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Feel Nothing
Feel Nothing
A/N: Takes place during and immediately after Kung Fu Panda 2. So spoilers are inevitable.
I own nothing but Naito.

Water. She was in the water.
Tigress remained still, allowing the cool water to wash over her bruises. Her mind was fuzzy, lingering on the wellbeing of the others. While she had taken the brunt of the blast, she was almost certain that they hadn't escaped unscathed. It took a moment for the panic to completely set in, bringing to mind a horrific possibility.
Po...did I lose him again?
Though the wounded master was desperate to know, her injuries held her better than the tightest of chains. All she could do was lie still, lost in despair. They had failed. Shen's fleet was out, the warriors had no way of stopping him, if they were alive at all.
Her breath caught in her throat. Po... He had beaten the odds yet again. Alive still, despite it all...
As she felt him pull closer, she struggled to lift her head. The effort left her he
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KFP Destiny Ch 5
Chapter 5
Six Years Later…
The sun just started to rises, Po was laying on his bed already wake, he couldn't believe how so much has change over the last six years. Something snuggled next to him pulling Po out of his thoughts, he grinned and holds his wife closely, listening to her purrs.
(Tigress and Po have been married for about five years, and now they're living on the second floor of the barracks.)
"Morning honey." Po said tenderly, he leans in and kiss Tigress's forehead.
"It's not morning 'til the baby is awake." Tigress whispered with her eyes closed and nuzzled her head on Po's chest, they hear a whimpering sound coming from the basket next to them.
"Right on cue." Po chimed, Tigress got up and went towards the basket to picked up the black and orange cub inside.
"Morning Xin." Tigress said sweetly as she kiss the baby, Po went behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. They looked down at the baby with a smile.
(Xin is Po's and Tigress's so
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