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Mary x Male!Reader
"D-don't you dare look at me!"
I jumped, scared. This ball of fluff----she was talking to me? With a shaky breath, I smiled uneasily at her. "Hey, now...I'm not gonna make fun of ya, or anything."
She blinked, and looked up at me, her eyes shining a bright red. "Y-you won't?" "Nope."
The girl's name was Mary Kozakura.
And she was like a puffball, ever so innocent.
"___! There you are!" Mary looked down at me, smiling sweetly. She was holding a tray, with various yummy-looking food treats on there.
"I-I made these for you, actually..." She was blushing. Wow, she's actually blushing!
"Thank you, Mary." I went to grab a small treat, when suddenly, Mary accidentally slipped on her own two feet, making the treats and tray fall and break in a quick, rumbling earthquake.
We were quiet for a moment, Mary covered in sweets, me looking at her from the couch, gaping.
"I'm so sorry, ___! I didn't mean to do that!" Mary began to stand back up, but fell
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Smiles, Tears, Misunderstandings...
Seto Kousuke was a nice guy.
I first met him when I was working part-time as a newspaper delivery girl. I was just a sixteen year old girl, and I needed a couple of cash for my savings. We coincidentally met while working. He was such a kind and carefree guy, so it was fun working with him. We met up a lot of times after that. We'd think that we would never see each other again after one would leave a job, but then, we would suddenly meet each other while looking for another job.
We became friends and co-workers.
In the end, he took me to meet with his other friends called the 'Mekakushi-dan'. It was just supposed to be a friendly visit. Supposed. Suddenly, a blonde guy by the name of Kano Shuuya came up to me and started explaining stuff about their group. The others looked exasperated as he explained, but unknowingly, I just listened to him. And then their leader, Kido Tsubomi, came up to us, saying that I'd have to join their gang since the idiot just carelessly told me about
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Sibling Love
I was on my way to the park.
There was nothing much to do in the house except surf the internet, so I thought of going to a place where nature was plenty―the park. With my earphones plugged in my ears, I began to walk around the greenery. There was a playground at the side, so I decided to check it out. No one was sitting on the swings, and, being the sixteen year old I was, bounded my way towards the playground equipment. I claimed one of the swings as I browsed in my phone.
There was a kid standing beside me, I noticed. I didn't mind him though, since there were a lot of kids in the playground. They were all pretty noisy as they played, but I had my earphones on, so the noise wasn't much of a problem. The kid beside me was.
The brat had rudely pulled my earphones away, disturbing me as I minded my own business. I showed a bewildered look, about to scold him.
"―was talking to you!" I heard him suddenly shout. I backed away a bit.
I raised an eyebrow at him, tilting my head
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Regrets and Delusions
It was just supposed to be another normal day.
I would wake up late, eat, and then bathe. After that, I would surf the internet to my heart's content. A typical routine for a sixteen year old girl. Of course, since it was spring break, I could do that. I was a bit of a lazy-ass, so I didn't want to go out of the house unless necessary. But then, something terrible happened. Well, my mouse was pretty old, and it was to be expected, but I nearly cried when I found out it wasn't working anymore.
My parents refused to leave the house at that time, so I was forced to go out and buy a brand new mouse myself. I couldn't wait for another day since I could be really impatient. Besides, I couldn't survive without the internet for that long. I went to a nearby mall and into the department store, and bought a new mouse.
That's when I met him.
He looked so frail and scared, as if he was a lost child looking for his parents in the middle of the mall. Although it was seriously we
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