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HS - STRIFE by Rockafiller HS - STRIFE :iconrockafiller:Rockafiller 2,299 178 CRAZY GAME NIGHT by einlee CRAZY GAME NIGHT :iconeinlee:einlee 9,824 778 carrot2 by Pookie776 carrot2 :iconpookie776:Pookie776 1,577 179 Umbrella by Sylladexter Umbrella :iconsylladexter:Sylladexter 1,156 69
Homestuck X Reader - Late Night Visit
Author's Note:  Alrighty my various bros and brosettes, if you hadn't guessed it already, this is an AU where the trolls had already played Sgrub but hadn't run into Jack and their planet wasn't destroyed.  That way, a majority of their hives are still intact and no one (or at least most of them) haven't died yet.  I hope you find this setting to your liking as you read, and be sure to READ THE DESCRIPTION~
It was Saturday, 12:10 to be exact.  You were out taking a walk through one of your favorite spots on the trolls' planet:  a large, dense woodland full of the whispering of leaves, the calls of many hidden birds, and the quiet steady crunching of your shoes on the brown gravel path you were following.  The large leafy bushes that flanked your path were filled with the scufflings of tiny creatures darting about looking for food while trying to avoid detection.  A cool breeze lifted your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind you as you kept on, the strange brigh
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Homestuck - Playing with trolls c: by MelSpontaneus Homestuck - Playing with trolls c: :iconmelspontaneus:MelSpontaneus 2,391 160 crazy gamzee by mr-radicals-art crazy gamzee :iconmr-radicals-art:mr-radicals-art 1,995 205 Karkat hates everybody by giggity34 Karkat hates everybody :icongiggity34:giggity34 3,841 712
Karkat x Reader - Girls are so weird
"Gogdammit, it's boiling out here." Your eyes flickered away from the magazine you were currently reading, to rest on the troll laid in a deck chair next to you. Both of you were relaxing in the grassy field behind your house - well, trying to relax at least - and it was one of the hottest days on Earth. Seriously, you were ready to melt into the fabrics of your own striped deck chair.
Karkat, the most restless of you both, kept tossing and turning in the chair. All you could do was roll your eyes at your moirail as he squinted at the Earth Sun,  batting his arm with the now rolled-up magazine. "Look at the Sun too long and your eyes'll burn from your sockets, Vantas." You warned him, waggling your index finger with a pursed frown.
"Yeah, I know. But I'm just so fucking bored." He scowled, drawing the humid air through his clenched teeth. To be quite honest, so were you. You'd much rather be inside playing video games and slobbing in front of the TV set, but if you l
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EndGame by mifinlow EndGame :iconmifinlow:mifinlow 1,055 36 The Great Fandom War by Shubbabang The Great Fandom War :iconshubbabang:Shubbabang 3,364 672
Still the Same Chapter One
"Hey Karkat, what do you think this does?"
"For the love of god Egbert do not touch anything." Karkat walked over to where John was standing. He had found a large device with what looked like a transportation pad on it. "It sort of reminds me of the machines in the ectobiology lab." Karkat remarked. John agreed next to him. They had been sent down into the lower levels of the asteroid to search for usable machines to bring upstairs. They were supposed to be focusing on finding a new alchemiter so they all don't starve to death. "It's not what we're looking for let's go," Karkat turned to leave, tugging John behind him.
"But Karkat we haven't even seen what it can do." John complained while being led away from the strange device. "It sorta looks like it is used to transport things. Maybe it works like the alchimeter? It could just be an old model or something, we should check it out!"
Karkat sighed at let John drag him back to the machine. "Well, it seems to be a device used for the pro
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all homestuck trolls by Timeless-Knight all homestuck trolls :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 2,672 625 Homestuck colour guide! [NEEDS UPDATING] by Hanadoodles Homestuck colour guide! [NEEDS UPDATING] :iconhanadoodles:Hanadoodles 1,481 178
Reach Out to Me: Karkat x Reader
Karkat Vantas:
That's when you heard someone yelling, really really angrily.
"What the grub-culling fuck do you think you're doing? Is your thinkpan fried?"
The sound of the angry male shouts shock you from your daze. Stopping completely, you turn your head over your shoulder to see an angry boy stomping towards you. The rage in his features causes you to jolt in surprise. You're falling.
"Get down from- WOAH FUCK!"
Your feet plunge down, a scream ripping from your throat. Eyes clenched shut, and body tense, you know what's next. Except now you've stopped.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."
Strained mumbling drifts through your body's barricade and coerces you to open your eyes. Maybe that was a bad idea. You are hanging over the side of a very tall bridge with crashing waves splashing beneath you.
You aren't falling into those waves though. Eyes widening, you look up. The boy has a white-knuckled grip on your wrist. His face is contorted with the effort of holding you, rage, and...fear?
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 682 110
Mini!Karkat x Reader | let's go
He purred when you scratched him under his chin.
Using your nail, you lightly trailed your index finger up to his nubby horns and rubbed them.
He melted into a puddle of purrs in your hand, little hands gripping the flesh of your palm and leaving tiny crescent shaped nail marks. Eyes squeezed shut, a blush rose on his pudgy cheeks. His mouth fell open, his small chest rising and falling with each rapid breath he took. You had never seen Karkat look so cute in your life before.
"S-stop it," he said without passion, not sounding serious at all. "Fucking annoying h-human, leave me the f-fuck alone."
"Why are you embarrassed about enjoying this?"
"'Cause, I-I'm fucking small and I... in your hand and... I CAN'T FUCKING THINK LIKE THIS!" Eyes snapping open, he struggled to his feet, balancing precariously in your hand. "I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING HUMAN PET ANIMAL! UNHAND ME THIS INSTANT!"
"But you're so cute! I just wanna cuddle and kiss your adorable little self." Bringing him up to your face, y
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INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS by NamiOki INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS :iconnamioki:NamiOki 2,427 540 Humanstuck by CRYST4LM3TH Humanstuck :iconcryst4lm3th:CRYST4LM3TH 2,701 252 Homestuck Dress up game OC version by LifeIsGoingOn Homestuck Dress up game OC version :iconlifeisgoingon:LifeIsGoingOn 1,263 835 Months by conniiption Months :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,928 506 Homestuck God Tier Classes And Aspects by zynwolf Homestuck God Tier Classes And Aspects :iconzynwolf:zynwolf 5,998 732 Grubsitting Eridan:  Projection by Kamden Grubsitting Eridan: Projection :iconkamden:Kamden 2,676 268 [S] John: Just Lose it by PalaceOfChairs [S] John: Just Lose it :iconpalaceofchairs:PalaceOfChairs 6,192 948
Grub!Gamzee x Reader: Don't Leave Me
You hummed your favorite song cheerfully as you finished folding your laundry, placing them into neat piles on your bed. The trolls were so kind to give you a bed instead of making you sleep in slime, which you weren't really sure you'd be able to do. The thought alone made you cringe in disgust. You wondered how Gamzee could stand to eat the stuff anyway, it smelled like plastic.
All of the trolls had been so nice, well, most of them. They had found you sitting calmly on a meteor after the earth had exploded (calmly wailing and biting your nails in anxiety), they were kind enough to take you in. Well, Kanaya was the one who insisted that they help you, being the motherly and caring troll that she was. After a while of living with them, though, they all seemed to warm up to you. Especially Gamzee...he was so sweet. He seemed to like you a lot, but you never knew for sure. He would sneak up behind you a lot and honk his horn, or sometimes he would just wal
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Blank Homestuck Double Meme by neooki23 Blank Homestuck Double Meme :iconneooki23:neooki23 1,224 345 John Give the Crab back to KK by The-EverLasting-Ash John Give the Crab back to KK :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 2,085 211 Boys don't just fly like that. by MarSuMensch Boys don't just fly like that. :iconmarsumensch:MarSuMensch 668 53 I WARNED YOU BRO by conniiption I WARNED YOU BRO :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,300 343
Friend, Leader.
There will be no soft sounds this time
no arms, not mine at least
should've expect this, I guess, no “shh” can sooth your beast
and it was my problem once, that violence inside your eyes
bright red and high with death and pie, and rage that never dies
and I used to blame myself, then I blamed everybody else, but never you
cause you were just a messed up kid,
who'd step in it, get scared and sit,
and pray for goats and gods who would know what to forbid
and when you would reach out, well I'd run my big mean mouth and make it worse
And maybe I deserve that hurt,
destruction of my universe,
so if you've gotta beat somebody up don't make it her.
I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader anymore.
I'm sorry, I messed up, I'm not a leader.
Not a leader.
Not a leader, friend.
No more attempts to make you see, I tried, he succeeded, oh well
but what I can say to a girl who'd play with a noose of excuses until
her big wicked grin disappears in the smoke, and crack goes the rope pulled
:iconall-homestuck-lyrics:All-Homestuck-Lyrics 75 9
Homestuck Pickup Lines by Dragons-Roar Homestuck Pickup Lines :icondragons-roar:Dragons-Roar 2,814 478 priorities by ryounkura priorities :iconryounkura:ryounkura 1,683 106
Annoyance (Karkat x Reader)
100 prompts challenge
Theme: Annoyance
Your latest performance of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" was abruptly cut off by a pillow thrown at your face by the one and only Karkat Vantas.
It was 1:50am and the party going on in your neighbor's house was still going strong, and seeing as the walls in your house were quite thin, you knew that there was no hope of you getting any sleep. Since you had invited your best friend, Karkat, to your house for a sleepover, you knew that he would have to suffer the same fate as you. Seeing as it was past midnight, the sleep deprivation had gotten to you, leading to you randomly singing songs and asking Karkat stupid questions like "Do you think cows have feelings?", to which he would reply with a "Shut up and let me sleep already."
It seemed like he had had enough of your
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Homestuck by kiki-kit Homestuck :iconkiki-kit:kiki-kit 4,002 243 Homestuck Troll Guide by pinkfizzypops Homestuck Troll Guide :iconpinkfizzypops:pinkfizzypops 1,262 157 homestuck sewing pattern by b00ts homestuck sewing pattern :iconb00ts:b00ts 768 84 Karkat and Gamzee Hug by The-EverLasting-Ash Karkat and Gamzee Hug :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 3,101 170 showdown - sufferer 1 by Doodle-Master showdown - sufferer 1 :icondoodle-master:Doodle-Master 2,803 57 +The Great Wall of Homestuck+ by LingeringSentiments +The Great Wall of Homestuck+ :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 530 80 Humanstuck by Rolling-Mozaik Humanstuck :iconrolling-mozaik:Rolling-Mozaik 2,712 360 past karkat: wake up by ryounkura past karkat: wake up :iconryounkura:ryounkura 5,265 284 Solkat Shimeji by pikagirl65neo Solkat Shimeji :iconpikagirl65neo:pikagirl65neo 711 250 showdown - sufferer 2 by Doodle-Master showdown - sufferer 2 :icondoodle-master:Doodle-Master 2,161 82 Poke Karkat Flash Game! by HachiJinkx Poke Karkat Flash Game! :iconhachijinkx:HachiJinkx 1,582 475 Karkat Hug Simulator by SonicRocksMySocks Karkat Hug Simulator :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 2,856 651 Yaois by Kitkaloid Yaois :iconkitkaloid:Kitkaloid 874 23 hemophobia by ryounkura hemophobia :iconryounkura:ryounkura 1,982 88 Homestuck trolls by SIIINS Homestuck trolls :iconsiiins:SIIINS 2,921 338
The Sufferer's Final Sermon

I have been peaceful.
I have been kind.
I only dare to speak what
others have been dreaming for so long.
I had dreams to.Dreams of
what might have been.
Where blood was simply blood.
And all of us were equal.
If wishing for that is herricy, then "yes" I deserve to die.
I've seen acts of the most sublime kindness, and the most vile cruelty.
They say powerful beings find anger when they have no room for love.
What made you so?
Are you scared of change?
Scare of those who are different?
I realize, I am different from you.
I have known feeling that none of you can ever hope to know.
I have known the comrodery of a friend who supported me against all odds.
I have known a compassion of a guardian who took me in who no others would, and raised me to dream and hope.
I have known a love and passion that transcended definition.
There is no use hiding it now...
You all can see me for what I am!
The signless, the sufferer, the mutant.
My blood burns brightly for all to see.
It is a flame
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