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Escape the Asylum
Jeff sighed angrily. He was disappointed with himself. A few days prior he had been captured when attempting to murder someone; he now sat in a padded cell bound with a strait jacket. He didn’t like having to sit still, he wanted to go out and see others bleed. They would pay. They would all pay.
Jeff didn’t know where he was, but he knew that he was not in the same town that he had been captured in. He hoped the others knew where he was, he was sick of this place. Jeff kicked the wall angrily.
An alarm went off outside of his cell. Jeff turned his head to look at the door. Maybe someone tried to escape and idiotically set off the alarm.
“Idiot.” He scoffed under his breath, even though he himself couldn’t figure out how to escape.
*   *   *
“Hey what happened!? Where’s the security breach!?” A guard ran into the security room. He glared at the one sitting on the chair watching the monitors. He had heard that there was someone new working
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Youko and Kuronue - Poker Face by Yon-kitty Youko and Kuronue - Poker Face :iconyon-kitty:Yon-kitty 786 93
Play The Game
“Dammit!” Scott heard his friend Will shout from the other room. “Not again!” Scott was lounging on the couch and reading a magazine when Will stormed into the room. “That thief has stolen some more things!” Scott set down the magazine.
“You sure it’s not just raccoons or something?” Scott asked. “Sure of it!” Will replied, “Raccoons would of taken food or something; this guy just took some bottles of alcohol and other things that I don’t think any raccoon would want!”
Scott and Will were on a hunting trip in the forest, they were staying in a log cabin up near some mountains. Recently items have gone missing; bottles of wine or beer, books, sometimes even the pelt of the animal that they had killed. Scott wondered where this thief had come from, there wasn’t another log cabin for miles around and they hadn’t found or heard of anyone else camping nearby. Will was determined to get revenge.
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Ask - Question #91 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #91 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 656 227 Shadow, Fox, and Wolf by GingaAkam Shadow, Fox, and Wolf :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 387 201 Music meme by GingaAkam Music meme :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 260 117 #??? Kao by Smiley-Fakemon #??? Kao :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 226 73 Ask - Question #100 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #100 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 707 935 Original Characters by GingaAkam Original Characters :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 279 174
Kagekao Creepypasta Part 2
   (Link to Part 1 in Description)
*   *   *
Mark left the bar he was at. He had come to this bar to have a little bit to drink before he faced Beatrice but he didn’t feel like drinking at all and hardly touched what he had bought. Mark told himself that he would go and apologize like a man and set off towards her house.
Mark reached out his fist and knocked on the door loudly. He waited. No one answered. He pressed the doorbell several times, and could hear it ring through the house. Still no one answered. Getting worried, he knocked on the door and shouted her name, still no one answered. He tried the door knob, and it opened. That was odd; she usually kept the door locked.
The first thing he noticed when he entered was the open window, the wood bordering the sides of it seemed to have a lot of claw marks on it, like a cat had been there. He walked into the dining room, calling out her name. He paused when he saw the bottle of champagne on the table. It was
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Kagekao Vs Ann  by GingaAkam Kagekao Vs Ann :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 292 329 Ask - Question #99 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #99 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 592 326 Scollex and Kagekao by GingaAkam Scollex and Kagekao :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 264 130
First Real Friend - Part 2
There was an article in the newspaper titled “Boy declared insane; kills himself in cell.” This was part of the story released to the public:
“(. . .) After apparently going insane due to increased bullying at his school; the boy assaulted three other students, severely wounding two of them. The boy resisted arrest, but eventually police managed to capture him; after about a day in an insane asylum, one of the security guards was found murdered. Later that same day large amounts of blood were found on the floor of the boy’s cell. The boy’s body had mysteriously disappeared, and the only object other than the blood in the cell was a fractured wine glass. The body however, way never found. He is assumed dead, as there was much more blood on the floor than he could survive losing. A few days prior to his death, the boy’s family (. . .)”
The article was also accompanied by a photo of the boy.
“But . . . but that’s me . . !” Ryan p
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Forgotten Past - Part 1 - Chapter 2
About ten years pass by. Kurai, Yuki, and Kage were all doing well for themselves. Kurai and Yuki taught Kage many things over the years; skills and abilities that would aid him in his life. Kage was eager to learn, although sometimes forgetful of key attributes; such as when you climb a tree, you need to keep your claws unsheathed or else you fall, which he did; many times.
Over time he mastered his claws and climbing abilities, and had mastered his parkour skills as well. He wasn’t allowed to go out and ‘hunt’ like his father did in the city; so he spent a lot of his time chasing after animals and or birds. He never killed them unless they were big enough to eat though.
Kurai and Yuki had taken Kage to the city only a few times to teach him about it. Kage wasn’t allowed to go to the city unsupervised, so the visits were always fun and wondrous to him.
They didn’t allow Kage to go without one of them because of the dangers of the city. Humans could be arm
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Realistic Pikachu by TheK40 Realistic Pikachu :iconthek40:TheK40 860 114
KageKao Creepypasta Part 1
    Mark sighed and looked out at the night sky. He was standing on the roof on his apartment building, four stories up.  Sometimes Mark just liked to stay up here and reflect, it was quiet and peaceful. Looking down you could see the normal hustle and bustle of city life but if you looked up you could see the beautiful sky, and sometimes even a full moon or some stars.
    Mark walked along the border of the roof that helped keep him from falling to his death. It was pretty late; he should be going back down to his apartment soon. Then he saw something waving in the wind a few meters away. Mark walked over to it and picked it up, seeing that it was today’s newspaper, he began to read the front page:
    Earlier today John Parker, age 20, was found dead near the northern woods. His family stated that he never had any real enemies, but he was a bit of a trouble maker. Still they di
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There had been many strange deaths recently, and there were only a few survivors who were willing to talk about it. Most of them spoke of an odd demon who wanted to play ‘games’ with them. Others could only remember a large monster, but the fear from the situation had caused them to block out the memory of what it looked like. The police were determined to catch these dangerous killers, but so far they only had one lead to their whereabouts. Someone had called in to tell them that a creature with an odd mask had been spotted going into a building. The person did not say who they were, but simply told them this fact and hung up.
This building mentioned was under construction, but was nearly finished so it looked like a normal building. A team of four cops had been sent to investigate, as there was no real evidence that the person seen entering the building was the killer.
It was late, and only a few cops had stayed behind at the station. There were three of them. Tom Anderso
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SPN: Do You Like Waffles? by TheK40 SPN: Do You Like Waffles? :iconthek40:TheK40 466 99 Mclaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron by david10072 Mclaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron :icondavid10072:david10072 313 105
Forgotten Past - Part 1 - Prologue
Kagekao looked out at the sky. It was a beautiful blue, fluffy white clouds drifted by the hot sun lazily. Birds sang their happy songs joyfully as they swooped through the air. It was midday; too soon to go out and ‘play.’
Kage was sitting on the roof of a house, just thinking to himself. His hood was down and his black and white striped scarf was flowing in the wind. He felt odd, like something was there, but then again it wasn’t. The feeling made him feel depressed and sad. He felt like he was forgetting something important, and he desperately wanted to remember it.
Someone else climbed onto the roof and approached him. Kage turned his head to see who it was. He turned and looked back at the sky when he saw who it was. The person had on a beige fur lined gray hoodie along with a fox mask. The face on the mask was happy, even though that’s not how he felt.
“何か間違った、カイ?” (Is there
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Little Creepypasta Colts by GingaAkam Little Creepypasta Colts :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 690 294
The full moon was up in the sky, shinning down on the city. It was a typical spring night in Japan. Kagekao sat atop a building. At fifteen years of age, he was restless to go out and do something; yet he couldn’t seem to find anything to do. Overlooking the city, he could see all around at the roads and assorted buildings. He wanted to go and play another one of his games with someone, but he couldn’t seem to get in the mood.
Although Kage had lots of fun playing his deranged games with random people, something felt missing. He didn’t really have any other person to truly call his friend. The only other demonic creature he knew of was a shinigami* named Scollex (*shinigami – Death God). Even though when first meeting Scollex Kage had wanted to become friends, it hadn’t worked out and now they resented each other. He couldn’t remember much from his childhood, he didn’t know where is parents were; or if he even had parents, or if they were even
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To Live With Glory by karaskitty To Live With Glory :iconkaraskitty:karaskitty 256 44 Scp 2730 by GingaAkam Scp 2730 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 346 94 Surprised? by GingaAkam Surprised? :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 252 168
Worthy Adversary - Part 2
Glen looked down in the direction where Kagekao had fallen. He didn’t see him; all he saw were the thick bushes that were growing down there. He put his gun away, and then retrieved the other two. Glen was a bit surprised that he had actually won, and he was proud of himself.
“Big mistake giving me a second chance.” He said mockingly. “And now you’re dead.”
Glen walked calmly towards the door leading to inside the building. As he walked down the stairs he took out his phone to call Adam. Before he called, he just admired the scenery of the events that had taken place a little while ago; the broken mirror, the room with the blood, the small trail of blood that had fallen from Kage’s arm, things like that.
Reaching the first floor and entering the lobby, Glen called Adam to tell him the news. While he waited for Adam to pick up, Glen walked outside and towards the area where he assumed Kagekao had landed. Then Adam picked up, and he began talking
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First Real Friend - Part 1
Ryan was walking home from school. He took the route he usually took back to his house; a small sidewalk path near the woods that was away from where most kids walked. Life was tough for him. He was seventeen years old in high school; and he had no friends in school. Ever since he was a little preschooler, the other kids made fun of him. He never had a friend there; he often wondered what it was like to chat with a buddy or go hang out. Although he never really understood why the others made fun of him, he now had given up on making friends and just avoided the other teens all together.
Ryan walked slowly; he enjoyed being out here, alone; no one calling him names or asking why he was hitting himself. He looked out and watched as a robin flew happily by, singing its happy song and flapping its proud wings. He saw a squirrel climbing and jumping briskly among the tree branches.  Ryan soon reached his neighborhood, luckily for him this neighborhood only had a few residents; it was also n
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Tanoshine~ by GingaAkam Tanoshine~ :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 446 172
    I open my eyes. All I can see is darkness, though. No, wait, my eyes are adjusting, I can see some objects now; am I on the floor? I turn my head slowly to the side, and wince in pain a little. My body feels sore all over, why do I feel this way? I . . . I can’t remember . . .
    I see there’s someone lying next to me, on the floor as well. My eyes try to adjust to the dark light to see who it is. This guy, he looks kind of familiar . . . but I can’t quite put my finger on who he is and . . . dear god, is that blood!?
    Ignoring the soreness of my muscles I quickly scoot away from him, and he doesn’t move. I’m afraid he’s dead. There’s blood all over him, looks like there’re stab wounds in his chest. No, not just stab wounds, there’s a hole in his torso. A big, wide, gaping, hole. I can see some of his organs, oh good lord it’s awful! I want to look away, but somehow the gruesome scene k
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Near nightfall, two people were driving home. They were both men of around twenty years of age, and were roommates in an apartment. Discussing random thoughts that came to their minds, they were both content.
“Anyway, I think I’ll go check it out tomorrow.” One of them said, he seemed a bit younger than the other. He had a normal body type and was a little on the short side, his hair was dark brown; same as his eyes. His name was Jonathan.
“I haven’t decided what to do tomorrow, well, besides work of course.” The other responded. He had blue eyes along with dirty blond hair, and was a bit more fit than Jonathan.
“Well maybe you could . . . hmm, let me think” Jonathan began to ponder what his friend could do, something besides sitting in front of the television or computer all day.  
“I guess I could-” Ken paused; something outside the car caught his attention. He was lucky he wasn’t the one driving, because he stare
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Kagekao Shimeji by GingaAkam Kagekao Shimeji :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 296 168
Forgotten Past - Part 2 - Chapter 1
Kagekao had managed to sneak onto a flight headed to Japan. It was a long flight, but he managed to stay hidden throughout it. However, it was boring; so he did decide to have some fun towards the end of the flight.
After the plane had landed and the passengers were waiting to be let out, Kage had snuck up on two of the airline staff. He killed them silently, and then put their bloody bodies on the cart that held drinks and food. He then shoved the cart down the aisle, sending it rolling away with the bodies on it, spilling blood onto the floor as it sped by the passengers.
The passengers had panicked and started screaming and running around. Kage, satisfied with his work, made his way away from the scene and towards the cargo hold. People had already begun taking the bags out, so the door was open and he left.
It was late at night, so the area was dark and filled with shadows; perfect for a demon like Kage to stealthily get around.
Kage then made his way past the airport; climbing up
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