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Mello x Near: Human - Chpt. 1
“Hhhmf! Get OFF!” the blonde growled as he was promptly pinned to the floor by his best friend Matt. “Come on, Mello. It’s only a game!”. Mello smirked and headbutted the redhead in the chest, leaping up and laughing. “Well, we should get to dinner now. There’s a rumour that a new kid has joined the Orphanage! I wanna see him, and warn him about a scary guy with red hair who loves video games!”. “Very funny…” sighed Matt, as he and Mello left the small room and headed to the hall.
When they arrived, everyone was chatting and giggling. Mello glanced around the busy hall and wondered how even a new kid could cause so much commotion. As his eyes flickered to the front, he noticed Roger, the head of Wammy’s, talking to a small boy with silver hair. “Guess that’s him. Mr. Newbie.” Matt whispered, causing Mello to turn his gaze away from the mysterious child. “Uh-huh. Ooh, do you think he’ll be able to repla
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Mello x Near: Human - Chpt. 3
Finally, at 1.30am, they all went to sleep. Dreaming of L, dreaming of tomorrow.
Near awoke early that morning, to Mello screeching next to the window. “Get up, you two! L’s here! He’s arrived! I just saw him outside!”. “Gaaah, how long have you been there?” moaned Matt sleepily. Mello glanced at his watch. “It’s just past 8am… So it must have been about 1 hour, maybe nearly 2 hours.”. Near licked his lips and yawned, climbing out of bed. “I’ll just go down to meet this L person…” he mumbled. Mello screamed shrilly and clawed at the silver haired boy’s arm. “NEAR!!! Noooo. No way are you meeting him in your… pyjamas!” he scolded. “But… but… I like my pyjamas!” Near grumbled. Mello looked at him, sighed, and then said “OK then, but at least have a wash!”. Near smiled and headed into the bathroom. After 5 minutes, he opened the bathroom door saying “C
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Mello x Near: Human - Chpt. 2
Mello gulped as he looked at the newcomer’s dark eyes, soft pale skin, feminine lips.
“This’ll be interesting, Near…”

That night, Matt and Mello were chatting and playing video games until, at 11pm, Near woke up and quietly said “H-hey, guys, could you turn the volume down a little bit? I can’t sleep…”. Mello raised an eyebrow coolly, but Matt smiled warmly at him and said “I know, how about you join in? It’ll be a laugh!”. Near blinked, hesitated for a second, then whispered “Ummm… OK then. But only for 5 minutes.”. He climbed out of his bed and promptly set himself on the floor in between Matt and Mello. ”Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” cheered the redhead. Mello just sniffed and kept his eyes on the TV screen, controller grasped in his hands.
One hour later, Matt stood up and said “Right guys, I’m gonna go and get some snacks and drinks. Be right back!
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REM: Interesting Trip
A selection of Keel's notes during his trip from Lios to Fael. Only very few pages though, since he fills about 3 note-books per week... Enjoy~
Keel's notes: Day 197
Traveling from Maertsira to Lios today. I've encountered a couple of terrors on the way, but luckily they seem unable to climb up trees... A weird kind of terrors I have to admit though... black short furr, long ears and red eyes... They hop instead of running, yet they are really fast, I'm lucky I was able to escape on a tree just in time. I will stay here for the night, just to be sure they are gone...
Keel's notes: Day 198
A new day, a new chance to discover secrets all over REM! After the night outside I had to discover that Lios was only a 10 minute-walk from my sleeping-location. Ah well, can't be helped! At least I saved the money for an Inn that way! Thinking positively is way better than being all moody right? Besides, good mood won't show off on my scales in contrary to bad mood... But anyway
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