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Shakuni - The Sorcerer King of Gandhara by molee Shakuni - The Sorcerer King of Gandhara :iconmolee:molee 352 29 Made the war my enemy by Grypwolf Made the war my enemy :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 2,647 160 Karna by molee Karna :iconmolee:molee 246 65 Ashwatthama by molee Ashwatthama :iconmolee:molee 192 13 Karna - Maha Yodha by jubjubjedi Karna - Maha Yodha :iconjubjubjedi:jubjubjedi 368 26 Yudhishthira by molee Yudhishthira :iconmolee:molee 205 16 Satyaki by molee Satyaki :iconmolee:molee 167 6 DevaShard - Frank Cho Cover by DevaShard DevaShard - Frank Cho Cover :icondevashard:DevaShard 369 28 Karna by rogner5th Karna :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 585 17 ASTINA: Adipati Karna by HNDRNT26 ASTINA: Adipati Karna :iconhndrnt26:HNDRNT26 88 105 happy valentines day by rogner5th happy valentines day :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 370 13 I made two little cards for a friend by rogner5th I made two little cards for a friend :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 333 22 90Th R.A.K: Gatotkaca vs Karna by HNDRNT26 90Th R.A.K: Gatotkaca vs Karna :iconhndrnt26:HNDRNT26 74 101 True heroes kill with their eyes by Shei99 True heroes kill with their eyes :iconshei99:Shei99 207 12 Ujan mas by rogner5th Ujan mas :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 250 11 Brothers by retrozero Brothers :iconretrozero:retrozero 454 41 Shining Force 2 Remake by BG87 Shining Force 2 Remake :iconbg87:BG87 56 43 Sun God - Surya by DevaShard Sun God - Surya :icondevashard:DevaShard 202 21 Surya by DevaShard Surya :icondevashard:DevaShard 105 9 Volcano by DevaShard Volcano :icondevashard:DevaShard 134 12 Karna by mmmmmr Karna :iconmmmmmr:mmmmmr 85 40 Karna - Adult by DevaShard Karna - Adult :icondevashard:DevaShard 107 16 kebyar susun by rogner5th kebyar susun :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 179 14 ARJUN: The Pandava Prince by Bhargav08 ARJUN: The Pandava Prince :iconbhargav08:Bhargav08 14 0 Preperation For Surgery by blackangelofmine Preperation For Surgery :iconblackangelofmine:blackangelofmine 31 26 Karna quicksand by Forgelord91 Karna quicksand :iconforgelord91:Forgelord91 51 6 Karna concept by molee Karna concept :iconmolee:molee 58 15 Daemon Boar - Standing by DevaShard Daemon Boar - Standing :icondevashard:DevaShard 169 4 3rd ANYSC 2015 - Karna by Sokloeum 3rd ANYSC 2015 - Karna :iconsokloeum:Sokloeum 35 1 Maschera by Kluste Maschera :iconkluste:Kluste 25 19 Karna by nek143 Karna :iconnek143:nek143 27 4 Fate / Karna by kahmurio Fate / Karna :iconkahmurio:kahmurio 253 8 Fate/Grand Order Karna Craft Essence by darkn2ght Fate/Grand Order Karna Craft Essence :icondarkn2ght:darkn2ght 137 4 Daemon Boar - Ready to Attack by DevaShard Daemon Boar - Ready to Attack :icondevashard:DevaShard 55 4
the lament of karna
my mother came to see me today,
she had tears in her eyes
i had seen these tears before
on the day after i was born
those tears were of an unwed mother
giving birth to a bastard son
before she wrapped me in silk
and set me afloat down the drain
today her tears were for her favourite son,
any mothers pride
never were her tears for me.
she begged me for the life of her son
the son whom she had given life
she never asked about mine
even though they were mine 2 ask
i am comfortably numb
as she begged me to spare arjuna
whom i am to kill tomorrow
she told me i will never know
the love of a mother for her child
i told her
i will never know indeed
as i promised her
that she will remain mother to five as she has always been
i could see her fear
as i realised her thoughts
she feared if it will be the five she wanted
and not the onewanted one
i remain the unwanted son
blessed is arjuna
his father had come earlier in disguise
and begged me for my earrings
that gave me invincibility
i gave it to h
:iconaditya73:aditya73 8 41
Viilal the Life Stealer Colour by DevaShard Viilal the Life Stealer Colour :icondevashard:DevaShard 46 3 Concept Artx9-Harvey Tolibao by DevaShard Concept Artx9-Harvey Tolibao :icondevashard:DevaShard 41 3
Seasons Greetings [Karkat x Reader]
            Ah Christmas, it’s that time of the year again. The time of gift giving, snow, and those cheesy cartoons invading TV.
            You are [First Name] [Last Name] and you absolutely love this time of the year, not because of the presents like most people, but for its sentimentality. And all you wished for year after year was for it to snow in your small town in December.
Normally when it snowed in your town it was in January, and December was actually a warm month seeing as you lived more to the south. Snow was magical to you, even when it was cold enough for water to freeze you were still toasty enough to run around like a hyperactive five year old who had a sugary energy drink.
            It’s currently December 24, Christmas Eve. You were waiting for your friend Karkat Vantas, you’ve known him for about two ye
:iconvee-vii:Vee-Vii 155 83
Nightmare mode -Karna- (Ys Memories of Celceta) by ShinDnC Nightmare mode -Karna- (Ys Memories of Celceta) :iconshindnc:ShinDnC 90 6 Reya - Full Figure by DevaShard Reya - Full Figure :icondevashard:DevaShard 56 3 Insect Rider by DevaShard Insect Rider :icondevashard:DevaShard 40 6 Aikoh by DevaShard Aikoh :icondevashard:DevaShard 37 10 Karna by Iris-icecry Karna :iconiris-icecry:Iris-icecry 41 2 Karna by t-rob Karna :icont-rob:t-rob 11 2 Prajurit Dewa Wallpaper by HNDRNT26 Prajurit Dewa Wallpaper :iconhndrnt26:HNDRNT26 15 14 Karna from Mahabharata by rkamalart Karna from Mahabharata :iconrkamalart:rkamalart 98 17 Cliff Face in Eathaar by DevaShard Cliff Face in Eathaar :icondevashard:DevaShard 27 3