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I have always found these very interesting, the ability of kinesis.
Literarily translated, kinesis is the movement or activity of a cell or cells to create a stimulus. However, kinesis also refers to the ability of the mind to move and/or manipulate mass or force from sheer will power.
This is what fascinates me, for over many years I have found several kinds that I never even thought possible, and have remembered them all. So, I put them up here for you to see, hurray.
Beside each one, to make it easier, I shall place a known character from a comic or invented universe to more easily define each of them.
Pyro-kinesis: The ability to generate and/or manipulate thermal energy. Basically the action of the brain creating and or controlling heat energy, which in most cases would be fire.
In the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, Prince Zuko, his sister and uncle display this ability
Cryo-kinesis: The ability to regulate the temperature of ones surroundings, making it hotter or usually
:icondaniel-gleebits:Daniel-Gleebits 11 46
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