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Street Fighter - Kolin by GENZOMAN Street Fighter - Kolin :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,263 102 - Korra - by KLSteeleArt - Korra - :iconklsteeleart:KLSteeleArt 6,125 398 Street Fighter 5 - Kolin by phamoz Street Fighter 5 - Kolin :iconphamoz:phamoz 1,103 45 Street Fighter V-Kolin by HeavyMetalHanzo Street Fighter V-Kolin :iconheavymetalhanzo:HeavyMetalHanzo 666 15 Kolin - SFV by kasai Kolin - SFV :iconkasai:kasai 752 9 Commission - 'Morning... by Aleccha Commission - 'Morning... :iconaleccha:Aleccha 1,067 117 Lovebirds by toastmstr9 Lovebirds :icontoastmstr9:toastmstr9 562 38 First Date by CocoSniper First Date :iconcocosniper:CocoSniper 396 72 I think she likes you ! by Sixtine-D I think she likes you ! :iconsixtine-d:Sixtine-D 744 17 Kolin by SoDrawnOut Kolin :iconsodrawnout:SoDrawnOut 93 2 Bolin is the muscle by Che-Crawford Bolin is the muscle :iconche-crawford:Che-Crawford 252 25 Kolin - SFV by SatsuiNoHado Kolin - SFV :iconsatsuinohado:SatsuiNoHado 350 9 Kolin SFV by SirWolfgang Kolin SFV :iconsirwolfgang:SirWolfgang 64 1 One of a Kind by toastmstr9 One of a Kind :icontoastmstr9:toastmstr9 261 21 Adorababies by Mirabel-chan Adorababies :iconmirabel-chan:Mirabel-chan 147 12 C'mere You by Zabchan C'mere You :iconzabchan:Zabchan 206 11 Borra Week Day Six: Surprise by YellowWatermelon Borra Week Day Six: Surprise :iconyellowwatermelon:YellowWatermelon 200 46 We Need Serious Ideas by xcgirl08 We Need Serious Ideas :iconxcgirl08:xcgirl08 587 77 Legend of Korra: Bolin Funsies by neo-dragon Legend of Korra: Bolin Funsies :iconneo-dragon:neo-dragon 455 50 Mmmm by bountyDBZ Mmmm :iconbountydbz:bountyDBZ 110 13
Drabble #1 - Beginning - Makorra
That night, as they ride back to Air Temple Island and he sits by a dozing Korra, he knows that it is the beginning of the end and the beginning of something new, too.
He feels Asami's green eyes burrowing holes into his back as he hold Korra's hand – they're angry, sad, jealous. And she has every right to be, he knows this. He knows this is the beginning to the end of their relationship.
The second he had seen Korra, his heart had surged with indescribable relief and he had made a beeline for her. He had cast everyone else aside in favour of the Avatar, for ensuring her safety, for reassuring himself that she was actually there, blue eyes sunken and tired and dusky skin torn in multiple areas, but still there. That she wasn't just a figment of his desperate imagination, that he had actually heard Naga bark and that he wasn't asleep on Oogi's saddle with his mind trying to fill in her absence for his heavy heart. Her weight in his arms had been almost enough to send him over the e
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Panda Lily_LOK by pandatails Panda Lily_LOK :iconpandatails:pandatails 275 12 But I Was Worried, Too by xcgirl08 But I Was Worried, Too :iconxcgirl08:xcgirl08 478 40 Dance by Youkai-Yoko Dance :iconyoukai-yoko:Youkai-Yoko 98 9 Cuties by paandra Cuties :iconpaandra:paandra 147 18 Kolin by Speeh Kolin :iconspeeh:Speeh 1,248 23 Kolin Me by scamwich Kolin Me :iconscamwich:scamwich 716 26 Borra- Shopping by Youkai-Yoko Borra- Shopping :iconyoukai-yoko:Youkai-Yoko 181 16 Hey There Gorgeous by Zabchan Hey There Gorgeous :iconzabchan:Zabchan 93 13 Borra: When I had the Chance by Zabchan Borra: When I had the Chance :iconzabchan:Zabchan 93 7 Borra (Graphic) One of a Kind by sharllot Borra (Graphic) One of a Kind :iconsharllot:sharllot 441 80 Out in the cold by tommasorenieri Out in the cold :icontommasorenieri:tommasorenieri 200 14 illustration #0004 SF vs DS update 3/8/2017 by danimation2001 illustration #0004 SF vs DS update 3/8/2017 :icondanimation2001:danimation2001 61 6 Motivational Poster: Borra by TheAllySue Motivational Poster: Borra :icontheallysue:TheAllySue 230 32 LOK: Smoocharoo by Orangeplum LOK: Smoocharoo :iconorangeplum:Orangeplum 229 17
Shameless Borra Drabble
"Korra, if you want to be with Mako, it's okay. I just want you to be happy."
Korra thought for a moment. She wanted Mako, but was she happy with him? All the arguments and tense silences flooded her mind. She couldn't remember a time when they had fun together.
She took Bolin's hand and entwined her fingers in his.
"You make me happy, Bo."
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Borra crap sorry by Zakeno Borra crap sorry :iconzakeno:Zakeno 399 28 Just a dream(?) by bountyDBZ Just a dream(?) :iconbountydbz:bountyDBZ 80 16 Borra- Snowstorm Series by Youkai-Yoko Borra- Snowstorm Series :iconyoukai-yoko:Youkai-Yoko 542 52 Knock Them Down by BlacklightTrance Knock Them Down :iconblacklighttrance:BlacklightTrance 106 16 Borra fluff by Purple-Star-6 Borra fluff :iconpurple-star-6:Purple-Star-6 264 41 Korra Bolin - 00 by Drakyx Korra Bolin - 00 :icondrakyx:Drakyx 386 83 Kolin by Vrangell Kolin :iconvrangell:Vrangell 186 3 In Soviet Russia... by KDElive In Soviet Russia... :iconkdelive:KDElive 99 35 Borra by Vanilladibs Borra :iconvanilladibs:Vanilladibs 129 8 Borra- Festival of Memories by Youkai-Yoko Borra- Festival of Memories :iconyoukai-yoko:Youkai-Yoko 143 14 Korra/Bolin by GoEnzoGo Korra/Bolin :icongoenzogo:GoEnzoGo 165 24 Love's a Funny Thing by ThisBirdTooHasFlown Love's a Funny Thing :iconthisbirdtoohasflown:ThisBirdTooHasFlown 177 76 Bolin and Korra Funsies :Colored: by Missvirginia Bolin and Korra Funsies :Colored: :iconmissvirginia:Missvirginia 300 41