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Asimov - Warlord of Kalgan :iconmijka:mijka 29 14 T R A N T O R :iconcibervoldo:cibervoldo 18 10 Kalgan :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 19 1 {FT oc} .:Father's copy:. part1 :iconthenight-guardian:TheNight-Guardian 30 29 The Mule will 2 :iconaresielle:Aresielle 12 6 Kalgan :iconfreak-angel56:Freak-Angel56 7 6 Many Enemies of David Ryder :iconarchicrash:ArchiCrash 15 41 The Mule will :iconaresielle:Aresielle 4 1 Where it is the second .... :iconaresielle:Aresielle 4 2 Kalgan :iconmegaduce:megaduce 2 0
Fury of the Storm
Visser Kalgan mediated in his makeshift base/home. In front of him were holo screens monitoring the front entrance. His two MagnaGuard droids watched their ‘owner’ silently and did not move unless he ordered them.
Visser opened his red eyes and noticed a figure walking towards the front entrance. He used the Force to open the doors and allow the individual to walk in. The person was female and looked human except her skin was very pale and she was completely baldheaded.
The female walked through the dark halls of the base until she came to Visser’s mediation room. The droids spotted her and drew their electrostaffs.
“No,” Visser ordered them and raised one hand, the machines obeyed.
“Why have you come here child?” he asked with his back turned to her.
“I’m no child,” the woman said in a raspy voice, “And I am looking for my master Count Dooku. I felt a strong Force presence and thought he was here.”
“Count Dooku is dead.
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 2 6
An Apprentice's Revenge Pt. 1
At one of the many spaceports of Coruscant, the transport ship activated its landing gear and opened the doors.
Many different species of aliens along with humans emerged from the craft. Among them was a pale blue skinned Zabrak wearing a long robe and hood. He moved very fast away from the transport ship, pushing other people out of the way.
This Zabrak, named Visser Kalgan, was on a mission. The former Jedi but not follower of the Dark Side focused the force powers he possessed on the engines of the ship.
Clear in his mind were the engines, coming online and starting to overheat. Once Visser was at a safe distance, the ship imploded. The destroyed ship sent flames and pieces scattering around the port. People yelled in terror as Visser continued walking away from the wreckage.
“Someone better get some help,” he told a passerby.
Visser Kalgan headed into the Jedi Archives building: the place where all history of the Jedi Order. He found an available halo computer and began s
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 3 13
An Apprentice's Revenge Pt. 3
Ahsoka and Plo continued mediating until Ahsoka sensed that Andrew was in danger. Plo Koon sensed this too and both of them immediately left the mediation room.
“We must hurry my apprentice,” Plo Koon said, “I fear Andrew’s life depends on our rescue.”
Visser Kalgan toyed with Andrew as the human tried to defend himself. His blaster pistol was back in the bedroom and the rogue Jedi used the Force to lock the bedroom doors, preventing Andrew from getting the pistol.
“You know that gun won’t do any good against me,” Visser smiled.
Andrew threw his shoulder into the door and fell in as he scrambled to find the blaster. Visser’s blade glowed the dark red color as he followed into the dark bedroom.
“Come out, come out where ever you are.”
It may have been pitch black in the bedroom but the maroon blade was a big target. Andrew aimed the pistol and fired several shots at Visser. The shots missed the Zabrak but they were close to hitting
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 2 9
Bombs and Bounties
“Do you really want to trust this Cad Bane character, Master?” Asajj Ventress asked.
The assassin and the anarchist, Visser Kalgan, were in the back alleys waiting for their contact to arrive. Visser had called in a very notorious bounty hunter to aid in him in his ongoing campaign of anarchy.
“I am careful of who I trust, young one,” Visser answered, “But I like this guy’s reputation and he has provided me a powerful weapon.”  
A speeder craft came diving down slowly and it hovered seven feet from Visser and Asajj. Two droid commandos were in the pilot and front passenger seat as a third figure stepped out. He wore a brown trench coat and had a large brimmed hat. The hunter’s eyes were red while his skin was blue with two breathing tubes on either side of his cheeks.
“So nice to finally meet you, Visser Kalgan,” Bane smiled.
His voice sounded a little metallic and rusty.
“You too, Bounty Hunter,” Visser replied,
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Personal Nonsense :iconpr0teusunbound:Pr0teusUnbound 0 0
An Apprentice's Revenge Pt. 4
The apartment door burst opened with Plo Koon and Ahsoka. Master Plo immediately sent a wave of Force energy at Visser Kalgan that threw the rogue Jedi off of Andrew.
“Young Andrew, get behind us,” Plo Koon ordered as he and Ahsoka drew out their lightsabers.
He obeyed the Jedi master and quickly crawled over to Ahsoka.
“Are you alright?” she asked.
“I’m fine.”
Visser Kalgan slowly got up and eyed Plo Koon.
“Master, how nice to see you again,” he smirked.
“Who are you?”
“You don’t recognize me Master? So many years ago, on Geonosis?”
“Visser…? It can’t be?”
“You left me for dead Master Plo! I’m here to return the favor!”
He leapt at Plo Koon bring his lightsaber down to strike. Plo Koon blue blade blocked the maroon one has he pushed Visser back.
“Let me help Master,” Ahsoka asked.
“No, he’s too dangerous.”
“You can’t fight him alone.”
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 2 1
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Visser Kalgan sat in his captain’s chair on the bridge of the Infinite Crisis with a bored look on his face. He and his crew of V’rsa pirates had been hiding out in the Somoliana system for over two and a half months.
They had been working on constructing a superlaser to the vessel based off the blueprints of the never-built Death Star. Though this weapon does not have the power to destroy an entire planet, it still could level any major city on the planet’s surface.
Visser also had formed a small fleet to command but despite the small ships they had next to the Republic, the pirates would make up in guerrilla warfare. The fleet consists of many different, non-Republic warships.
“Sargain,” Visser called out to his first mate and chief technician. The yellow skinned humanoid ran over to his captain’s side.
“Yes, sir?”
“How long till you have the weapon online?”
“Very soon, sir. I just need to inspect the main power generator and we
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Visser Kalgan's Ship :iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 1 2 The mule test :iconaresielle:Aresielle 1 0
Sounds of Anarchy
“What is our next plan of attack Master?” Asajj Ventress asked.
Visser Kalgan was busying preparing for his next strike on the Republic and the Jedi Order.
“Patience my apprentice,” he replied in a dark tone, “You see, the Chancellor will be interviewed today on the attacks we have been caring out. Just watch what goes down during this interview and then ask me again.”
Visser had monitoring the media of Coruscant and knew that Chancellor Palpatine was going to have an interview at noon that would be broadcast around the entire planet and any Republic systems.
He would be addressing the recent attacks by Visser and his associates along with how the Republic was going to deal with this crisis. The anarchist saw the perfect opportunity to shake this whole crisis even more and it would be a choice that no one would want to take part in.
Jedi Master Plo Koon was with his ‘daughter’, Ahsoka Tano, and her love, Andrew Falcros, as they waited patie
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Showdown at Kamino Pt. 1
Visser Kalgan knew the risk he was taking. He knew the challenge it was going to be for his band of renegades. He knew the stakes this would be and the consequences that could arise. Visser knew all this but it didn't affect him too much. Up on the bridge of his flagship, the Infinite Crisis, he gathered his first mate, Sargain, his apprentice, Asajj Ventress, and the reptilian raider, General Zarus, to plot this daring attack.
"Comrades, despite the number of support we have gotten, the Republic and their army outnumber us three to one," Visser explained, "But I have come up with a devious plan that will surely cripple the Republic severely."
"Whatever it is, it better benefit us this time," Zarus commented.
Ventress glared at the general but Visser gestured her not to react to the criticism.
"I understand your frustration, General," Visser began before Zarus cut him off.
"I don't think you do! Ever since you expanded this so-called army, we have had little to any success slowing the
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Infinite Crisis: Update :iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 1 0
Day of Reckoning
The Infinite Crisis along with its surrounding fleet orbited the space outside the planet Somoliana. Visser Kalgan was ready to strike at the Republic with his superlaser and he knew where he would strike. He had called up the commanders on the other ships to tell them about this plan.
“Gentlemen, I have decided what place to attack and destroy with this superweapon: the city on Gerrard V. Everyone, set your coordinates and follow me.”
Visser’s ship first jumped into hyperspace followed by General Zarus’ ship and then the others.
“I hope there is no protection around this planet like there was at Rhen Var,” Asajj Ventress mentioned to her master.
“I have taken precautions. The Jin’ha will be joining our army and they will provide us with more weapons including ones that can be used against a lightsaber.”
Coming out of hyperspace, the Infinite Crisis came into view of the planet Gerrard V. Several Jin’ha ships joined up from the other si
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 1 5
Prison Break
“You want me to do WHAT!?!?” General Zarus screamed in the face of Visser Kalgan.
“I didn’t stutter did I General? I want you to break the bounty hunter Cad Bane out of Republic custody,” the anarchist answered.
Visser had just heard that Cad Bane was caught and arrested by the Republic. He was being held in the detention center on Coruscant. The rogue Jedi brought General Zarus on board to explain that was planning a rescue mission to free Cad Bane.
“Visser Kalgan, I am one of my planet’s greatest generals so why should I care about a scum like a bounty hunter?”
“Please calm down Zarus. This prison break is a way to throw the Jedi off guard. They are expecting us to attack them with our superlaser and won’t see this coming. Besides, if you all help free Bane then he owns all of us one.”
General Zarus smiled a bit and did calm down like Visser told him to.
“I see your point Kalgan and this may be in ingenious plan after all. B
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 1 3
An Apprentice's Revenge Pt. 2
The Togruta apprentice had been spending a lot of time training and mediating with her Jedi ‘father’ and master Plo Koon.
When she wasn’t with him, she was with her love Andrew. She had never been so happy in her life with her relationship and training to be a Jedi.
Plo Koon was impressed with her training. She was one of his most prized apprentices.
When Ahsoka came into Master Plo’s for mediation, she noticed he was looking a little down.
“Master, what’s the matter?” she asked.
“There is a great disturbance in the Force my apprentice. Sit and let’s mediate on this.”
Ahsoka sat facing her master, closed her eyes, and began breathing deeply as the Force surrounded the two.
Andrew entered the elevator and pressed the button for his floor. He was carrying bags of groceries for a special dinner he was going to make for Ahsoka. Once the lift came to his floor and opened up, Andrew stepped out and made his way down the hall.
As he got closer
:iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 1 3
Showdown at Kamino Pt. 2
"I have a bad feeling about this," said Captain Rex.
"I agree with you. If the intelligence reports are right, Kamino will need all the help it can get," Obi-Wan added.
It had been a high-and-low weak for those who wanted to preserve peace throughout the galaxy. Though they were able to crackdown on activities involving pirates and raiders, this latest report from the Intelligence Division regarding the possible strike on Kamino worried both the Jedi Order and the Chancellor.
"I will not have this terrorist gain the upper hand and drive a severe blow to our army," Palaptine proclaimed.
"You are right Chancellor," Obi-Wan stated, "That is why we must set up a defensive blockade around the planet. If Visser brings a majority, if not, all of the ships in his army, we might be able to bring an end to his reign of terror."
"A bold statement Master Jedi," nodded Palaptine, "Inform the Jedi Council of this decision and gather all the ships that are nearest to Kamino. We want to be ready once
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Showdown at Kamino Pt. 5
"Are they crazy or just plain stupid?" a clone crewmember asked.
"Knowing Visser, I say he may be crazy but still a threat," Andrew answered.
The black ship fired back at the Metatron with advanced laser weapons and missiles and they took down any fighter or bomber that got too close with the ion turrets. The Metatron shook violently from the laser fire, knocking crewmen off their seats and making standing difficult. After he caught Ahsoka from falling over, Andrew made his way to meet with the captain.
"We got to slow down that ship but we can't get to their super weapon since it isn't activated," the captain stated.
"Have them locate the weapon's power cells and target them," Andrew suggested, "It could damage the ship heavily and destroy the laser."
The squad of bombers was busy evading fire from the Crisis and other ships when the squad leader received a message from the Metatron.
"Squad leader, it is possible you can locate the power source to the super-laser and destroy it," the
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Showdown at Kamino Pt. 3
The Infinite Crisis led the res t of the chaotic army through hyperspace towards Kamino. Visser hoped he would make to the planet before the Republic established a defensive barrier but he figured that won't be the case.
Visser ordered that the ship exist outside of Kamino System to keep below the radar level of the Republic blockade.
From the Infinite Crisis, Visser launched a deep-space probe droid that would quietly observe the blockade and the number of vessels that they would be facing. Because of its small size in such a large field, the droid would not show up on radar.
"Once the Republic has finalized this futile defense," he grinned, "Then the fun begins."
The Metatron existed out not far from the Kamino blockade. Andrew was amazed at how many ships were out in this system.
"It is almost like a third of the Republic Navy is here," he exclaimed.
"Metatron, this is the Revelation," a voice called over the bridge's intercom, "We are glad to see you here with help. The blockade is
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End of Everything Pt. 2
"Stand by as we exist hyperspace," a Metatron crewmember announced.
"Have deflector shields at maximum for precaution," the CO ordered.
The cruiser's engines slowed from light speed and entered the Somoliana System. Coming into plain view was the desert-colored planet. The Metatron was soon joined by the two other supportive cruisers.
"You think we are walking into a trap sir?" a clone officer asked.
"Possibly, I expected a blockade of Visser's own," the captain stated, "Still as we descend to the planet, we need to be on the lookout for counterattacks. Begin to enter the atmosphere."
The main officers on the Metatron gathered around the large holomap to plan out their mission.
"Our scanners are picking Visser's flagship docked close to a heavily fortified structure," Andrew explained, "If I were a gambling man, I would go all in with saying this where that coward is hiding. Here's our plan of action; Ahsoka will lead the main squad that will take part in the rescue operation. Since Vi
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End of Everything Pt. 3
A combined squad of nine LAAT ships from the three Republic Cruisers began to launch the assault on the base. Four would be with Ahsoka on the rescue mission while the remaining five would provide the distraction.
Once the transports were in range of the base's defenses, anti-aircraft turrets open fired.
"We sure could use some cover fire for these turrets Captain," Andrew called to the Metatron's bridge, "Otherwise we will be torn to shreds."
"Roger that. Bombers are on the way."
A squad of Y-wings swarmed from the Metatron and followed in to the fray. Once the obstacles were eliminated, Andrew ordered to have the transports to land in order to begin their part of the mission.
"The eagle has landed," Andrew reported.
"I read you Falcky," Ahsoka responded on the com link, "I may lose communication as I get closer to base."
"Roger, be careful Angel."
Ahsoka ordered three transport ships to land not far from the base while the ship carrying her tried a flanking maneuver to divide th
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End of Everything Pt. 4
Andrew sheltered himself behind heavy cover as the heat of battle raged around him. The followers of Visser were putting up more of a challenge than they had in past conflicts. Despite that, the Republic troops were able to sustain minimum casualties due to their military training and combat expertise.
"Sir, we have beaten back their defenses and are advancing towards the base," Rex told Andrew.
"Do you know if Ahsoka was successful in her touchdown?"
"We still cannot reach communications with her transport. I'll try to call one of the other LAATs that were part of the rescue mission."
"Thanks Rex. Alright everybody, let's keep moving!" Andrew proceeded to advance toward the base when he caught sight of pirate occupying a duel blaster turret and started to unleash a spray of laser fire towards Andrew's direction.
Luckily for young officer, he found more cover to avoid the fire.
"Looks like this will be easier said than done," Andrew muttered to himself.
Ventress brought the capti
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SW OC: Visser Kalgan :iconlecter-the-werewolf:Lecter-the-Werewolf 0 0
End of Everything Pt. 1
Ahsoka laid in her quarters staring up at the ceiling. She was relieved that the Republic was able to repel a failed assault on Kamino by Visser and his band of raiders.
However, the latest revelation from anarchist Jedi before he escaped was that Ahsoka's 'father', Jedi Master Plo Koon, was his prisoner. Ahsoka wanted to launch a rescue mission but her request was denied immediately, much to her anger, and stormed off the bridge.
Looking out her window, Ahsoka saw the stars instantly speed up which meant that the ship had entered hyperspace. As she sighed and hoped that Plo Koon was hanging on, a knock came at Ahsoka's door.
"Come in."
Andrew opened the door and joined the young Jedi.
"How long till we make it back to Coruscant?" Ahsoka asked.
"What makes you think we are going back to Coruscant?" Andrew responded with a sly grin.
"What? Is that where we are heading?"
Andrew casually sat down next to Ahsoka and put an arm around her shoulder.
"Well, the last time I was on the bridge,
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