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Eire by elven21 Eire :iconelven21:elven21 265 209 Incoming by Kartumandurix Incoming :iconkartumandurix:Kartumandurix 34 11 Spearhead, Roodstown by subedei Spearhead, Roodstown :iconsubedei:subedei 16 37 Sword in the Storm by Hatch83 Sword in the Storm :iconhatch83:Hatch83 11 14 Warrior Celt by LostLinkArt Warrior Celt :iconlostlinkart:LostLinkArt 7 0 Celtic Warrior by pezet94 Celtic Warrior :iconpezet94:pezet94 5 0 Bs.As. Doodles 1 by Heruman Bs.As. Doodles 1 :iconheruman:Heruman 6 17 Keltoi by WilliamWeird Keltoi :iconwilliamweird:WilliamWeird 4 0 Cu-Chulainn rough sketch by codyrush Cu-Chulainn rough sketch :iconcodyrush:codyrush 4 6 White Hot by MissAnimegrl White Hot :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 4 0 The Littlest Berseker by WoodWose The Littlest Berseker :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 3 9 Ceathair WiP 2 by Airgid Ceathair WiP 2 :iconairgid:Airgid 3 2 Sebastian by SirCloudStrife Sebastian :iconsircloudstrife:SirCloudStrife 3 11 Kel'Toi Lynx Raider by mojaksywa26 Kel'Toi Lynx Raider :iconmojaksywa26:mojaksywa26 2 1 Unconventional Ladies by KellySchot Unconventional Ladies :iconkellyschot:KellySchot 2 0 Celtic Equine by leiko Celtic Equine :iconleiko:leiko 2 2 Victory on woad-sketch by B4LD3R Victory on woad-sketch :iconb4ld3r:B4LD3R 2 0 Towards The Pantheon screenshot by TowardsThePantheon Towards The Pantheon screenshot :icontowardsthepantheon:TowardsThePantheon 1 0 Shield Series 4 - Keltoi by ShadowyNight Shield Series 4 - Keltoi :iconshadowynight:ShadowyNight 0 0 Celtic Head by GreenwickPress Celtic Head :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 0 smile, lick, blush by Sixala smile, lick, blush :iconsixala:Sixala 5 7 Fairy Businessman Icon by GreenwickPress Fairy Businessman Icon :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 0 Happy Birthday BOff by MissAnimegrl Happy Birthday BOff :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 1 1 Sut Mae by Bethany-sensei Sut Mae :iconbethany-sensei:Bethany-sensei 2 10 Red icon by GreenwickPress Red icon :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 1 Stargonian Keltoi by barefoot-fencer Stargonian Keltoi :iconbarefoot-fencer:barefoot-fencer 0 2 Presea close up by MissAnimegrl Presea close up :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 3 6 Children Of Words Cover Page 1 by GreenwickPress Children Of Words Cover Page 1 :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 0 Keltoi character design by ShadowKitti Keltoi character design :iconshadowkitti:ShadowKitti 0 0 Cernunnos by B4LD3R Cernunnos :iconb4ld3r:B4LD3R 1 0 Thanksgiving Bounty by MissAnimegrl Thanksgiving Bounty :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 0 4 Keltoi by ShadowKitti Keltoi :iconshadowkitti:ShadowKitti 0 0 Celtic Thingamabob by GreenwickPress Celtic Thingamabob :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 3 2 Soldier Icon by GreenwickPress Soldier Icon :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 0
Blasphet Bio
Name: Blasphet (Full name unknown)
Pronunciation: Blah – ss – fet
Nicknames: The Murder God
Age: 9,000 years old
Gender: Male
Natural Species: Demon, (species unknown)
Height: 7'7"
Eye colour: Lilac
Hair colour: White
Personality: Blasphet is a manipulative, mysterious and powerful demon of many talents and powers. He can be very seductive when he wants to be, thanks to the incubus blood in him, and unlike most demons, he has a good grasp on understanding human emotions. He has never loved in his life, but has been known to express a more caring side to his usual demonic nature, though it is not seen often.
History: His mother was a half blooded master demon, and father an incubus, and in a rare case, instead of the child being produce as being a full blooded incubus, he is a blend of all three magics, demonic, incubus, and human. Added to this, his grandfather, on his mother's
:iconsylvia266:sylvia266 0 5
In A Darker World by MissAnimegrl In A Darker World :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 2 3 Byrnstrag and Keiran, Jan 2010 by inritius-alliance Byrnstrag and Keiran, Jan 2010 :iconinritius-alliance:inritius-alliance 1 0 Sword woman Icon by GreenwickPress Sword woman Icon :icongreenwickpress:GreenwickPress 0 3 Brach, May 2010 by inritius-alliance Brach, May 2010 :iconinritius-alliance:inritius-alliance 1 0 silverkeltoi by silverkeltoi silverkeltoi :iconsilverkeltoi:silverkeltoi 0 0 Temptress by MissAnimegrl Temptress :iconmissanimegrl:MissAnimegrl 1 2
Keltoi Bio
Full name: Keltoihorysama Nashorokh
Pronunciation: Kel-toy-hor-ee-sam-a  Nash-or-rock
Nickname(s): Keltoi
Age: 6270
Height: 7'5"
Gender: Male
Natural Species: Demon
Eye colour: Luminous green iris, with the whites of his eyes, black.
Hair colour: Black, with occasional green tinge
Personality: General demonic personality. Doesn't have a great understanding of human emotions but is better at showing insight than most demons. Has a strong bond with Kaelin, showing his capable of kindness and affection, alongside his ruthlessness.
History: Used to be ruler of a small province in a larger demon kingdom, but got caught up in a human war by accident, and has therefore been replaced. One thing led to another and now he is imprisoned in a magic binding cell, under the Freedom Fighters Organisation's HQ. Kaelin, however, is against his captivity and is currently plotting to free him.
Virgin: Yes, has no interest in anything sexual
Abilities: Has a very good range and skill of getting
:iconsylvia266:sylvia266 0 15
Barbarian by xenothalos Barbarian :iconxenothalos:xenothalos 1 3 Celtic Knot by Vrolok87 by TribeOfCelts Celtic Knot by Vrolok87 :icontribeofcelts:TribeOfCelts 2 0 Champion of Isle by holysockpuppetbatman Champion of Isle :iconholysockpuppetbatman:holysockpuppetbatman 0 0 Likeness by Bethany-sensei Likeness :iconbethany-sensei:Bethany-sensei 1 15 Keltoi with wolf by KelvarielSulka Keltoi with wolf :iconkelvarielsulka:KelvarielSulka 2 15 Keltoi - Hidden People by barefoot-fencer Keltoi - Hidden People :iconbarefoot-fencer:barefoot-fencer 0 0
A Writer is Never Alone
I was walking down the empty snow-ridden road. The chill night had fallen around me and I was the only person out on the darkened streets at this hour. I was walking sullenly, my head down and eyes to the ground. I had no where to go, no place waiting for me, no reason to rush. I sigh. What was even worse was the ideas in my ever-waking mind had grown silent, retreating into themselves, and locking me out. My stories and writing had dried up, adding to my misery.
I waited for you, today
But you didn't show
No no no…
I needed you, today
So where did you go?
You told me to call
Said You'd be there
And though I haven't seen you
Are you still there?

The voice was singing in my mind. It was my voice, laiden with sadness. Whenever the idea stream in my mind ran dry, I would sink in mood and attitude. It felt like someone was stealing my words, and blocking my friends from me. I rolled my eyes at the irony of it, and kept walking. They're not still there. I answered mys
:iconsylvia266:sylvia266 0 21