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TS: The Way We Are Chp. 3
     "...and one gallon of milk," the convenient store owner known as Apu finished as he placed the purchased items into a paper bag.
     "Thanks, Apu," Ruth said, nodding, before handing him money, "keep the change, hon."
     "Oh, how very generous of you," Apu said gratefully, "it will make up for the lousy business of my 'take a penny, leave a penny'." He motioned to the small container next to the cash register.
     Ruth smiled before gathering her things. "Say hi to Manjula for me," she said before exiting out of the store.
     Walking down the hall, Ruth whistled a merry tune to herself, probably for the good life she had made again in Springfield. It had already been a week, and already it felt like she never left in the first place. While on the other hand she couldn't stand Helen Lovejoy or some of the other Springfield women, and there was, of cours
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Isabella couldn't take it anymore. She just couldn't.
Ever since Dictator Heinz Doofenshmirtz took over the Tri-State Area, her life has been going downhill.
Robots now ruled the streets.
Children under 18 couldn't go out of the house unless going to school. (Isabella is 15)
Women were treated like dirt and were now only useful for cooking, nursing and bearing children.
Men had to work their butts off every day 24/7 and rarely came home to their families.
Many innocent civilians were killed every day either from sickness or murder.
The Tri-State Area was in disaster.
And there was no way of escaping, at least until now.
Isabella has had enough. She wasn't going to put up with this anymore.
Tonight she was letting everything go.
She was going to runaway.
The girl looked out the window to see the lost and alone street, taken over by the robots, and let no one pass.
She sighed and looked up.
Isabella was still young, and she wanted to liver her life.
And she couldn't do it while her and a
:icondallimater:Dallimater 9 8
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