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Sloppy Kisses - Deadpool x Reader
~~~Author's Note: I wanted to write something very cute since I feel like this guy needs much love. Re-reading his origin story makes me teary. ;w; But other than that have a great time reading this oneshot!~~~
"Could you please stop it, Wade?" It had been the fourth time he asked today and you were getting sick of it. Why couldn't he just let the subject drop? You were content at the moment.
"Why? Please, {First}? Please, please, please, please, plea-"
"Argh!! You overgrown child, I said 'No'!" You threw your hands up in the air after punching the Heavy Bag. You had a half a mind to punch him also, but you thought that would be mean plus you were very tired. This sickness was testing your strength. Pulling back your sweat drenched hair, you purposefully walked away from him. 
Sadly, the mercenary wouldn't have have this. He was determined to get what he wanted, and get what he desired he shall. Grabbing your arm, he watched your fatigued body try to retaliate. You s
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Kissx4 meme - Vegeta and Bulma :iconpallottili:pallottili 1,766 360
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Asahi x Reader)
"Is that one of the dads?" a small manager from DateKou asked a player from her team.
"No, stupid!  That's Karasuno's Ace!" he responded, before tacking on quietly, "He just looks even older in that getup."
"Even older?!" Asahi Azumane muttered to the group of boys standing around him, looking down at the suit he was wearing for the party.
Later a group from Tokyo dancing nearby discussed whether or not that was the guy who had been held back five years, and Asahi looked mortified.
"Want me to set 'em straight, Asahi-san?" asked Tanaka, prepping his most intimidating expression.
"No!  Don't do that!" begged the Ace, looking terribly uncomfortable that Tanaka wouldn't listen.
"Don't sweat it, Ace!" his best friend Noya encouraged, clapping him on the back.
Of course, that was easier said than done.  He felt like everyone was judging him negatively now.  He really thought he'd moved past all of this, but now he was hearing voices in his head from the last few y
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Tsukishima x Reader)
God, you are so annoying thought Kei Tsukishima as he caught your gaze and scowled. You scowled right back before returning to the conversation you were having with the other managers from the summer training camp.
You helped manage the team from Shinzen High, and all of the girls from that Kanto training group seemed to get along well. They had accepted the Karasuno managers without problem and had spent a lot of time hanging out as a group. The managers often turned up in the same places as Karasuno between and after matches at the Nationals in Tokyo. That combined with the training camp in the summer and a few other practice matches, he'd had the chance to bicker with you several times over the last year.
Somehow, the two of you always seemed to end up standing away from everyone else, letting each other know exactly how obnoxious you could both be--trying to one up each other with better taunts until one of you gave in. Usually, though, the bantering only ended when one
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Bokuto x Reader)
Koutarou Bokuto was in a great mood. He had finally graduated high school and would be going to a college with an excellent volleyball team so that he could continue to play. On top of that, he got to spend tonight with all of his best friends at an awesome party full of free food, volleyball chatter, and loads of cute girls telling him how amazing it was to watch him play at the Spring Nationals.
The only thing that could make this night better would be if he could convince you to dance with him. He had focused so hard on ball throughout high school that he'd never worked out how to actually date someone at the same time. Being outgoing and flirty was part of his nature and having girls come up and compliment his skills on the court certainly wasn't a negative as far as he was concerned, but when it came to somebody he could actually see himself dating, there was really only one girl.
Besides his teammates, no one had been there for him like you had. Other classmates constantly talked
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Ushijima x Reader)
You were sad again.  Ushijima hated when you were sad because it meant you wouldn't play with him.  You wouldn't race bikes or set a volleyball or even play tag.  He hated that because you were the only kid left in the neighborhood who still played with him despite the fact that he always won.  He always won, but you kept accepting his challenges and you never gave up.  You were the only kid he could play with and still have any fun.
But when your parents couldn't get their arguments under control, sometimes being loud enough that Ushijima knew they were at it from his own house, and they got you upset, you wouldn't play.  Sometimes, you wouldn't even talk to him.  You would just sit behind your garden shed, picking at grass and not making eye contact.
He definitely hated it.
"Want to play spies?  Ninjas?  Tea?" he asked.  Though he cringed at mentioning the last option, he was still disappointed
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Bucky x Reader Kisses - Oneshot
It’s being almost a week since Bucky left with Steve on a mission.
It’s being almost a week of hearing your 4 years old daughter ask for her papa.
It’s being almost a week of you answering her “Soon”; and you were hoping that he was already home so you didn’t have to hear your incessant daughter questioning you.
You were bathing her, or at least, trying, because she was more into playing with her toys (a special set of “the heroes of NY”, courtesy of Uncle Tony, and a Barbie in the role of princess in distress) than to let you wash her.
“Mama?”; she asked while sinking or drowning the Iron Man toy.
“Mmmmh?”; you said while adding more shampoo in her head, you already knew what she was going to ask anyway.
“When is papa coming?”; and Captain America disappeared below the bubbles.
“Soo-”; you were interrupted by your child screaming.
“HULK SMAAAAASH!!!”; and she threw the Hu
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Salty Kisses: Castiel x Reader (oneshot)
It was a ramen noodle kind of night.
You'd been sitting in the bunker at one of the big oak tables for a few hours now. Books were laying open corner to corner as well as old documents and your personal notebook, where you were jotting down any information that was relevant to the current hunt Sam and Dean were on. None of you had ever seen this kind of monster before so you had to do some digging while the Winchester's went out to do damage control.
You wore an over sized flannel (courtesy of Sam) and some dangerously small denim shorts. Your stomach growled and you glanced up from your work to stare at the Styrofoam cup where your dinner was currently stewing in hot water. Your mouth watered and you started bouncing your leg, imagining how salty and delicious the stringy noodles were going to taste. You especially loved the tiny rectangles of freeze-dried carrot...
Unable to wait a moment longer, you pulled the cup toward you and tore the lid off the rest of the way. A cloud of steam
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Akaashi x Reader)
"He says for you to come out," Yukie Shirofuku, one of Fukurodani's other managers informed you through the door of the bathroom stall.
"I can't. I'm too embarrassed. Tell him to go enjoy the party himself. It's not as if he was the one that did anything wrong," you muttered from your current hiding place.
You could hear Yukie-chan sigh and then grumble something under her breath before exiting the girls' restroom again. Leaning your forehead against the stall door, you squeaked out a very quiet scream.
You could kill Bokuto right now. Him and his big mouth. You hadn't realized he was right behind you in line at the buffet. He was being unusually quiet and so you had admitted to Yukie-chan that, yes, you did like Keiji...very much.
"Seriously?!" That familiar voice made your blood run cold. Of anyone to have overheard, it just had to be him.
You turned quickly to try to prevent any damage. "Oh god! Bokuto-san..."
"That's great! You like Akaashi?! That's really great, (F/n)!" he ch
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Twisted Princess: Vanellope :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 11,359 649 Silhouette Of Love :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 4,829 489 Monster Kisses :iconneondragon:neondragon 4,187 215
Just Dessert: Human!Castiel x Reader (oneshot)
You were standing in the cramped motel kitchen, whipping up a box of brownies for the boys when they got back tonight. You’d already fed Cas and yourself with fishsticks and microwave vegetables. Sam and Dean probably stopped off for burgers somewhere, so no need to worry about those bottomless pits. You smiled to yourself to think about how surprised they were going to be to stagger back to the smell of chocolate…
You jumped, almost dropping the bowl. Even though Cas was a human, he still had the freaky ability to sneak up on and scare the crap outta you. This was the third time he’d scared you tonight alone. You let out an agitated sigh.
"What is it, Cas—?"
You turned to look at him, not realizing how close he was standing behind you. Your eyes went wide as Castiels face dipped down towards yours. For a panicked second, you thought he was going to kiss you so when he bumped his nose against yours in a gentle Eskimo kiss you were stunned. He pulled ba
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Undertale and ocs :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,618 73 Just do It - 100 kisses :iconwacia:Wacia 329 49 Shower of Kisses :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 1,747 147 KingdomKisses-Mulan :iconsho-chan9:Sho-chan9 1,225 100 Bunny Kisses :iconlittle-miss-lurker:Little-Miss-Lurker 1,025 129 + Let Me Be the Only One + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 2,147 301 APH: Kisses From Canada :iconrose-mcsugar:Rose-McSugar 1,302 286
First time making love
Trembling lips gently graze
while soft hands explore
stimulating me,
for whats in store
A trail of kisses
Down the small of my back
Enticing me,
My body reacts.
A brush of fingertips
Gently trace every outline
Melting me,
With love undefined
Heartbeats accelerate together
Racing at new speeds
Hypnotizing me,
Desire succeeds
Bodies embracing one another
A sharing of heart and soul
Filling me,
Making me whole
Sensuality ignited by every touch
Bonding through love and lust
Giving me
An exchange of trust
Minds losing innocence
Trusting and loving the best we can
Accepting me,
For who I am.
Embraces of more than flesh
in our romantic pantomime
this is to me
Making love for the first time
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butterfly kisses :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 888 243 Blow A Kiss :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 657 72 Sailor Eskimo Kisses :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 407 56
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Yamaguchi x Reader)
He had made up his mind before the day of the party had even arrived. Tadashi Yamaguchi was going to confess his feelings for you that night. He wasn't going to keep losing his nerve at the last minute, like the previous times he had almost told you. He also wasn't going to talk himself into believing he wasn't cool enough to ask you out. Even if it turned out you had feelings for someone else or you didn't see him in that way or that you liked his best friend, as Hinata had suggested--even then, he would go for it.
Yamaguchi was going to tell you that he loved you.
Well...he would tell you that he definitely liked you as way more than a friend.
He hadn't really mentioned it to anyone and he was dying to do so. Specifically, he had intended to tell Tsuki but before he could, Hinata had made that stupid observation.
After school one afternoon, in the club room, Daichi asked why Tsukishima wasn't with Yamaguchi.
"Because a girl stopped him after class!" Hinata said, looking scandali
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Kiss Study :iconladylexid:LadyLexiD 393 18
First Day Flutters. Karkat!
{Ok, this is to clear up some things. NO. I am not putting a tag on this unless someone
specifically asks me too. I make it pretty clear to everyone, I find it unfair to block things so other people can't read it just because you don't like swearing. Honestly, if you don't like swearing then how do you even read Homestuck?}
...The smell of strawberries.
    "Hey fuckass." (Y/n) giggled, automatically recognizing the crabby troll she declared her best friend. He dropped his hands suddenly though, surprising her a bit. When she turned to look at him, she saw Karkat Vantas with a bright streak on his face as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.
    "Karkitten? What's wrong?" These words seemed to shock the red-blood and, when he realized what he'd been doing, caused his blush to glow even brighter.
    "Nothing asshat! I was just thinking is all!" (Y/n) stuck her tongue out playfully.
    "Karkitten, no need to get mad. I am your best friend af
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For The Future Ch.1
A/N- Finally! The continuation of For Your Entertainment, forget about everything from before, this is the better version. I've written out the entire story, twenty one chapters again :D but a lot can happen in that time span.
This story is a smutty/lemon/romance-like thing so please don't read if your going to get mad about it. ^_^ sorry but I had to say it and thank you for reading.

Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong.
-Murphy's law

Ah, there is just something about a hazy midnight August sky that made a gal really feel like she was in heaven...or simply in love...with the hottest man in the universe, well, in my universe...
Sakura Haruno tightened her grip on the perfectly heated hands that she held and those fingers responded instantly, smoothly seeping like hot honey through her fingers, lacing them with his. She blushed profusely and tried to ignore her resounding heartbeat which began to drag her veins into it's chorus of joy and pleasure. She wasn't
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Think Different :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 440 236
The Kiss
The Kiss:
Together alone:
Just he and I.
His hand on my cheek,
His breath on my face.
Slowly, silently,
His face nears.
My eyes widen with shock,
Our lips meet:
A torrent of colors,
I'm floating, I'm sinking
I'm flying, I'm grounded.
My eyes close,
My hands on his.
Eternity passes,
My heart beats faster.
He pulls away:
I miss the warmth already.
His eyes search mine,
A smile on those…
…delicious lips.
His hands on my waist,
He draws me closer.
I lean into his embrace,
He smells so nice.
He whispers in my ear:
'I love you.'
I smile.
'I love you, too.'
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Lipstick :iconthetragictruth-of-me:TheTragicTruth-Of-Me 2,021 297 Vortex 2015 :iconsirwendigo:SirWendigo 2,420 188
South Korea x Shy!Reader - Kisses
"(Name)!!!" screamed a voice, glomping you, hands immediately groping your chest.
"Y-Yong Soo! Could you please let go of me?" you asked shakily.
"Aw…you're no fun…you're just like Kiku with his personal space issues!!" whined Yong Soo.
"A-Achoo! …I wonder if someone was talking about me." mumbled a certain black-haired Japanese.
"I-I'm not!" you protested.
"Well, anyway, (Name)~?" called Yong Soo.
"Y-Yes?" you replied, not liking his tone of voice.
"Would you like a kiss?"
Hearing that you immediately flushed.
"W-why wo-" you started, but thought about it for a second. You had seen many of your friends get teased with this question, only to find out that they were talking about chocolate. You had a HUGE sweet tooth, so thinking about it made you immediately agree.
"Aw, (Na-) wait, what?" asked Yong Soo.
"I said alright. Now, give me the kis
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Draw Me a Picture [Dave Strider x Reader]
"[Name], draw me a picture," Dave said as he laid down on your bed. He laid on his back and looked at you with his head upside down. You were sitting on the floor a couple feet in front of him looking at a blank piece of paper in your lap.
"I would love to but I'm having a serious brain fart here and I can't think of anything to draw," you said pouting at the pencil in your hand.
"I figured considering you've been staring at the same damn paper for the last ten minutes." You sighed looking back at him.  His hair hung down almost touching the floor and, miraculously, his shades didn't move an inch. He had his poker face on until you heard him sigh. You weren't entirely aware of how long you had been examining his face.
"What," he asked, obviously annoyed.
"Hmm, okay fine," you said. "I'll draw you a picture. Don't move."
You looked down at your paper and began to draw a rough outline of the bed and the Strider kid.  You had been practicing drawing anime and decided to try it out with hi
:iconhunters-n-cheekbones:hunters-n-cheekbones 389 154
GermanyX!Chunky Reader- I Love all of you
Your (Eye Color) orbs fluttered open as they quickly squinted against the rays of the sun that was shining through the halfway open curtains.
You moaned in protest slightly irritated that was the reason you were awake as you tried to get up from the bed only to no avail. You smiled as you looked down to see your boyfriend's arm wrapped tightly around your middle.
You frowned slightly as you saw some flab poking up from both sides of his arm as you tried to wiggle free from his iron grip only to have him tighten his hold and pull you to him snuggling you to him.
"was ist der Ansturm Liebe?" You looked up from his rising chest to gaze into his bright blue eyes. He smiled down at you and leaned down to kiss your forehead lightly and nuzzled the top of your head inhaling your scent.
You snapped out of the slight daze you were in, it always seemed he had that affect on you but you didn't mind it made you feel all that more special. You smirked lightly at the question you asked you not becau
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!Chubby readerxEngland - Cookie Dough
"Arthur, I don't want it!" You shouted this to your English boyfriend who was trying to get you to lick the spoon seeing as he was making some holiday cookies.
"But love, you always want to lick the spoon." Arthur looked at you with a puzzling look trying to figure out what was wrong with you. You two have been going out going on for three years and he could always tell if something was bothering you and something was defiantly bothering you.
"Well, I just don't want to anymore, it's childish." You said with a slight huff as your inner self was beating you up. In reality you really did want to lick the spoon, it was something you've always did. If you baked he licked the spoon and vice versa it was just a silly thing you two did.
There was a nagging in your mind especially after what happened yesterday. You saw Arthur hug one of his old friends and you got extremely worried.
Worried because of the thought of Arthur leaving you.
To some it may sound extreme to think of something
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