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A Perfect Mate
Title: A Perfect Mate
Pairing: Shere Khan/Bagheera; Bagheera/OMCs; Bagheera/?
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, angst, h/c, innuendo, interspecies, mentioned death (not main characters), slash, violence
Summary: The perfect mate has always been in front of Shere Khan.
Disclaimer: I do not own Jungle Book/Disney characters. I make no profit from this.
A rich, musky scent lingered in the hot jungle air, making Shere Khan hungrily sniff at the air while drool dripped from the sides of his mouth. The sweet scent of heat was nothing new to him. He had numerous liaisons in the past, but the scents always led to females of his species. This alluring musk was laced with Bagheera's scent. A male entering heat and being able to produce cubs was rare, but what shocked him the most was the sudden spike in his arousal. Normally, he could control his primal instincts, but the thought of the beautiful panther carrying his heirs took over his mind. Ever since childhood, he had a deep fondness for Bagheera, alth
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Shanti's Bliss
    ''Ooooo, my sinusesssssssssss!'' groaned the large Indian rock python, as he lay coiled around a tree branch, rubbing his head with his tail smoothly. After a recent struggle with the young man-cub, he was exhausted, his senses erratic. The moon shone brightly in the night sky, the python alone with his regrets. Why oh why did he play around, delaying the inevitable? That boy was right there for the taking, and a good meal he would have made too if it hadn't of been for the python's childish nature. 
    Suddenly something rustling in the bushes below caught his attention, out of the foliage came another man-cub. However, this particular man-cub was…different. It looked a lot more fragile in physique, carrying a basket of melons as she walked past his position. She also appeared a lot more delicious, in his infinite wisdom; he concluded that this must be the opposite sex of the 'man cubs' .

    Shanti, a young girl from the
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Kaa gets Mowgli
Mowgli knew he was going against orders as he stealthily made his way through the village doing his best not to get seen. Using his quickness he scrambled up across a roof of a house and with a leap landed on a branch and hide behind a tree as he kept quiet seeing his chance he smiled and began walking.
He wouldn't be gone too long, just to see how his old friends where doing. Baloo, Bagheera and his Wolf Family. He missed them they where his family, he even missed King Louie and the Monkeys.
He'd only be gone for a while, he'd make sure of it. Short enough for no one to know that he had gone as he started walking through the branches of the trees taking in the view of the Jungle as the village disappeared behind him. It was good to be back
They'd be glad to see him especially Baloo the bear. Although Bagheera would most likely tell him to go back to the Man Village but he just wanted to see them for a little while, to tell them he missed them and that he thought about them all the tim
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The Jungle Book 2: A Kaa and Mowgli Encounter!
The chirps and notes that echoed through the canopy like firefly’s drifting into the night, sung by the active and jolly birds of the Indian Jungle, spreading their songs to all those who can hear. Filling the hearts of all those who could hear the simply with a sense of happiness and enjoyment. However, not every being cared much for the birds song, nor their spirits were raised by it. For the light scuffing of soles against the  rainforests dirt and dusty carpet, dragged heavily in sorrow… and confusion….for during the events of the second adventure in the Jungle, Mowgli the man-cub, a skinny child who wore a crimson red loin cloth, had long black hair that spiked  in areas due to being overgrown, was un-sure about his choices he had made…
Truthfully he missed the village life, he missed Shanti….her gentle and graceful voice…the very beacon that shone to him and introduced him to the village life in the very beginning. Ranjan, his fo
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Mowgli's Diaper Story
WARNING: Story contains Diaper Fetish content. If this bothers you, please leave now, or bite me. With that said, you have been warned.
One day, the man-cub Mowgli was wandering around in the jungle. He of course was wearing his red loincloth and went about wandering aimlessly, minding his own business. It was a sunny day and Mowgli was in a good mood.
Then he stopped, Mowgli looked down on the ground and noticed a white piece of cloth. He bent over, picked it up and looked over it. Mowgli felt that it was very thick, and very soft in his hands. Knowing that it had to have come from the Man Village, he walked off into the village to ask someone what it was...
As he approached the entrance to his home, Mowgli then saw the one person who could help him, his girlfriend Shanti. She was fetching some water from the stream, just like she was when he first saw her.
"Hey Shanti!" said Mowgli as he went to greet.
Shanti turned to see him "Oh hi Mowgli!" she said back to him just as she f
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Kaa's Hunting by kenket Kaa's Hunting :iconkenket:kenket 1,762 292
Jungle Cubs: Shere Khan and Bagheera - Sleeping 1
I wonder where those buffoons are. My so-called 'friends', but only one is. My true friend is Bagheera, the only one who cares for me. The others just make fun of me, pick on me, and such. But he doesn't. "Bagheera?" I called out. The panther emerged from some bushes, yawning. "What is it, Shere Khan?" "Do you know where the others are?" "Oh, yeah. They said they're going on some kind of 'journey to the Middle Jungle' or whatever." "I thought the Middle Jungle was a myth, the one about that big snake or whatever." "Well, they're going anyway. I guess we're all alone." "Yeah. So, what do you wanna do?" "Say what, Shere Khan?" "I said, what do you wanna do? Play or somethin'?" "You never want to play with any of us before, what makes you wanna play now?" "You know, we're all alone" I wasn't able to finish my sentence. I would be too embarrassed if I did. "Alone and what, Shere Khan?" "I-I being around you, Bagheera," I was blushing under my fur, hopefully Bagheer
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