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All In A Day's Work P2

"Is that a ball where my nose used to be?"

"I wonder what would happen..."

"That felt... funny? I need to get these head phones off.

"Finally that music is gone, though... that song was pretty catchy."

"Maybe I'll listen to it again later, just thinking about it is making me smile!"

"I wonder if I could get it to play at my next show, the kids would sure love that"

"The adults will also have entertainment with these assets, the whole audience can't keep their eyes off me"

"I don't even have to try to be funny, I'm naturally silly!"
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For April

April: ...
???: Alright, here I go.
???: Good luck.
???: Do your best!
???: Right!

Alex: April!!!
April: Ah!
Alex: Looks like you could use a big old hu-

Alex: Huuaaahhhh!?
April: ...
Alex: Eep! Can't stop!
April: What do you want, Alex?

Alex: Fewf, I almost tripped there! April-
April: Look, just please tell me what this is all about.

Alex: I know you're going through a hard time right now, so I just wanted to make sure you know we're all here for you.
April: Yeah.
Alex: I mean I know you know, y'know? But even still I want to help you feel better!
April: It's not-

Alex: I know! We all know deep down that it's not something we can help with, not as much as we all want to. But that doesn't mean we don't want to do our best for you! We want
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All In A Day's Work P1

"God I hate Mondays."

"The day is just another boring start to another boring week."

"Yes Sir!"

"What is it Sir?"
"Vanessa today is your lucky day, FunnySound™ has generously donated our company one of its products after our recent partnership."
"And Sir?"
"Because of your great work ethic I've decided to donate it to you!"


"I should try these headphones out, I mean the Mr. White did give them to me so they must be top of the market."

"Weird... They started to play without me even connecting them to anything. It isn't even good music it sou
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Pink Bracelet

"Hm, maybe it's time to open that package I got delivered yesterday. I'm really wondering what it could be, I hadn't ordered anything." 

"What the? It's a pink bracelet? I don't even like the color pink and it doesn't seem to match my outfit.. The person who sent me this definitely doesn't know what I like."

"But it's like really pretty though... such a pretty bracelet for me.." 

"Ah... my head hurts, what the hell was that?! I should remove this bracelet." 

"Ungh... what the..? I can't seem to get it off. What kind of sorcery is this?!" 

"Get off you stupid... AAAHH!! My head!! Hng... migraine... hurting so much..." 

"Whaa?! Where did this outfit come from?! I normally never dress like this! I don't even r
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[Contest Entry] The Class Trip
Author's note: This story may or may not have happened in my universe~

Eien: "I know that you're new to our school, but rules are important! You have to wear our school uniform even if this is a class trip."
Eika: "I'm sorry."
Eien: "I know you didn't do it on purpose, and I'm not telling you this to pick on the new girl, but rules are important, you know?"
Eika: "Yeah, you said that twice already."

Eien: "Fine, so let- Where did you get that staff?"
Eika: "Oh, that's not important, just shut up about your rules for a moment."
Eien: "What are you doing?"
Eika: "Well, you're so obsessed with me wearing your uniform, that I thought you could wear mine instead. Also, you have to forget about those rules!"

Eien: "And so I decided, that we will change our class trip a bit. Screw the museum, screw th
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