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I'll Make A Bot Out of You!
Let's get down to business
To defeat the Cons!
Did they send me Hot Rod?
When I asked for Magnus?
You're the rustiest bunch I ever met!
But you can bet before we're through
Mister I'll make a bot
Out of you!
Tranquil as Beachcomber
But as wild as Carly!
Once you find your inner fan
You'll be Tommy Kennedy!
You're a shineless, pale, pathetic lot
Just like Starscream, bein' a boob
Somehow I'll make a bot
Out of you
Rattrap (BW): Man, we're all gonna die!
Starscream (G1): Don't wanna be screwed by Megatron!
Bumblebee (Movieverse): Can someone explain to me why I'm voiced by Mark Ryan?
Lio Convoy (BWII): Did anybody even watched this franchise?
Primus: Imma big ball called Cybertron!
Optimus Prime: Keep killin' me off and you'll feel the wrath of fans again! (Hasbro: Oh crap!)
We must be swift as two-wheeler!
With all the force of a big wrecker!
With all the strength of a gigantic Prime!
Mysterious as the darkside of--
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TFAV Drab 01: Visionary Dreams
Transformers AlterVerse Drabble 01: Visionary Dreams
(Note: This Drabble Story takes place at the same time as TF AlterVerse Voices)
“Even when darkness has descended across the reaches of space, there is still a glimmer of hope for the first light of morning to arrive. That is why we fight.” – Seraphim Elder saying, from the Sacred Archives of Arcadia Crystal City.
The Well of Allsparks_
4 Months later_
(4 months after TF bandwidth and Broad Battle aka the incident in Shanghai)
  Even as an advanced species, Seraphims dream like all other sentient races of the universe. Although most of them regarded dreams as mere fragments of imagination created by the mind itself, but known only to a few, dreams could reveal a little of the past or a foreshadowing of the inevitable future that was bond to come. Of these few, one knows that an imminent escalation was coming, but it was only sooner or later for that matter...and he hoped he could save whatever he could
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