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Tenshi Kamine by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi Kamine :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 248 118 Tenshi - Angel at Sunset by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Angel at Sunset :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 50 11
Tenshi no Shimobe
"I love you for who you are" Happened to be my favorite phrase
Always working hard to serve as my life of a little servant girl
Everybody seemed to be friendly, even the beautiful courtesan I served
But my brothers of three warned me to be wary of the Fleur
I did not understand, though I just smiled and said "I will"
Being friends with her and the minister made me forget my promise
Though seeing them so close together made me wonder what love was like
I prayed to God in hopes that he would find somebody for me
There, in my bed chamber, is where
I met my brothers and him
They said he was called to protect me
I did not quite understand, but after that, we became very close
But I did not realize that he and I are very different
He had the most beautiful crimson red wings I had ever seen
Those kind eyes and gentle smile could surely be loved by anybody
Why did my brothers send you to protect me?
Why do you seem so familiar?
Shamelessly, he kissed my cheek
And he whispered
"We have met many
:iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 7 2
Spice - LenxMiku by WhiteKana Spice - LenxMiku :iconwhitekana:WhiteKana 42 6 Kamine Kumai MMD Model by XxRitsukaxAoyagixX Kamine Kumai MMD Model :iconxxritsukaxaoyagixx:XxRitsukaxAoyagixX 25 13 SUZAKU + FISH... by DoodleByNight SUZAKU + FISH... :icondoodlebynight:DoodleByNight 122 125
Buroukun no Inori
Machi hazure no chiisana minato
Hitori tatazumu shoujo
Kanojo ga te o tsurete kubi o tare
to no kotoba o kioku
At a small harbor straying from a town
Alone a girl stands still
She brought up her hands and bowed her head
As she remembered these words

"Shitsuren to kōkai no kokoro to"
"inori nasai."
"Soshite sugu, kare jikan, no shinkō ga"
"kamisama ni shukufuku sa"
"Pray with a broken heart and a"
"contrite spirit."
"And soon, in His time, your faith"
"will be blessed by God"

Ue hason no inori o ikinagara
Namida wa to kōkai de tsuika
Negai ga kanojo no kokoro no negai
Yume itsuka u~iru
Being sent up above, a broken prayer
Tears and repentence added in
Hoping that the wish of her heart
Will someday come true

Anata wa itsumo shinsetsu ni reta
to kazoku no watashi o mite ita
Watashi wa itsumo rita ga kokoromi to
kare jibun no kimochi o hi
You were always so kind to me
And seemed to see me as family
I always tried to be unselfish
And hide my feelings f
:iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 6 0
Kokoro Kiseki by SakuraTenshi101 Kokoro Kiseki :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 106 49 Kamine Lenon MMD Model by XxRitsukaxAoyagixX Kamine Lenon MMD Model :iconxxritsukaxaoyagixx:XxRitsukaxAoyagixX 24 9 .Cedric's Ref. by SamuraiNataku .Cedric's Ref. :iconsamurainataku:SamuraiNataku 41 28 Candy and Kamine by candy-channeru Candy and Kamine :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 51 21 Sexy Lady by candy-channeru Sexy Lady :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 30 13 UTAU : Tsubasa Kamine Concept by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Tsubasa Kamine Concept :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 24 37 Kamine kumai riceball Utauloid by XxRitsukaxAoyagixX Kamine kumai riceball Utauloid :iconxxritsukaxaoyagixx:XxRitsukaxAoyagixX 23 7 AT: Friends 4-ever by candy-channeru AT: Friends 4-ever :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 31 17 Happy Birthday, Akane! by DestinyStarz Happy Birthday, Akane! :icondestinystarz:DestinyStarz 32 39 Tamashiine vs Kagamine by KoNaChan95 Tamashiine vs Kagamine :iconkonachan95:KoNaChan95 35 6 Tenshi - Redesign by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Redesign :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 31 21 AT: RikuKami Kissu~ by candy-channeru AT: RikuKami Kissu~ :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 26 14 UTAU : Pedal Heart by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Pedal Heart :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 21 12 Paper Manyan 2 by Tsubaki-Akia Paper Manyan 2 :icontsubaki-akia:Tsubaki-Akia 31 7 Megurine Luka [fanart] by SkyLine90 Megurine Luka [fanart] :iconskyline90:SkyLine90 42 5 All I want for christmas is you~! by candy-channeru All I want for christmas is you~! :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 27 6 AT: Kamine and Rikuno Cosplay by candy-channeru AT: Kamine and Rikuno Cosplay :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 20 8 AT: Kamine x Rikuno by candy-channeru AT: Kamine x Rikuno :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 24 9 On the beach by lexisss On the beach :iconlexisss:lexisss 20 27 UTAU : Poker Face by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Poker Face :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 18 65 UTAU : Unexpected twins by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Unexpected twins :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 13 6 UTAU : Tsubasa's dress up by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Tsubasa's dress up :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 15 76 TenshiXShindo - The Ending Will Never Change... by SakuraTenshi101 TenshiXShindo - The Ending Will Never Change... :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 20 9 Mirrored emotions by becky-oz1516 Mirrored emotions :iconbecky-oz1516:becky-oz1516 17 57 Kokoro-Kiseki by SakuraTenshi101 Kokoro-Kiseki :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 12 4 Tenshi - Confession Reaction Meme by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Confession Reaction Meme :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 14 22 UTAU : TSUBASA KAMINE ACT 2 RELEASE by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : TSUBASA KAMINE ACT 2 RELEASE :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 13 3 ShindoXTenshi - Not Shy Anymore by SakuraTenshi101 ShindoXTenshi - Not Shy Anymore :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 20 12 .Cedric's Bust Ref. by SamuraiNataku .Cedric's Bust Ref. :iconsamurainataku:SamuraiNataku 13 5 UTAU :Tsubasa Append Released by ICSanimangalovers UTAU :Tsubasa Append Released :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 12 37 AT: Friendship by candy-channeru AT: Friendship :iconcandy-channeru:candy-channeru 17 10 Are You Joking? by SakuraTenshi101 Are You Joking? :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 13 19 Amagaku x Kumai by XxRitsukaxAoyagixX Amagaku x Kumai :iconxxritsukaxaoyagixx:XxRitsukaxAoyagixX 9 1 Winter Alice UTAUS Kumai Suika by XxRitsukaxAoyagixX Winter Alice UTAUS Kumai Suika :iconxxritsukaxaoyagixx:XxRitsukaxAoyagixX 10 1 COLLAB: TenshiXShindo - Promise Me by SakuraTenshi101 COLLAB: TenshiXShindo - Promise Me :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 13 10 Tenshi - Toeto color by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Toeto color :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 12 11 Aku no - Shindo and Tenshi by SakuraTenshi101 Aku no - Shindo and Tenshi :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 10 45 UTAU : Tsubasa Kamine's Append by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Tsubasa Kamine's Append :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 18 65 UTAU: Orange -Tsubasa- by ICSanimangalovers UTAU: Orange -Tsubasa- :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 9 0 UTAU : Tsubasa's NEW CONCEPT ART by ICSanimangalovers UTAU : Tsubasa's NEW CONCEPT ART :iconicsanimangalovers:ICSanimangalovers 10 0 Tenshi - Balloon by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Balloon :iconsakuratenshi101:SakuraTenshi101 10 2