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After Smoking Paco by michref After Smoking Paco :iconmichref:michref 663 261
I asked Julio
I asked Julio
where he wanted to die
and he smiled a smile that spoke
of his heritage (how he looked so old
and wise at fourteen,
I’ll never know.)
And he said.
I would like it very much
if I died in Oregon, because

[he always said because
‘cause he was taught
proper English unlike
us Americans]
how many people
get to die in Oregon?

I could only ask how many,
to which his answer was
Not nearly enough.
Not nearly enough.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 295 44
Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsukaima by Lina17Inverse Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsukaima :iconlina17inverse:Lina17Inverse 715 132 Catwoman 2 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 2 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 125 13 Calorhijodeputa by MatoelGrande Calorhijodeputa :iconmatoelgrande:MatoelGrande 408 51 Feels Like Frostbite by adverbial-spectra Feels Like Frostbite :iconadverbial-spectra:adverbial-spectra 282 96 Running Wild - ANIMEX 2009 by jesonite Running Wild - ANIMEX 2009 :iconjesonite:jesonite 488 78 Julio by BlasticHeart Julio :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 510 13 Catwoman 3 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 3 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 116 11 Catwoman 4 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 4 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 97 8 Posadas 2015 by pandapaco Posadas 2015 :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 257 73 Sketchdump: Julius the Stoat by Avanii Sketchdump: Julius the Stoat :iconavanii:Avanii 300 60 Furry Pals by pandapaco Furry Pals :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 167 24 Catwoman 1 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 1 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 116 7 X-Factor 212 Cover Colour by davidyardin X-Factor 212 Cover Colour :icondavidyardin:davidyardin 313 75 Posadas by pandapaco Posadas :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 191 38 Catwoman 6 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 6 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 103 7 Julio the Goldfish by beanhugger Julio the Goldfish :iconbeanhugger:beanhugger 67 6 Rendezvous Starboard Longitudinal Illustration by Coscomomo Rendezvous Starboard Longitudinal Illustration :iconcoscomomo:Coscomomo 46 6 S.P.Q.R. by Kevrekidis S.P.Q.R. :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 140 83 Catwoman 8 by KayLynn-Syrin Catwoman 8 :iconkaylynn-syrin:KayLynn-Syrin 115 6 Commission - Animal Fighters' Height Chart by JamesmanTheRegenold Commission - Animal Fighters' Height Chart :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 118 8 4 seasons by pandapaco 4 seasons :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 184 57
Exclusividad - ChilexCanada
Llegas tranquilo, como siempre, a la reunión. Te sientas como de costumbre comenzando a mentalizarte para cuando tus “hermanos” lleguen, para soportar a Argentina con sus acosos y a Perú junto con Bolivia con todos sus reclamos que, francamente, ya has casi olvidado de que trataban.
El rucio llega, sonriente y trata de sentarse en la silla a tu izquierda, aunque te habías predispuesto a no dirigirle la palabra lo haces, para informarle que ese asiento ya esta ocupado y para que no moleste mas. De todas maneras Martin se sienta a tu derecha, comenzando a hablarte animadamente y, por supuesto, a intentar propasarse contigo. Haces lo de siempre, además de gritarle y golpearle, le ignoras, mirando hacia tu izquierda, sonriendo levemente.
¿De que te ríes? ¿A quien le dedicas esa calida sonrisa?, esas preguntas recorren la mente del rubio junto con tus otros dos hermanos que ya han llegado y se han sentado al lado del primero. Tu so
:iconruihiroki:RuiHiroki 27 27
Pinoy Powered 3 by BobbyRubio Pinoy Powered 3 :iconbobbyrubio:BobbyRubio 112 24
Mother's Milk
By Zero-Cross
Vanilla Rabbit, mother of Cream Rabbit, was enjoying some peace and quiet as she walked through the forests of the Mystic Ruins. Her daughter, Cream, was out on a date with Tails Prowers, Sonic the Hedgehog’s side kick, so she had the whole day to herself. “Ah, it’s so nice to get away from it all and enjoy some time to myself; I may be a mother, but I’m still a young woman after all,” she giggled as she did a quick twirl, her dress flaring out and showing off her slender feminine legs, “I have to have the opportunity to let my hair down every now and then.”
About a few feet away, a young vixen was just setting up her refreshment stand for the day; Rena Vixane wasn’t your average vixen however. If there was ONE thing that Rena liked more than anything; it was expansion. Whether it was fattening, stuffing, inflating, or whatnot, Rena didn’t care; just so long as she or her “playmates” were “big,
:iconzero-cross:Zero-Cross 147 29
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