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The Urban Explorer by Luches The Urban Explorer :iconluches:Luches 5,927 492 Between the hedges by Bidass Between the hedges :iconbidass:Bidass 348 24 And Whats in the Shadows by Luches And Whats in the Shadows :iconluches:Luches 820 97 Bonnie and Clyde by zetallis Bonnie and Clyde :iconzetallis:zetallis 1,156 29 A Break by Luches A Break :iconluches:Luches 1,116 106 German Schutze by Bidass German Schutze :iconbidass:Bidass 373 30 Kar Ruyasinda - Yagar... by sakiryildirim Kar Ruyasinda - Yagar... :iconsakiryildirim:sakiryildirim 928 115 Crossroads by Luches Crossroads :iconluches:Luches 937 94 Won't know what. by jonjacobsen Won't know what. :iconjonjacobsen:jonjacobsen 551 63 Won't know what . . . . by jonjacobsen Won't know what . . . . :iconjonjacobsen:jonjacobsen 411 46 ISSIZ by excalibur38 ISSIZ :iconexcalibur38:excalibur38 636 50 Hera by Hyrotrioskjan Hera :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 340 56 Kankri Vantas by neooki23 Kankri Vantas :iconneooki23:neooki23 1,388 71 Won't know why - the end by jonjacobsen Won't know why - the end :iconjonjacobsen:jonjacobsen 616 94 eridi gogun kokusu by dusmartisi eridi gogun kokusu :icondusmartisi:dusmartisi 465 152 Conversation by Tuco Conversation :icontuco:Tuco 403 64 Sing me Sweet by zetallis Sing me Sweet :iconzetallis:zetallis 954 23 Karkat by AwHellNo Karkat :iconawhellno:AwHellNo 1,512 164 Life Marks by incisler Life Marks :iconincisler:incisler 487 50 umursamadan by dusmartisi umursamadan :icondusmartisi:dusmartisi 891 179 In the Mood for Love by kevinwada In the Mood for Love :iconkevinwada:kevinwada 509 11 before the rainbow by utopic-man before the rainbow :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 420 16 following the sun by utopic-man following the sun :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 426 45 kar yagmis by sakiryildirim kar yagmis :iconsakiryildirim:sakiryildirim 214 19 Mario kart by felipao4 Mario kart :iconfelipao4:felipao4 152 5 Mrs. Chan 10 by hakanphotography Mrs. Chan 10 :iconhakanphotography:hakanphotography 791 83 my blueberry nights by LadyFreeSoul my blueberry nights :iconladyfreesoul:LadyFreeSoul 465 63 X-1 KAR by MOAB23 X-1 KAR :iconmoab23:MOAB23 166 40 Love Triangles And Its Confusing Complications by hakanphotography Love Triangles And Its Confusing Complications :iconhakanphotography:hakanphotography 246 2 Silent Romance ii by retrodiva88 Silent Romance ii :iconretrodiva88:retrodiva88 336 49 heart II.. by LimpidD heart II.. :iconlimpidd:LimpidD 192 61 Karkat Vantas by kuro-shinozaki Karkat Vantas :iconkuro-shinozaki:kuro-shinozaki 352 67 Beyaz bir yorgan gibi... - M.Hacioglu by fiyonk14 Beyaz bir yorgan gibi... - M.Hacioglu :iconfiyonk14:fiyonk14 113 40 'Till That Bullet Flies by zetallis 'Till That Bullet Flies :iconzetallis:zetallis 439 14
Gamzee x Karkat: Replay
Your name is Karkat Vantas, and Gamzee is giving you a hard time. He's been slapping you around for no fucking reason, and each time you do cry like the nooksucker you are and end up here: at John Egberts place. Always, no matter what, you end up there crying your eyes out. Its a cozy little apartment and you admit it is pretty nice. You don't know what to think about that clown being out of your reach though. Normally you would be in bed, watching a romantic comedy with him. Him being on your side, and him being clinged onto you saying he's cold. But this night is different. You're staying at Johns place and he already has your room fixed up. You don't think its going to be very nice tonight since you will be sleeping in a different bed, and don't forget to mention being alone in that bed. You don't think anything could get any worse than that, at least you hope.
When you fall asleep, you wake up with John stroking your hair and wiping the cherry tears from your red face. You saw too
:iconrainbownarwhals:RainbowNarwhals 72 16
Diyet by incisler Diyet :iconincisler:incisler 277 39 Snow closed the road by angora39 Snow closed the road :iconangora39:angora39 196 24 Mrs. Chan 4 by hakanphotography Mrs. Chan 4 :iconhakanphotography:hakanphotography 202 24 Cheer You Up by alajna Cheer You Up :iconalajna:alajna 663 108 paid in full by TovioRogers paid in full :icontoviorogers:TovioRogers 175 19 Demirkoy by ktk86 Demirkoy :iconktk86:ktk86 157 45 2046 by AfuChan 2046 :iconafuchan:AfuChan 543 29 Follow Me Into Nowhere by hakanphotography Follow Me Into Nowhere :iconhakanphotography:hakanphotography 191 5 Beginning a new day by angora39 Beginning a new day :iconangora39:angora39 87 6 Rebirth by esintu Rebirth :iconesintu:esintu 67 30 THE ANGARA RIVER IN PEREVALNOYE by Badusev THE ANGARA RIVER IN PEREVALNOYE :iconbadusev:Badusev 103 13 FUCK. YOU. by OmgItsChar FUCK. YOU. :iconomgitschar:OmgItsChar 127 36 Alone by CekicPhotography Alone :iconcekicphotography:CekicPhotography 109 12 im_004 by verderveremem im_004 :iconverderveremem:verderveremem 85 15