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Who He Really Is
Okay, I'm Just As Important As Everyone Else
So, I'm left out. Yeah, I've noticed. Yes, I smoked when I was younger. I had to have counseling and thankfuly, I stopped. Now, I Lets Play.
Okay, so I'm over-weight. Almost everyone in america is. I just don't get why everyone thinks of Chuggaa and Jon more highly than me.
Am I not good enough for you? Am I just too quiet? 'Cause, for your information, unlike Chuggaa and Jon, I don't spend half of the time fighting.
I actually try to focus and play, but their fights are just so interesting sometimes... Like this one time we went to Wal-Mart with LucahJin, and...
THAT'S ANOTHER STORY. Just to get my point proved, I don't care if you guys bash on me. I'm quiet, I'm not well with games, and I don't seem to fit in. So what? I don't care. I have many lets player friends who actually talk to me.
You guys don't know me. Only they do. So, why is everyone like:
"Tim stinks!" "Tim sucks at this video game!" "Tim needs to speak up, he's boring."
I'm n
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Jon Snow and Sansa Stark by Katerina-Art Jon Snow and Sansa Stark :iconkaterina-art:Katerina-Art 222 69
Jon's Theory of His Relationship With Chuggaa
He's My Friend I Wouldn't Have Another Way
I sigh and close my eyes. 'Fangirls,' I thought, as I remembered the fanfictions about me and Chuggaa. I mean, it's cool with just fluffy stuff, but actual smut? Ugh...
Anways, I've been thinking of Chuggaa. And no, that kind of way. Just friends. ONLY friends. I think I've made my point.
And you know, everyone's posting hate comments on me just because I'm mean to Chuggaa. People, it's just for a joke! I'm not actually that mean. I mean, I'm a dick sometimes, but just not that much.
Chuggaa's my friend. He's said so in his videos. I don't tell anyone he's my friend, mostly for the sake of the The RunAway Guys jokes. But, everyone thinks I'm just this big mean guy to Chuggaa.
I'm not like that. He's actually one of my most closest friends next to Tim. Besides, who would want to watch some boring video of us just playing video games, without actual fighting? I know I don't want to.
And then that one time when I kicked Emile out of my house. Not
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Y U NO: Pokey by NarutoDude96 Y U NO: Pokey :iconnarutodude96:NarutoDude96 56 7 Jon Snow and Sansa Stark by dcve Jon Snow and Sansa Stark :icondcve:dcve 49 3 Jonsa - Sleeping In by Emmanation Jonsa - Sleeping In :iconemmanation:Emmanation 35 3
Can We Play Please?
Ouija Board
"Can't we do it, please?"
"Chuggaa, no."
"Why not?"
"'Cause. If my house ends up haunted, it's your fucking fault."
Jon crossed his arms.
Emile smiled crookedly, holding the box.
Tim shrugged.
"Ghost aren't real, right?" Tim asked. "We should just do it. They aren't real, Jon," Tim assured, smiling.
Jon looked at Emile, who had a pleading look, and sighed. "Fine," He answered.
Tim and Emile high fived. "Great, now how do we use it," Emile questioned, as they all sat down. Tim scrunched up his eyebrows.
"First..." He trailed off, taking out the board. Jon grew uncomfortable at it.
'Ghosts aren't real...' He kept telling himself.
Tim took out the board. "I think you..." He trailed off again, and set up the board, looking at the picture on the box. "Hm..."
He put the triangle thing on the board, the board containing numbers and letters. "Um... You put two fingers -I think- and ask it questions," Tim said, putting his fingers on it. Emile did the same, and laughed a bit. "Think
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Mistiful Appearance by OmegaSam7890 Mistiful Appearance :iconomegasam7890:OmegaSam7890 64 15 Tony Racoon tickling Cherie by Chibibass Tony Racoon tickling Cherie :iconchibibass:Chibibass 52 19
Heat Haze (ProtonConroy)
A/N: This song is my jam. Well, it's not full on ProtonConroy. Actually, I'm not sure what this is. I just felt the need to write it.
You can listen to the song 
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone; this was written purely for entertainment, nor do I own the song.
Warnings: Slight scenes of violence; at one point, very graphic gore, cussing. If this bothers you, please refrain from reading.

Jon awoke abruptly from his sleep with his alarm clock blaring practically in his ear. He hated that stupid thing- Come to think of it, why did he have the damn thing set at nine in the morning? It was August and the summer was currently finishing up with the sticky heat for a more comfortable and warm weather. The sun shone brightly in the sky with clouds scattered all around; making the warm sun a more nice and cool feeling. It was currently August the fifteen, and while there was no actual reason for it, Jon could not hel
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F.o.C. 37 and 38 by Tsabo6 F.o.C. 37 and 38 :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 13 0 Jon Snow by flybynite19 Jon Snow :iconflybynite19:flybynite19 16 15 When Crow Meets Dragon by SarahMillerCreations When Crow Meets Dragon :iconsarahmillercreations:SarahMillerCreations 12 4
I Promise To Love You (Day 7: Attacking Jepson)
Tyler wept loudly, covering his eyes with his hands as sobs erupted from his body. Tears streamed down his face and he cried out and apologised. He hiccuped when he tried to talk, and only wept and sobbed louder when Josh would gently pat him on the back.
Just all the hurt, sadness, and anger that was kept inside him exploded.
When ever he was hurt or angry, he would cry. It would help him release out his emotions.
He could not do that alone right now, though. He needed some support, and Josh was the only one that could give it to him right now.
It was like any day at PAX East, but right when he got that text from his girlfriend, he knew something was wrong. All of his world crumbled right when he read the text his girlfriend sent him.
"Sorry, but it's not working out," He remembered reading. "I think we should break up."
Right when he read the text, he almost dropped to his knees.
"Tyler? What's up? What happened?" Reese, Donna, Emile, Tim, Jon and everyone else had questioned.
The ne
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One of the Guys by IceHeartTheWarrior One of the Guys :iconiceheartthewarrior:IceHeartTheWarrior 6 0 WInter is here | Sansa Stark by EcaJT WInter is here | Sansa Stark :iconecajt:EcaJT 8 0
Confessions (Friendly! Emile and Tim)
"Mmmm..." Tim fluttered his eyes open and sleepily looked at Emile, who was looking at him worriedly. "Mhm... What's up?" He asked, rubbing at his eyes to wipe away the sleep.
It was a normal night for the Run Away Guys. Jon was sleeping on the bed, Tim was on the floor, and Emile was sleeping on the couch. Emile was facing Tim from where he was on the couch, and he looked like he was worried.
"Tim, can I tell you a secret, please?" He asked, hugging a pillow tightly.
Tim tilted his head to the side, confused. Him and Emile were not "close" enough to tell each other secrets, so, he guessed it was pretty important. "What is it, Emile?" He asked, sitting up. He stared at Emile, waiting for him to tell him the "secret".
Emile sighed, glanced at Jon, and then looked back at Tim. "Just... Don't tell Jon, okay? He'll probaby... Freak out," Emile said, making an uncomfortable face.
'O... Okay... So, he doesn't want Jon to know... What is this "secret"!' Tim thought, nodding his head
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What ProtonJon hates... by Totaldramaman What ProtonJon hates... :icontotaldramaman:Totaldramaman 4 0 GoT - I'm_sorry by MrAlcoli GoT - I'm_sorry :iconmralcoli:MrAlcoli 4 5 M a r i o by OreoSpice M a r i o :iconoreospice:OreoSpice 7 6 Kevin and Joe Jonas by toph-is-sweet Kevin and Joe Jonas :icontoph-is-sweet:toph-is-sweet 0 0 JB: Kung Fu Grip by TeamRocket JB: Kung Fu Grip :iconteamrocket:TeamRocket 0 0
Winter Has Come (Jonsa) I- The Gift and the Glance
Sansa rode her silver mare through the Wolfswood, relishing the feel of the fading rays of feeble sunlight on her face. As late afternoon slipped into evening, the snow-blanketed forest already grew dark. The daylight succombs to night’s shadow earlier with each passing sunrise. Sansa reflected sadly. Winter truly has come.
As if to deepen her unease, the forest around her trembled with the  stirrings and rustles of wild animals. Though the coming of winter appeared to foreshadow death, the frozen Wolfswood seemed to be coming alive, as though strange winter creatures, dormant through the long summer, had decided to resurface. Sansa caught herself shivering at the thought, and subconsciously glanced rearward to Brienne, astride a sturdy brown charger, who looked resolute and undaunted as always.
Sansa was grateful for her protector’s presence and unflappability, even if Brienne’s insistence on accompanying her everywhere grew a bit tiresome on some
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jonsa 2 by lexalicia jonsa 2 :iconlexalicia:lexalicia 1 0 A Million Fans by andmynameis A Million Fans :iconandmynameis:andmynameis 0 0 Fangirl Meme filled by Mua by Meawsy Fangirl Meme filled by Mua :iconmeawsy:Meawsy 232 106 Being a Silly Fangirl by BlueRingpopGirl Being a Silly Fangirl :iconblueringpopgirl:BlueRingpopGirl 0 1 Winterfell by InfiniteDreamer19 Winterfell :iconinfinitedreamer19:InfiniteDreamer19 1 0 jonsa by lexalicia jonsa :iconlexalicia:lexalicia 1 0 ..:: Reunion ::.. by InfiniteDreamer19 ..:: Reunion ::.. :iconinfinitedreamer19:InfiniteDreamer19 5 1 ..:: Age Of Wolves ::.. by InfiniteDreamer19 ..:: Age Of Wolves ::.. :iconinfinitedreamer19:InfiniteDreamer19 3 0 ProtonJon by Dare2DreamFirst ProtonJon :icondare2dreamfirst:Dare2DreamFirst 18 4