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Ene by Rosuuri Ene :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 6,698 234 Ene Doodle by Rosuuri Ene Doodle :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 6,209 179 Collab Melody by Daenarys Collab Melody :icondaenarys:Daenarys 6,461 189 cut by Daenarys cut :icondaenarys:Daenarys 5,703 160 Ayano by Rosuuri Ayano :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 5,365 225 Anime Folder Icon [ Kagerou Days Pack ] by Aven-23 Anime Folder Icon [ Kagerou Days Pack ] :iconaven-23:Aven-23 1,592 92 Be Deceived!! by Daenarys Be Deceived!! :icondaenarys:Daenarys 4,540 134 Kagerou Boys by Daenarys Kagerou Boys :icondaenarys:Daenarys 7,481 254 Ayano Tateyama by Lanahx3 Ayano Tateyama :iconlanahx3:Lanahx3 828 55 Kagepro / just another dream by nuriko-kun Kagepro / just another dream :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 8,167 202 scissors by Daenarys scissors :icondaenarys:Daenarys 5,406 129 Say DAZE! by Daenarys Say DAZE! :icondaenarys:Daenarys 3,852 129
daze [full version] English Singable Lyrics
Concrete melting in the sun
As the heat rises up like the dreams we can't stop seeing
We traced templates everyday
While around us the storm rages on
Our high tempo attendance
While the future is dismal we hold onto flaws
Now our final day has come
But we all start to cry even so
Come on, close your scarlet eyes
We're all lost together
There's no other way to go
If the future's normal maybe we
Could place our hopes in this one?
Now, go and clap your hands
Circle round the zeroes
And today, the things we don't understand
They'll all be gone
But hey are you still
Lost in the haze?
Let's play
We'll scream and shout until we're heard
Let's save
And struggle 'til we've got it good
'Til the day where I can grab your hand
I will not forget the warmth we shared
Let's daze
The hearts we know we won't erase
Let's change
Don't cry without a friendly face
If you're lonely too
We'll begin anew
And all the things I want to say I'll say to you
Your encore, it echoed out
Round and round, what a sound!
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 61 13
M.K.K.S.D. by Daenarys M.K.K.S.D. :icondaenarys:Daenarys 6,060 166 Challenger by Daenarys Challenger :icondaenarys:Daenarys 4,608 132 Kagerou Project by HazelRuko Kagerou Project :iconhazelruko:HazelRuko 1,340 48 Doodle dump 2 by Daenarys Doodle dump 2 :icondaenarys:Daenarys 4,251 287 never ending cycle by Daenarys never ending cycle :icondaenarys:Daenarys 5,361 147 drowning by sonnyaws drowning :iconsonnyaws:sonnyaws 1,649 90 Daze by nuriko-kun Daze :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 2,969 58 Monster of the Forest by 01nu Monster of the Forest :icon01nu:01nu 866 92 KONOHA-KUN by Daenarys KONOHA-KUN :icondaenarys:Daenarys 7,203 196 Crossover ver. Haze boys by Daenarys Crossover ver. Haze boys :icondaenarys:Daenarys 3,100 118 Kagepro / Oneechan by nuriko-kun Kagepro / Oneechan :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 3,106 94 The Kagerou Project - Marry Kozakura by vaxzone The Kagerou Project - Marry Kozakura :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 690 44 kagepro : are you really the hero? by parrareru kagepro : are you really the hero? :iconparrareru:parrareru 1,306 46 Do you hear by Daenarys Do you hear :icondaenarys:Daenarys 4,656 105 KagePro / Konoha by nuriko-kun KagePro / Konoha :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 3,197 126 Colorful Code by Daenarys Colorful Code :icondaenarys:Daenarys 3,032 87
Momo x Male!Reader .:Notice Me!:.

This was a rather troublesome situation Momo found herself in. For once she actually wanted to be noticed though by a certain person. His name was [Name] and he was very tall and handsome. Momo wasn't there to witness how exactly he joined the Mekakushi Dan but from the look on his face when he first arrived it was probably traumatizing. He stuck to Konoha [1] like glue and it took him longer than Hibiya to open up. He was still very reserved though and preferred to be alone whenever given the chance.
Right now Momo was, quite ashamedly, eavesdropping on his conversation with Hibiya, via Ene. It was a trick the blue haired girl learned a while ago, she would hack into a person's camera and send the data somewhere else. Ene was in [Name]'s phone sending the data to Momo's phone so Momo got to view everything from Ene's point of view. 
"Say, what do you guys think of Momo-chan?" Ene slyly asked.
"Auntie? She's annoying." Lea
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Ene by JxbP Ene :iconjxbp:JxbP 1,924 120 tumblr dump 24 by mintlark tumblr dump 24 :iconmintlark:mintlark 536 34 Mekaku City Days iPod Wallpaper 01 by BonBonToro Mekaku City Days iPod Wallpaper 01 :iconbonbontoro:BonBonToro 489 36
Ghost!Red x Reader:: Until Then

[A/n] Please I ask that you listen to Lost Time Memory when reading this (link in description). This story and Reader-chan's personality and outfit were based off of Shintaro Kisaragi and Kagerou Project, which I do not own.
Under the setting sun our blurry figures stood face to face in front of the closed pokemon center.
"If you're not going to talk you can just disappear! There would be no difference!" I glared at Red hot tears streaming down my face. 
I swung my hand as hard as I could at Red's face, a loud smack emitted from it. 
Red's eyes widened as he slowly touched his red cheek. He looked at my running away form then at an envelope sitting on the ground, it was addressed to him. Red opened it and read the contents of the letter, excuse me, love letter and felt a tear run down his face. He looked up hoping I was still in sight but I wasn't, his frown turned into a grim line. Turning around, Red started walking back to the
:icontakarashi-yata:Takarashi-Yata 198 76
kagepro : my theory of happiness by parrareru kagepro : my theory of happiness :iconparrareru:parrareru 1,319 78 Crazy Kuroha Icon by Magical-Icon Crazy Kuroha Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 391 164
Outer Science English Singable Lyrics
Worries and tragedies are falling around us
The dead, are they rising up again for us all?
Try feigning ignorance but not any more
Unpleasant things in store
Split open bodies trying to reassure you
That your heart may be dead, but it's not out of reach
Feel all the pleasure, I will leisurely gouge out
Pretty scarlet eyes
Hey, you prayed like everybody has done
While glaring at me every day under the sun
That kind of tragic bliss, oh yes
I love it all
Welcome to my world, inside here
Love for an ego, here's the end
If you're dying right here, you'll be reborn in a year or two and so I ask you, dear
Won't it, will it, it'll be grand!
Cry out your sorrows, "Oh God, why?
I'm sick of living out this life!"
Just accept that it's fate, being a monster is great
Come on now, come on now, come on now, do your best
For master here!
Life ain't a fairytale of love and affection
It's simpler to stay away from things that don't last
Slowly a grinning snake will laugh and he'll say
"Another thing to
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 70 40
Kagerou Project by Jm-dot Kagerou Project :iconjm-dot:Jm-dot 1,964 81 Ene by Banzchan Ene :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 1,515 54 KONOHA IS ANGEL by Daenarys KONOHA IS ANGEL :icondaenarys:Daenarys 4,185 71 Marry by Memipong Marry :iconmemipong:Memipong 1,630 48 I'm sorry. Shall I say goodbye? - Speedpaint by Daikazoku63 I'm sorry. Shall I say goodbye? - Speedpaint :icondaikazoku63:Daikazoku63 1,611 85 Mekaku City Actors by Incross Mekaku City Actors :iconincross:Incross 2,778 205 ENE by sonnyaws ENE :iconsonnyaws:sonnyaws 941 83 I'll not forget your story. by Jm-dot I'll not forget your story. :iconjm-dot:Jm-dot 1,678 45 kagepro : no.7 by parrareru kagepro : no.7 :iconparrareru:parrareru 792 42 LOST by zxs1103 LOST :iconzxs1103:zxs1103 1,041 56 ShinAya by nemurou ShinAya :iconnemurou:nemurou 1,414 61 [F] Kagerou Project 2 by LavenderIced [F] Kagerou Project 2 :iconlavendericed:LavenderIced 355 4