. Although that's not the only reason why you kept hanging around them from time to time.
The truth is you had a huge crush on Kagami Taiga. He was everything you ever dreamed of. He's tall, had a body of a greek god, a basketball idiot but sweet and gentle nonetheless. Every time you think of him you would blush and smile shyly. This didn't go unnoticed by your friends though.
"(Y/N)-chan why don't you just confess to Kagami?" Riko offhandedly told you while you on the other hand blushed terribly.
"R-Riko-chan. H-He's younger than me and
:iconroane11:roane11 163 24
Cheater!Aomine xReader (Aftermath) 2
You could do nothing to hold back your laughter as Akashi faced you with a flat expression after making such a statement. You ran your fingers through your tangled strands of hair and yawned.
"You guys are the best..." You chuckled quietly.
You suddenly felt Atsushi's large hands envelop your waist and yelped as the violet-haired giant pulled you into his lap again, Kise taking his place on the couch and Akashi standing in front of us all whilst radiating an air of supremacy.
"Given the crime Aomine has committed a fitting punishment is necessary. I would personally like to pay him a visit and enact my own form of punishment," Akashi glanced at the red-handled scissors sticking out of his bag, "However, his victim should at least have the first day in the matter. Any objections?"
Ryouta and Atsushi both shook their heads and you giggled despite everything.
It was impossible not to given how seriously Akashi was addressing the matter. Not to mention the fact that he acted like he was ju
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Jealousy || Kagami x Reader
Kagami couldn't help but stare at the small puppy in the arms of his lover across of him. No, it was more like glare.
He couldn't believe that this damn dog was right now in his own apartment! And snuggling with his boy/girlfriend! Unbelievable!
Kuroko had asked you to look after his dog Nigou because he had some things to take care of and since you were a good person you had said yes, which had made Kagami flinch in progress.
The thought of this dog being in his own home made him nervous and uneasy.
And now Poof!
That damn dog was here.
In his apartment.
Cuddling with his beloved [Name].
Taiga's eye began to twitch. He was supposed to be in its place now!
Hugging you, loving you and licking your fa- That goddamn dog just licked your face!
Looking at human tiger, you began to laugh loudly.
“Taiga, are- are you actually jealous?”, you snickered at the troubled expression of your boyfriend and heard Nigou bark as if he was asking him too.
The Alaskan Malamute wa
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Introductions~ Hyuuga x Reader Kuroko No Basket
"Hyuuga-san! Let's pick it up!" Riko's voice echoed through the gym. The sounds of shoes hitting the floor was heard as the team ran back and forth across the court. He nodded, managing to steal the ball from one of his team mates and shooting it with ease through the basket.
She blew the whistle, signaling a break. The boys walked to the benches, grabbing there drinks and taking a seat. "Whats up with you lately Hyuuga?" Kiyoshi asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead. The young man looked up, a slight blush covering his cheeks. "W-What do yo-" "Hyuuga-kun!" A voice broke the conversation.
The team looked up and was caught by surprise when a young girl ran threw them and straight to Hyuuga's arms. A flustered look spread across the raven haired boys face. Instantly whispered filled the room.
"Senpai has a girlfriend?" "Since when?!" She's so cute.." Kiyoshi looked stunned at first but them a smile spread across this face and he broke out into a laugh. Hyuuga glared, pushing the girl
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Midorima Shintaro x Reader (You better)
Eight pm, Tokyo Hospital
“Now my first born Takumi, he wanted to be a Scientist. So, he studied hard at Tokyo University and ended up working for JAXA that Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in Tokyo. Yep he wants to be an astronaut, always has since he was a little boy,” Haruka Ishida one of your patients chuckles. Smiling softly, you switch out the IV bags tapping your finger against the needle to prevent a bubble.
“Oh my middle son, his name is Yuuta, he is a Neurologist at the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry. Now that doesn’t sound fancy at all, but it is number four in Japan,” Haruka gushes. Smiling you adjust the pillow behind her back, “I know I have read about him in the newspaper,” you reply tucking the blanket in around her.
“You mean this one?” Haruka pulls out a clipping of her son Yuuta beaming in a photo on the front page.
“Yes,” you nod.
“Oh what about this art
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KagaKuro - Skirt by Amanduur KagaKuro - Skirt :iconamanduur:Amanduur 730 153 Kuroko no basuke by tank2109 Kuroko no basuke :icontank2109:tank2109 1,914 45
After Burden (Burden Pt. 2) [Kuroko X Reader] [PC]
A/N: Sorry that Kuroko is kind of OOC ;n; I highly recommend you to readthe first part first before you start reading this story :3 Enjoy~
A few days passed after Kuroko dumped you on the roof top of Seirin, and the pain inside of you still felt the same as in that moment. Your chest hurt like a huge amount of pressure was pressing your heart together, and your eyes felt always watery. More painful was to see him everyday on the hallways with his straight face, looking like he already got over it so easily. Is he just acting like he got over or did he really never loved you as much as you loved him?
You haven’t talked to anyone in the basketball team since that day, and it seemed like they did not even know what happened. Your seniors such as Koganei and Hyuga were still greeting you whenever they passed you. You smiled back at them, but deep inside you wanted to cry. They reminded you way too much of Kuroko. You needed peace and to calm your emotions, so you decided to go to the
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Sweater Weather~ Aomine Daiki x Reader
Cold wind blew, the air sting the skin of the young girl walking home. Early this morning is was sunny and calm, but then the temperature suddenly dropped and it was ice cold out.
She let out a shaky breathe, hugging her arms close to herself. She heard a quiet laugh from beside her. She turned and gave an irritated glare to the man beside her. Aomine Daiki. "S-Shut it Daiki!" She shouted, pouting up at him. He just snickered in reply, giving her a smirk, "Well maybe if you actually bundled up this morning you wouldn't be freezing your ass off."
"W-Well how was I suppose to know it was gonna drop 30 degree's?!" she cried, tightening her arms around herself even more. "Ever watch the weather report?" She shot him another glare, to which he just laughed once more.
It was quiet as they walked. He peaked over at the {Hair Color} headed girl. Her face was flushed, and she was shivering. All she had on was the thin sweater the school provided her for her uniform, the short skirt that comes w
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[Kurobasu] - Replace III by athensis [Kurobasu] - Replace III :iconathensis:athensis 434 70
Good Morning - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
You rolled over with a small sigh, basking in every drop of heat you could absorb. The warmth was so comforting.
You pushed your body further into the haven of blankets, letting it wrap around you. The mattress seemed to be trying to swallow you whole; not that you would have minded. You could just stay like this forever, never having to move or wake up…
“Please wake up, (first)-san.”
Of course, if it weren’t for this person calling you. You batted a hand lazily as if to wave their presence away. This was definitely a dream, and surely it wasn’t that late in the morning. Your head sank deeper into the pillow as you rolled over again. Come on, go away… Could they not tell that you were sleeping?
Something warm, wet, and rough scraped against your cheek, and your eyes fluttered open in a split second. Wiping your cheek with the back of your hand, you looked up to see a familiar boy with his dog in
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Kuroko Tetsuya by 10721 Kuroko Tetsuya :icon10721:10721 2,664 90
Kuroko x Reader: Brother's Instinct
    Note: I won't be adding -san, -kun, -chan and stuffs here. I'm trying to keep it as English as possible so yeah. I hope you enjoy reading!
    "For this project I'm going to have to require you all to work in pairs. The deadline is due next Monday. You have all weekend to prepare so I'm expecting all of you to be able to pass a detailed report on the Shinsengumi and it's contribution to the war. Am I clear?" The teacher asked, coughing lightly and propped his glasses onto the bridge of his nose. The class erupts into a chorus of 'yes' and 'hmms', satisfied, the teacher waltzed out of the room and in a blink of an eye everyone had crowded around each other. Some were looking for partners while some were making most out of the time to chat amiably amongst each other.
    You however, sat idly in your seat.
    It wasn't because you didn't have any friends. It was because of the fact that you had a lot of friends that you didn
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tumblr dump 22 by mintlark tumblr dump 22 :iconmintlark:mintlark 605 21
[RQ]Just A Little Too Much.(Akashi SeijuroxReader)
'Baby, I'm a sociopath, sweet serial killer...'
You hurriedly banged your door shut, leaning against it with your hand against your chest. You subconsciously began breathing through your mouth, taking deep breaths. You wiped away the balancing tears in your eyes before they could streak down your face.
You shouldn't have run.
You knew you shouldn't have, yet your instinct to flee kicked in, disabling your rational thought. Dropping your bag on the floor, you stumbled blindly into your kitchen and leaned over the sink. Having calmed your racing heart down, you could focus properly and think about what you should do.
'...On the warpath, 'cause I love you...'
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Takao x reader - trolly couple
"Shhh... He's coming *giggles*shhh..*giggles*" Takao said to you when he saw that Midorima is approaching.
"*giggles* It's you the one who needs to be shhu*giggles* I can't stop...*giggles*it's too 'pretty'..."
"Oi you! Bastards! " An angry voice said behind you two.  "What is so funny?" turning around to see Midorima crossed his arms.
"N-nothing..." Takao said and tried to hold himself from giggling and closing the magazine.  Midorima pushed his glasses up and gazed on you with his green cold eyes.  "(f/n)-san...?"
Before you could say something, you felt a hand on your mouth. "It's nothing Shin-chan! I swear! See ya later!" Takao replied on your place and
pulled you out of the classroom with the basketmagazine in his other hand.  And Midorima looking at you two running from him.  "Ta-ka-o..." He mumbled angrily.
Takao and you run to the school roof. Breathing for air, you looked at the sky and started to giggle."He gonna kill you~" You said with a singing voi
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I'm Ready
Kagami, Taiga X Reader X Aomine, Daiki
Chapter 1: Mine
NOTE: This is a random Touou game that everyone decided to watch. Just to let everyone know so they won't be confused. Enjoy! :)
"Quit butting in! This is none of your business!" The roar of a Touou student echoed throughout the gymnasium. Those leaving look at the tanned skinned, blue haired boy before ignoring him and exiting to go home. The Touou basketball team says nothing and doesn't interfere between the arguing couple.
"If it concerns your health, I will make it my business!" You snapped back, hands on your waist to indicate your frustration. "Look at your leg! It's shaking already! You've overexerted yourself. You've been having frequent games with pretty tough opponents and you haven't given yourself enough time to rest. You might be a great player, but you aren't invincible. Your body has its limits also."
"You aren't a doctor!"
"I know I'm not, but I don't need to go to med school to tell when you've ha
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Murasakibara xReader (Stuck)
He was glaring at you but your couldn't help it. He looked so re-God-dayum-diculous. You were currently doubled over, shaking with the effort of keeping your laughter silent as you took in the sight of your boyfriend Murasakibara Atsushi glaring at you whilst his hand was very much stuck in the school's vending machine.
You snickered from behind your hand as you drew closer.
"H-hey, Sushi-kun." You hiccuped, "How's it hangin?"
His glare intensified. "The slot stole my money." He pouted, "I want my candy (Name)-chin."
"I can see that." You snorted and moved closer, "So, how's plan "A" working for you?"
"...(Name)-chin..." He glowered.
"Right, right," you chuckled, "Let me work some magic."
Pulling one bobby pin from the many in your hair, you picked the old fashioned lock the school had been using the replace the broken new age one it had been built in with this particular vending machine. A certain purple haired giant had accidentally hit it too hard when the machine went awol and gave
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Kuroko Tetsuya x Popular!Reader
(Kuroko no Basuke)
Warnings: a little crack?
"[Name], please accept this gift!"
"A-Ah, thank you—?"
"No, take mine instead!"
"Ehh, I can take both...?"
"You look amazing today!"
You flushed a horrible dark red at the compliment, muttering a polite 'thank you' while rubbing your cheeks to try and make the color disappear. You waved your hands in front of you as if to ward away the numerous people blocking your path—all vying for your attention—and tried to push past them to get to your homeroom. Needless to say, you were unsuccessful.
You whimpered slightly when another person bounded up to you, clasping your hands in theirs.
"Will you go out with me?"
"I'm sorry, I can't—"
"Oi, who do you think you are?"
"Uh, I'm awesome? Have we met?"
"Um, excuse me, guys—?"
You watched in amazement as the crowd began to argue. You coughed lightly, trying to get their attention, but their raised voices drowned out your softer one.
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Happy Family {Kuroko / Reader}[REQ]
requested by taeyang95 (on Wattpad)
It was a nice and quiet morning at the Kuroko household.
You hummed a song as you cooked breakfast for your husband, Tetsuya, and daughter, Rui.
You felt someone kiss your cheek.
"Good morning, (F/N)-chan." Your husband greeted you, seemingly coming out from nowhere.
"Good morning, Tetsuya." You smiled. You weren't surprised at all because you were used to it. 
"Pancakes? Rui-chan's going to jump up from joy and probably eat all of it." He commented.
"She's been a good girl at school, so I think she deserves it." You replied, flipping a pancake. "She's been getting better at basketball, too. Did you see the look on Aomine's son's face when he saw her pass by him and shoot a two point shot?" You chuckled.
"You should have seen Aomine-kun's face, too." Tetsuya said, remembering that surprised look on his friend's face.* 
You placed the last stack of pancakes on the plate and gave it to Tetsuya. "Could you put it on Rui's usual spot? Thanks.
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KnB - Tigers and Rabbits by Mcgooen KnB - Tigers and Rabbits :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 966 198