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His Sweater - Kageyama Tobio x Reader
To be honest, you weren’t much of a sports person. At all, really. But something about watching the games was a lot more entertaining than playing them yourself.
You watched the ant-like players on the court below you from the upper level of the gym. Blurs of black, orange, and brown swooped across the floors, the squeaking of sneakers and shouts of the teammates echoing in your ears.
Letting out a small sigh, you leaned forward onto the metal railing as you continued to observe them and softly murmured to yourself: “The Karasuno volleyball team… huh?” They’d just recently formed, and they still had yet to play in any official matches. But still, as they leaped around and patted each other on the back, they looked like they were having fun. Ever since they’d gotten together you’d come to watch their practices from the same spot above the gym you were standing on now and left quietly when it ended. Maybe somewhere deep inside you wanted a group
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After Sex Talks - Kageyama Tobio x Reader
After Sex Talks (N4)
You've wrapped yourself in a blanket and rolled away from the raven-haired boy, hugging your knees to your chest. There are tears welled up in the corners of your eyes and your body is trembling all over.
"W-what is it? What's wrong?!" Kageyama asks in a worried tone and to the echo.
"Nothing!" You proclaim stubbornly, squinting your eyes.
"Was it too painful?" He pries guiltil, grimacing to himself as he pats the back of his neck.
"No! It's your face, Tobio! The face!" You whine, sitting bolt upward on the bed to face him. As pain cuts through your lower part, you whimper in pain.
"Huh?" Kageyama cocks a brow, crawling on his hands closer to you. His face you've just put blame upon is now inches away from yours, giving you the same expression as during sex.
"You look scary! Imagine opening your eyes to see your scowl on top of yourself!" You complain, shoving his head away.
"What?!" He outrages, his cheeks turn
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bentos [kageyama tobio x reader]
"A bento for Kageyama again?" your best friend, Haruka, asked.
You looked at her in confusion, slightly titling your head to the side. "Yeah, why?"
"Because he says he likes my bentos."
She squealed at your response, viciously rubbing her cheeks against yours, and tugged at your school uniform, pleading for you to take pictures of your dates with your boyfriend and send them to her phone. For the third time this week, she had suggested starting a fan club as well.
"You guys are so cute!"
You pushed her away and crossed your arms over your chest. "Stop that, you dummy."
"But you guys are so adorable! I'm jealous!" she screeched, practically hanging onto your arms.
"Why are you so awkward?" you asked in slight irritation, prying her off of you. You were used to these consistent affections, but it was getting kinda old and out of hand. It was great that she supported your relationship with the boy, but sometimes, she was crazy. Even after three months.
Haruka only looked at yo
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KageHina - First Kiss by Amanduur KageHina - First Kiss :iconamanduur:Amanduur 783 112
[Kageyama] [Soulmate!AU] King | 2
Kageyama Tobio x Reader  [ Soulmate!AU ] 
A/N: Reader is Tsukishima Kei's sister and she's in her first year of high school while he is in his second year
Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you is inked onto your wrist
Part 1 || Part 2
The past few months had been complete and utter hell for Kageyama.
Ever since that day when he met his soulmate, he never had the chance to meet [Name] again to properly apologize for the way he acted. Looking back, he realized how horrible he was to her. It was every girl’s dream to fall in love with their soulmate- to be showered with love and affection. But instead, he snapped at her; saying nasty things and even made her cry.
His heart clenched at the memory of her tear-streaked face and how she wanted nothing more than to get away from him. It hurt. So, so badly, and he didn’t know what to do to
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[Kageyama] [Soulmate!AU] King | 1
Kageyama Tobio x Reader  [ Soulmate!AU ]
A/N: Reader is Tsukishima Kei's sister and she's in her last year of middle school

Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you is inked onto your wrist

Part 1 || Part 2
[Name] walked into Karasuno High School, a bento in hand as she looked around for the gym. Being a Saturday morning, the school was empty, aside from a couple of clubs having their activities. 
She heard the familiar squeaks of volleyball shoes coming from behind a set of partially closed doors and when she peered inside, she saw a group of boys having a practice match. Pushing the door open, she cursed internally when a loud creak sounded.
"OHHH Noya-san, look! It's a cute girl!"
All eyes turned to her and she quickly sought out her brother, feeling awkward at the stares. It was easy to spy his tall lanky form, and the frown on his face was more than just a little familiar as he excuse
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::Kageyama Tobio X Reader:: Underwear [ 2 ]
The couple laid in their bed, the female's face tucked in to the boy's neck. Sweet breaths escaped both of them, chests heaving in unison.
They were both in their undergarments from last night, and [Y/N] slept on her boyfriend's chest. Both of them were asleep, and fingers seemed to intertwine with each others.
Nuzzling her nose into Kageyama's neck further, the raven haired male stirred, slender arms wrapping around her waist to tug her closer to his body, preserving the heat they shared. She hummed, navy blue eyes opened slowly, and he blinked repeatedly to clear himself of blurry vision.
A mess of [H/C] hair was in his line of sight, and he sighed, dragging two fingers up her bare back, stroking the skin soothingly. She moved, their legs tangled together as he continued to gently touch her.
Then she lifted her head, looking down at Tobio with half-lidded eyes. He released the hold he had on her hand, and raised it to her cheek, cupping it before pressing a soft morning kiss to her l
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(Kageyama x Reader) What Are We?
"(F/N)-chan, let's break up. You go to Aoba Jousai now, and we don't see each other often, so..." Kageyama rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, looking down at your stoic face. You were... Calm? 
Those words echoed throughout Kageyama's mind, and the image of you walking through the doors of your favorite cafe was forever tainted in his mind. 
If he was the one dumping you... Why did it hurt him much more than it hurt you? 
"Kageyama!" Daichi exclaimed, snapping him out of his endless train of thoughts. "Are you okay? You've been out of it since entering this cafe," Daichi sighed. "We're almost done, we're just waiting for Tsukishima to finish." 
The sound of the front door bells jingling rang through their ears, and the Karasuno team turned around and saw a group of boys, clad in Aoba Jousai uniforms stroll in. 
"They must've had a game nearby," Sugawara chimed in. "City boys, hehehe." 
"(F/N)-san, is this the cafe? It's rather...
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 497 26
Haikyuu Creature Collection - Intro
Alright, so you're probably wondering what exactly this is. To put it simply, it's a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring one of them as a fictional creature. Or in some cases, the reader will be the creature. However if I am able I would like to avoid that.
Anyway, since there are over 55 different characters that I can do, I will only do one for each character (maybe a sequel or two if it's asked for.) Also, I'm letting you guys help decide who will be what creature. I'll limit it to creatures with a human or human-like form, but other than that, no restrictions! All characters and creatures are welcome! (Even coaches, managers, and siblings of the main characters!)
However, once someone has been decided, they won't be changed!
Currently Decided:
Toru Oikawa, Hajime Iwaizumi, Akiteru Tsukishima, Koushi Sugawara, Tadashi Yamaguchi, Kei Tsukishima, Hayato Ikejiri, Satori Tendo,
Asahi Azumane, Shoyo Hinata, Natsu Hinata, Manabu Naoi, S
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Tease: Heat [Kageyama Tobio]
“Kageyama, it’s too hot to be in the gym during lunch hour!”
Upon hearing the nasally whine from his classmate, Kageyama merely grunted before rolling his eyes at the childish behavior. He had wanted to come to the gym in order to practice his serves, hoping a second pair of eyes watching for mistakes would be helpful in aiding him. He wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of complaints that left [Name]’s mouth once they had finally settled into the gym however, and the constant squabble that escaped from her lips was starting to tick him off. Tucking the volleyball under his arm, he fixed the female with his usual glare.
“You can leave,” he growled, his eyes flicking in the direction of the doors as if ushering her out.
“But you asked me to accompany you,” [Name] pouted, crossing her arms over her chest with a huff as she glared back at the first year setter. She was sitting on a nearby bench, one leg crossed over the other as it bounc
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 573 17
girlfriend [kageyama tobio]
Haikyuu!: Kageyama Tobio x Reader
[Name] [Last Name] peered inside the gym doors, looking for a certain king. It was obvious that practice was over since most of the members were cleaning up.
Ukai noticed a girl peeking in and decided to confront her. “Excuse me?” He walked up to the girl and her eyes immediately looked over to where he was walking from, “Is there someone you’re looking for?”
[Name] nodded, “Is Kageyama here?”
At the sound of his name, the setter looked over to the entrance and his eyes widened when he found his girlfriend standing at there.
“[N-Name]? What are you doing here?” Kageyama asked, walking over to her. [Name] looked over and smiled before running over to Kageyama and hugging him tightly and burying her face into his chest, “Tobio!”
“E-Eh? Why is there a pretty girl hugging Kageyama?” Tanaka asked as he and other members of the club stared at the couple.
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Kageyama x Reader)
**Language...because, Kageyama...***
Tobio Kageyama had just experienced, by far, the most fulfilling school year of his life. Not only did he do well in volleyball, but he grew in the sport, learned how to be a team player, made friends for the first time ever, and took on opponents he never could have won against without the other members of Karasuno. He had definitely been able to open up more to developing social skills with the help of Hinata, Tanaka, Suga, and the rest of his team.
One area where he hadn't made any improvements, however, was where it concerned talking to girls. He'd been trying to figure out how to approach women, but Kageyama was still at a loss. It wasn't as if his teammates fared much better. There were only two people he knew that really seemed to just have some kind of natural skill, when it came to having girls flock to them, though giving back totally different responses to their fans; Tsukishima and Oikawa-- but he certainly wasn't going to as
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Summer love song [Kageyama Tobio]
Small puffs of white transparent clouds appeared before you as you inhaled and exhaled. Hurriedly sucking in a deep breath, you forced yourself upright to face the individual in front of you. Just a few seconds ago, you were fussing and worrying. You were wondering whether the new lipstick was too vibrant, you were pondering whether the old-fashioned yukata would look right on you. You kept stressing and grumbling, because you didn’t want to disappoint. Yet that instance when you made that eye contact, your own anxiety dissolved into thin air, and your head was occupied with nothing but him.
Those pair of darkly tinted royal blue irises, they were reflecting the lamps of the streets, the light that lit your way. As if teasing you, the breeze swept lightly, helping the strands of his raven hair to sway and dance. It felt so unreal, it was like they too, were celebrating. His own yukata matched his colours like a puzzle piece, with white simple lines running across and formi
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 22 4
Soul Mate [Kageyama x Reader]
The world he lived in was one where your soul mate's first words to you were written on your body.
He didn't have any words written anywhere.
He had thought nothing of it at first, but when he told his parents and they broke down crying, he realized something. It meant he didn't have a soul mate. Really, he didn't think the realization would hurt as much as it did.
"Class, attention please! We have a new student with us. Her name is (l/n) (f/n)."
He tilted his head up to look at you, only to see your cute smiling face. You did nothing except wave to the class before the teacher pointed to the empty seat next to Hinata and told you that it would be your seat for the rest of the year. You only nodded, making your way over to your seat. As you passed, he saw a few tiny words written across your index finger.
Oi, watch it.
He scoffed at that. Sounded like whoever your soul mate was was pretty rude. He looked over at you, who was grinning as Hinata excitedly explained volleybal
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[Photo Booth] |Kageyama Tobio x Reader|
"Are we not done yet?" Kageyama asked, his voice laced with false patience. His oh-so wonderful girlfriend stuck her tongue out at him, laughing slightly.
"I'm sorry, Kageyama-kun. I just don't want to be looking too bland or too flashy." She said apologetically. She lifted a black dress shirt and held it to her chest. She glanced at him for an opinion.
He blinked and looked away. "'s fine." He mumbled.
The (hair color) haired girl clicked her tongue and hung the shirt back on the rack and sauntered off, the setter following her wordlessly.
It looked nice on her, really, but the last time she asked, he said it looked nice, but his female counterpart frowned and hung it back again. It was sort of like she didn't trust his opinion or whatever. Girls are so confusing.
In this relationship, (Y/N) quickly translated many things about Kageyama.
A roll of the eyes meant that Kageyama was reluctantly agreeing or he just didn't want to do something. Or sometimes he was just downright ann
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Summer Boys by PenguinFrontier Summer Boys :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 908 20
i [kageyama x reader]
i love you.
He rarely said these words. But when he did, oh when he did. It would be at night, half asleep, half awake.
or in the park
or when alone at the bleachers
in the morning after his daily jog.
He would burry his head in your hair, lips together, hands in yours. Close his eyes for a moment before saying it
‘i love you.’
Some days after a shared shower he would appear behind you in front of the mirror, wrap his arms around your waist and his messy, wet black hair would tickle your neck when he leans down and presses a kiss on your neck. Next come the words
‘i love you.’
At night you would be in his arms, head in his chest, his eyes open, sleepless. For a moment he would look down at you and then kiss your forehead. When you, still affectioned from sleep, look at him with your eyes filled with questions, he would whisper
‘i love you.’
Unexpecting words from his’ were those words.
In a heartbeat
a blink
a small kiss
he would lean down to y
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Misunderstanding~ Kageyama x Reader - Haikyuu!!
"Where is Kageyama?"
"I don't know. He said he was helping {Name} out, something happen I guess."
Hinata and Tanaka we're on there way to practice when they notice how long it was taking the boy. Usually he and Hinata where the first there.
All of a sudden they heard voices down the hall. "N-No! Kage-Kun, It hurts it hurts!" "Well if you just sat still it wouldn't!" they stopped outside the class room door. "Huh?" Tanaka's mouth was wide open, Hitana's face turning red. "Pleaseeee. S-S-Stop moving it so much."
{Name}'s quivering voice could be heard through the door along with shuffling and the squeaking of a desk. "Just relax, it's feel fine in a minute. I-If you'd just stop squirming!"
Tanaka, not being able to take it anymore, threw the door open.
There sat the young girl on the teachers desk with Kageyama sitting in front of her. Her shoe threw to the side and her foot was being wrapped in gauze. They stared until Kageyama spoke up. "Practice start yet? I'll be there
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Haikyuu: Kagehina Compilation by aokamei Haikyuu: Kagehina Compilation :iconaokamei:aokamei 1,256 53 F2U: Haikyuu Pixel Icons by teasomething F2U: Haikyuu Pixel Icons :iconteasomething:teasomething 562 76
good accidents. ( soulmate!au ) | kageyama
soulmate au;;
you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels.
“how are you supposed to know who they are when you first meet them?”
yachi thinks about soulmates a lot. this is one of her constant musings; you’ve both talked it through and to be honest, you don’t know how that would work. it isn’t the most practical way to find your soulmate because there’s no real indication like those stories you read about the timers and colors.
if only it were that easy.
“what if you just slapped someone and felt a sting on your face? then you would know it’s them!”
yet another brilliant idea from this little blonde ray of sunshine. the excitement she has almost makes you refrain from denying the idea, but you force a weary smile.
“yachi, that’s not how it works.”
the joy on her face deflates when she realizes that really wasn’t an epiphany and you feel as if you’ve stolen a balloon from a kid at disney world and popped
:iconciiren:ciiren 371 32
i like everything about you. kageyama tobio
Kageyama Tobio was an oni with a club to match, but there was never a fitting discomfort you could wrap your cold fingers around — to you, he wasn't as terrifying as some might describe him, instead you opted to use the term 'cute' or better yet; 'protective'. In all your time experienced with him, you never once felt an injection of uneasiness coil around within you, and you were always shrouded with safety.
He was the embodiment of that very word for you.
"Listen here, you piece of crap—!" an angry Kageyama argued with the tiny bundle of orange-haired madness; another day, another quarrel. Kageyama's brows were creased together in agitation, nose crinkling along with this intensive snit, and his lips were twisted in a rather ugly grimace you couldn't help but chortle secretly at under your breath.
You slung your bag over your shoulder, making short adjustments to the strap of it before pivoting on your spot and shouting at the two bickering first-years, "I'm heading out n
:iconcosmicaquarium:cosmicaquarium 412 39
Haikyuu - Attack! by aco-rea Haikyuu - Attack! :iconaco-rea:aco-rea 378 22
Being Yourself || Kageyama Tobio x Male!Reader
Just what is “being yourself”?
“Differentiate yourself from [others]!”
Is what I saw written casually on a magazine rack pamphlet.
These were the first sentences that Kageyama had heard from your lips.
Simply sung lyrics that would always remain in his head with the soft, yet somewhat strong and masculine voice of yours.
It had been during break, a normal autumn school day in the middle of October as he had made his way over to his precious vending machine to get himself the usual.
Well, after a hard time of choosing of course.
With his hand stuffed in one pocket of his pants, he decided to spend his break with walking aimlessly around the school ground like he always did when Hinata wasn't dragging him around for some reasons.
The trademark scowl graced his face as he nibbled slightly with his teeth on the end of the white straw as his feet had guided him to a rather open, grassy area that he had never really payed attention to.
And there you were.
Under a s
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 417 61
Group Chats |OikawaxSugawaraxKenmaxKageyamaxReader
(A/N: The babies (and trash) are so cute. Semi-crackfic! All kaomojis from: If you can't see the kaomoji, I would suggest switching browsers. Have fun with crack (ლ ۞ิ ჴ ۞ิ)ლ )

‘You have added Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and 3 others into a group chat.’

[10:24 pm]
Me: setteeeeeeers assembllllllllle~!!
Sugar Mama Sugamama: (first)-chan? What’s wrong?
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy: (first)-senpai? sugawara-senpai?
💩: (first)-chaaan~!! ♡ you texted me back~!
💩: eh?! tobio-chan?!
MSB: oikawa-san?!
Me: nurufufufufu
SMS: (first)-chan could you please tell us what’s going on?
Me: i cant
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 362 60
(Kageyama x Reader) Sleepovers
It was a typical Friday night at the Kageyama household, despite the fact that his parents were out on a trip to the hot springs a few hours out. 
You sat in Kageyama's lap, back pressed to his toned chest and head resting against his shoulder. He played with your fingertips as the commercial on the TV flickered on, your papers for English spread across the floor. 
You both had been studying for the exam, in a scramble to become eligible for next semester to keep playing sports. 
The peacefulness was interrupted by the sound of the downstairs doorbell ringing, and the shouts of various boys were heard from outside. 
"Oi! Kageyama! We brought food and games! Don't tell me you forgot about your agreement to host the volleyball team bonding/sleepover, did you?" The loud voice of Daichi's echoed, making Kageyama snap into realization. 
"Ah shit..." He cursed, poking you awake. "Oi. You're gonna have to--"
"Hide? I know," you sighed, removing yourself from his warm
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Tobio Kageyama [COLLAB HAIKYUU] by Fhilippe124 Tobio Kageyama [COLLAB HAIKYUU] :iconfhilippe124:Fhilippe124 256 16 Haikyuu!! by Fishiebug Haikyuu!! :iconfishiebug:Fishiebug 1,593 69 The King's first team mate by Dagneo The King's first team mate :icondagneo:Dagneo 639 95
Morning - Kageyama x Reader {Drabble}
~The Big Spoon~
Your lips pulled up in a smile as a pair of blue eyes, as dark as the night sky, fluttered open in a slow daze. His irises still beheld their tired, slumberous glaze before they came to a delayed focus on your face that lay only inches from his.
“Mornin’, Tobio,” you sang gently, dousing your slender fingers in the thick, splayed tresses of his pitch black hair. A splash of poorly hidden embarrassment and sheepishness crawled over his features before he mumbled between reluctant lips,
His arms coiled around you in their almost-awkward wake, intense gaze still trained attentively on your face as he pulled you closer and tucked your head under his chin. You always jumped on the chance of using Tobio’s rare initiative affection, but you couldn't tell if it was just that or he wanted your prying eyes off his face.
You both sighed and relaxed into each other’s forms as the muted twittering of birds and swaying of tr
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Kageyama tobio cosplay Haikyuu! by dat-baka Kageyama tobio cosplay Haikyuu! :icondat-baka:dat-baka 394 11 Haikyuu!! doodle by PenguinFrontier Haikyuu!! doodle :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 1,018 19 Haikyuu - Karasuno by Miyukiko Haikyuu - Karasuno :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,361 30 Murder of Crows - HAIKYUU!! by vythefirst Murder of Crows - HAIKYUU!! :iconvythefirst:vythefirst 596 16 Template - Haikyuu - Kageyama Tobio by Verloria Template - Haikyuu - Kageyama Tobio :iconverloria:Verloria 148 2 haikyuu! snapchats by OrangeMouse haikyuu! snapchats :iconorangemouse:OrangeMouse 697 41 Dump 20 by Fishiebug Dump 20 :iconfishiebug:Fishiebug 388 27
(Kageyama x Reader) Morning Practice
(A/N: Might already be written...? Idk, got inspired by a Kagehina thing. Hue.) 
The morning light streamed through the cracks in the curtains, landing upon strewn clothing on the floor, including jerseys, socks, undergarments, and shoes. It was a wild night, after practice. 
Turning over in bed and grabbing your phone that laid on the nightstand, you pressed the home button that revealed the bright screen with a picture of you and Kageyama happily smiling. The time read, 6:50 AM. Looking up at the boy's face nuzzled in your hair, you quickly pecked him on the lips and tried to get out of his death grip. 
"Tobio-kun, I have to shower and get ready..." You whispered, poking his cheek. He only pulled you in closer, tightening his grip.
"5 more minutes, (F/N)-chan..." He nuzzled into your bare back, making you blush. 
"Fine, but it's not my fault if we're late for joint practice..." You muttered, happily cuddling back into your warm pillow. 
Birds were chirping ou
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 378 26
Sailor Boy. - Kageyama Tobio!AU

Sailor Boy
Kageyama Tobio

There it was. The shift. You shot up, sitting up in time to see Kageyama's beautiful back disappear underneath a wrinkled white shirt.
Stiffening in surprise, the midnight-haired male turned towards you, un-inverting his white and blue sailor shirt. "Y/n? You're up..."
Slightly hurt by the sound of disappointment in his voice, you looked away. "I wanted to catch you before you disappeared again."
He didn't respond. It wasn't until you heard the buckle of his pants when you turned back to look at him, a pained expression on your face.
"Why can't I go with you?"
Kageyama sighed, sitting down in the single chair in the room to pull his socks on. "There's no room y/n, you know that. Captain Daichi doesn't want you getting in the way."
Silence enveloped the room again and you were agonizingly aware of the time slowly ticking away. You hated him going out at sea. It scared you every time. You knew and even heard of it's dangers, holding your brea
:iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 24 4
haikyuu babies 12.20.14 [PAGEDOLLS] by Lu-tan haikyuu babies 12.20.14 [PAGEDOLLS] :iconlu-tan:Lu-tan 435 25 kagehina kiss chu by Flarefyre kagehina kiss chu :iconflarefyre:Flarefyre 929 20
Listen [Kageyama Tobio]
What is listening? to pay attention ; heed; obey.
What is listening? to give attention with your ears.
Attention is all he asked for, can you give it to him?
It's not hard, right? Well, not to everyone else. But to you.
"Can you listen?"
"I'm listening."
"What do you want?"
"I want you to listen to me."
"I am."
"You're not, you're hearing me but you're not listening."
You slammed your desk and stood up abruptly. "What do you want?" a tint of annoyance in your voice. It took him by surprise but he glared at you and spoke,
"Pay attention. I'm telling you important things."  Your eyes twitched and you began to keep your textbooks, "Tell me then."
"You're doing things, that's not listening." He groaned. You immediately grabbed one of your thinnest textbook and threw it at his face, but the wind circled around the textbook and causing it to fall wide open onto the floor, missing his stupid gorgeous face. The paper sound attracted many attention in the classroom as they stared a
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Haikyuu - Kageyama Tobio by Evil-usagi Haikyuu - Kageyama Tobio :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,181 23 Haikyuu!! Render by BastisHasi Haikyuu!! Render :iconbastishasi:BastisHasi 789 16 HAIKYUU!! [ KageHina ] Get off me~ by NicoleIsCrazy HAIKYUU!! [ KageHina ] Get off me~ :iconnicoleiscrazy:NicoleIsCrazy 837 30 Summer Boys - Haikyuu!! Visual Fanbook by PenguinFrontier Summer Boys - Haikyuu!! Visual Fanbook :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 504 24 06/13 by s-haa 06/13 :icons-haa:s-haa 545 52
Lonely [Kageyama Tobio]
There was times you swore you wouldn't back away.
You promised yourself, you promised him, that even if the whole world were to go against him, you would stand right here,
right beside him.
"Hey, Tobio?" You spoke as you fumbled the sand with your tiny palms, attempting to build something from it before it crumbled down quickly in a few seconds.
"Mhm?" The little boy hummed as he used a bucket to pour the liquid into the sand to make it wet.
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" You glanced at his movement and copied him. Grabbing another bucket, you too, poured water all over your sand.
"Isn't that obvious?" His lips stretched into a wide smile as he rolled his wet sands into his hand and form a circular ball. "Tadah~ I want to be a volleyball player! They're so cool, especially the people who tosses the ball. They're called 'Setters'."
"S..setters?" Your face twisted in confusion a
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 83 18