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Commission : Keramon by emilySculpts Commission : Keramon :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 502 0 keramon by sasakaz keramon :iconsasakaz:sasakaz 382 14 Daily 8 - Keramon by Cryptid-Creations Daily 8 - Keramon :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 494 34
FEED ME (A Digimon-based Creepypasta)

            Timothy was feeling pretty good. Sure, he’d just survived another day of the drama-infested madhouse that all teens know as high school.
            However, what made today so special was the fact that he finally worked up the courage to ask out Kristy, one of the hottest girls in the school, in front of everyone and she said yes. She actually agreed to go out with him! Even though he was practically at the bottom of the student social hierarchy! He wasn’t popular by any stretch of the imagination, but Kristy had still said yes. Now Timothy Johnston had a shot at being the boyfriend of one of the hottest girls in the entire school!
            The love-struck teenager would’ve probably been daydreaming for the rest of his bus-ride if he hadn’t been interrupted by the notifi
:iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 23 13
BEN meets Keramon by The-Metal-Maniac BEN meets Keramon :iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 129 38 Favorite characters meme by Shoyu-Rai Favorite characters meme :iconshoyu-rai:Shoyu-Rai 113 39 Digimon Sketching: Diaboromon, Keramon, and Kuramo by LindseyWArt Digimon Sketching: Diaboromon, Keramon, and Kuramo :iconlindseywart:LindseyWArt 200 26 keramon by extyrannomon keramon :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 224 10 KeraNom (Digimon Creepypasta OC) by The-Metal-Maniac KeraNom (Digimon Creepypasta OC) :iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 56 11 Keramon Emotion by CottonValent Keramon Emotion :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 172 28 Keramon Icon by CottonValent Keramon Icon :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 82 21
Digimon: Heroes Episode 20
Web War: The Coming of Sakuyamon!
*Inside the castle of The Digital World, the Supreme Ruler sat at his chair, contemplating to himself in front of his computer*
Supreme Ruler: This is inconceivable... No matter what ideas I come up with, those damn cretins always manage to foil them... The problem is that they find the weak point in my plans... This time, I will not fall down the same route...
*Just then, a loud sound was heard from the computer. The Supreme Ruler turned to his monitor to see a large crack running down the middle of the Digi Egg*
Supreme Ruler: *raises an eyebrow*  Yes... At last, the time has come! Now, I must send this out to them... But who should be the approproate target?
*Meanwhile, in New York City, Chris was in his room at home, working on an essay at his computer With Angelomon perched on his head. Robert was there, sitting on the bed, looking at his digivice and his new crest*
Chris: Hey Rob, have you ever noticed the similarities between Lincoln and
:iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 33 20
KeraNom (Digimon Creepypasta OC) Reference Sheet by The-Metal-Maniac KeraNom (Digimon Creepypasta OC) Reference Sheet :iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 35 7 A PILE of friends by Riza23 A PILE of friends :iconriza23:Riza23 225 34 Keramon by CottonValent Keramon :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 307 57 Sinkermon by Midnitez-REMIX Sinkermon :iconmidnitez-remix:Midnitez-REMIX 112 11 Digimon by Sandette Digimon :iconsandette:Sandette 75 57 beautiful dusk, beautiful darkness by Riza23 beautiful dusk, beautiful darkness :iconriza23:Riza23 169 12 Fun at the digital forest by Riza23 Fun at the digital forest :iconriza23:Riza23 253 28 Digimon Keramon shirt design by kaizerin Digimon Keramon shirt design :iconkaizerin:kaizerin 81 4 Keramon's crew by Kappei101 Keramon's crew :iconkappei101:Kappei101 75 30 Kuramon attack by mirrowdothack Kuramon attack :iconmirrowdothack:mirrowdothack 67 14 Keramon by Shoyu-Rai Keramon :iconshoyu-rai:Shoyu-Rai 226 38 Kekekekeramon by Shoyu-Rai Kekekekeramon :iconshoyu-rai:Shoyu-Rai 120 18 Let's play by CottonValent Let's play :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 145 33 Lillymon by DigiRem Lillymon :icondigirem:DigiRem 172 3 Four by Kappei101 Four :iconkappei101:Kappei101 25 12 Keramon data hunt by Rawrkeeper Keramon data hunt :iconrawrkeeper:Rawrkeeper 70 18 DMO team by Shoyu-Rai DMO team :iconshoyu-rai:Shoyu-Rai 87 43 Digi-Pokemon 474 by Midnitez-REMIX Digi-Pokemon 474 :iconmidnitez-remix:Midnitez-REMIX 73 34 Strange by Jhoxesp Strange :iconjhoxesp:Jhoxesp 23 19 DXT2 - KeraTV Registration by lurils DXT2 - KeraTV Registration :iconlurils:lurils 20 8 Fun in the Foggy Forest by joekabox Fun in the Foggy Forest :iconjoekabox:joekabox 32 8 Keramon by Maple-Gunman Keramon :iconmaple-gunman:Maple-Gunman 63 25 Zurumon Mokumon Kuramon by Wooded-Wolf Zurumon Mokumon Kuramon :iconwooded-wolf:Wooded-Wolf 36 7 diaboromon stamp by Puschelhuhn diaboromon stamp :iconpuschelhuhn:Puschelhuhn 95 25 Keramon: I'm hungry... by The-Metal-Maniac Keramon: I'm hungry... :iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 25 7 rookie by extyrannomon rookie :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 33 10 Kuramon by Shaialicious Kuramon :iconshaialicious:Shaialicious 40 10 Keramon stamp by HikariOkami Keramon stamp :iconhikariokami:HikariOkami 50 17 DGMN: Evolution by NinjaSneezes DGMN: Evolution :iconninjasneezes:NinjaSneezes 23 8 1st to Last Villain Meme Example by 4xEyes1987 1st to Last Villain Meme Example :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 20 1 1st to Last Villain Meme by 4xEyes1987 1st to Last Villain Meme :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 25 16 Digimon Villains (Adventure-Xros Hunters) by Omnimon1996 Digimon Villains (Adventure-Xros Hunters) :iconomnimon1996:Omnimon1996 65 108 Digimon gijinka by SilverDialga Digimon gijinka :iconsilverdialga:SilverDialga 37 13 Digimon - Life size Kuramon custom plush by Kitamon Digimon - Life size Kuramon custom plush :iconkitamon:Kitamon 21 0 ISEELUNCH by The-Metal-Maniac ISEELUNCH :iconthe-metal-maniac:The-Metal-Maniac 24 26 Don't Interfere by GojiBob Don't Interfere :icongojibob:GojiBob 23 13