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Scar VS Shere Khan by Grincha Scar VS Shere Khan :icongrincha:Grincha 3,075 1,212 Dwarf by pinkhavok Dwarf :iconpinkhavok:pinkhavok 413 27 Two Leaders by Urnam-BOT Two Leaders :iconurnam-bot:Urnam-BOT 630 115 It's A Jungle Out There by screwbald It's A Jungle Out There :iconscrewbald:screwbald 809 143 Icarus the Seer by BenWootten Icarus the Seer :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 3,410 216
Kaa's Love
Hinata lay down on her cot in her tent, no blanket, for it was too hot in the jungle for that. She only cuddled herself to her pillow and snoozed from a hard day of traveling in the jungle. All were tired in her group and she retired to her tent directly after having eaten her dinner. Not long after everyone else also. retired to their tents. Hinata had her's to herself, so she had no one to bother her. Or so she thought. The jungle was filled with animals. And where there are lots of animals, there are predators. Hinata didn't know it, but a very large predator had selected her to be its next meal, yet no one in the camp knew that the animal was around.
Kaa was nestled up high in his tree perch, his sinuous coils looped around branches and tree trunks. Despite his bulk, he was nearly invisible in the jungle thanks to his color pattern. Out of all of the humans that Kaa had spied around the campfire while they ate, Hinata was the best. She wasn't too large or too thin. Lovely feminine
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"Okay, so you can talk. So what?" Cindy asked tartly, as if being able to speak wasn't anything special.
"That doessssn't sssuprissse you?" Kaa asked, suprised.
"Apperently not. Now why not leave me alone?" Cindy said shortly, sitting on her bed and folding her arms stubbornly. Cindy had long blond hair that reached her shoulder blades and bright blue eyes. Her body was slender and shapely. But she had an attitude, which sometimes either scared people or got her into trouble.
Kaa was a bit puzzled. This girl wasn't interested in him at all, nor was she frightened. She only wanted him gone. What could he do?
"Well, what are you waiting for? Go slither into someone else's bed for a nap!" Cindy snapped at him impatiently. But that actually gave Kaa an idea. A nap...
"Ssssay..." Kaa hissed seductively, his eyes narrowing at Cindy.
"Why don't you take a nap?" Kaa brought his large head up to Cindy's, smirking as if he knew something she didn't.
"Oh shut up! I'm not tired!" Cindy growled, sc
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Alternate ending to Kaa and Mowgli's 1st encounter
The sound of his name stirred Bagheera from his rest. He'd been trying for the past few minutes to finally lie down on the branch and get some much needed sleep, but Mowgli the man cub seemed intent on making things as difficult as possible. The boy had ridden on Bagheera's back all day long, Bagheera had been the one having to keep moving without a single break. He'd had to move quickly, the tiger Shere Kahn could be on them at any time and there was no time to waste. He'd expected Mowgli to understand how important it was they get him back to the man-village, but the boy insisted on arguing all through the night when all Bagheera wanted was to get some sleep before the long day ahead.
        This time it was the boy murmuring Bagheera's name. The boy clearly sounded exhausted but thought that he could somehow convince the panther otherwise.
"Oh now look it's no use arguing anymore" Bagheera half spoke, half yawned. He'd lifted his head off the branch to be heard
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Melody of Hypnosis
Deep in the jungles of India was a particularly beautiful lake with clear and well temperatured water. This naturally attracted animals there, but most either left, or were never seen again. This was because Kaa had taken residence there. Kaa was widely accepted as the most dangerous predator in the jungle, only rivaled by Shere Khan, and even then many would rather deal with the tiger than Kaa. There was good reason for this. Kaa was now almost 60 feet long and 2 feet thick at his widest, and all muscle. He could easily crush the life out of any victim he pleased, even the might Indian elephant that dwelled in the jungles. His camoflauge and stealth made him very difficult to find, and most creatures didn't even know he was around. He was surprisingly mobile for his size. Kaa could easily travel over even and rugged ground, swim very quickly through water and climb any tree. In short, no animal could hide from his hunger. But perhaps his most potent ability was his hypnosis. With only
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Bagheera's Secret by lyosha Bagheera's Secret :iconlyosha:lyosha 2,722 223
Carrie and Kaa Part 1
"Honey, we're leaving now.  Aunt Brenda will be in to check on you every night at 9.  You're going to be a good girl, right?"  Carrie's mom said.
"Of course, mom."  replied Carrie.
Carrie was only 12 the first time her parents left her alone at the house.  She was excited to have the house to herself.  "And remember, no going to the river unless you call Uncle Drew and have him go with you."  her mom added.
"Fine, goodbe mom."  she said.
"Goodbye, sweetheart."  her mom said as she blew a kiss.
Finally, Carrie was all alone.  She could do whatever she wanted.  "All right!" she thought to herself.  "I'm going to watch R-rated movies, eat a lot of ice cream, and go to the river whenever I want."
Carrie went and put on a bikini, a tank-top, and a skirt and started her way down to the river.  Her mother would never let her go alone.  "Too many bad thing
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Jasmine's new Life
Deep in the Jungle laying down on a tree a yawn was heard.
"How dull…" A female voice said as she looked around the Jungle as it had been a boring day. "Anything would be a nice change of pace, even a fire." She lamented as it had been the same day after day. She sat up and stretched revealing her scaly snake like lower half which was purple, she currently had it wrapped around the tree to make sure she didn't fall off, the upper half of her looked like a female of twenty years while the lower body was that of a Snake. She had long brown hair that reached to her back and tanned skin due to living in such a warm climate.
She was a Lamia, a race of half woman half snake like creatures. Lamias where rarely seen by normal humans as often they would be accused of being monsters. She was young for her kind as she had left her colony to see the outside world, thus far a part of her was regretting it as nothing ever happened here, maybe she should head back home. She was lonely and rarely
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Code Kaa
On an unknown island a young woman stood beneath a waterfall. The cold water poured down on her without stop, cool and refreshing. Kallen didn't move a muscle, with closed eyes she enjoyed every drop running down her athletic body. She didn't worry about being seen naked, it seemed she was the only one on this island she was stranded on.
What exactly happened?, she asked herself again and again. But just like before she realized that she wouldn't find the answer here, no matter how many times she repeated this question. She had to get off this island and regroup with Zero and the Black Knights, if they were still alive. No, she shouldn't think this way.
They are all right!, she reassured herself.   
After remaining motionless for some time she sighed and turned around, leaving the waterfall behind. On the way to her discarded clothes she wrung her soaked hair, while her bare feet left small footprints on the wet soil of the shore. She stepped into the shadow of the tree
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Kaa by alexnegrea Kaa :iconalexnegrea:alexnegrea 2,108 124
Cold. Suddenly you feel so cold, but it is a refreshing coolness you drift in. It was strange for the first few seconds but now you…you…can't breathe!
You hastily open your mouth, but all it results in is a gurgling sound from you. Instinctively you rear up and feel how you break through something…a water surface.
You suddenly can breathe again and soak in the tasty oxygen with deep and long breaths. When you've finally calmed down you realize that you are cowering in a shallow pond, your hair [If you have any that is] and your clothes [You know, the sparse attire you got to choose last time] completely wet and dripping. But how did you get here? You look confused around and…remember that you are in the jungle. It wasn't a dream!
" Finally awakened hm?", you hear a voice above you and when you look up you see Kaa coiled around a thick branch with the rest of his large body hidden in the treetops.
" It wasn't…", you mumble puzzled, but are interrupted by the ser
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Kaa's Hunting by kenket Kaa's Hunting :iconkenket:kenket 1,765 292
Alternate ending to Kaa and Mowgli's 2nd encounter
Mowgli the man-cub slept peacefully. He was high up in the branches of a large tree. He was sitting cross legged on a branch, with the soft, warm, scaly coils of a snake wrapped tightly around him. They covered him up completely, leaving only his head to rest on them. Mowgli felt no fear from being wrapped up. It felt like a beautiful, safe bed that he could rest in. Not too long ago Mowgli had been wandering lost and alone when he'd encountered his old enemy Kaa the snake. Mowgli was wary of Kaa, having once before been tricked by the crafty snake into staring into his colorful eyes. But after a short talk, Mowgli saw that he was wrong about the snake. Kaa wanted to help him. Wanted to protect him. Wanted to help him stay in the jungle. Something about Kaa had made Mowgli feel so relaxed and peaceful that before he knew it he was being cradled like a baby by Kaa before finally falling into a deep sleep and then wrapped up in Kaa's warm coils.
Mowgli had no idea, but at the same time h
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Snake 101 - Kaa's new Snake Girls
Part 1: The Invitation
Kas was yawning from boredom. A week ago it would hardly to believe that her live could be even more confusing.
First there was the incident with the cat-girl, which she had made to her kittens.
Then there was the incident with her ordered Power Puff costume, where she still had the feeling that she had actually want to have a slightly larger one. But every time she thought about it more accurately, she was really happy with her order.
She remembered, too vague to a machine, from which she had thought she would just take a picture of her. After that she was such a thing was like a sonic robot-kitten, or was it all just a dream?
The pink Delmo outfit, her malfunctioned robot-maid, the whole was rather exhausted and also made her a little more prone to boredom that tormented her now.
Somehow it had all these boxes and incidents so used that it confused her once a long time nothing happened. She took walks in the park, but even that was only ever a short-term pleasu
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Shanti's Bliss
    ''Ooooo, my sinusesssssssssss!'' groaned the large Indian rock python, as he lay coiled around a tree branch, rubbing his head with his tail smoothly. After a recent struggle with the young man-cub, he was exhausted, his senses erratic. The moon shone brightly in the night sky, the python alone with his regrets. Why oh why did he play around, delaying the inevitable? That boy was right there for the taking, and a good meal he would have made too if it hadn't of been for the python's childish nature. 
    Suddenly something rustling in the bushes below caught his attention, out of the foliage came another man-cub. However, this particular man-cub was…different. It looked a lot more fragile in physique, carrying a basket of melons as she walked past his position. She also appeared a lot more delicious, in his infinite wisdom; he concluded that this must be the opposite sex of the 'man cubs' .

    Shanti, a young girl from the
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Enchanted Troll by BenWootten Enchanted Troll :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 625 48
Kaa company
Deep in the jungles of India rested one of the most fantastic and massive serpents of all time. The mighty snake's name was Kaa, who not only had almost 50 feet of thick, muscular coils that no land animal could resist, but held the fabled power of hypnosis. With his hypnotic abilities he could turn the most fierce fighter into a drooling slave. Kaa particularly enjoyed doing that with his food, right before swallowing it whole and still alive. But in the canopy of the rainforrest he was quite full, and wouldn't need to eat again for a time. Kaa was, unfortunately, bored at the moment. He lay curled up in loops among the tree branches, watching flies lazily.
"Hmph... Why mussst the jungle be sssso boring?" he wondered, his tongue flicking lazily. But then something caught his attention. A faint odor was in the air, something very distinct. Kaa raised his large head, flicking his tongue more rapidly now, his curiosity piqued.
"What isss thisss?" Kaa murred to himself, smiling a bit. The
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The Man-cubs hypnotic Capture! Part 1
The swift icy breath of the tumbling breeze swirled through and over the tall mossy trees of the Indian Jungles. The afternoon sun pouring its rays over the Jungle canopy, the billions of leaves shielding the Jungle carpet below, the dry crumbling dirt of the Jungle soils vibrated slightly as two differently sized figures ran through, racing towards a large humped stone that extended out the earth below like the many living plants around it, as if it had roots of its own. Despite its large bump, the stones slanted surface was smooth and tough, perfect for the exhausted animal to just lay and relax upon without a care in the world.
"Beat Ya!" called a young human child, his skin a light tone brown, his body almost completely bare except for the crimson red loincloth that was tied around the lower area of his body, covering the very tips of his legs and concealing whatever the boy hid below. His soft, slightly exhausted fingers feeling the hard soothing texture of the stone as they lay u
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kaa and shanti by purple-lights-1993 kaa and shanti :iconpurple-lights-1993:purple-lights-1993 200 14
Meet'n Sleep
Where am I?!; is the first thing that goes through your mind after you've opened your eyes.
You're surrounded by huge trees and thick, green bushes. You blink perplexed, aren't you supposed to be [insert former whereabouts and occupation here] and now you're in this vast jungle, for that is what you have confirmed.
You can hear the sounds of distant and nearby animals, the rustling of plants on the ground and leafs high above your head. And then the heat hits you. It is a dry heat that makes it hard to breath for the first few seconds. The air seems to be thick around these parts, almost like you can cut it with a knife…but you have no knife with you. In fact, all you are wearing is [insert sparse clothing here].
How the hell did this happen?!
You are confused, but strangely not afraid. There has to be an explanation why you're here.
After some more wondering inspection of your new environment you decide that there is no point in just standing around. Driven by curiosity you start
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Kaa's akward by summfourtyonerulez Kaa's akward :iconsummfourtyonerulez:summfourtyonerulez 226 31 Louisa Under Kaa's Spell by photomanihypno Louisa Under Kaa's Spell :iconphotomanihypno:photomanihypno 378 16 Nowhere else by Lompich Nowhere else :iconlompich:Lompich 414 38 Kelly and Kaa (single pic) by summfourtyonerulez Kelly and Kaa (single pic) :iconsummfourtyonerulez:summfourtyonerulez 205 30 Eve Torres, Michelle McCool and Maryse Hypnotized by messiasguardiola Eve Torres, Michelle McCool and Maryse Hypnotized :iconmessiasguardiola:messiasguardiola 266 4 Hypno Kisses by SleepyGirlsManip Hypno Kisses :iconsleepygirlsmanip:SleepyGirlsManip 530 45
Her roommate's feet
"Ugh, yet another semester begins." Anne complained, as she was stacking her books onto the shelves. Anne was a beautiful brunette with deep auburn eyes. This is her second year at the school, and she was not happy to be back. She did not want the summer to end. Every day she would go to the beach, and every night she would go out with friends, not even thinking about the approaching school year.
"Hey, look at it from the bright side! We're still roommates!" said Luba, sitting on a little red sofa. "And besides, look how cool this room is! Much cooler than the one we were in last year!" Luba was Anne's best friend and her roommate for the past year. She was a cute girl, one year younger than Anne. She had blond hair and blue eyes that were always full of optimism and joy.
"Cooler, but smaller..." Anne replied.
And indeed, the room they got was a lot smaller. There were two desks on one side, positioned face-to-face, and in the corner was the red sofa, as well as a small coffee table. O
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Cutie-ping by Lompich Cutie-ping :iconlompich:Lompich 210 8 Jungle Girl by Danimarion Jungle Girl :icondanimarion:Danimarion 876 225
Mowgli finally surrenders to Kaa
Mowgli stalked carefully past the grass huts of the man village, careful not to make a sound. Growing up in the jungle how made Mowgli naturally adept at move quickly and quietly but here in the man village it was much harder. His normally free and nimble bare feet had been weighed down with tight leather sandals which he'd be forced to wear, his skin was wrapped up in seemingly endless robes that almost covered him completely and his thick black hair was encased in a turban.
When he'd first been lured to the man village a year ago, things had been so fresh and exciting. The people had been welcoming and kind to him. They took care of him and showed him around and taught him how to communicate with them. But over what felt like far too short a time, things had progressively begun to change.
Many of the elders felt it was inappropriate for a boy to run about the village wearing nothing more than a tight loin cloth, so they forced him to wear large robes which tied all around his body. T
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Kaa's Saiyan Supper
"Okay... WHY did I come in this stinky jungle again?" Natasya, the surly saiyan girl asked herself in a frustrated tone. She moved some of her browning hair out of her eyes, dusting off her legs and her pink top. She also picked a few leaves from her spikey hair, throwing them to the ground.
"I could have picked a better place to adventure than this... Oh well. At least I know not to come here again." she sighed to herself. She kicked a nearby tree with her foot, making the tall tree shake softly.
Above her however, she had disturbed the most feared snake in existance... Kaa.
Kaa had been taking a nice nap when he was suddenly jolted from Natasya kicking the tree, waking him.
"Ooooh! Who kicked my tree?" he grumbled. Kaa had been irritated from the unusual lack of prey lately, leaving him very hungry. And with something shaking his tree, he was in a rather aggressive mood. He poked his head down through the leaves, hoping to find the one who woke him. He might show it a thing or two...
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Kelly and Kaa 1 (part11) by summfourtyonerulez Kelly and Kaa 1 (part11) :iconsummfourtyonerulez:summfourtyonerulez 188 10 the first one. by Lompich the first one. :iconlompich:Lompich 277 61 Commission - Eisentod by Ravietta Commission - Eisentod :iconravietta:Ravietta 1,573 95 Catnap by Lompich Catnap :iconlompich:Lompich 195 9 Kaa loves models by summfourtyonerulez Kaa loves models :iconsummfourtyonerulez:summfourtyonerulez 266 22 Avast Ye by BenWootten Avast Ye :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 662 25
The Jungle Book 2: A Kaa and Mowgli Encounter!
The chirps and notes that echoed through the canopy like firefly’s drifting into the night, sung by the active and jolly birds of the Indian Jungle, spreading their songs to all those who can hear. Filling the hearts of all those who could hear the simply with a sense of happiness and enjoyment. However, not every being cared much for the birds song, nor their spirits were raised by it. For the light scuffing of soles against the  rainforests dirt and dusty carpet, dragged heavily in sorrow… and confusion….for during the events of the second adventure in the Jungle, Mowgli the man-cub, a skinny child who wore a crimson red loin cloth, had long black hair that spiked  in areas due to being overgrown, was un-sure about his choices he had made…
Truthfully he missed the village life, he missed Shanti….her gentle and graceful voice…the very beacon that shone to him and introduced him to the village life in the very beginning. Ranjan, his fo
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Held Tight by Lompich Held Tight :iconlompich:Lompich 308 21 COMMISSION: Hypno Jungle Girl 2 by Shono COMMISSION: Hypno Jungle Girl 2 :iconshono:Shono 766 71 Kelly and Kaa 1 (part9) by summfourtyonerulez Kelly and Kaa 1 (part9) :iconsummfourtyonerulez:summfourtyonerulez 158 6 C: Snake Charmed by ScalesandSpirals C: Snake Charmed :iconscalesandspirals:ScalesandSpirals 297 21 Brenda Lynn Squeeeze by TheCoils Brenda Lynn Squeeeze :iconthecoils:TheCoils 408 15