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TLM - Baby bath :iconx-lilou-chan-x:x-Lilou-chan-x 623 61 .:Triangle-Hedgie-Love:. Swim Sonikku :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 1,430 521 SORA and KAIRI: My Sky :iconannria2002:annria2002 6,007 547 I Love Kawaii Faces :iconrudolphsnow:RudolphSnow 2,265 245 ADVENTURE MEME...PERVERT :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 742 239 MLP - The Acres Shining Apples :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 1,694 73 Uragiri: Like Romeo and Juliet :iconsmexy-boy:Smexy-Boy 305 122 .:Doodle:. SonAmy... Important things 2 :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 931 247 .:Shadow:. Smiling... :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 1,374 671 .:Choice 3:. Breathe kiss... :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 727 75 .:Doodle:. SonAmy... Important things :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 850 200
Prussia x Reader: Awesomely In Love
You were just talking with your best friend Elizaveta when you felt an odd presence around. Ignoring the feeling, you amiably chatted until you felt someone tap your shoulder. As you turned around, you came face to face with a fluffy yellow bird.
Naturally, you screamed out of shock.
"Whoa! Hey [name] you don't have to scream! Geez you scared poor Gilbird." Gilbert, a friend of Elizaveta, said while his bird flew back to perch itself on his shoulder.
"Well you try not screaming when a bird is right in front of your face without warning!" You retorted.
"Pfft I'm too awesome to scream like a wimp!" claimed Gilbert as he cackled.
"Gil what are you doing here?" asked Elizaveta.
"Well…uh…" stammered Gilbert, which was a shock to you as he never stammered before.
"Well?" Eliza and you questioned.
"I… was… going to ask [name] to prom… Since I know that Elizaveta is already going with Roddy and I didn't think anyone else asked her…" Gilbert explained quickly.
If y
:iconits-emina:Its-Emina 355 477
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Sweden X Reader - Silent Poetry
Sweden X reader
Silent Poetry
Just south of a small village, deep in a thick forest, there once was a clearing with a stream and a crooked house. Visitors were rare, yet rumours were plenty, but the man who lived in the small house did not care for company, and was glad that stories of ghosts and demons granted him his solitude. He did not leave his home unless he was desperate for supplies, but even then he would always venture into the village with a cloak and would avoid human contact at any cost.
The man himself was unusually tall, with a long pale face and dazzling dark blue eyes. His hair was golden, tame and short, but long enough to have the breeze dance with the strands. Rectangular spectacles constantly slid down the bridge of his slim nose, and his pink lips had long-forgotten how to smile. He always looked serious and whenever anyone did catch a glimpse of him, they were quite intimidated by his height and mournful expression.
The nameless man was one day sitting in
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