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Letters of Regret - Fenris
Title: Letters of Regret - Fenris
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Dragon Age
characters/pairing: Fenris x Reader
Disclaimer: Bioware owns everything regarding Dragon Age. You own you. I only own the plot.

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              Fenris silently growled to himself as he waited in the foyer for a certain someone to come back and fetch him. He impatiently tapped his bare foot against the cold stone floor as he looked around the small walk in area of the very familiar house, trying to find who he came here for or at least something to get his mind off of it. This was degrading. He wished he didn’t have to do this but-as much as he hated to admit it-he couldn’t do this without her help. Besides, she was the best option he had. Varric would’ve just added his embarrassin
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DEATH BATTLE: Minato Arisato vs. Jotaro Kujo
Layne: That's it! We've analyzed the combatants' strengths, weaknesses, and tactics! This fight will soon be underway!
Xander: It's time... For a DEATH BATTLE!

The clock struck midnight.
The moon glowed green.
All electronics ceased functions.
Gekkoukan High School's usual image disappeared, taking the shape of a massive tower, almost appearing as an Eldritch horror unto itself. And, as with many nights, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, S.E.E.S., stood within the first room. Each donned their respective uniforms as they prepared for the upcoming expedition.
"So, some exchange student went missing in there?" Junpei Iori asked, grabbing the bill of his hat, "Seems to be a lot of that happening."
"Is that supposed to be a joke about Fuuka?" Yukari Takeba asked in response, "Cause if so, it's unfunny on so many levels."
"All the same..." Mitsuru Kirijo remarked, "I
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PRELUDE: Minato Arisato vs. Jotaro Kujo
Layne: For centuries, humanity has been fascinated with the Tarot Cards, and the power that such mystical cards could bestow on humanity.
Xander: Like Minato Arisato, wielder of the Fool...
Layne: And Jotaro Kujo, wielder of the Star.
Xander: Since Minato has approximately 170 Personas he could call upon while Jotaro has only 2 Stands by way of a technicality, we're going to limit Minato to two Personas, of the Fool and World Arcanas: Orpheus and Messiah. He's Layne and I'm Xander...
Layne: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner... of a DEATH BATTLE!

A.K.A. JoJo, Jotaro Cujoh
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 181 lbs.
Race: Human
Occupation: Student (Part 3), Marine Biologist (Part 4-Part 6)
Themes: Heritage to the Future,
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