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Doroki :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 24 21 ShokanKinmemon :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 22 7 Two Badasses :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 28 4 Vrostbeight by Apocalyptyc :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 18 15 Kavot vs Sakuru :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 15 3 Painite (Remastered) :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 15 21 *Redesign* Majin Tsuyo :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 15 9 Ulfric :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 11 2 VrostBeight(Kaisaisu) Final Form :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 11 21 (Steven Universe OC) Obsidian, The Gem Eater :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 11 3 Calico D. (J.) Francis :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 10 2 Finis by Apocalyptyc :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 10 14 5K - Doroki and Shun (please read) :icontonbi-21:Tonbi-21 10 24 Sunpaz! (SU OC Ship) :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 9 2 Universal Diety Saiyan- Doroki :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 10 11 Draconis :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 7 2 Okura-Official Design :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 7 3 Ex-Lord Monteyk :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 6 15 Skrell Full body :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 6 8 Okura's Vengeance :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 5 14 Doroki-Official Design :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 5 10 W.I.P. New Dracul :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 6 1 Takeshi :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 4 2 *Whispers* Foreverrr..... :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 4 4 Skrell :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 3 3 Chaols- The Risum-Jin-2nd form :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 3 9 Sasamune-ReVamped without Strawhat :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 3 5 pixel Finis :icontrifle-confusion:trifle-confusion 2 5
Looking For Gem Pairings!
Pretty much all of my gems are single but I am being picky with them I know for a  fact these guys are single.
Benitoite (He may be taken not sure yet, haven't had a reply from the owner of the love interest)
Painite (If you want him, he'll take time getting to)
:iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 1 29
Request#1: Karal by JustM3M0nt :iconunknown117:Unknown117 9 1 Sasamune Profile Colored :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 6 0 Dragoon Titan :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 7 12 Majin Zam :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 4 4
Lets Combine on 1 comic at a time-Partners
Partners I want all my parts :icondragonragekai:, :iconrantobi02:, and :iconanimeanto: I want to join in on 1 comic and finish a chapter of each comic once at a time I want to start on the comic, Dragon Ball Z: The Prodigy (renamed)firt then when can figure out which one next.
:iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 0 7
Updating Some OC's
Look back at my old submissions which of my OCs do you guys and gals think I should update or just a simple remastered version of the character.
:iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 0 0
This universe isnt ready! :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 5 9 (Still No Name!) :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 8 8 AT: Ruby :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 5 2 Ulfric Unmasked :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 3 3
All of My Saiyan Forms
All of My Saiyan Forms(Except Base)(Not In Power Level Order)
1.SSJ1-anger,hardwork *15
2.SSJ2-anger,SSJ1,hardwork,few energy *30
3.SSJ3-anger,SSJ1-2,hardwork,some energy *40( Until body can't withstand energy)
4.SSJ4-anger,tail,SSJ1-3,hardwork,alot energy *50( Time Limit 5 min or until body can't withstand energy)
5.Asc SSJ1-SSJ1,few energy *55
6.Asc SSJ2-SSJ2,some energy *65
7.Asc SSJ3-SSJ3,alot energy *70
8.Asc SSJ4-SSJ4,immense energy *75
9-12.Dem SSJ1-4-only entered by truly evil saiyans(DemSSJ3 & 4 until body gives out time limit 6 min)
13-17.Ang SSJ1-4-only entered by truly heroic saiyans(only in a what if)
18.Ozaru-Great Ape-be a moon with strong zeno energy *10
19.Golden Ozaru-Golden Great Ape-moon with immense zeno energy *45(Time limit 8 min)
20.Anc SSJ-only entered by primative saiyans so only Okura *35
21.Ult SSJ- have all Asc forms and immense energy *90(Time limit 3 min or until body gives)
22.SSJ God-given from a ssj god or through *3 world destroying energy *130 (Perme
:iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 0 0
Aruz :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 9 2
The new garuanteed saga for DBZ: The Prodigy
Doroki Is Dead........
Not forever of course. When he was fighting a very powerful foe he knew he coludn't defeat him without killing him, himself, and the people around him so he told Monteyk,Tark, and Kutaige to get in the space ship but stay in close orbital distance and to be ready to retrieve his near dead body and take it to Earth as soon possible and ask for Gohan, and he will know what to do . He pushed himself to his limits and ultimately defeated his foe through his sheer wil. They did just as what was told but, when they returned to Earth. Receiving troubling news All Z-Fighters were dead except Pan,MajUub,and Goten. Pan and Goten being in deep comas. Uub was off training with Kurit(daughter of Krillin and 18), Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. (They were just coming off a war between an alien race who successfully created new Dragonballs( Blue Star Dragonballs) They were sucessfully defeated but not before claiming Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan's lives. While almost killing Pan and Goten in
:iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 0 25
(Adopt) Sven the Puma :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 11 11 Best DBZ game :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 4 11 Animaul (not final name) :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 10 11 UhKise :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 1 1 Doroki...You Did It! :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 17 9 Who Will Win?! :iconjustm3m0nt:JustM3M0nt 15 13