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Naruto Oc-Uchiha Kamiko by Cuine Naruto Oc-Uchiha Kamiko :iconcuine:Cuine 2,203 325 Xiaolin Showdown by ToPpeRa-TPR Xiaolin Showdown :icontoppera-tpr:ToPpeRa-TPR 4,132 302 Sasuke - Want it all back by kimiko Sasuke - Want it all back :iconkimiko:kimiko 3,821 266 four dragons by liline four dragons :iconliline:liline 5,925 1,034 Chibi Kimiko by Midna01 Chibi Kimiko :iconmidna01:Midna01 1,831 147
Seven Salvations.
To oppose the deadly seven, one must keep in mind
That there are seven others, of a completely different kind.
The Seven Heavenly Virtues, of whom are here to tell
The damned Cardinal Vices to go straight back into Hell.
The first is dear sweet Castitas, the act of chastity.
Abstaining from sexual conduct, and from pure hostility.
Embracing moral wholesomeness and keeping one's soul pure.
Resisting foul temptations and ignoring dark allure.
Temperantia, is the second; maintaining self control.
Restraint, justice and temperance are what guides his prudent soul.
He obtains his moderations, and keeps to what he needs.
Fights against temptation and refrains from brutal greed.
In third place is Caritas, generosity
Willingful self sacrifice and gracious charity.
A love shown through devotion, disposition to do good
Benevolent giving and sacrificial love.
Industria portrays persistence, true integrity
Diligence and work ethic, upholding ones true capability.
Guarding against pure laziness, wi
:iconth3-c0unt3ss:Th3-C0unt3ss 50 74
Yukiko Doodle by Midna01 Yukiko Doodle :iconmidna01:Midna01 3,631 0 XS+ATLA:: Soccer Showdown by VirusGarura XS+ATLA:: Soccer Showdown :iconvirusgarura:VirusGarura 860 151 Art Trade-Kimiko the Seviper by SkyKain Art Trade-Kimiko the Seviper :iconskykain:SkyKain 535 34 Pasteboard brick by kimiko Pasteboard brick :iconkimiko:kimiko 989 170 Sasuke revisited by kimiko Sasuke revisited :iconkimiko:kimiko 5,697 440
The strong survive, the wise excel...
:iconth3-c0unt3ss:Th3-C0unt3ss 70 79
XS:: xiaolin kids by VirusGarura XS:: xiaolin kids :iconvirusgarura:VirusGarura 1,457 96 Prince of Persia - Time to die by kimiko Prince of Persia - Time to die :iconkimiko:kimiko 1,488 177 Dark and Krad - colour by kimiko Dark and Krad - colour :iconkimiko:kimiko 1,373 135 Hair Gel by BrokenDeathAngel Hair Gel :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 982 165
One Piece OC Blank Profile Sheet
Birth parents:
Blood type:
Hair color/style:
Eye color:
Body Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Representative nationality:
Representative smell:
Favorite season and island:
Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Devil Fruit:
Fighting Style:
:iconbaconrainbow:BaconRainbow 131 43
fire-kimiko by 14-bis fire-kimiko :icon14-bis:14-bis 1,421 103 New Kimiko sketch by 14-bis New Kimiko sketch :icon14-bis:14-bis 549 33 Xiaolin Showdown by urusai-baka Xiaolin Showdown :iconurusai-baka:urusai-baka 784 60 Keep trying by Jackce-Art Keep trying :iconjackce-art:Jackce-Art 687 44 Dream by BrokenDeathAngel Dream :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 843 197 New Xiaolin - New Enemy by Blookarot New Xiaolin - New Enemy :iconblookarot:Blookarot 445 53 XS:: XS Meme by VirusGarura XS:: XS Meme :iconvirusgarura:VirusGarura 530 186 Xiaolin Showdown Meme by SYangLau Xiaolin Showdown Meme :iconsyanglau:SYangLau 269 72 Busty by underbust Busty :iconunderbust:underbust 716 49 Ready for School by DJ-BLU3Z Ready for School :icondj-blu3z:DJ-BLU3Z 1,277 71 Cinnamon Pretzels by Commoddity Cinnamon Pretzels :iconcommoddity:Commoddity 339 13 Kokeshi by ShugarSketch Kokeshi :iconshugarsketch:ShugarSketch 3,672 309 Emperor and Empress by Skyrawathi Emperor and Empress :iconskyrawathi:Skyrawathi 121 35 Sasuke collaboration by kimiko Sasuke collaboration :iconkimiko:kimiko 1,033 87 Xiaolin Showdown Buttons by NinjaKitten22 Xiaolin Showdown Buttons :iconninjakitten22:NinjaKitten22 161 105 Complimentry Elements by LittleTiger488 Complimentry Elements :iconlittletiger488:LittleTiger488 268 24 Kimiko Doodle by Midna01 Kimiko Doodle :iconmidna01:Midna01 2,488 0 Anbu Sasuke XD by kimiko Anbu Sasuke XD :iconkimiko:kimiko 1,534 147 He would... by LittleTiger488 He would... :iconlittletiger488:LittleTiger488 761 122
How to get famous through UTAU
This is a text about the UTAU fandom.. and basically how to get famous with UTAU.
I'm writing this because I'm tired of people neglecting VERY good UTAUs just because they don't have the greatest art in the world.
I'm also writing this because I think we need to pay attention to all the UTAU users, and not just the ones who happen to draw well. When you see someone struggling with UTAU, don't just walk away because of their artwork - be nice and help them. We're a big family here!
So lately there's been a lot of new UTAUs popping up, and I can't not notice that people have been popping up as "new, famous" users as well. The problem for me is.. the UTAUs with the greatest artwork become famous, whilst the UTAUs with "regular" art or art that "does not look as good" are being neglected! I really don't think that's fair.
If we all start out with our UTAUs, some piece of artwork and then a song which we upload to YouTube, then why aren't we all famous? A lot of people like UTAUs
:iconpurufufuru:Purufufuru 41 69
XS :: LET'S FIND THE SHEN GONG WU by GO-VG XS :: LET'S FIND THE SHEN GONG WU :icongo-vg:GO-VG 569 21 Kimiko sketch by 14-bis Kimiko sketch :icon14-bis:14-bis 599 26 Xiaolin Showdown - 3D SKETCH by Iza-nagi Xiaolin Showdown - 3D SKETCH :iconiza-nagi:Iza-nagi 851 271 all your worlds .colorpreview. by fredrin all your worlds .colorpreview. :iconfredrin:fredrin 227 62 Commission : Kimiko by ilolamai Commission : Kimiko :iconilolamai:ilolamai 721 192 Xiaolin by Blookarot Xiaolin :iconblookarot:Blookarot 551 45
Forbidden Love.
His Warmth.
His Smile.
His Touch.
His Kiss.
All of that is now gone FOREVER.
Are you happy now?
Have you satisfied your hate for me?
I can never talk with him again...
My eyes are swollen, heart is numb, an i grab my chest knowing that this is the end.
The feeling of anger, sorrow and sympathy lurks deep within me.
I was hoping that you would our love is ment to be...
My heart beats, it bleeds cutting me up inside.
Its torture to live without him by my side...
All I now have is memories...
Replaying over and over again...
My dreams are shattered
and my hope disappears like they never even mattered.
Help...I'm lost in the dark...
Suffering from our two worlds that are so, so apart.
I guess this is is a sign from the heavens above...
This is the new beginning... of our FORBIDDEN LOVE.
:iconkimikocha:KimikoCHA 228 49
One face a day 208/365.  kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown) by Dylean One face a day 208/365. kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown) :icondylean:Dylean 206 26 + Kimiko the Otaku + by Midna01 + Kimiko the Otaku + :iconmidna01:Midna01 679 164 Thank you for watching, Pliskin1890! by bebob4999 Thank you for watching, Pliskin1890! :iconbebob4999:bebob4999 345 48