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Dark and Day: The Withering Mark by nJoo Dark and Day: The Withering Mark :iconnjoo:nJoo 681 13 Quantify by JonoDry Quantify :iconjonodry:JonoDry 326 22 Succubus by yirico Succubus :iconyirico:yirico 137 12 The Fast and the Fur-rious by super-tuler The Fast and the Fur-rious :iconsuper-tuler:super-tuler 414 91 .:: Joey Wheeler ::. YGO by GeTaChan .:: Joey Wheeler ::. YGO :icongetachan:GeTaChan 344 30 chamber by CircadianTwilight chamber :iconcircadiantwilight:CircadianTwilight 51 21 Augmented Family Portrait by JonoDry Augmented Family Portrait :iconjonodry:JonoDry 124 11 Jude and Jono by StressedJenny Jude and Jono :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 131 103 Caveman Jono - Short Fanimation by ScribbleNetty Caveman Jono - Short Fanimation :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 525 14 Expectation by JonoDry Expectation :iconjonodry:JonoDry 250 22 Jonothon Starsmore Chamber by lady-cybercat Jonothon Starsmore Chamber :iconlady-cybercat:lady-cybercat 59 6 YGO - Comfortable by Yuki-mono YGO - Comfortable :iconyuki-mono:Yuki-mono 119 17 Old Ball by JonoDry Old Ball :iconjonodry:JonoDry 74 6 Chamber by christeeeny Chamber :iconchristeeeny:christeeeny 50 9 Jono x Maya Egyptian Portrait by SetsunaKou Jono x Maya Egyptian Portrait :iconsetsunakou:SetsunaKou 484 83
You Never Told chap 1
Dragonshipping is one of the coolest Yu-Gi-Oh relationships ever because it is so canon, but due to people not seeing it (How fucking dense can you be to not see that those two are always thinking of each other?) there really isn’t a lot of it. It’s got to be my third favorite relationship from this show, Prideshipping is first and then Scandalshipping comes in second.
And then I notice that only one person has done mpreg for this relationship (brilliant writer, BTW) and so, I thought to myself, ehh, let’s take a crack and screw up the whole idea that Yami was once a Pharaoh. Instead, he is the lover of Jou who IS THE PHARAOH!
Bet you never saw THAT coming!
Well, here is the plot, but just to warn you, this is split into two parts. Part one is about Atemu and Jono, the second part is about Yami and Jou.
You Never Told: A two part mpreg (Jou x Yami / Jono x Atemu) (side: Bakura x Kaiba / Kura x Seth / Yugi x Ryo) Okay, back in Egypt Jono was Pharaoh and Atemu was a v
:iconriyuyami:RiYuYami 9 8
JIT::Dusk and Dawn by CrimsonPumpkin JIT::Dusk and Dawn :iconcrimsonpumpkin:CrimsonPumpkin 16 5 YUGI-OH-Jono and Seth-v.2- by vtophya YUGI-OH-Jono and Seth-v.2- :iconvtophya:vtophya 191 9 Reflection Mouse by JonoDry Reflection Mouse :iconjonodry:JonoDry 117 14 Seth/Jono by Joanther Seth/Jono :iconjoanther:Joanther 62 1 Narcissism by JonoDry Narcissism :iconjonodry:JonoDry 79 15 Sun kiss by Chibi-the-small Sun kiss :iconchibi-the-small:Chibi-the-small 49 12 VII. Booklet- Jono by Autopsyrotica-Art VII. Booklet- Jono :iconautopsyrotica-art:Autopsyrotica-Art 51 4 Jonouchi and Mai by simsim2212 Jonouchi and Mai :iconsimsim2212:simsim2212 129 13 Just in Time - Nera by reirei18 Just in Time - Nera :iconreirei18:reirei18 396 79 Augmented Reality by JonoDry Augmented Reality :iconjonodry:JonoDry 229 33 Jono - Jounouchi by Joanther Jono - Jounouchi :iconjoanther:Joanther 60 5 Chamber sketch! by TheWoodenKing Chamber sketch! :iconthewoodenking:TheWoodenKing 153 24 True Form Catherine by yirico True Form Catherine :iconyirico:yirico 50 2 Generation X by cspencey Generation X :iconcspencey:cspencey 118 18 Smoke Ice by ConnieCamaro Smoke Ice :iconconniecamaro:ConnieCamaro 33 12 Jono 6 by Joanther Jono 6 :iconjoanther:Joanther 33 5 Craig McCracken Stamp by Bakumi Craig McCracken Stamp :iconbakumi:Bakumi 289 39 Tobin x Mihala Egypt Portrait by SetsunaKou Tobin x Mihala Egypt Portrait :iconsetsunakou:SetsunaKou 150 37 Family of Dragons 2 by Joanther Family of Dragons 2 :iconjoanther:Joanther 30 6 Desire_Part II_20 by nambnb Desire_Part II_20 :iconnambnb:nambnb 39 13 Jono by Joanther Jono :iconjoanther:Joanther 45 0 Desire_Part II_19 by nambnb Desire_Part II_19 :iconnambnb:nambnb 38 8 joey yu-gi-oh by zulyamata joey yu-gi-oh :iconzulyamata:zulyamata 72 12 Chamber - Season 4 by luishenriquerc Chamber - Season 4 :iconluishenriquerc:luishenriquerc 45 1 Seth x Jono 2 by Joanther Seth x Jono 2 :iconjoanther:Joanther 126 11 My Fair Puppy by MugenMusouka My Fair Puppy :iconmugenmusouka:MugenMusouka 157 11 Joey and Red Eyes by systemgirl Joey and Red Eyes :iconsystemgirl:systemgirl 57 202 Shall we dance? My Jono by Devi-no-e Shall we dance? My Jono :icondevi-no-e:Devi-no-e 24 121 Puppy Care by MugenMusouka Puppy Care :iconmugenmusouka:MugenMusouka 91 8 For You, my Priest by Sonten For You, my Priest :iconsonten:Sonten 109 15 Stereotyping Jounouchi Katsuya by MugenMusouka Stereotyping Jounouchi Katsuya :iconmugenmusouka:MugenMusouka 70 8